January 3, 2017

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Colorful cut flowers in a vase.

Saving Money on Cut FlowersCut flowers are a great decoration for anytime of year. This is a page about cut flowers on a budget.


Glitter and Glue Icicles - silvery white glitter with larger colored flecks

Making Glitter and Glue IciclesThis is a page about glitter and glue icicles. These cute winter decorations are sure to bring holiday cheer to your home.


Electrical outlet with a green cord plugged in.

Outlets in One Room Don't WorkThis is a page about outlets in one room don't work. Identifying the various circuits in a room can help you troubleshoot electrical problems when some outlets stop working.


Venison Jerky

Venison Jerky RecipeThis page contains a venison jerky recipe. Venison has long been used to make delicious jerky.


Toilet Roll Father Christmas - finished Father Christmas complete with hat including a bell

Making a Toilet Roll Father ChristmasThis is a page about making a toilet roll Father Christmas. Here is another fun project that uses empty toilet paper tubes. This Father Christmas project is fun to make and display for the holidays.


Large RV parked.

No Power to RV's Breaker Box?This is a page about no power to RV's breaker box. You may need to have an electrician look at your RV if you have to power getting to the breaker box.


An orange and black bone shaped dog toy with a squeaker inside.

Finding Squeakers for Dog Toys?This is a page about squeakers for dog toys. If you are making or repairing dog toys you will need squeakers for them.


A pair of vinyl running sneakers.

Stretching Vinyl Sneakers?This is a page about stretching vinyl sneakers. Vinyl sneakers can be difficult to stretch but it can be done.


Pushing the start button on a microwave.

Power Goes Out When Using MicrowaveThis is a page about power goes out when using microwave. If your power goes out when you turn on your microwave the breaker is getting overloaded. It is best to have an electrician look at the issue.


Venison Sloppy Joes Recipe

Venison Sloppy Joes RecipeThis page contains a venison sloppy joes recipe. Venison can be substituted in many recipes for beef or other types of meat.


Leprechaun Hat Napkin Rings - Finished napkin ring.

Making Leprechaun Hat Napkin RingsThese cute napkin rings are simple to make using inexpensive supplies. They certainly will make your St. Patrick's Day table or party that much more festive. This is a page about making leprechaun hat napkin rings.


Electrical Outlet

Electrical Outlet Stopped WorkingThis is a page about electrical outlet stopped working. Troubleshooting the reason an outlet has stopped working is the first step to your repair or replacement decision.


Turning on a light switch.

Lights Don't Work in Hot Weather?This is a page about lights don't work in hot weather. Changes in temperature can have an effect on your electrical system.


Permanent Marker

Cleaning Permanent Marker on a Vinyl FloorThis is a page about cleaning permanent marker on a vinyl floor. Despite its permanent nature, this type of marker can be removed from many surfaces using the right products and techniques.


Close up of a sewing pattern.

Using ConTact Paper for Protecting Sewing PatternsThis is a page about using ConTact paper for protecting sewing patterns. Sewing pattern paper is very thin and can easily be damaged, especially if the pattern is used multiple times.


pet dust bunnies craft

Pet Dust BunniesThis is a page about pet dust bunnies. If you are looking for a clever gag gift that doesn't cost much; here it is. These cuties are made of recycled dryer lint.


A man using his laptop to shop.

Websites That Don't Require a Credit CardThis is a page about websites that don't require a credit card. Some consumers, for various reasons, don't have a credit card to use for their internet shopping. With some perseverance they can find a few sites that might work for their needs.


Memory Foam Mattress

Cleaning Urine Off a Memory Foam MattressThis is a page about cleaning urine off a memory foam mattress. Children, pets, and others occasionally have an accident resulting in urine getting on a mattress.


Alfredo Spinach Lasagna filled and baked foil pan.

Alfredo Spinach Lasagna RecipeTry an Alfredo sauce and spinach based lasagna for a change of pace. This page contains an Alfredo spinach lasagna recipe.


Pour cereal into a bowl

Ants in Stored Cereal?If you have ants getting into your cereal you need to you need to contain the cereal better and get rid of the ants. This is a page about ants in stored cereal.


