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Santa putting a present into a stocking.

Brainstorm: What makes the best stocking stuffers?
Lip balm. Bought or made. Gum. Mints. Small toys for children. Dollar bills. Trial sized travel items, for the travelers. Socks.


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Uses for Plastic Coffee Containers
They can be painted on the outside or covered in paper, and used as canisters. Or used as cookie jars or as gift packages for baked goods.


The painted kitchen backsplash.

Easy Kitchen Backsplash
We ordered some peel and press wall tiles from Amazon and put them up. It was so easy and can be removed if desired. I love it.


A bottle of peppermint oil next to a lip gloss.

Peppermint Oil to the Rescue
I rub the diluted peppermint oil on my temples when I have a headache. It works great. Dont use it straight from the bottle though.


Two people fishing on a dock on a lake at sunset.

Fall Fishing (Manitoba, Canada)
First thing I noticed was the cross in the sky! Beautiful!


A bottle of peppermint oil.

Peppermint Oil for Face Mask
I use Thieves or Life Shield on my face masks. Smells good and kills viruses. Win Win


A completed lemon-jello pound cake.

Lemon Jell-O Pound Cake
My favorite cake! Thank you so much for this.


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Cordless Trimmer Tip
We have a cordless trimmer, hedge clippers, and chain saws, plus a battery powered lawn mower. Its so light and easy to push. We love them all.


Beware of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak - tall poison ivy plant

Beware of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak
You can also get these from your pets and from your clothing. Ask me how I know this. 


Beware of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak - tall poison ivy plant

Beware of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak
Leaves of three, let it be.


A box full of limes, lemons and oranges.

Using Up A Surplus of Food
You can dehydrate most fruits and vegetables. Lettuce? No so good to dehydrate. The rest would have been great dehydrated. Just steam it for 5 minutes before dehydrating. Ive done this to most of what you got. Even cabbage can be dehydrated. It is so good...


DIY Corona Face Shield - woman wearing the shield over a face mask

DIY Corona Face Shield
Thank you so much! Now to go make some. 



A toilet with a blue toilet seat cover.

Cleaning with a Disability
Keep it up! You are very inspiring.


Refurbishing A Lampshade with Jute Cord - lamp turned on

Refurbishing A Lampshade with Jute Cord
Really cute idea. I love it. Hum, you gave me a great idea for my living room lamp shades.


Bread Chips on plate with dipping sauce

Bread Chips
My mother made something similar with regular bread. She would cut the piece of bread in fourths, butter it and sprinkle with garlic. Or shed make garlic butter and just spread it lightly. Put in a warm oven till dried out. She made a tomato-less cheese dip...


Go-Go Boots - young woman wearing white go go boots and lime green vinyl dress

Go-Go Boots
I didnt get the Go Go boots either. I survived that and much more. Not a big deal now, but a learning experience. I also shop frugally for long lasting whatever I buy. I also shop conservatively.


A house number on a mailbox in the snow.

Don't Post Your House Number on Social Media
I dont even put my correct town on the net. Better safe than sorry, I always say.


Tea in a white teacup.

Making Great Tea
What water temp would I use for herbal teas? I cant have caffeine.


Vodka being poured onto a soft cloth to be used in an ice pack.

DIY Reusable Soft Ice Pack
Why not make a couple. That way you will always have one cold. Thanks for this information.


Magic Eraser Left a Mark on New Walls?
Alcohol will take most of the magic marker off walls. My daughter colored on her freshly painted wall. She got to clean it with a wet cloth and Ajax cleaner. Luckily, it was painted with oil paint.


A tray with a mineral deposit from dripping water.

Removing Mineral Deposits from Surfaces
I use filters water to clean our tray. I clean the fridge (stainless steel look) with orange oil, and use it on the tray as well. It doesnt need cleaning as often. I just wipe it with a paper towel wet in filtered water.


A shower rod in the bathtub used for hanging towels.

Shower Rod for Towel Rack
We have two rods in our main bath. I use them for drying some clothes at times. Especially ones that I thin might shrink, like leggings. I also use it to hang wet towels on. The wash cloths go on the bar that is built in the tub.


Drying Shoes Without the Banging - ends of mesh bag protruding from dryer door

Drying Shoes Without the Banging
I usually let mine dry on top of the washing machine. I have a stackable washer/dryer. If I still have laundry to do, Ill set them on the table.


Drying Shoes Without the Banging - ends of mesh bag protruding from dryer door

Drying Shoes Without the Banging
I dont dry my shoes in the dryer. I set them on a hard surface and let them dry naturally. Id hang them on the clothes line if I had one.



