July 9, 2018

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Man in wedding party drops the cake.

Wedding JokesThis page contains wedding jokes. If you enjoy a good joke, here are some funny wedding related ones. We would love for you to share any wedding jokes that you may have as well.


Sauerkraut in a white bowl.

Coleslaw Sauerkraut RecipeThis recipe uses store-bought coleslaw, that is then fermented into sauerkraut. If you have never made your own sauerkraut, give this easy recipe a try.


blue shirt

Denim Shirt Changed Color and Texture in Wash?This is a page about denim shirt changed color and texture in wash. Shrinking of the fibers is likely the cause of the texture change and it probably was not color fast, causing the color to wash out.


Man and woman fixing a dishwasher.

Do It Yourself Mechanical RepairsThis is a page about do it yourself mechanical repairs. Many times there are simple things a person can do to either repair or extend the longevity of a an appliances or piece of equipment, using common household items. Be your own MacGyver and save some money by fixing it yourself.


Bottle of red nail polish open, with the brush leaning up against the bottle.

How to Prevent Bubbles in Nail PolishThis is a page about how to prevent bubbles in nail polish.Finding bubbles in your freshly painted nails is never fun. Here is a great tip for avoiding bubbles in your nail polish.


Buying Crochet Doilies - doily with center medallion and multiple connected smaller ones around the center

Buying Crocheted Doilies?This is a page about buying crocheted doilies. Buying pre-made doilies, if you can't crochet your own, can be difficult depending on where you live. Here are some tips if you are looking to purchase crocheted doilies.


Pots and pans on a pot rack.

Making a Pot RackThis is a page about making a pot rack. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your own pot rack. You can use endless materials, customizing it for your needs and decorative style.


Save on ThermaCare Heat Wraps - for smaller areas cut in half

Saving Money on ThermaCare Heat WrapsThis is a page about saving money on ThermaCare heat wraps. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your ThermaCare heat wraps. They can be cut down to a smaller size and proper storage helps them last longer.


Repairing a Singer 457 Stitch Regulator Lever

Repairing a Singer 457 Stitch Regulator Lever?If the stitch regulator on your sewing machine is malfunctioning it may be impossible to maintain a consistent stitch length. This is a page about repairing a Singer 457 stitch regulator lever.


Carpet shampooer on light carpet.

Slogan for a Carpet Cleaning Business?This page contains slogan ideas for a carpet cleaning business. If you are in need of a catchy slogan for your carpet cleaning business, here are some ideas to get you started.


A large can being used to fill a freezer bag.

Filling Ziploc Freezer BagsThis is a page about filling Ziploc freezer bags. A large can, with both ends removed, is perfect for holding open a freezer bag while you fill it up. No more slumping bags, means that the outside of the bag stays clean too.


Hand on fur with remedy from fleas and ticks,

Advantix Caused an Allergic Reaction?This is a page about Advantix causing an allergic reaction. While affective in combating fleas, the chemicals in topical flea treatments can cause mild to severe allergic reactions in pets. It is important to monitor your pet after application and you should contact your vet if you notice any concerning symptoms.


Craft supplies in pasteboard packing material.

Use Cardboard Packaging to Organize Craft SuppliesMolded pulp paper packaging is a great item to use for organizing craft supplies. This is a page about using cardboard packaging to organize craft supplies.


Spraying car upholstery.

How to Remove Flower Pollen Stains on Car Upholstery?This is a page about how to remove flower pollen stains on car upholstery. Flower pollen can be tough to remove. Here are some great tips to try if you are having trouble removing the pollen mess.


Hand holding up a Pledge Duster.

Pledge Duster ReviewsThis page contains Pledge duster reviews. The Pledge duster can make a dusty task much easier to manage. It does a great job on delicate items and tough to reach places. You can easily buy refills for the wand handle, when it gets too full of dust.


Stylish blue glasses on a blur background.

Buying Inexpensive Reading GlassesThis is a page about buying inexpensive reading glasses. Here is some information about buying inexpensive reading glasses online. Having an extra pair on hand is helpful in case your regular pair breaks or gets lost.


Bunny garland.

Easter Bunny Garland CraftThis page contains an Easter bunny garland craft. This adorable Easter bunny garland is easy to make. It's a great way to use up extra scrapbooking papers too.


Mauve butterfly note cards.

Homemade Butterfly Note CardsMaking shaped cards is easier than you might think. Try this pretty butterfly card for the next card giving event or make several and give them as a gift. This is a page about homemade butterfly note cards.


An old air mattress used as a cover for a grill.

Make a Grill Cover From an Old Air MattressThis is a page about making a grill cover from an old air mattress. Before you throw out that old air mattress with the holes in it, consider whether converting it into a grill cover would be a good option. The heavy plastic is durable and is a great way to protect your grill outside.