Tidy up Your Leads (Cords)

Toilet Paper Tubes for Organizing Electrical CordsThis is a page about toilet paper tubes for organizing electrical cords. Electrical cords are akin to hangers when it comes to the disaster that can arise when they are not well organized.


An older woman with gray hair.

Where Can I Buy Gray or Silver Hair Dye?This is a page about where can I buy gray or silver hair dye? If you need to dye your hair, finding the right shade of dye is important.


A woman's feet wearing sandals.

Getting Your Feet Ready for Sandals?When the weather finally warms up you are ready to don a pair of sandals, but are your feet ready? This is a page about getting your feet ready for sandals.


Baby's Breath flower.

Growing Baby's BreathThis is a page about growing baby's breath. Baby's breath is a good flower to grow that will add simple beauty to your bouquets.


Antique dresser, head and footboard.

Selling an Antique Bedroom Set?This is a page about selling an antique bedroom set. If you have an antique bedroom set to sell there are many ways to do it.


Fabric and Button Tic-Tac-Toe Game - finished game pouch with two markers on board

Making a Fabric and Button Tic-Tac-Toe GameThis is a page about making a fabric and button Tic-Tac-Toe game. Kids will love this cute fabric and button Tic-Tac-Toe game.


A Yorkshire terrier on a white sofa.

Preventing Yorkshire Terriers from Peeing on the CouchThis is a page about preventing Yorkshire terriers from peeing on the couch. Some smaller dogs and many terrier breeds can be more of a challenge to house train.


Paper Cup Gift Box - closed with a bow on top

Making a Paper Cup Gift BoxThis is a page about making a paper cup gift box. This cute paper cup gift box will delight whoever receives it.


Mixing Ground Meat With Venison - glass bowl with filled with minced venison

Mixing Ground Meat With VenisonThis is a page about mixing ground meat with venison. Whether you have a family member who is a hunter or simply have access to venison, mixing it with ground meat makes it go further.


bedroom light switch

Power Out in One Room?This is a page about power out in one room. Trying to determine the cause of a power outage in one room can be confusing especially if the breaker has not tripped.


Finished except of binding.

Making Americana Crocheted CoastersThis is a page about making americana crocheted coasters. These adorable crocheted coasters are great to use any time of year.


Growing Sprouts In A Jar - Sprout Garden

Growing Sprouts Next to Your Kitchen SinkYou can easily add fresh veggies to your diet by growing various sprouts in a small space on your kitchen counter. This is a page about growing sprouts next to your kitchen sink.


Electric Outlet

Electric Outlet Feels Hot?This is a page about electric outlet feels hot. If your electrical outlet feels hot to the touch it would be best to turn off the breaker and call an electrician immediately.


A momma cat laying with a kitten.

Safe Flea Treatment for Cat with KittensThis is a page about finding a safe flea treatment for cat with kittens. Flea treatment for your cat is important especially if it has kittens.


Outdoor Electrical Outlet

Outlet Stopped Working After It Rained?Sometimes, circuits can break or outlets can stop working when it rains or if they get wet. This is a serious problem and should be addressed by an electrician. This page has advice for when an outlet stopped working after it rained.


A plate of homemade flour tortillas

Homemade TortillasAlthough it may take some practice, it is possible to make both corn and flour tortillas at home. You may find that you like them better than store-bought brands. This is a page about making homemade tortillas.


Spray cans of spray varnish.

Sealing Plaster Stepping Stones?This is a page about sealing plaster stepping stones. If you made some plaster stepping stones and you want them to last it is best to seal them.


Christmas Coasters

Making Christmas CoastersThis is a page about making Christmas coasters. These Christmas coasters are an adorable and useful decoration.


A woman with a sore throat.

Sore Throat Since Quitting Smoking?This is a page about having a sore throat since quitting smoking. If you have recently quit smoking there may be some health issues like sore throats that you need to deal with for a brief time.


Drinking Glasses

Identifying Vintage Drinking GlassesThis is a page about identifying vintage drinking glasses. To know the value of any antique, it is important to know it's origin.


