July 12, 2017

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A cat seeing a veterinarian.

Finding Free or Low Cost Pet Clinics in Florida?Sometimes the cost of pet veterinary care can be prohibitive. Don't give up; many areas have low cost pet clinics. This is a page about finding free or low cost pet clinics in Florida.


A woman's hands with nice fingernails.

Making the Underside of Fingernails White?Having healthy nails and cleaning under the tips will keep them looking as white as possible. This is a page about making the underside of fingernails white.


A squirrel eating from suet feeder.

How to Stop Squirrels From Eating Suet Feeders?Squirrels love to get into bird feeders, especially suet ones. This is a page about how to stop squirrels from eating suet feeders.


A pug peeing in someone's yard.

Keeping My Neighbor's Pets Out of My YardIn neighborhoods without fences, your neighbor's pets may freely wander into your yard and become a nuisance. This is a page about keeping my neighbor's pets out of my yard.


A large blackberry growing on a blackberry plant.

Choosing a Sweet Blackberry PlantIf you decide to grow blackberries be aware that the different varieties have varying levels of sweetness. This is a page about choosing a sweet blackberry plant.


Green plastic outdoor chair.

Cleaning Plastic Outdoor FurnitureDingy, dirty plastic outdoor furniture can often be cleaned with a Magic Eraser, pressure washer, or bleach to name a few methods. This is a page about cleaning plastic outdoor furniture.


A girl being handed a gift on Christmas.

Charities to Help With ChristmasChristmas can be a hard time for low income families with children. This is a page about charities to help with Christmas.


Zebra Finch

Can Baby Zebra Finches Be Released into Nature?Bird species that have been bred as pets typically should not be released into the wild. This is a page about, "Can baby zebra finches be released into nature?".


A woman painting lower kitchen cabinets.

Painting Lower Kitchen Cabinets a Different Color?You can create a more unique look in your kitchen by painting the lower cabinets a different color than the upper ones. This is a page about painting lower kitchen cabinets a different colour.


A bottle of blue Dawn.

Use Dawn Detergent to Unclog a DrainCooking grease and the residue from shampoos and conditioners can clog your drains. Many people have success breaking up the clog with Dawn. This is a page about use Dawn detergent to unclog drain.


A woman using a plunger in a sink with a garbage disposal that won't drain.

Garbage Disposal Won't DrainWhen your garbage disposal won't drain it is typically the sink plumbing that is the culprit. You need to clear the plug. This is a page about garbage disposal won't drain.


Make Capes from Favorite T-Shirts

Make Capes from Favorite T-ShirtsRework your child's favorite t-shirt into a fun cape. This is a page about make capes from favorite t-shirts.


A mother dog with one if her puppies.

Dog Became Aggressive After Having Puppies?It can be unsettling to see your dog become aggressive towards people, other dogs, or even her new puppies. This is a page about dog became aggressive after having puppies.


Tops of Feet

The Tops of My Feet Are Red?A trip to the doctor is probably in order to determine the cause of redness on your feet. It could be the result of many things, and will need to be diagnosed. This is a page about the tops of my feet are red.


Artificial Tree

Cleaning Artificial TreesFaux trees can collect a lot of dust on their leaves that requires cleaning. This is a page about cleaning artificial trees.


A crochet craft being made with green yarn.

Crocheted Poncho PatternThere are many sources for crocheted poncho patterns, both free and for sale. This is a page about crocheted poncho pattern.



Avocado dressing on salad

Avocados for Now and LaterI love avocados and they are so good for us too! I use it in place of mayo or butter on bread and toast. It makes a yummy and healthy breakfast with a hard boiled egg sliced on top of the avocado toast. I also make a salad dressing from them.


Homemade Pork Back Ribs

Homemade Pork Back RibsTasty baked ribs with an Asian twist of ingredients!


Homemade Kimchi in jar

Homemade KimchiKimchi is a fantastic Korean pickled cabbage. It's got a great kick, crunch, and happens to be very good for you. It is very low in calories, it helps boost metabolism, and it contains immune and digestion boosting probiotics. Unfortunately, some of the commercial kimchi in the shops can be overloaded with salt and sometimes even MSG. Here is how to make your own at home.


Pressure Cooker Chicken and Onions on plate

Pressure Cooker Chicken and OnionsA very versatile, easy and delicious recipe using the pressure cooker, that will not heat up your kitchen.


Chocolate Black Bean Blender Muffin on plate

Chocolate Black Bean Blender MuffinsYou will taste the chocolate, but not the beans that give these muffins a lot of protein. I used mini semi-sweet chips instead of bittersweet and Truvia Nectar instead of honey.



Product Review: Johnsonville Flame Grilled Chicken

Product Review: Johnsonville Flame Grilled ChickenThis product was on special at my store for $2.50. I bought the sea salt flavor and honey mustard. They also had teriyaki. There are three individually wrapped pieces of chicken breast. The sodium and sugar counts were reasonable, and the chicken was moist and flavorful.


All-Day Curled Lashes - finished look

All-Day Curled LashesHere is my trick to keeping your lashes looking super long and curled all day. You will need a hairdryer, an eyelash curler, and waterproof mascara.


An iPhone with contact information displayed on the lock screen.

Add Contact Information to iPhone Lock ScreenThis is for the worse case scenario if you lose your phone. In order for someone to return your phone, you will need to set your iPhone "Lock Screen" with a photo of your contact information. Do not put your cell phone number as it would be the missing device, but a different form of contact.


