October 18, 2011

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Storing Wood Furniture, Tan Wood Dresser

Storing Wood FurnitureThis is a page about storing wood furniture. Attractive and sturdy, wood furniture can be found pretty much every home. Whether you own more than you can have in your house or you have recently acquired new furniture, sometime you must store your wood furniture.


A glass hummingbird feeder.

Making a Hummingbird FeederThis is a page about making a hummingbird feeder. Many people enjoy having these quick flying little visitors. Putting out a hummingbird feeder will help attract them to your yard.


A pitcher of lemonade with a glass and some whole lemons.

Homemade Lemonade RecipesLemonade is a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day. Whether your child wants to sell it at their lemonade stand or you want serve it at your next BBQ, it is a simple drink to make at home. This page contains homemade lemonade recipes.


Homemade Kitchen Cabinet Degreaser Recipe, Rag in hand cleaning dark kitchen cabinet

Homemade Kitchen Degreaser RecipesThis page contains recipes for homemade kitchen degreaser. Kitchen cupboards, especially those above the stove, often get a greasy buildup that can be difficult to remove. Commercial degreasers can be expensive and may damage the finish on your wood cabinets.


Homemade protein bar on a white plate.

Homemade Protein BarsAdding more protein to your diet is helpful in building muscle as well as losing weight. Protein bars can be quite expensive so making them at home will save you money. This page contains recipes for homemade protein bars.


Street covered in snow

Preparing for a Snow StormThis is a page about preparing for a snow storm. Being prepared for a snowstorm is important for all households, no matter what size. With these tips you will find out what is needed in order to be prepared.


Someone cleaning a kitchen counter with cleaner.

Homemade All Purpose Cleaner RecipesIt is easy to make your own all purpose cleaners, and they can be just as effective as the store bought cleaners. This page contains homemade all-purpose cleaner recipes.


Being on Time

Being on TimeThis is a page about being on time. Busy schedules abound these days. It's easy to get caught up with your current task and end being late for your next one. No one likes to be late and certainly, no one likes to have to wait for someone who is late.


Group of Garden Gloves

Organizing Gloves (and Mittens)This is a page about organizing gloves. Whether it's winter gloves, or gardening and work gloves; it''s easy to have a number of pairs around the house, especially if you have children. Keep those gloves organized and easily accessible.


Pesto sauce in a white bowl.

Homemade Pesto RecipesPesto can be used in many different ways. Whether you use it in a pasta salad, as a spread on bread, or mixed into a dish for flavor, pesto can enhance many dishes. Next time you need pesto, try making it at home. This page contains homemade pesto recipes.


pill bottle hide a key

Uses for Prescription BottlesOld prescription bottles can come in handy for sorting, storage and craft projects. The come in a variety of sizes and it's not hard to find a use for them around the house. This is a page about uses for prescription bottles.


Several nectarines from the farmer's market.

Freezing Nectarines?This page is about freezing nectarines. When you have an over abundance of nectarines, consider freezing them. They hold up quite well to being frozen and can be used in baking or other recipes later.


Jar of instant oatmeal.

Homemade Instant Oatmeal RecipesIf your family enjoys oatmeal for breakfast, but you don't have the time to cook the regular oats, make your own instant oatmeal. Making your own instant oats is easy and can save you money. This page contains homemade instant oatmeal recipes.


Many Pairs of Earrings Spread out

Organizing EarringsThis is a page about organizing earrings. Earrings come in almost every imaginable shape and size. It is no wonder they can be difficult to store with getting to be disorganized.


Open glass serving glass of mustard with white plastic serving utensiles.

Homemade Mustard RecipesThis page contains homemade mustard recipes. There are so many different variations on regular yellow mustard. Want to try making your own special blend? Homemade mustard is not only great for home use but makes a tasty gift.


Someone with a bellyache holding onto the stomach.

Homemade LaxativesThis is a page about making homemade laxatives. Sometimes bloating and abdominal pain can be relieved by taking a laxative. There are homemade laxatives that can be as effective as store bought ones.


Neatly Wrapped Homemade Soap

Packaging Homemade Soap for SaleThis is a page about packaging homemade soap. Whether it's for a bazaar or a boutique shop downtown, if you are making soap to sell, how you package it is important. Make a great first impression by packaging your homemade soap right.


