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A bowl of creamy blue cheese celery soup.

Creamy Blue Cheese Celery Soup
I will have to try this soup. I love celery, and I love Blue cheese. I cook for one, so I suggest that if you want to make a smaller batch that you chop the celery, use enough for your recipe and freeze the rest on a cookie sheet and once frozen store it in...


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Recipe for Clabbered Cream Coffee Cake?
Thanks Judy. It is helpful for sure. I know that you have to use raw, whole milk and skim the cream. I never thought of goats milk, but I can probably find someone who has milk goats. Ill post the directions when I am successful.


Folding Fitted Sheets - folded sheet sets on the closet shelf

Folding Fitted Sheets
I have seen a lot of ways to do this job, but they never worked for me. The best way for me has been to wash the sheets and put them back on the bed. But now I think this is the one that can work for me. Thank you so much.


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Puppy in Heat Not Peeing or Pooping?
If you are keeping her in diapers, you will have to remove the diaper, and follow your normal routine for her bathroom duties. Just make sure the area that you take her is protected against other dogs. She will not do her business unless allowed to do it as...


Identifying a Houseplant - succulent with small nubby leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?
I agree that it looks like baby tears. Since this is a succulent, the reason for the yellow may be overwatering.


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Removing Soap Scum on Glass Shower Doors?
I have used almost every spray that is made for this purpose with no luck. What works for me like magic is dryer sheets. I use this method to clean the shower glass after my shower when the glass is wet. Just take a dryer sheet, and wipe down the glass. Once...


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Fleas in Human Hair?
I am not so sure that you mean fleas as I have never heard of fleas getting into human hair. Are you sure they arent head lice? You might go to the pharmacy, and purchase treatment for head lice. It might also work on fleas. The druggist may have the answer...


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Soup Recipe for Beans and Ham?
I always add lentils and pearl Barley to Bean Soup, and I mix many different kinds of beans. I did this long before you could buy it mixed. And when I purchase my bags of dry beans, I buy black beans, pinto beans,navy beans, and kidney beans. And since I no...


What Is This Piece of Machinery?

What Is This Piece of Machinery?
This is an very old crop harvester used to harvest oats and wheat on the farm. This is a picture of a newer one that is also old


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Getting Rid of Gnats in Laundry?
I have never had gnats in my laundry, but I do have a problem in my kitchen in the warm weather, and also the light from my monitor attracts them at night. I make traps with small plastic cups, or jar lids. Pour a little cider vinegar into the receptacle, wrap...


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull? - white dog with black spots

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?
I dont know if your dog is a full pit, but I can tell you that if you breed her with a papered mail, the puppies cannot be papered, even if she is full pit. She would also have to be papered.


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All House Power Out Breakers Not Tripped?
The most obvious reason may be that the electricity to your house might be out. Check to see if your neighbor has power or call the electric company, and ask them if an outage has been reported for your area.



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Circuit Blown When Light Bulb Replaced?
Remove the light from the socket and check your circuit breaker box. Make sure that all the breakers are clicked to on. Once you are sure they are all on, check your upstairs lights. If they are working now, you have a short in that socket. Do not use it until...


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Uses for a Broken Crock Pot?
not sure what you mean by the pot is worthless. Are you referring to the electrical part or the crock part that holds the food. If the crock itself is still good, you can use it to bake foods in your oven. It would be great for casseroles. Or even slow cooker...


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Heat Pump Causes Breaker to Overheat?
your heat pump may require 220 instead of 110 volts.


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Furnace Trips Breaker?
We once had a furnace in a mobile home that reacted the same way. The problem turned out to be a loose connection at the breaker. This happens in some of the older mobile homes that were built using aluminum wiring.


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Remedy for a Dog's Itchy Skin?
If she has scratched herself raw putting vinegar on it will be painful. Does she have fleas? That is the first place the fleas will bite. And some dogs are very sensitive regarding fleas. Just one flea can cause the problem that you are having with her.


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Selling Trees on 3 Acres?
I am assuming that you are not looking for tree removal, but rather asking if it is worth it to sell to someone for the lumber. It really is not worth it, because the pay is not as good as one would think, and when they cut the trees and trim the branches off...


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Cleaning Soap Scum Off Shower Doors?
After using the shower, while it is still wet, use a dryer sheet to wipe down the door. Rinse with clear water, and dry with a microfiber towel. I do this whenever I take a shower, before I step out. My shower has two glass walls as well as the glass door and...


