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Herbs fresh from the garden enhance the flavor of your recipes. You can also dry or freeze them for the future. This page contains tips and advice about growing herbs.

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Bundles of lavender hanging upside down to dry against a wooden background

Uses for Dried LavenderThis is a page about uses for dried lavender. Lavender's lovely scent makes it a sought after perennial flower that, in its dry state, can be used in many ways.


Growing Dill

Growing DillThis is a page about growing dill. Dill is an attractive and easy to grow herb for your home garden.


Potting rosemary in a container.

Herbal Gift IdeasSoon herb starts will be available. Trailing rosemary makes a wonderful gift if given some time to grow. Repot the start in a nice pot (two is nicer). Take a coat hanger and bend it into a circle or heart shape and stick it into the soil.


A basil growing in a pot on a window.

Fresh Basil All Year LongYou can have fresh basil all year long. I grew basil from seed. It was in a pot and I brought it in. I froze and dried most of it and planted this.


Thyme flowering in a strawberry pot.

Flowering ThymeI've been growing thyme at the top of this strawberry pot for a few years now. I originally planted herbs in each of the pockets but they all got too dried out and didn't make it, except for the thyme at the top. I love the delicate purple blossoms. After they finish blooming, I will trim them all off to allow the thyme to put out new leaves for tasty cooking for the rest of the summer and fall.


Grow Your Own Ginger - ginger bulb

How to Grow Your Own GingerYou can grow your own ginger from a root purchased at the market. Not only will you be able to enjoy the blooms, the new roots can be used for cooking or medicinally. This is a page about how to grow your own ginger.


Closeup of Lovage growing.

Growing LovageEvery portion of the lovage plant, except the flowers, is used in medicinal, cosmetic, and culinary ways. Lovage, which resembles an overgrown celery plant can reach a height of 5 or 6 feet and grows equally well in sun or shade in moist, fertile, and well drained soil. This is a page about growing lovage.


Spearmint plants clustered together

Harvesting SpearmintThis is a page about harvesting spearmint. Harvest mint prior to flowering, by either removing leaves or preferably by cutting the stem with pruning shears or a sharp knife about one inch above the ground.


Small purple Hyssop flowers.

Growing HyssopHyssop is a low growing evergreen shrub with a strong slightly musky odor and stalks of white, pink, or lavender flowers. It is grown as a low hedge, but also has medicinal and culinary uses. This is a page about growing hyssop.


Cayenne peppers, growing in a garden.

Growing CayenneCayenne is a type of hot pepper grown for its culinary uses and medicinal properties. This is a page about growing cayenne.


Feverfew in bloom, growing outside.

Growing FeverfewIn addition to its cute little daisy like flowers, feverfew possesses a number of medicinal properties. Try this easy to grow perennial in your garden. This is a page about growing feverfew.


growing in water

Growing Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus)This herb grows best in shallow water. It has both medicinal and culinary uses. This is a page about growing sweet flag (Acorus calamus).



A rosemary plant in bloom.

How to Care for a Rosemary TreePerhaps you have seen the herb, rosemary, grown as a small plant trimmed into a tree shape for the holidays. With proper care this holiday decoration can be planted outside or kept indoors.


Growing Sweet Bay

Growing Sweet BayBay is a tender perennial shrub know for its culinary use, as well as, for the ability to train and shape it into a lovely garden plant with some careful pruning. This is a page about growing sweet bay.


Perennial herb garden.

Growing a Perennial Herb GardenMany commonly used herbs are grown as perennials. These plants provide herbs for cooking, flowers, and fragrance for potpourri and other crafts. This is a page about growing a perennial herb garden.


Growing Tarragon

Growing TarragonFrench tarragon is the preferred variety with its distinctive licorice flavor. There are other varieties available. Because tarragon does not retain its flavor if dried, it can be frozen in ice cubes, it is nice to have your own plants. This is a page about growing tarragon.


bunches of lavender drying

Harvesting LavenderThis is a page about harvesting lavender. Choosing just the right time to harvest your lavender blooms helps ensure the best fragrance.


bunch of summer savory with delicate pink flowers

Growing Summer SavoryThis is a page about growing summer savory. Native to the Mediterranean, this hardy annual is grown widely for its strong, spicy flavor.


Lemon Balm

Growing Lemon BalmThis is a page about growing lemon balm. A delightful, fragrant culinary and medicinal herb that is an easy perennial to grow in the garden.



Caring for Lavender in the Winter?This is a page about caring for lavender in the winter. Depending on where you live, you may need to to give this perennial some special care when the weather gets cold.


Borage Flower

Growing BorageThis is a page about growing borage. Borage is a lovely annual herb with vivid blue flowers and leaves that have a faint cucumber taste. Both the flowers and leaves are edible.



Growing SageThis page is about growing sage. This aromatic shrub comes in many different varieties and is an important addition to a culinary herb garden.


Spearmint growing in a container.

