January 14, 2013

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Cereal Box Guitar

Making a Cereal Box GuitarThis is a page about making a cereal box guitar. Let your young children rock on with a fun to make cereal box guitar.


Cake Decorating Supplies

Organizing Cake Decorating SuppliesThis is a page about organizing cake decorating supplies. If you are an avid cake decorator you probably have quite a few supplies in your pantry.


Canning Cauliflower

Canning Cauliflower?This is a page about canning cauliflower. Canning fresh vegetables is one good method for preserving produce.


Man Hanging Picture Frame

Hanging PicturesThis page is about hanging pictures. Depending on the type of material your wall is composed of, it can be a challenge to attach your art or photographs to it.


Corn and Cabbage Salad

Corn Salad RecipesCorn is a great start or addition to a delicious cold dish. This page contains corn salad recipes.


Making Soap Sachets

Making Soap SachetsThis page is about making soap sachets. Small pieces of soap can be useful to make sachets.


Seasoned Vegetable

Seasoned Vegetable RecipesThis page contains seasoned vegetable recipes. Using the right seasoning can make your vegetables delicious.


Uses for a Magazine Rack

Uses for a Magazine RackThis is a page about uses for a magazine rack. That magazine rack that is no longer used, or even one from the thriftstore can be put to new uses.


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Appelstroop (Apple Syrup) RecipesThis page contains appelstroop (apple syrup) recipes. Now is the time to try making this delicious fruit syrup.


Rose Bushes

Treating Black Spots on Rose BushesThis is a page about treating black spots on rose bushes. One of the common ailments for rose bushes is black spot on the leaves.


Homemade Dumpling

Homemade Dumpling RecipesThis page contains homemade dumpling recipes. Many enjoy this boiled dough with their stews and even fruit.


Uses for Leftover Printer Ink

Craft Uses for Leftover Printer Ink?This is a page about craft uses for leftover printer ink. In our efforts to reuse and recycle, some crafters look for ways to reuse printer ink in their projects.


Testing Your Own Garden Soil

Testing Your Own Garden SoilMaintaining good soil is your most important task as a gardener-even more important than maintaining your plants. If you're starting a new garden or your plants and flowers just aren't growing well despite your best efforts, then having your soil tested probably makes sense.


Canning Potatoes

Canning Potatoes?This is a page about canning potatoes. Before freezing was an option, canning was the common way to store garden produce.


A cardboard cereal box with corn flakes spilling out.

Making Cereal Box PursesA fun upcycle of a cereal box is to make a purse or tote. The sturdy cardboard makes a strong finished product. The box can be painted, decorated or proudly left alone.


A basket of long slender breadsticks.

Making BreadsticksBreadsticks can be easily made at home and are often flavored with garlic and butter. This page contains recipes for making breadsticks.


Red Glitter Shoes

Preventing Glitter from Falling Off Clothing?This page is about preventing glitter from falling off clothing. Keeping this shiny decoration on material can be a challenge.


Muddy boots.

Cleaning Muddy Footprints on CarpetThis is a page about cleaning muddy footprints on carpet. Cleaning mud tracked onto the carpet is not fun, but needn't be a major chore.


A woman signing a contract.

Keeping Track of Contract End DatesThis is a page about keeping track of contract end dates. We all have various contracts, such as the ones for our cable TV or cell phone, that we want to track.


Canning Pumpkin

Canning Pumpkin?This is a page about canning pumpkin. Preserving the pumpkins from your garden usually involves canning.


Preventing Pantry Pests

Preventing Pantry PestsThis is a page about preventing pantry pests. Opening your pantry to find bugs is frustrating.


Crafts Made With Potholders

Crafts Made With PotholdersThis is a page about crafts made with potholders. Some very creative and useful crafts can be made from potholders.


Scented Sachets

Making Scented SachetsThis page is about making scented sachets. Adding fragrance to linens and clothing can be accomplished with dried flower sachets.


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Planting Over a Septic Tank?This page is about planting over a septic tank. Knowing what can be planted in your yard that will not interfere with plumbing is important.


Canned Pumpkin

Uses for Canned PumpkinThis is a page about uses for canned pumpkin. Canned pumpkin can be used in a variety of recipes in its own right or as a substitute for other ingredients such as oil.