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Acrylic Paint Stain on a Cotton Shirt?
Mix dawn dishwashing liquid and peroxide, using equal parts of each. Saturate the stain, and scrub well with a tooth brush. You might have to do this more than once. But I have had this work even on a shirt that had already been washed and dried before I discovered...


Microwave Corn on the Cob

Microwave Corn on the Cob
You are absolutely right about the flavor.


A package of silicone baking cups, to use instead of paper cups in a muffin tin.

Using Silicone Baking Cups
Once you use these, you will never go back to muffin tins and paper cups. I dont even use the muffin tins with these. Just set them on a cookie sheet. Harlean from Arkansas


A white car's back tire.

Tire Rotation Maintenance for Longer Lasting Tires
You can also take your vehicle in to the location where you purchased your tires. The warranty includes free rotation.


Homemade Shake and Bake in a jar

Homemade Shake and Bake
Thank you so much for this tip. Just this morning, I was looking at the broken sesame crackers in the bottom of the container, thinking that I could probably roll them and add them to my Panko crumbs that I usually use,. Now I dont have to wonder. I also use...



Dried goods stored in the freezer.

Freeze Dried Goods to Prevent Pests
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most likely, everything you buy from Flour to rice to cake mixes probably have bugs of one kind or another in them just waiting for the right conditions to hatch out into pantry moths or weevils. And once they hatch...


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Looking for Half Brother?
There is a show on TV on TLC (The Learning Channel) They help people like you that are looking for family members. They are asking for people to contact them for their assistance. You can find them at this link:


Whey from making yogurt, frozen in a plastic baggie.

Uses for Whey
I use it in smoothies.


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Bread Machine Bread Hard and Dense?
I also like a softer bread, but like the convenience of my breadmaker. It saves time in the preparation of the dough , especially the kneading. So I set my bread maker on the dough cycle, and when it is finished, remove the dough, form into a loaf, place it...


A orange and yellow flowered wallet with money sticking out the top.

When Frugal is Not!
This is so true. If I do save a coupon, which is very seldom, I compare the name brand price and the store brand. If the store brand is cheaper than the name brand after subtracting the coupon, I just lay the coupon up on the display for someone else to use...


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Childcare Business Name Ideas?
How about Jack in the Box Day Care. You could use a logo of a childs Jack in the Box toy Harlean from Arkansas


four crocheted team scarves

Crocheted Sports Team Scarves
This is such a neat idea. Where do you get the patches? They would make a great Christmas Gift for friends and family. Harlean from Arkansas



I have tried every trick in the book, including a never fail meringue recipe, and still cannot get a good result. I take care to completely seal the meringue to the edge,and it looks beautiful when I take it from the oven. Once it cools, it is shrunken and...


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Buying a 11 x 7 x 2 Inch Baking Dish?
Look at the cookie sheets. You might find one with edges that would work for you, and they are bigger than most cake pans. Harlean from Arkansas


Drink and Store Natural Spring Water

Drink and Store Natural Spring Water
I live in Hot Springs Arkansas, and we are blessed with free water from the hot springs that are known world wide for their health benefits. This water is piped to Jug fountains in several places in town. Some of the fountains dispense hot water and others...


Dealing With Telemarketers

Dealing With Telemarketers
I also like to play with them. They go by a script, and if you vary from their script, they get very confused. I also connected with a we can help you with your credit card call. I do not and never have had a credit card, but the first thing they ask you is...


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Three Layer Jello Recipe?
To recreate this dish,you could use 3 different kinds of jello with different colors. Example Strawberry, Lime, and Orange. Using a glass casserole dish, mix up one flavor, and pour into dish, let it set up, then add the other two layers by repeating the directions...



Cheddar Baked Mac and Cheese

Cheddar Baked Mac and Cheese
You forot to add the cheese to the list of ingredients. You mentioned the type in the directions and said 1 block of each. What size blocks?


Cooling Refreshing Summertime Drink

Refreshing Blended Watermelon
I live alone, and when I buy a watermelon, I usually share it with friends because I cannot possibly finish it before it spoils. But I will have to tell my friends to buy their own because I am keeping mine for this refreshing drink. And since it calls for...


Flypaper around feeder hanger

Flypaper for Keeping Ants out of...
It is not impossible, but very unlikely as they come straight to the feeding tubes at the bottom of the bottle. However, if you are worried that this might happen, just lengthen the wire extension, or cut the flypaper off. It only needs to be a few inches long...