Fall Lacy Jar Decoration - glue leaves to lace and some buttons on the top

Making a Fall Lacy Jar DecorationDecorate a recycled jar with some lace, faux fall leaves, buttons, etc. for a pretty seasonal decoration. This is a page about making a fall lacy jar decoration.



Smokey (Calico) - splotchy gray cat

Smokey (Calico)My daughter lived with her dad and wanted a kitten so I told her she could get one. We got her at 6 weeks old. Well the kitten got attached to me and is now a full grown kitty and is now like one of my kids.


Laundry Room Sock Matching Sign

Laundry Room Sock Matching SignDon't you hate it when your socks get separated, then when you finally find one, you could have sworn you've seen its counterpart somewhere around the house, but you're not sure where?


Morning Entertainment (Toad) - brown toad on potted plant

Morning Entertainment (Toad)Although it's not the most beautiful feature on my patio, it's one of the most entertaining. Even though I have always known toads are a good form of insect control, I'd never been very fond of them. That is until this little fellow I named Fred started showing up on our patio every evening and morning.


DIY Green Onion Garden - large green onion tops

DIY Green Onion GardenI love having a never-ending green onion garden, especially on the cheap. I recently got a huge bag of green onions at the shop for 50 cents. Some of them were starting to wilt at the tips. I used the dark green parts in some recipes, and soaked the roots in some water overnight. I then planted them.


Easy Turtle Craft for Kids - cup cake liner turtle

Easy Turtle Craft for KidsMy kids enjoy having a "pet" themed art piece to accompany their book when it's story time. Last week, we read a book, from the library, so they wanted to make a turtle too.


Growing Celery From Kitchen Scraps - celery growing the garden

Growing Celery From Kitchen ScrapsWhen you are finished with the bunch of celery, put it in a glass of water to root. Then put it in a pot with potting soil. When it gets bigger plant in the ground. Water it regularly and you will have celery.


pouring dressing on salasd

Zingy Honey Mustard Salad DressingIt's so easy to make just about any kind of salad dressing, and fast. Made without any preservatives, and just tastes better when you make them yourself. If you like a little zing (spicy hot) this honey mustard dressing you're sure to enjoy.


Floral Framed Collage - hexagon on a small easel

Floral Framed CollageLet's make a frugal decor art work that can be displayed on your desk, wall, or to give as a gift! Flowers that will never die help to create a cute collage of flowers framed with craft sticks.



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Shelf Life of Home Canned Green Beans?What is the shelf life of green beans canned with vinegar?


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Having Acrylic Nails Applied?If a full set of acrylics is applied to your nails with no use of the plastic tips, should you be charged the full price?


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Maytag Error Codes?I have a Maytag Maxima MHW6000XW and it is giving a code of F06 and E02. What does this mean?


Identifying a Cathay Collection Doll

Identifying a Cathay Collection Doll?I have a 16 inch Cathay Collection cowboy doll brand new in the box. The item no. Is 16871. I can't find anything except a possible name for it which is Paul, but I can't find more than 1 online.


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Algae Control in a Large Natural Pond?I recently moved into a house in rural SE PA. There is a rather large pond that has a lot of green algae floating on the top and what I would call a seaweed growing up from the bottom. I have tried barley straw bales that have been in about two weeks, I tried the use of an algaecide, but so far no positive results.


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Making Pinwheels?How do you make pinwheels?


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Removing Invisible Residue Inside 2nd Hand Canning Jar?I bought a large canning style jar with a wire close lid from Goodwill. It appeared clean (and newish), but I washed it with Dawn and hot water anyway. As it was upended in the dish rack I noticed that the water was separating off the glass in a way that indicated some sort of residue was on the interior.


Identifying a Childhood Porcelain Doll - doll wearing an long ecru dress with matching short cape

Identifying a Childhood Porcelain Doll?I've had this well-loved doll for as long as I can remember and I've never known where it came from. I'm not really interested in selling it, but I would like to repair it and it would help to know if by trying to repair it I'd actually be damaging the value further.


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Trying to Establish a Child Support Order?I am trying to collect child support from my stepdaughter, but she's on SSI. I know they won't touch it, but she's also working. Will child support take payments from her work check even if she's on SSI? I have been raising her 7 year old son for his whole life with no help from anyone.


Information on a Golden Berry Plant

Information on a Golden Berry Plant?I bought a plant called golden berry. The assistant said it was a sort of tomato, but the fruit is enclosed by a papery shape, looks like a cape gooseberry. If it is are they edible? Any advice welcome.


Value of an Ashton Drake Porcelain Doll

Value of an Ashton Drake Porcelain Doll?How much is this mini doll worth? It is a Her First Steps, number 37767A.


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Value of Precious Moments Figurines?We have just inherited approximately 100 figurines still in the boxes. I have no idea what they are worth. I have been told a lot are rare and limited edition items. We live in Independence Kansas. There are 3 totes full, 5' long X 18" deep X 14" H. Is there anywhere I can take them for appraisal?