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How to Remove Nicotine Stains on a Vinyl Floor?
My granddaughter used Totally Awesome Cleaner that she got at Dollar General. It cleaned years of nicotine off the walls, floor and everything else. Looked like a new paint job.


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Value of Old Singer Sewing Machine?
I got a treadle sewing machine for $40 at a garage sale. Its a 1935 model E. It needed oiling, and a belt and the bobbin wheel. It runs like a top. The first machine I ever sewed on was a Treadle machine. Im so tickled that I have it. It will go to one of...


How To Clean a Popcorn Ceiling - clean

How To Clean a Popcorn Ceiling
I bought a large puffy paint roller and use that to get the dust off the ceilings. I just take the roller out side and dust it off. If its really dusty, Ill vacuum it.


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Removing Pet Odors from Couch?
I use Febreeze on my couch for doggie odors. I have a micro fiber couch and spray heavily. It dries fast and smells so good.


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Making a Memorial Project with Father's Clothing?
I am so very sorry for your loss. I never met my dad, as he died before I was born. Treasure what time you had with him. You can make a shirt pillow, and add a tag that reads: This is a shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it, Know that I am there. Love...


laundry drying on curtain tension rods

Tension Rods for Drying Laundry
I have a couple of tension shower curtain rods in my spare bathroom that I use for hanging clothes. We live in a humid area, but, its dry in the house due to using the air conditioner during summer.


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Coconut Oil Hair Mask
This is awesome! Ive done this about once an month for the last year or so. Really great deep conditioner!


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Brillo Pads for Clean Stainless Steel Sinks
I use baking soda and a wet rag to clean my stainless steel sink. I then use mineral oil to make it shine. I do this regularly.


A spray bottle for moistening toilet paper

Alternative to Wet Wipes
If you have a septic tank, you shouldnt be putting any paper products in it. This came from the person that put ours in 26 years ago.


Cleaning the toilet.

Mould and Mildew Spray to Clean Toilet
My two go to disinfectant choices are bleach and vinegar. My husband always puts the seat down. He does leave his mark occasionally, but hes pretty good about cleaning up after himself.


A row of clothing on hangers, drying on a clothesline.

Dry Clothing on Hangers
I use ha gears that have been crocheted on to hang our good shirts on. I dont have a clothes line, so I hang them on an extra, empty shower curtain rod. Ive also hung them on the shower curtain rod. Depends on how many thing to hang up. I also hang my leggings...


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Cleaning a Burnt On Grease Off a Stove?
After I clean my stove, also black, I use window cleaner to wipe it down. Its as shined as glass.



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Prepare Ivory Soap in the Microwave
I make my own dry laundry soap, too. Ive used my food process to chose the soap, I also add a bit of borax or washing soda to the cut up pieces of soap. Its wonderful and fast.


glass jar with baking soda and spoon

Reusing Refrigerator Baking Soda
I use baking soda to clean my stainless steel sink. It works great. I keep mine in a jar with a stopper spout on it. Ive used it to clean my fiberglass bath tub too


Black widow spider

Should You Wear Gloves While Gardening?
I bring my gloves inside. Im not leaving them outside! I do shake the dirt of first. I have a basket I keep time in. I do shake them out, and do on occasion wash them when they get really grungy and stiff. LOL


Polishing stainless steel with vegetable oil.

Polish Stainless Steel Appliances With...
I use the orange oil to clean mine. It shines well and smells so good.


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Holiday Salad
I was really disappointed that there was no corn salad like shown in the picture.


Wheelbarrow Planter

Planting Flowers in an Old Wheelbarrow
Now I know what to do with our old wheel barrow. Its just sitting under a tree right now. What an excellent idea for an herb garden.


A plate of cookies and milk for Santa

How We Keep the Santa Magic Alive
I still believe in Santa! And Im 70! Love your story. We used to leave a cotton ball from the Easter bunny on the door as he went out.


A scoop inside an open box of laundry soap.

Laundry Soap Overload
I dont use fabric softener or vinegar in my laundry. I do use wool balls in the dryer. Oh, and I do make my own laundry soap. I use either Ivory soap, Fels Naptha or Zote soap. washing Soda and Borax.


A blind man walking a path with a white cane.

Observations from the Blind Side
My grandmother was essentially blind. She could only see shadows of people. She did recognize voices though. She lived to be a ripe age of 101 years, 8 months old. I miss her so much. She was born in 1901, and never had a drivers license. She helped deliver...


