March 12, 2013

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Ileostomy Supplies

Saving Money on Ileostomy Supplies?This is a page about saving money on ileostomy supplies. Specialized medical supplies can be quite expensive.


sad dog

Dog Not Eating After Other Family Dog DiedThis is a page about a dog not eating after other family dog died. Pets can also experience a sense of loss when another pet dies.


Cleaning a stainless steel dishwasher.

Cleaning Fingerprints Off Stainless SteelThis is a page about cleaning fingerprints off stainless steel. If your stainless steel appliances, fixtures, and other items look as though they are trying out for the next episode of CSI, it is time to remove the evidence.


Jar Lids

Uses for Jar LidsThis is a page about uses for jar lids. Don't throw away used jar lids, there are many ways you can reuse them around the house.


Feeding a Picky Cat

Feeding a Picky CatThis is a page about feeding a picky cat. If your feline friend is sticking up her nose at everything you offer her to eat, it can be very frustrating and expensive.


Chili's Restaurant

Chili's Restaurant Copycat Recipes?This page contains Chili's restaurant copycat recipes. If you like to eat at Chili's restaurants, but can't afford to all of the time, try making copycat versions of your favorite dishes at home.


Lawn Care Tips and Tricks

Lawn Care Tips and TricksThis is a page about lawn care tips and tricks. Having a beautiful, weed free lawn can seem like a full time job.


Cake Decorating Icing

Cake Decorating Icing RecipesThis page contains cake decorating icing recipes. Having the right kind of frosting to decorate with will help you create that special cake.


Leather Topped Desk

Removing Paper Stuck to a Leather Topped Desk?Care needs to be taken when removing paper that has become stuck to a leather topped desk, to avoid damaging the leather. This is a page about removing paper stuck to a leather topped desk.


Tight Screw

Loosening a Tight Screw?This is a page about loosening a tight screw. Many of us have had the frustrating experience of trying in vain to loosen a tight screw.


Leather Love Seat

Removing Cooking Odors from Leather Furniture?This is a page about removing cooking odors from leather furniture. Leather upholstery can pick up odors from your home, including last night's dinner.


Taco Pie

Taco Pie RecipesThis page contains taco pie recipes. Have the great flavor of a taco in a delicious casserole.


Broccoli Cheese Quinoa

Broccoli Cheese Quinoa RecipesCombine some of your favorite foods to make this delicious, nutritious dish. This page contains a broccoli cheese quinoa recipe.


Melted Plastic Pony Bead Crafts

Melted Plastic Pony Bead CraftsThis is a page about melted plastic pony bead crafts. Pony beads can be melted in the oven to create beautiful craft items.


Generic and Name Brand Tomato Sauce

Choosing Between Generic and Name BrandThis is a page about choosing between generic and name brand. We have all been there, standing in a store aisle comparing the name brand product to a generic, usually less expensive, version.


large couch

Removing Odors from FurnitureThis is a page about removing odors from furniture. Furniture sometimes has odors from the manufacturing materials or it can absorb odors from use.


bathroom mirror

Keeping Mirrors from Fogging UpThis is a page about keeping mirrors from fogging up. Rather than having to wipe your bathroom mirror with a towel to remove the fog from your shower, you can prevent this from happening.


indoor cat

Cat Peeing Inside After Moving?This is a page about a cat peeing inside after moving. Moving can be stressful for your pets.


Lavender Essential Oil

Using Essential OilsEssential oils can be used in making many products for your home and personal care. This is a page about using essential oils.


Barbie Doll

Selling Collectible Barbies?This is a page about selling collectible Barbies. Older and special edition Barbie dolls can be valuable to a collector.


Collectible Dolls

Selling Collectible DollsWhether you need extra money or space, sometimes selling a doll collection is necessary. This is a page about selling collectible dolls.


paper flower basket

Making May Day BasketsMaking May Day baskets to give to neighbors and friends is a tradition many of us grew up following. This is a page about making May Day baskets.


Sap Dripping From a Tree

Sap Dripping From a Tree?Sap can begin dripping from a tree for a number of reasons, including bug infestations. To stop the flow you will need to determine the cause. This is a page about sap dripping from a tree.


Blue Shopping Plastic Bag

Reusing Plastic BagsThis is a page about reusing plastic bags. So many products come packaged in plastic bags.


Recycling Small Appliances

Recycling Small AppliancesThis is a page about recycling small appliances. As recycling becomes a more important part of our daily life, we look for ways to recycle even more items.


Bassett Hound Mix

Basset Hound Mix PhotosThis page contains basset hound mix photos. Some of the best family pets are mixed breed dogs.


Kerosene Heater

Using a Kerosene HeaterThis page is about using a kerosene heater. It's important to know a few things about operating this kind of heater.


Red Carpet

Red Carpet Themed Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about red carpet themed birthday party ideas. Having a theme for a birthday party makes it easy to plan the rest of the party.


Winnie The Pooh Cake

Making a Winnie the Pooh CakeThis page is about making a Winnie the Pooh cake. A favorite character can be the theme of a special birthday cake.


old trunk

Recovering a Trunk With Vinyl?This is a page about recovering a trunk with vinyl. You can refurbish an old or plain trunk by covering it with colorful vinyl.


A tea kettle on a stovetop.

Homemade HumidifierThis page is about a homemade humidifier. Heated indoor air can be too dry and additional moisture is helpful.


Burnt Food

Removing Burnt Food Smell from HouseThis is a page about removing burnt food smell from house. Not only did dinner burn, now the house smells of burnt food.