Sorting Buttons or Beads - buttons in top lid

Sorting Buttons or BeadsI often work with buttons and beads. Pouring them out into a bowl or cup just takes up more room on the small work table. So yesterday, I decided to make a sorting space where I can see and sort tiny things without having them roll off onto the floor. My feet and vacuum are happier for it.


Homemade Wooden Kindle Stand

Homemade Wooden Kindle StandMy husband enjoys using the Kindle we received for Christmas. He likes to sit at the table and look at it while drinking his coffee or after finishing a meal.


Drive on Econ Mode to Save Gas - green Econ mode button

Drive on Econ Mode to Save GasMost newer cars have an Econ mode to save gas. This is great for driving long distances on the highway. It is not ideal for going on hills, when your air conditioning is blasting or you have a full load of passengers in your car. I have noticed when I drive on Econ mode that my car gets better gas mileage.


A newly repaired pair of pajama pants.

Replacing the Elastic Waist on Pajama PantsThe waist elastic on my pajama pants is now loose and they fall down. The pajama pants themselves are still in good condition, so instead of tossing the pajamas out, I added new elastic!


Bottles of nail polish stored in the refrigerator.

Store Nail Polish Inside FridgeDo you want your nail polish to last long inside the bottle in it? The right place for storing nail polish is in the fridge. When you expose nail polish to warm weather, your nail polish can get thick and goopy. But if you keep it in the fridge, it will keep for a long time.


A package of silicone baking cups, to use instead of paper cups in a muffin tin.

Using Silicone Baking CupsTry using silicone muffin cups. The muffins pop right out, and you save the planet and money by not having to purchase paper liners. They wash easily, too.


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Get a Healthy Nursery Plant for the Best PriceTo choose the most healthy plant of a lot, look under the pot, the roots must be at least beginning to come out of the holes of the pot. Checking the root growth will also help you avoid one of the classic tricks to make you pay more for getting less.


Thoroughly Read Sale Price Tags or Signs - close up of sale sign

Thoroughly Read Sale Price Tags or SignsWhen shopping, red signs catch my attention because that means the product usually is on sale. It is very important to read price tags and signs clearly because there could be a trick or limit.


Crocheted and Woven Plastic Basket - finished basket filled with mason jars

Crocheted and Woven Plastic BasketI have had this basket for about a year now. I wanted it to be more than just a place to throw my junk mail for recycling. So I "prettified" it!


More Uses For Panty Hose - panty hose leg with magnet and retrieved socket wrench

More Uses For Panty HoseI was cleaning the battery terminals on my fishing car (I don't fish for sport, thank you), when I dropped a socket down into that conglomeration of wires, hoses, belts, etc. It was completely out of reach. It almost went through to the ground. What's a body to do?


Many items stored in a small cubed plastic container.

Store Small Items in Cubed ContainerI found this at a thrift shop and put it on my "do something with this" shelf. So today I wanted to show you how you can do the same thing, perhaps with those mini ice cube trays or this kind. You can also find these at the Dollar Tree only smaller with picture hanger hardware.


Blue Ombré Holiday Wreath - finished ombré wreath

Blue Ombré Summer WreathIt is summer, time to add some color to your front porch! Turn a Hula Hoop, yarn and lei flowers into a stunning blue ombré wreath. This wreath will be great to decorate a holiday house, and if you are having a staycation, it will bring the beach right into your home.



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Who Makes Meijer Brand Peanut Butter?Who makes Meijer brand peanut butter?


What Is The Name Of This Wildflower?

What Is The Name Of This Wildflower? (Bellflower)I was checking my popcorn. I wanted to see how well the ears were filling out. I looked to the ground and saw this flower. It's very nice. If I could find more, I would like to cultivate them. Does anyone know its name?


Freezing Cheese Dip

Freezing Cheese Dip?Can store bought cheese dip be frozen? (1st item in photo)


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Using Ampitrexyl to Treat a Dog with Parvo?I do not have the money to go to a vet, but is there a way I can give my dog Ampitrexyl for the parvo infection? That is the best I can do. Please I love my dog dearly he is my baby boy. Will it help him?


What Is This Houseplant? - philodendron

What Is This Houseplant?I received this plant from a couple when they were moving. I've never seen one before. I want to know what it is so I can take care of it the way it wants to be taken care of! How much water/light?


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Keeping Your Dog from Contracting Parvo?How do I to prevent my puppy from getting the parvo virus?


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Painting Over Wallpaper?Is it feasible to paint over wallpaper, since there are new paints out there?


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Using a Dry Magic Eraser?Has anyone tried to use a Magic Eraser without getting it wet? What did you use it on? What were the results?


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Using Baking Soda in a Swimming Pool?What exactly does baking soda do for a pool? I have a 16X48 above ground pool and I'm new to this world. There's so much to learn.


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Left Hair Dye Out Overnight?I did a transformers test on my hair and left the bottle out over night. Is it still OK to use, will it be as effective?


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Hair Dye Too Red and Spotty?So I have natural blonde hair and thought I would get a little crazy and go strawberry blonde. All the store had was auburn brown so my hair turned out like a cartoon red. I really like it, but no one else does and there are some patches that were missed and stayed blonde.


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House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside?My 5 year-old house trained dog has recently begun peeing and pooping inside the house. She usually does this when the parents of the house are gone, but the kids are home. She'll refuse to go outside or come right back inside and walk straight to the front door or stairs area and do her business.


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Treating a Dog with Itchy Skin?My 2 year old Husky is itching all over and he is chewing hot spot-like areas in the places he can reach. He is also shaking his head often, as if there is something in his ears. There is no rash and no signs of fleas. And last but not least, he is shedding a lot more than normal.


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