Cereal With Fruit

Adding Fruit to CerealThis is a page about adding fruit to cereal. Enhance the taste of your breakfast cereal by adding fruit.


Birthday Cake Tips

Birthday Cake TipsThis is a page about birthday cake tips. Creators of homemade birthday days often have some tips to share.


Eyeglass Case Patterns

Eyeglass Case PatternsThis page contains eyeglass case patterns. If you sew, crochet, knit, or wield a hot glue gun you can make a unique case for your eyeglasses.


white toaster

Cleaning Melted Plastic From a ToasterThis is a page about cleaning melted plastic from a toaster. Heat from your toaster and the plastic wrapper on the bread can result in a messy clean up job.


Pocket Calendar

Uses for Pocket CalendarsThis is a page about uses for pocket calendars. Many businesses give away free pocket calendars; they are also cheap to buy.


Cutting a Cake

Cutting a CakeThis is a page about cutting a cake. Sometimes just using a knife is not the best way to cut a cake.


Canning Peas

Canning Peas?This is a page about canning peas. If you don't have space to keep frozen vegetables from the garden, try canning.


Fly on Blade of Grass

Keeping Bugs Away When Sitting OutdoorsThis is a page about keeping bugs away when sitting outdoors. Bugs buzzing and swarming around can make your time outdoors anything but enjoyable.


A row of recycled jars with lids.

Recycled Containers for Food StorageThis is a page about recycled containers for food storage. Plastic and glass containers can have a new recycled life by being used for storing food.



Abyssinian - Breed Information and PhotosThis page is about Abyssinian - breed information and photos. Knowing as much as you can about your cat helps to keep you both content.


Making a Eyeglass Case from a Potholder

Making an Eyeglass Case from a PotholderThis is a page about making an eyeglass case from a potholder. A quick and easy way to make a case for your eyeglasses begins with a potholder.


Shredded Paper

Using Shredded Paper in the GardenThis is a page about using shredded paper in the garden. Use your recyclable paper in the garden.


Cleaning a Smooth Cooktop Range

Cleaning Melted Plastic From a Smooth Cooktop...Accidents happen and sometimes plastic containers or packaging are placed on hot smooth top ranges. This is a page about cleaning melted plastic from a smooth cooktop range.


Stocking a Basic Pantry

Stocking a Basic Pantry?When moving into your first apartment or house, one of the first tasks is to stock your pantry. This is a page about stocking a basic pantry.


Cutting Cake Layers

Cutting Cake LayersThis is a page about cutting cake layers. Cutting cake layers can be frustrating if they tend to crumble rather than have a nice clean cut.


Young Boy at Daycare

Name Ideas for a Childcare BusinessFinding a catchy name that people will remember is important when choosing a name for your daycare. This page contains name ideas for a childcare business.


Liquid Dishwasher Detergent

Other Uses for Liquid Dishwasher DetergentThis is a page about other uses for liquid dishwasher detergent. Many cleaners and soaps can be used for jobs other than those for which they were intended.


Sauteed Vegetables

Sautéed Vegetable RecipesSautéing is a nice way to prepare vegetables. This page contains sauteed vegetable recipes.


Using a Daily Planner

Using a Daily Planner or Pocket CalendarThis is a page about using a daily planner or pocket calendar. If you prefer to organize your schedule on paper rather then electronically, some tips might make that even easier.


Beef Skillet

Beef Skillet RecipesSkillet meals are not only delicious, but generally quick and easy to prepare. This page contains beef skillet recipes.



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Easy George Foreman Grill Clean UpWe use our small George Foreman grill a lot, and have a great tip for easy cleaning. Once we take the food off the grill and unplug it, we take a doubled up paper towel and wet it, wring it out just so there is still wetness to it.


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Appelstroop (Apple Syrup)A traditional Dutch syrup used in a similar way to Golden syrup and Maple syrup.


In Memory of Scooter (Ferret)10 lessons I learned from my daughter's pet ferret.


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Using Scrap YarnI discovered that if I use circular knitting needles to knit long winter scarves, I can use bits and pieces of yarn in all colors and textures to knit up unique scarves that when used creatively can be very beautiful.