A female mockingbird perched on a birdbath.

State bird of Texas. Cool post!


Woman writing a check.

Spending Money to Save Money
We paid a little extra every month when we were making house payments. The extra went toward the principal. We cut off about 5 years of payments and a lot of interest. It was a bit tough for a while, but its well worth the sacrifice.


Microwave Safety Tips

Microwave Safety Tips
I always cover whatever Im cooking or heating with waxed paper or a paper towel or something similar. I do not use plastic wrap. I do t have splatters when I do this.


Recycled Gift Bottles

Recycled Gift Bottles
I have used them for bath salts, and body wash. I love recycling odd shaped bottles. Ok, regular shaped bottles, too.


Turkey in a roasting pan.

Saving Money on Buying a Turkey
We only buy a turkey breast for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. That way, we dont have so much turkey left over. I make enough cornbread dressing for a couple of meals and thats it. This year on Thanksgiving we will be having my husbands birthday dinner as well...


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Homemade Facial Scrubs?
The rough wash rag is what I use the most. Ive also used baking soda and coconut oil the wash with face soap and wash rag. Rinse with cool water.


A jar full of pennies.

Save Those Pennies
I always pick up pennies. I was told that the pennies are from Heaven. When you find a penny, someone in Heaven is thinking of you.


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Stickers Growing in the Grass?
What you describe is what we have in Texas, too. We call it burr clover. Its very invasive. If you mow it, the burrs will get in the mowers tires and spread. Im not sure how to get rid of them, but would appreciate any answer.


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Potato Chip Dip
My all time favorite potato chip dip is Baked Potato dip. You use sour cream, shredded cheese, bacon bits and green onions. Mix all well. You can use anything and everything youd put on a baked potatoes. The potatoes in this dip, are the chips. It is so good...


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Store Daily Medications In Snack Sized Plastic Bag
You can buy the small medicine zipper bags at the pharmacy. This is good if your are t traveling to some distant place. I have used them when visiting family. And even at home for daily use. You can write on them for each day.


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Thanksgiving Broccoli Casserole
My Broccoli casserole is cooked rice, broccoli, cream of chicken soup and cheese whiz. All mixed together and bakes u til hot.


Washable Wiping Squares

Make Wiping Squares to Save on TP
Ive made some. I dont use them at 69 years old, but I made them anyway. I may need them for bartering one day.


Many Uses For Dishtowels
You can use new kitchen towels as gift wrap for homemade or home baked gifts. I was thinking about this when I got out of the bath and saw the folded towel on the vanity. Fold it and tie a ribbon to keep it folded. Two gifts in one.


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What to Do With Coke Bottle Caps?
If you use watercolor paints, you can use the lids for putting watercolors in to take along with you. Place in an empty Altoid can or any metal can that closes well. Ive done this. Small and easy to carry with you. All you need is a brush and water and paper...


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Is 13 Too Young to Have a Boyfriend?
It depends on what boyfriend means. I can remember having a boyfriend at 13 or 14. We didnt go anywhere together. We just talked on the phone and at school. We even went steady. I am now 68. I started dating at 15, which for me was too early. I was supposed...


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Cleaner for Coffee Pots?
When I worked at a convenance store, we used salt and ice to clean the coffee pot. It worked every time.


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Crafts Uses Sheets?
You can use the sheet for masks, or anything that uses fabric. Of course, you do need to be able to sew.


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If You Are Overcharged at WalMart
My daughter was charged for wine that she did not buy, and was taxed three (3) times for the purchases she made. Its getting scary to shop at Walmart!


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Mom's Best Housekeeping Tip
My daughter makes a list of 10 things to do. Not clean the kitchen! But each step that has to be done. Rinse dishes. Put dishes in dishwasher. And so on. If she gets those 10 things done, she makes a list of 5 more. Whatever doesnt get done, goes on tomorrow...


shelves before and after

Turn Trash Into Fully Functional Furniture...
Oh my goodness. My husband saw a lady with a junk treadle sewing machine dump it in a deep metal garbage bin at our local dump. It had a beautiful finish on the cabinet. He didnt get a chance to tell her hed take it before it hit the bottom. It broke all...


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Easy Method to Clean Stovetop with Gas Burners
I use Simply Awesome cleaner from Dollar General to clean my stove top. Spray it on, wait a minute, and wipe off. I also use this for any greasy clean up. Even in the bath tub. Take care breathing it in. It can take your breath away.


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Extend the Life Of Sponges
I do like Sandra Gilbert and run mine in the dishwasher. I dont use the hot dry cycle though.


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