Organizing Store Discount Cards

Organizing Store Discount CardsThis is a page about organizing store discount cards. It seems that just about every store you go into these days is giving another discount card. They are a great way to get discounts where you shop, but with so many to carry it can be difficult to keep them straight.


Making a Cigar Box Purse

Making a Cigar Box PurseThis is a page about making a cigar box purse. Cigar boxes can be used for so many different things. One simple way to re-use these boxes is as a purse.


Hands holding organic fertilizer.

Homemade Organic Fertilizer RecipesThis page contains homemade organic fertilizer recipes. With the concerns about chemical fertilizer's impact on the environment, are you considering using organic fertilizer in your garden? If so, you can make it yourself and save money.


Saving Money on Swiffer Pads and Mops, Linoleum Floor Being Mopped

Saving Money on Swiffer Pads and MopsThe Swiffer is a handy and quick way to keep your floors clean. However, buying the extra pads or other refills, can really add up. This is a page about saving money on Swiffer pads and mops.


Laundry supplies.

Homemade Stain Remover RecipesMaking your own stain removers is easy to do at home. This page contains homemade laundry stain remover recipes.


Cheap Date Ideas, Young Couple in the Park

Cheap Date IdeasThis is a page about cheap date ideas. There is no doubt about it, dating can be expensive. However, it doesn't have to be, cheap dates can be just as much fun as pricey ones.


Man cleaning the oven.

Homemade Oven Cleaner RecipesOven cleaners can be very noxious and require caution when using. Homemade oven cleaners allow you to decide how caustic the ingredients you use are. This page contains homemade oven cleaner recipes.


Tw Red Tomatoes sitting in Ice

Using Frozen TomatoesThis is a page about using frozen tomatoes. Freezing tomatoes is a great way to save them for use later. However, if you have a lot of them you will need to figure out what you want to do with all those frozen tomatoes.


A pile of onion rings.

Homemade Onion Rings RecipesOnion rings are a tasty side dishes, that many people enjoy instead of french fries. Making your own isn't to hard and it allows you to use different types of onions.


A plate of yellow corn on the cob.

Cooking Corn On The CobThis is a page about cooking corn on the cob. Whether you steam, microwave, roast or grill sweet corn, it is a delicious late summer treat.


Scarecrow in Halloween Wreath

Making a Halloween WreathThis is a page about making a Halloween wreath. Fall is time for wreaths of all sorts. Halloween wreaths make a great decoration to put up when getting ready for trick-or-treaters.


A brass candlestick being polished.

Homemade Metal Polish RecipesThis page contains homemade metal polish recipes. Over time metal items can become tarnished or dirty. Using a homemade metal polish can make them look new again.


Note Written on Mirror

Using Your Bathroom Mirror for RemindersThis is a page about using your bathroom mirror for reminders. Leaving notes for yourself on the bathroom mirror is a tried and true method of reminding yourself of something important. There are a number of ways to get the message across though, find the one that is right for you.


Deviled Eggs Closeup

Deviled Eggs TipsThis page contains deviled egg tips. Deviled eggs are a great appetizer at any festivity. Here you will find tips for making this treat even better.


Saving Money on Utilities, Energy Savings Piggy Bank

Saving Money on UtilitiesThis is a page about saving money on utilities. Utility costs just seem to keep on rising. Finding ways to pay a little less to the utility companies each month puts more dollars in your pocket.


Pancakes with sliced bananas and powdered sugar.

Banana Pancake RecipesBanana pancakes are a great alternative to plain. These fruity cakes can also be eaten without added sweetener due to their naturally sweet flavor. This page contains banana pancake recipes.


Homemade potato chips in a bowl.

Homemade Potato Chip RecipesThis page contains homemade potato chip recipes. Potato chips a delicious, salty snack. It is easy to make them at home, which also gives you the opportunity to make them healthier than the store bought ones.


Weeding the Lettuce Patch

Controlling Weeds In Your GardenThis is a page about controlling weeds in your garden. No matter if you like to garden just for fun or for growing food for your family, having weeds around is a problem. Getting the weeds under control is an important step to getting the most out of your garden.



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Try Scoop Away Clumping LitterI have found that Scoop Away is by far the best clumping litter. Sometimes my cats get lazy and don't cover their "product," and Scoop Away leeches the odor very well; likewise, for the urine.


Pink flowers covered in frost.