Flypaper around feeder hanger

Flypaper for Keeping Ants out of...
I didnt have any trouble hanging my sticker without getting it on myself, but you could use a disposable rubber glove, or if it gets on you, use some household cleaner such as Awesome on a paper towel to get the sticky off. As for refilling the feeder, if you...


Flypaper around feeder hanger

Flypaper for Keeping Ants out of...
Rather hard to do, since they are finding their way up to my roof and down to the feeder from the roof. not one problem of any kind. Even after the sun and rain washed away all the sticky from the fly sticker. Harlean from Arkansas


head of cabbage

Keep Bugs Away From Your Cabbage Plants
I have had fairly good luck in the past by going out early in the morning when the dew is still on the plants, or just after a rain when they are still wet, and sprinkle flour over them. I am in Arkansas, and not everyone can plant them in the Fall, but last...


Growing Tomato Slices

Growing Tomato Slices
I never thought of doing this, but what a great idea, and talk about Thrifty!! I did know that sometimes if a tomato falls to the ground, the next Spring you will see tomato plants. Same thing with cucumbers. I had about 4 volunteer cucumber plants this year...


Make Your Own Seed Tapes

Make Your Own Seed Tapes
You probably can use paper toweling. I use toilet paper, and just put dots of Elmers glue at the proper intervals, then using the same toothpick, pick up the seeds and put them on the glue. Let them dry and then roll them up to store them until you plant them...


Make Your Own Seed Tapes

Make Your Own Seed Tapes
Elmers Glue is quicker and easier. Since it is a water based glue, it will allow the seeds to sprout and grow. I like to use this method for radishes and carrots, because I dont like to thin them once they have sprouted and grown. I place my radish seeds about...


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Transferring a POA?
I have a brother who is mentally challenged. My sister went to an attorney and asked him to fill out papers for her to become his guardian. She had to get the approval of all his siblings. I am sure your mother would approve if you wanted to do this. Harlean...


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Making a Yarn Dog or Cat?
Do a search for it. I posted the pattern in detail a few years ago. In fact as I post this there is a link to it on the right side of this page under Related Guides. Harlean from Arkansas (b)Editors Note:(/b) Here is the link to Harleans project. http://www...


Sunshine closeup

Sunshine (Chameleon)
Actually if you look even more closely by following that leaf under Sunshines tail, to the center of the plant, you can just see the head of Sonny, the larger of the two.


finished penguin

Coffeemate Container Penguin
I made a mistake on the amount of black felt. It should have been 1/3 of a yard. Harlean from Arkansas


Wire Hanging Shelf

Wire Hanging Shelf
I think this would also work to store Pot lids. I am going to try it.


Suzzycue's Frugal Lifestyle

Suzzycue's Frugal Lifestyle
There is a way to freeze potatoes that taste good. Whenever I fix mashed potatoes I make enough for leftovers. When cold, I pack them into ziplock sandwich bags in meal size for 1. For a family, you could use Quart Ziplocks. Squish them flat to remove all the...


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Remedy for Pain from New Dentures?
Rub Ora gel on your gums a minute before you put your teeth in temporarily until you can make an appointment with the dentist where you got your teeth from. Harlean from Arkansas


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Buying Yarn in Bulk?
Check the thrift stores for knitted and crocheted sweaters, afghans, etc. Unravel them, wrap the yarn around a jar or something similar and wet the yarn. Then let it dry and that should take out most of the kinks from the stitches.


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Rubber Marks on Car Fender?
Try some Awesome cleaner on a paper towel.


Coffee creamers storing laundry detergent

Reuse Coffee Creamer Containers for Storage
Note to Pixie Dust, who doesnt use creamer. You can do the same thing with Mayonnaise jars. I also use peanut butter or spaghetti sauce jars for storing other things. Harlean from Arkansas


pan of eggs

Cilantro Scramble
I have the egg, veggie scramble at least once a week, and I love Cilantro, but never thought to add it. I will be doing that in the morning for my breakfast. Thanks. Harlean from Arkansas


Separating egg yolks from the whites with your hands.

The Best Way To Separate Eggs
I agree that your hand is the best separator, but I dont dirty a bowl to complete this task. I just crack the egg and drop it into my hand and proceed with your method. Harlean from Arkansas


bowl of chowder

Homemade Clam Chowder
I would suggest using baby clams and drain the juice from the clams to add to your veggies, but reserve the clams, finish up your chowder and add the clams shortly before serving. Clams tend to get rubbery when overcooked. By using the juice in the beginning...