Roman Blinds

Changing the Color of Roman Blinds?This is a page about changing the color of Roman blinds. Rather than buying new Roman shades which can be quite expensive, perhaps changing the color will suit your decorating needs.


stained shirt

Homemade Stain Remover Pen?This is a page about a homemade stain remover pen. The Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover is a convenient tool for treating fresh stains when away from home.


Buying Narrow Shoes

Buying Narrow Shoes?This is a page about buying narrow shoes. Trying to buy shoes in widths other than medium can be frustrating.


1962 Midge Barbie

How Much is My 1962 Midge Barbie Worth?This page is about how much is my 1962 Midge Barbie worth? Determining the value of that special old doll requires a little research.


Lemon Peel

Uses for Citrus PeelsThis is a page about uses for citrus peels. In addition to composting, citrus peels have a wide variety of uses around your home.


Oak hardwood floor.

Nail Polish Remover Stain on Hardwood Floor?This is a page about nail polish remover stain on hardwood floor. Nail polish remover can damage the finish on your hardwood floors.


Six Can Soup

Six Can Soup RecipesSix can soup is a quick and tasty meal for a busy day. This page contains six can soup recipes.


wood floor

Buying Johnson's Glo-Coat Floor Wax?This is a page about buying Johnson's Glo-Coat floor wax. It can be frustrating when you can't find your favorite floor care product at any of your local stores.


Wooden Knitting Needles

Wooden Knitting Needles Reviews?This is a page about wooden knitting needles reviews. Product reviews can help you make a decision on a purchase without having to buy and test it yourself.


Chicken Skillet

Chicken Skillet RecipesThis page contains chicken skillet recipes. Skillet meals are great time savers for the busy cook.


long curtains

Making Curtains LongerThis is a page about making curtains longer. If the curtains you already have, or the ones you really want to buy are too short for the windows, perhaps you could lengthen them.


Tray of Lasagna

Making Lasagna for Large GroupsThis is a page about making lasagna for large groups. Trying to calculate the ingredients and serving size for a large group can be confusing.


Bat Flying

Removing Bats From a Roof?Despite their value in keeping insect populations down, most of us do not want bats living in our homes. This is a page about removing bats from a roof.


decorating gingerbread cookies

Tips for Decorating Cakes and CookiesThis is a page about tips for decorating cakes and cookies. Tips from experienced bakers can help make your own experience more successful.



Bookshelf piled with books.

Packing and Storing BooksI have moved a number of times and have found through experience that when moving my many books it is best to use a smaller box, when possible. A good choice for me is one that is 1 foot square. This will require the use of more boxes, but has saved my back and the consistent size makes stacking easier.


cut treats

Trix Cereal TreatsTrix cereal are so colorful and their fruity flavor makes for a unique treat.


Fabric and cardboard square.

Using Fat Quarter Cardboard for...Some of the fat quarters that I purchase, especially those from Jo-Ann Fabrics are folded around a thin cardboard square.


bunny in a jar

Bunny in a JarWho wouldn't like to receive this cute little bunny for Easter? Peering out of the grass in his jar, he is waiting to be given to a special somebody!



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Time Life 1980 Cities Series?I have 31 hard cover Time Life Books - The Great Cities (different colours for the different cities). Sewn spine books. Copyright 1980 and in excellent condition. What are they worth?


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Treating a Dog's Yeast Infection?I have a 2 yr old, 109 lbs Lab mix. I have tried many times to put in ear drops from the vet, but my dog is so strong, and he won't let me touch his ears. I've heard of giving my dog Benadryl tabs, will this help at all I can give him tabs, no problem. Any other ideas for me. Please help. Thank you.


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Vinegar and Water for Dog's Ear Infection?I've read the raves about how good this works, but I have not found how much of each to use. Do you use do you mix the vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water together? I need some guidance please.


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Clam Chowder Recipes?Do you have a clam chowder recipe?


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Crock Pot Meal Cooked Too Early?I put a 4 pound lamb roast in my crock pot for 5 hours. It is cooked, but I still have about 2 hours before dinner time at the most.


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New Interior Design Company Name?I want to start my new interior design company. Please suggest the best name for my company.


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Peaches Don't Ripen?We have two, from pits, peach trees. I hand thin the peaches as they grow. They get a little larger than a golf ball with some color, but never fully ripen. I fertilize twice a year and spray as needed. What do you think?


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Choosing New Flooring?What flooring would modernize oak cabinets somewhat? The entire house has oak trim, banister, etc. and we are trying to update w/o changing all the wood.


Removing Tree Sap From Outdoor Playthings?How can I remove tree sap from outdoor playthings such as Little Tike slides/climbers, Step 2 playthings and such items?


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Value of Encyclopedia set?I have a 27 volume set of The Illustrated Home Library Guild edition, with, red covers with sewn spines. Copyright 1956. They re in excellent condition. What are they worth?


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Wax Residue Stain on Oak Table?A glass candle holder broke yesterday and the wax spilled out on to the table. I let it dry for a bit and then I removed the wax carefully with a plastic scrapper. It came off, but there is a shiny stain you can see at an angle.


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Can I Freeze Pears?How do I freeze pears?


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Preventing Fleas Using Garlic?At what age can I give a puppy garlic for flea protection?


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Can I Freeze Pears?How do I freeze pears?


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Value of Time Life World Library - Cities Series?I have 14 books from Time Life World Library (Copyright 1961). Excellent Condition - cities series. White covers. What are they worth?


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