Homemade Sloppy Joes - sloppy joe with tots

Homemade Sloppy JoesA sloppy joe is a delicious and easy to make dinner that everyone will love. This is a page about homemade sloppy joes.


Using Lemon as an Odor Remover

Using Lemon as an Odor RemoverThis is a page about using lemon as an odor remover. Lemon is an excellent natural odor remover.



A name written on tape on the back of a casserole pan.

Use Freezer Tape to Mark Name on DishesWhen taking food to a friend or to a covered dish gatherings, it's good to be able to identify your dishes to bring them back home. I use freezer tape to mark my Pyrex dishes The tape does not come off when baking or washing the dish.


A yellow paint sample being stored in the kitchen.

Storing Paint Chips for Easy Touch UpAs a result of buying the wrong paint, I developed a system for touch up paint. I now keep a paint chip card in each room. I also keep a duplicate of each in my calendar book as well, to have with me should I be shopping and see something to know if it would match or not.


A camera case stuffed with grocery bags to retain it's shape while stored.

Grocery Bags For Stuffing Stored ItemsI have two carry cases for my new camera. As I use only one, I decided to pack the other, away. I didn't want it to become flattened or misshapen in storage, so I stuffed it. I found those ubiquitous grocery bags to be the ideal stuffing.


A package of low energy replacement LED bulbs.

Slash Your Electric BillIn the past 6 months, I have cut our electric bill by half. Several years ago I replaced all our light bulbs with CFL bulbs. Now, with the newer LED bulbs I have been replacing the CFL bulbs. 4 years ago, our average electric bill was around $300 per month for an almost 4000 square foot home. Now, I have it down to $100 or less.


A girl painting a piece of pottery at a birthday event.

Pottery Party for Tween BirthdayMy grand daughter turned 11 this past year and she wanted to have her party at a pottery studio. Each child choose a piece of pottery to paint, the studio completes the process of firing and glazing each piece. It is a creative, memorable celebration.


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Microwave Soap for Easy Smell RemovalHave you ever fried fish and then the entire house smelled like a seafood restaurant? Easy fix. Buy a bar of soap, but not any kind of lotion soap. I prefer the smell of original Lever 2000. Put the bar of soap on a microwavable glass plate, put in microwave for 1 minute to 2 minutes, depending on your microwave.


Creamy Fruta ready to serve

Creamy FrutaA yummy dessert made with milk, graham crackers with fruit, jello and cheese on top.



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Chevy Venture Heater Knob Won't Turn?I have a 2004 Chevy Venture. You can not turn the heater knob so it is stuck on 3 power, but only blows 1 power. The diagnostic says my thermostat and oxygen sensors are bad, would that affect the blower not working properly and the dial not moving?


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Replacement Bottom Plate George Foreman Grill?Where can I buy a replacement plate for a George Foreman grill, model GRP0004R? The Teflon on the bottom plate is peeling off. I can't seem to find on the GF website where to order replacement plates.


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Unclogging a Toilet?My son-in-law used the toilet and when he flushed it got clogged. It finally went down, however, it is not flushing properly and there is some gurgling. There must be some blockage down in the pipe. We have flushed numerous times and I have even plunged many times, but it just isn't sounding like it should.


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Ideas For A 14th Birthday?So my birthday is coming up in a couple of months and I still don't know what to do? It can be slightly pricey (up to £150, approximately $180). I want to do something that can either have loads of people coming (20-30) or only a few!


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Using a Paper Shredder?Is it okay to line the waste basket area of a shredder with a small trash bag to make emptying easier, or does this create a problem with operation of the machine?


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Dog Whines When Left Outside?I just recently got a 15 week old full blood Pit. He isn't a rescue dog, although he would have been taken to the pound had I not gotten him when I did. He is awesome except for when I have to put him outside. As soon as I close the door he immediately starts whining as if he is dying in pain.


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Remedy for Pain from New Temporary Partial?I have had my new temporary partial for about a week and have started to adjust to them, but my tongue it terribly sore. It feels like it's constantly being rubbed or burned. How do I fix this?


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