Growing SpearmintThis is a page about growing spearmint. Spearmint like other mint plants, is an easy to grow, spreading herb that can actually become invasive if not controlled. Its many culinary and medical uses make it a popular garden plant.


Photo fo a spearmint plant.

Uses for SpearmintThis is a page about uses for spearmint. Spearmint has many culinary, herbal remedy, and other surprising uses.


Aero Herb Garden

Planting an Aero Herb Garden Kit?This is a page about planting an Aero herb garden kit. The Aero herb garden kit allows you to grow fresh herbs indoors year-round.


Growing Marjoram

Growing MarjoramThis is a page about growing marjoram. Grown as either an annual or tender perennial, marjoram has medicinal as well as culinary uses.


Flowering Basil

Preventing Basil From FloweringThis is a page about preventing basil from flowering. Once your basil begins to bloom it will stop producing all of those tasty leaves.



Lady's Mantle

Growing Lady's MantleThis is a page about growing lady's mantle. This old fashioned perennial herb is a great addition to your share garden as a border or backdrop planting.


curry plant

Companion Planting for Herbs?This page is about companion planting for herbs. To help your plants grow well you want to make sure that the plants next to them are compatible.


Chamomile Flowers

Growing ChamomileThis is a page about growing chamomile. These easy to grow pretty little daisy like flowers have many uses, including medicinal, culinary, and crafts.


Chamomile Tea and Flowers

Uses for ChamomileThis is a page about using chamomile. Chamomile is a versatile herb that can be used to treat minor aliments, as a soothing tea, and in homemade beauty products.


Lemon Verbena

Growing Lemon VerbenaThis is a page about growing lemon verbena. These tender perennials, from South America, are grown for their aromatic leaves that have some traditional medicinal uses.


Growing Oregano

Growing OreganoThis is a page about growing oregano. Oregano is a hardy perennial that will winter over in most gardens. It is also a commonly used herb, especially in Italian recipes.


Growing Lemongrass

Growing LemongrassThis is a guide about growing lemongrass. Lemongrass has been used for years as a seasoning and for medicinal purposes. It is also easy to grow, so you can have a ready supply of fresh lemon grass.



Growing HorseradishThis is a page about growing horseradish. Horseradish is one of those foods you either love or hate. If you are among those would crave this spicy condiment you might consider growing your own in the garden.


Pot Marigold

Growing Pot Marigold (Calendula)This is a page about growing pot marigold. These brightly colored, edible flowers are a good addition to your herb garden.


Growing and Harvesting Stevia

Growing and Harvesting SteviaThis page is about growing and harvesting stevia. This natural sweetener can be grown in many gardens.


Uses for Lavender

Uses for LavenderThis is a page about uses for lavender. Lavender is a delightful garden perennial with a lovely smell, that has a number of uses.


Growing Herbs

Growing HerbsThis is a page about growing herbs. Herbs are best when fresh. Growing your own ensures the ideal level of freshness and also allows for drying some for later use.


Growing Rosemary

Growing RosemaryThis page is about growing rosemary. This attractive herb has many culinary and medicinal uses.


Canning jars with herbs planted in them.

Canning Jar Herb GardenThis is a page about growing herbs in canning jars. A canning jar herb garden is a decorative way grow herbs in your kitchen.


Thyme growing in an herb garden

Growing ThymeThis page is about growing thyme. A wonderful addition to any herb garden is a variety of thyme.



Chive flower just opening from the closed bud.

Emerging ChivesI caught the flower heads of this chive plant just as they were opening. Usually I see them closed tight or open and full, but rarely catch them at this point.


Photo of someone with their hands around growing mint.

Growing MintThis is a page about growing mint. Mint is an easy, very aromatic, perennial for growing in the garden; watch out for its amazing ability to spread.


Fresh culinary herbs.

Using Home Grown HerbsThis is a page about using home grown herbs. Growing fresh herbs is fun, fragrant, and easy to do; now as to using them.


Indoor herb garden.

Growing Herbs IndoorsThis is a page about growing herbs indoors. If you have a nice sunny location you can grow your herbs indoors.


Growing basil.

Growing BasilThis is a page about growing basil. Growing your own herbs guarantees a fresh supply for your cooking needs.


closeup of agrimony.

Growing AgrimonyThis is a page about growing agrimony. This short lived perennial herb with its light apricot scent makes a nice addition to your garden.


Fennel growing in a garden.

Growing FennelThis is a page about growing fennel. Fennel is a long time popular perennial herb, with a licorice flavor.


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Overwintering Herbs?I have chives, basil, rosemary, dill, parsley, and thyme growing in window boxes. How do I overwinter them?


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When Do I Plant Herbs and Spices?What is the best time of year to plant herbs and spices?


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How Do I Grow Cilantro?How do I care for and grow the herb, cilantro?


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I Dumped Cleaning Water Where I Plan to Plant Herbs?I dumped a bucket of dirty cleaning solution and water in my unused flowerbed (I moved in recently). Well I am planning on planting catnip and lavender, so now I'm worried that nothing will grow, but if it does it will be all chemically. Any solutions?