Newspaper Comics for Gift Wrap - comic pages

Newspaper Comics for Giftwrap
My late son always used the comics for gift wrapping. This will be the first Christmas I wont have the funny papers under my tree.


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Santa Dish Soap Bottle Dolls? has them for $2.99 each. You can also find them on They are heads and hands. 6 sets for about $18.00 Harlean from Arkansas


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Is Gargling With Salt Water Damaging to Dentures?
What you are seeing might be plaque buildup just like you get on real teeth if you dont brush. I use denture tabs for my teeth, but then brush them and rinse them before before I put them in my mouth.


Loaves cooling on rack.

Mini English Muffin Loaves
If you want to make them in a coffee can, use the kind of can opener that cuts the edge of the can around the edge under the lid to cut that lip off. It leaves a smooth edge that isnt sharp, and would make the can usable for this purpose. Harlean from Arkansas


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Freezing Figs?
I need to add an update to this tip for freezing figs. This procedure works, however, I must tell you that they can not be frozen long term. I think 6 months would be ok, but I had some in the freezer a year before I made them into jam. They lost a lot of their...


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Ideas for Reusing Old Christmas Cards?
Many years ago, I posted a slipper made from old Christmas cards. I looked it up in the archives, and you can see it here Harlean from Arkansas


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Recipes Using Spaghetti Squash?
Spaghetti Squash Casserole Spaghetti Squash Cut squash in half lengthwise, scoop out seeds. Wrap in plastic wrap or set cut side down on a plate and microwave on high for 7 to 10 minutes. Check periodically to ensure that it doesnt get overdone or you will...


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Recipes Using Canned Mackerel?
I dont have any particular recipe, I just use canned mackerel as a substitution for salmon in any salmon recipe from salmon patties to salmon croquettes. Harlean from Arkansas


Stuffed Green Peppers on a plate.

Stuffed Bell Peppers
This is a great dish to make ahead and freeze. I bake a 9 X 12 cake pan full, have a meal from them, and then wrap each leftover pepper in a separate foil wrapper. Freeze them, then pop them all into a large zip lock bag and store them in the freezer. For a...


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Easy Way to Give Your Dog a Pill
My dog will take any kind of pill if I cover it with peanut butter. Sure is easier than trying to force it down his throat. And he comes running for his meds when he sees me with the peanut butter jar. Harlean from Arkansas


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Treating Poison Ivy?
I have been using the same thing that Crafter Mary recommends for over 25 years.They are Hylands Poison Ivy/Oak pills and are available on for $6.49 with free shipping for 50 pills using this link:


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Ants in the Kitchen?
I have used cucumber peelings scattered wherever you see the ants. This is a good remedy for your countertops, and windowsills, because they are safe to use in that environment. If you want to kill them, Terro is the best solution. Just a few drops on a small...


Zucchini on White Background

Recipes Using Zucchini
Sorry for the double post. (Editors Note: We removed it :0) We are eating lots of fresh veggies from the garden and I have a variety of dishes using my zucchini and yellow squash. Many are similar to those already posted, but I do have a few different ones...


New Dentures Painful?
Call your dentist. It often takes a couple adjustments before they are comfortable. Sometimes there may be a rough spot in the lining that is causing pain. I recently had my lower denture relined, and when I got them back there was one place that was very rough...


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Saving Money on Cereal?
I dont know about the cheapest, but almost every store has a generic brand as well as the popular brand. with the generic being cheaper. But if you want healthy as well as cheap, this is my recommendation. Compare the nutrition label of the brand name with...


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Saving Money on Cereal?
Sorry, the image was broken in my post I am attempting to add it here. Harlean from Arkansas


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Adding Songs to iPod Nano?
I have an Ipod. I have had it for a couple years, but they probably are still about the same. I had to download itunes onto my computer, and I plug the ipod into my computer via USB. I have never bought any Itunes music. I subscribe to Every song...


Smiley Face Door Knob Cover - Finished smiley face.

Smiley Face Door Knob Cover
The elastic or rubberband will keep it on the door knob, but I have always used it on door knobs that are not opened and closed a lot. Such as linen closet door, etc. If you need a tighter fit than the rubberband, just thread a piece of yarn through the last...


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Legitimate Online Jobs?
I wasted a lot of time trying to find a legitimate site for making a little extra doing surveys, and ended up deleting all of them. Many of them want to give you Sweepstakes entries, some of them are just a long lists of places to order magazines, get a credit...


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