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Cedar Shavings for Pantry PestsWhile it won't do anything about any little hitchhikers already in your food, bugs absolutely hate cedar, so sprinkling a few shavings or hanging up a little bag of it in your pantry may discourage anything investigating the place from hanging around.


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Use Notepad on Cellphone for ListsI keep my grocery list on the "notepad" of my cell phone, so that when I go to the store, all I have to do is check on my phone to see what I need. No more forgotten grocery list at home.



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Graham and Brown Paintable Wallpaper #13047?Can anyone help me find a discontinued wallpaper? It is Graham and Brown: pattern no: - 13047, tile wallcovering. It is paintable.


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Shopping for Bisquick in Puerto Rico?Where can I find Bisquick in San Juan, Puerto Rico?


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Cleaning Window Blind Strings?How do I clean the strings between the slats on a window blind?


15th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 15 in July on the 10th and I'm inviting about 10 of my gal pals. I am looking for a very warm place to eat, a ton of rewards, a heap of games, and a theme (I already have one in mind, but the others might not approve of it, a winter wonderland catwalk.)


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Value of K*R Porcelain Doll?My grandmother recently purchased a porcelain doll with the K*R logo on its neck under its hair. There is also the name Pat Ginniman below that logo.


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Remedy for Itchy Skin On Dog?I have a 4 year old dog. She is part Shih Tzu and part Yorkie. I have been putting virgin olive oil mixed in with her food. I use 1/2 teaspoon to one cup of food. I keep her groomed and clean.


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Clothing Dye Bled on White Jacket?I have a Columbia omni-shield pink and white jacket. It is nylon and the lining is polyester. How do I get color out where the pink bled onto the white body? I washed it according to the directions in cold water, using powder detergent.


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First Holy Communion Speech?I am looking for help with an introduction speech, toast, and thanksgiving.


Car Tires

Uses for Car Tires?I would like to know how to use car tyres in another way?


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Birthday Party For a 17 Year Old Girl?I'm turning 17 in less than a month and I have no clue what to do for a party. I am only inviting 2 of my friends and 1 of them is a guy. Money is tight and I live in a small town. I did bowling for my last birthday and it was really lame.


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Cat in Heat?My cat is in constant heat. She's been in heat for over a month and doesn't come out. I don't know if it's a condition or it's normal.


Dishes from set. Cup and saucer, plate, and serving plate.

Value of a Child's Tea Set?My aunt gave this to me. She got it as a child probably around 1923. It has 5 cups, 5 saucers, 5 small plates, and a serving plate. In its original box shown in picture with label on end of box. Can anyone tell me what it might be worth?


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Keeping Rug from Sliding on Hardwood?I have a large braided rug in front of my door, on the hard wood flooring. It keeps sliding around everywhere except where I want it to stay?


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Dog Not Eating After Other Dogs Must Leave?Our Pitbull has lost his 3 doggy friends, due to the fact that my daughter can't keep 4 dogs on property. They kept the Pitbull, and he has not eaten for almost a week. He is so precious. He is 2 years old and does not want to eat. I sit with him when I feed him outside. He will not eat inside.


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Staining Pine Stairs to Match Hickory Laminate Flooring?We have put antique hickory laminate flooring throughout our complete house, but we want to redo our pine steps to match. We have tried different stains and can't get it matched as good as we would like. Can you tell us is there anything else we can do?


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Painting Over Textured Wallpaper?I am currently painting over a textured vinyl wallpaper. I have cut in the ceiling and edges with a brush. Then I rolled the rest of the wall. After drying, I am able to see all of the spots I cut in at first.


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Whitening Teeth With Banana Peels?How do you use banana peels to whiten teeth?


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Disposal Runs But Sink Won't Drain?My disposal still runs, but water won't go down drain.


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Snakes in Retention Pond?My daughter has a retention pond behind her house and the snakes are starting to come out with the warm weather here in the South. She has fought them for 2 years and nothing seems to work.


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Using an Empty Lava Lamp?The light bulb in my lava lamp went out, and it got me thinking. Since the lamp is a couple of years old, and very dark colors of red and purple, I would like to empty it and use it as a clear light. Is that safe?


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Removing Wrinkles from Ruffled Bedspread?How can you take out winkles from a ruffled bedspread after washing rather than ironing?


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