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Why Did My Basil Plant Die?A friend gave me a basil plant and I don't have much experience with plants or having a garden. Well, the plant has died on me. I watered it about 2 times a week and placed in window sill to get sunshine, but it still died.


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Keeping Grasshoppers from Eating My Plants?How can I keep grasshoppers from eating my basil and other plants?


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Does Catnip Spread by Rhizomes?I was just wondering if catnip "Nepeta cataria" spreads by rhizomes? I have been told that it only spreads by seed so I would like to find out if this is true. Of course I'm talking about catnip and not catmint.


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Why Do My Fresh Herbs Taste Bitter?I have never planted herbs before, but went to the nursery and chose 4 for a patio pot. I have chives, lavender, parsley, and rosemary. I pinched them and tasted and they were terribly bitter! So I clipped the old foliage and the new that is growing back is bitter, also.


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Is My Basil Getting Too Much Water?My basil plants are not a deep green, are they getting too much rain?


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My Lavender is Not Leafing Out?We planted a lavender plant last year. It did well. This spring we cut it back. It looks dried out, brown, and twiggy. No sign of green at all. Does it start to green in late May or later? Should it be greening by now?


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Basil Stalks Turning Brown?My basil's stalks are turning brown, is this normal?


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Ideas for Surplus Herbs?This year my herb garden is doing well. I have a nice amount of peppermint and oregano. I have dried some for tea and cooking spice. However I don't want to let the rest go to waste. Any ideas for dried peppermint recipes, and holiday gifts?


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Herbs and Flowers That Grow Well in Shade?What herbs and flowers do well in shade?


Growing Herbs in Vermiculite?I just recently planted a packet of mint seeds from Williamsburg, Virginia that I picked up there three or four years ago. I put a bunch of Vermiculite in a pot (with rocks in the bottom) and began to water it.


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Is Cat Mint the same as Catnip?Is Cat Mint the same as Catnip? I got some "cat mint" from a swap last year. Is this the same as cat nip? It certainly looks like it's in the mint family.


How do you grow mint in a pot?How do you grow mint in a pot?


Transplanting and Harvesting Mint?I started a container mint herb garden and I would like to know if I can transfer it into my regular garden and if so, when? I also need to know when is the best time to harvest it and how. Can you freeze it or do you dry it?


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Caring For and Planting Lobelia?I need advice on herb/plant called lobelia. It has small green and burgandy leaves and tiny, brilliant blue blossoms. Any advice on caring for and planting lobelia?


herbs in planter with cute birdhouse decorations

Repot Herbs to Bring InsideI always pot some of my herbs to bring in during the cold weather, then you have fresh herbs all year long!


Spice Up Your Garden With Herbs

Spice Up Your Garden With HerbsNothing is better than harvesting homegrown fresh vegetables, but to really "spice" things up in the garden, consider setting aside a small corner for cultivating herbs.


Growing basil.

Growing BasilBasil is one of the most popular herbs in the home garden. Known for its strong, peppery flavor (with hints of licorice), and its striking ornamental foliage. Basil is as versatile in the landscape as it is in the kitchen.


A rosemary plant in flower

Growing RosemaryBesides Rosemary's many culinary and medicinal properties and its many household uses, its trusses of blue flowers nestled among pine needle-like leaves are an attractive ornamental shrub for perennial borders and beds.


Harvesting Herbs For Cooking?How do I harvest these herbs: mint, basil, parsley, rosemary, dill and chives? I do not know if I should just tear off leaves or cut off the stalks/stems. I want the basil etc for cooking but I want the plant to keep producing. They are on my patio in pots.


Propagating Lemongrass in a Plastic Bottle - roots developing

Propagating Lemongrass in a Plastic BottleHave an empty plastic water bottle? You can cut the plastic bottom down to size and propagate your choice of plant. I like this method because I'm able to see the roots grow and ensure it'll be successful instead of planting directly into soil.


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Growing Lemon Grass?What is the best way to grow lemon grass in Malta? I bought a very small plant some time ago from Dubai and after six months I decided to plant it in the soil. It improved quite a bit, but I am expecting new shoots by now. Also is it advisable to fertilize?


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Growing Mint in a Pot?I've tried growing mint in a pot (I live in an apartment) and it doesn't seem to grow. It does okay for a week or so, but then dies. I thought at first I was taking too many leaves from it; I'm not a patient person. What can I do to help the process in a pot?


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Growing Basil?What kind of soil is needed to grow basil? I bought a plant and planted it in Super Soil and it's not doing well.


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Growing Comfrey from Cuttings?I purchased 12 comfrey cuttings and planted them on April 20, 2016. It has been about 3 weeks and nothing is growing. Am I being impatient or should they have sprouted by now? Also, I would appreciate any advice on making this a successful venture.


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Growing Gingerroot?Can I grow ginger from an existing piece of ginger purchased from fruit grocery shop?


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How Do I Grow Ginger?How do I grow ginger?


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