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Making Peach Cobbler for 100?I need a recipe for peach cobbler that will feed 100 and the amounts of ingredients to buy. It is for a fresh peach festival.


Value of a Mersman Table - ornate small wall table

Value of a Mersman Table?What do you think the value of this Mersman table would be?


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Selling Trees on Property?I am trying to find a place that will buy the 50 to 60 pine trees on my property. I live in Cameron NC. Every company I call either won't call me back or said they won't do anything less than 20 acres of trees.


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Name Ideas for a Business Selling Organizing Containers?I'm looking for cool/catchy names for a business selling containers and boxes, basically organizing equipment. The store will be online until it is successful to open a shop.


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Leaves on Tropical Cannas Turned Brown?I planted my cannas a month ago and I followed the directions on the tag. They look brown and are not growing at all. I have them on a dip system so they are not being over or under watered. I just don't know what is going on with them.


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Removing Melted Candle Wax from Walls and TV Cords?How do you get splattered candle wax off of white apartment walls and especially all the tv cords? ):


Identifying a Golden Keepsakes Doll  - doll wearing a long mauve dress with a white ruffled petticoat

Identifying a Golden Keepsakes Doll?I'm trying to figure out what this doll (#253/2500) is. I bought her from Goodwill so she came with no card telling you her name. It's porcelain with a cotton body with wiring through it. She's 27 inches tall and has brown hair and eyes. Her hair is curly and goes down to her waist.


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Craftsman Riding Mower Keeps Stalling?I have a Craftsman riding mower and it mows for a while then it dies. I get it started back up and then it does it again. So what is it?


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Substitute for Heavy Cream in Homemade Ice Cream?What can I use instead of heavy cream when making ice cream?


Copper Fungicide Left Stains on Car's Exterior - product used

Copper Fungicide Left Stains on Car's Exterior?Spray from a copper based fungicide got on my car's exterior. It left small white stains. How can I fix this?


Age and Value of a Mersman Table - medium wood table with a drawer

Age and Value of a Mersman Table?I got this table from an estate sale and had planned to paint it until I saw it was a Mersman. The number on the bottom is 32-2. And it's in really nice condition. From the other posts I'm thinking it's probably worth about $50. But I wanted to double check I'm correct before I try to sell it.


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Area Rug Anti-slip Backing Stuck to Carpet?I have 2 big throw rugs in two areas of the living room. Some time ago those backing strips to hold them in place were added on. Now they are completely glued onto the carpet. What can I do?


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Zebra Finches Laid Eggs?First, my zebra finches laid 7 eggs, but they all died. A few weeks after, they laid 5 more eggs. Is this normal and what should I do about it?


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Copycat Recipe for McCormick's Maple Multigrain Seasoning?Has anyone duplicated this recipe? McCormick's maple multigrain seasoning is a wonderful seasoning for salmon or chicken. It used to be carried at Sam's Club and I more recently found online at SpicePlace.com, but ordered their last odd lot.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - red headed doll with pink and green dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Can someone please help me identify this porcelain doll? I have looked everywhere online for hours and I can not find this doll anywhere. I have found a few like her, but no exact match.


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Identifying the Cause for Spike in Electric Bill?What can I do to get me electric bill down? Background info. I live in California in a 2500sq ft home. I do not use central heat or air, no window boxes, etc. My bill went from 150 to 400 with the only change of going from 3 people to 2 people.


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Tagline for Child Care Business?I have a name for my in home child care business, but would love some ideas for a tagline. The name is Blossom Early Learning Center.


Finding Fabric Donations for Charity Quilting Project - quilts

Finding Fabric Donations for Charity Quilting Project?I have been making quilts for the Quilts for Kids organization for the past year. I would like to find fabric donations so that can continue making these quilts and NICU gowns. Any help is deeply appreciated.


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Permanent Hair Dye Did Not Turn Out Well?What should I do if I use a box of permanent Dark and Lovely hair dye and it didn't dye my hair correctly?


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Cream of Chicken Soup Gravy Recipe?Does anyone have an easy recipe for chicken dressing gravy using cream of chicken soup?


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Name of Song and Artist from the Movie "Christmas Dance"?What is the name of the song and artist in movie Christmas Dance with Andrew McCarthy when Jack and Demi are at the club. It starts out like this, "I don't care, I dont care.., I wake up in the morning...


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Using Ammonia in a Dishwasher?I need to know if I can add ammonia to the dishwasher cycle. The interior is stainless steel.


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Cleaning Dingy Car Headlights?What do you recommend for cleaning dingy auto headlights?


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Feeding Fish Bread?Can fish eat bread?


Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Bugs

Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Bugs?We had a chair on our porch that really was an indoor chair. I sat in it a few months ago, came into the house and felt all these bites and could see tiny blood spots. I immediately took a shower and that seemed to resolve the situation. I also threw out the chair that was on the porch.


Identifying Bug Eggs - black eggs on plant

Identifying Bug Eggs?Can anyone tell me what kind of bug eggs these are?


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