Preparing for Fall FrostsWhether you grow vegetables or flowers, it is natural to want extend the growing season as long as possible. As fall arrives, set aside a few minutes for "frost preparedness".


Man Picking Okra

Garden: Giant OkraI think we have the tallest Okra in the South. My husband is picking it, because I am only 5 feet tall. I would need a ladder. And the stalks are like small trees!


Purple Plant Blooming

Garden: Purple FlowersI just love this photo. It seemed to have a certain elegance to it with the purple, although unfortunately, I do not know what kind it is. I hope you love these beautiful perfect purple blooms as much as I do.


Squirrel on Picnic Blanket Eat Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Wildlife: Squirrels Love PB and JAfter arriving at the lake and getting our picnic underway, this little fellow decided it was a good idea to join us. Although he was a little skittish at first, the yummy taste of peanut butter and jelly kept him coming back for more.


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Lemon Ammonia For Cleaning JewelryI was told by a reputable jeweler in our area many years ago to not buy the stuff they sell in the stores for cleaning gold jewelry. He told me to soak the jewelry in straight lemon ammonia.


Halloween Sign on Decorated Front Porch

Halloween: Attention ALL WitchesHere is how I have our home decorated for Halloween. The sign reads "Attention all Witches, please leave your brooms by the front door."


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Salad Night to Use Up LeftoversWhen we have salad night, we put out leftovers like corn, carrots, chickpeas, cold meats such as roast beef or chicken. We put them all in separate bowls and put out the salad lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, pickles, and onions, whatever you like in a salad.


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Making Watch Batteries Last LongerOver the years I've loved picking up the cheap watches in dollar stores, Big Lots, thrift stores, and such. I realized if I pull out the little button on side to stop (set) the watch, the battery is turned off. I still have a couple from the 70-80s still going strong.


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Lighter Fluid for Sticky Stuff RemovalLighter fluid for cigarette lighters (Ronsonal, Zippo, or store brand) is wonderful for removing sticky stickers or labels. It even works on fabric! Just a little bit will dissolve the messy sticky residue.


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Peas in Curry SauceSpicy and delicious! I could make this the main course and, along with a good salad and good bread, be very happy. This is good over rice, too.


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Spring Neck ExercisersIn order to keep my growing double chin under control, I bought a spring neck exerciser online. It does work, you place it under your chin and push against the spring.


Upside down Folger's container used to store oats.

Store Container Upside Down When EmptyI put a lot of my staples in empty coffee tubs that I label, things like cookies, oatmeal, nuts, etc. When I am out, I simply turn the container over so I know to add it to my list.


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Use A Paint Scraper For Baked On FoodWhen hand washing glass cookware and cast iron pans, I like to use a window paint scraper with the blade to remove baked on food. It works great and has them clean in no time.


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Cleaning Cloths As Swiffer PadsI have the Swiffer handle and I cut down a cleaning cloth that is used for absorbing messes, the orange ones. I put it on my Swiffer and dust. Then I wash and dry my floors it saves me money time and space.


Autumn Colors through tree branches.

Autumn Leaves (Wisconsin)This weekend my sister, my aunt and I took a road trip to Wisconsin to visit my Dad, who lives in Ladysmith. We all took cameras in hopes of taking some colorful fall photos.


Three Orange Butterflies

Wildlife: Three Orange ButterfliesThese three orange butterflies posed beautifully for me. They all flew down at the same time and didn't seem to mind me being so close. Then they all flew away together and I never saw them again.


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Removing Gunk from Scissors BladesAfter using my heavy shears to cut duct tape, the blades were all sticky with the glue. It suddenly occurred to me that hand sanitizer gel might just cut through the crud if rubbed with a paper towel or old washcloth.


Large Pink and White Blossoms With Ferns

Scenery: Pink Coastal BlossomsHiking the trails above Sunset Beach is always a relaxing and peaceful event. On this particular journey, my husband and I decided to cut across a broad picnic area that they have cleared out above the beach among some trails.


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Check Thrift Store For Halloween CostumesI do volunteer work in a local thrift shop. Do check in your local shop for Halloween costumes. As they are a one time a year item, there is no sense in paying a lot for the children's outfit.


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Warning: Avoid Citrus Products with PenicillinThis is a tip that my daughter and I learned the hard way. Most doctors won't tell you that penicillin and citrus don't go together. The citrus (OJ or any other citrus) will negate all the benefits of penicillin.


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Controlling SilverfishLiving in Southern CA has many wonderful things, and a few not so wonderful, very irritating things that we learn to deal with. Just like everywhere else I have lived, it comes with regional bugs that are there for no reason.


Photo Cutout of Baseball Pitcher

Craft: 3D Photo CutoutI have found a great new hobby, it is called photo cutouts. I have had a pile of pieces of acrylic taking up room in my garage. So the other day while I was moving the pile once again, I asked myself, "What can I do this stuff?".


A red rosebud that grew in October.

October RosebudMy knockout roses did not bloom well this summer due to the extreme heat. At the end of September, early October, the rosebuds were full of coloration and the buds were formed perfectly and opened into a stunning rose blossom.


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Spray Grocery Bag with Febreeze for Dirty DiapersWorking in a nursery caring for babies, there are times when a bag is needed for dirty diapers or soiled clothing. Instead of buying the deodorized bags, a plastic grocery bag or plastic vegetable bag can be used.


Completed granny square.

Reinventing the Granny SquareI make these and sell them, but hate to block. After months of pondering whether this will work, I finally got the time tonight to try it and yes, it does.


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Roundup on Poison Oak LeavesRoundup all the leaves you can. Poison oak usually requires another application, so leave the vine so you can find it again. The more leaves you spray, the better chance you have of getting all of it.


Lollipop Halloween Tags 1

Lollipop Halloween TagHere's a fun and easy Halloween treat idea.



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Repairing a Sofa Sleeper Frame?I have a bent frame on my sleeper sofa. I need to have it repaired in home, who will fix it for me? It is a leather couch with the frame bent at the foot of bed.


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Shopping at Overstock.com?Is overstock.com a buy now pay later site?


Cleaning Gold Jewelry?What can I use to clean my gold jewelry?


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Garlic Recipes?I need garlic recipes! My husband grew a bumper crop of garlic, three varieties. It's so good for us, but I can't fix the same recipes day after day. Can anyone help?


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Removing Gum from Leather?How do I clean gum from leather?


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Allergic Reaction to Flip Flops?I wore a pair of rubber flip flops all summer, but towards the end of the summer my feet started itching terribly right where the straps of the sandals are. It turned into a rash that itched all the time and had tiny blisters with clear liquid.


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Safety of Non Stick Coatings from China?I just bought a set of 3 cookie sheets. I noticed they where made in China. They are coated with that no stick stuff; are they safe to use?


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Seeking an Active Online Varicose Vein Support Group?Do any of you know of a varicose vein support group on the web where there are people actively communicating? I've found many groups, but all of them have only a few old, unanswered posts and a few members, who are inactive.


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Making Meringues on Pampered Chef Stoneware?Has anyone tried to cook meringues on Pampered Chef Stoneware? Was it successful?


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Towels Smell After Washing?What am I doing wrong? My towels smell after washing, when I leave them in the basket down in the cellar. Will those new detergent boosters work? Fabric softener sheets do not seem to work.


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Selling a Doll Collection?How do I find a buyer for my mother's dolls? Some are old royal family dolls such as Diana and Charles wedding dolls. She also has some old presidents, and more.


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Ideas for Paris/Eiffel Tower Themed Living Room?I want to decorate my living room with a Paris/Eiffel Tower theme. I desperately need ideas. Please help!


Dog with scarf on her head.

Low Cost Veterinary Care?I have a dog that I have had for 11 years. She has a problem with her bladder. She needs to pee all the time and sometimes has blood in it. I am looking for a vet that is in my area that works with low income families.


Old trombone in case.

Cleaning a Trombone?I was given a horn (trombone) and it has set in an old vacant house in the south in its case for 8 years, with no care. How do I clean this safely?


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Oak Tree Breaking Driveway?I have an oak tree that is about 20ft from my front entrance. My driveway is blacktopped and I can see the black top eroding because of the huge roots of the tree. My husband doesn't want to cut it because it shades the house in the summer (very hot summers here).


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Dead Mouse Smell?How can I get rid of dead mouse smells?


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Coupons for Troops in the US?Can coupons be sent to a bases in the United States?


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Eating Rhubarb Stalks?When I first planted my rhubarb plant in 2009, I was told not to eat any stalks until 2010. If I transplant it it before the winter, should the same rule apply?


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