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This page contains tips and advice about keeping your lawn healthy and green.

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A section of grass lawn showing the roots to the tips.

How to Overseed Your LawnA thick healthy lawn not only looks good but also helps keep down weeds. When your lawn begins to develop bald spots it is time to oversee. This is a page about how to overseed your lawn.


Close up of sign reading, "This is our home  Please keep your pets and their waste off our grass."

Is Dog Poop Bad for Your Grass?This is a page about "Is dog poop bad for your grass?". Is the dog poop you just stepped in and gotten on your shoe also bad from your lawn?


Red tabby laying on lawn that has a lot of moss

Getting Rid of Moss in Your LawnYour lawn's appearance and health can be compromised by an intrusion of moss. The fuzzy green plant can begin to replace your grass. There are methods you can use for successfully removing moss from your lawn. This is a page about getting rid of moss in your lawn.


dog peeing on grass

Fixing Grass Damaged By Dog Pee?This is a page about fixing grass damaged by dog pee. Excessive dog urine can cause brown spots on your lawn.


A dandelion blowing seeds in the air.

Homemade Weed and Feed RecipesThis is a page about homemade weed and feed recipes. For a green and lush lawn, gardeners must both control the weeds while nourishing the desirable grass. Commercial weed and feed products can be expensive.


Patchy unhealthy lawn.

Homemade Lawn Fertilizer RecipesThis page contains homemade lawn fertilizer recipes. Do you have an unhealthy patchy lawn? Making your own lawn fertilizer provides you with the opportunity to go as organic as you like. There are a myriad of fertilizer recipes to choose from many containing household products.


Environmentally Friendly Lawn Mowers. A man pushing a reel mower.

Environmentally Friendly Lawn MowersThis is a page about environmentally friendly lawn mowers. There are numerous ways to maintain your lawn that don't negatively impact the environment.


Dogs in Yard with Grass

Growing Grass in a Yard with DogsGetting your lawn started and maintaining it, can be a challenge with dogs sharing the space. This page is about growing grass in a yard with dogs.


Dandelion in the grass.

Getting Rid of Weeds in Your LawnThis is a page for getting rid of weeds in your lawn. Weeds can be a problem for multiple reasons. Keeping your lawn and yard free of weeds makes your yard easier to maintain and more sustainable as well.


Table and chairs and a hammock under a tree.

Growing Grass Under TreesGrass must compete for water and light when it is under a tree. This is a page about growing grass under trees.


Nice green grass lawn.

Growing Grass in Rocky Soil?This page is about growing grass in rocky soil. Finding good grass seed for this type of soil can be a challenge.


A beautiful green lawn in the sunshine.

Homemade Recipe for a Green Lawn With No MosquitoesA well watered lawn can be a haven for mosquito larvae and make your yard practically unbearable during the Summer. This is a page about recipe for a green lawn with no mosquitoes.



Zoysia Grass

Getting Rid of Zoysia GrassThis is a page about getting rid of zoysia grass. This grass can grow where other grasses won't, but it can become evasive and take over other lawns and flower beds.


Lawnmower mowing long grass.

Choosing the Best Lawnmower Height SettingThis is a page about choosing the best lawnmower height setting. Most lawnmowers have height adjustments to use when mowing your lawn. Manicured lawns tend to be cut shorter although the height of your grass can affect its health.


Pile of green acorns in grass

Removing Acorns from a LawnThis is a page about removing acorns from a lawn. Oak trees will inevitably drop acorns on your lawn beneath their branches. You have two choices regarding the acorns, one is to allow them to feed wildlife and compost in place or remove them.


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Loud Click When Starting Weed Eater Riding Mower?I have a weed eater riding mower with a 12.5 hp briggs (model # 289707). It won't turn over has a new battery, cleaned all cables on battery and starter. When you turn key all you get is a loud click.


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Lawn Mower Not Sucking Grass Into Bag?My lawn mower is not sucking the grass into the bag. Any ideas what could be wrong.


Maple leaves on the grass under tree

Growing Grass Under a Large Maple Tree?Trying to grow grass in the shade of a large tree means finding the best variety for the location. This is a page about growing grass under a large maple tree.


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Getting Rid of Mushrooms in Lawn?How do you get rid of wild mushrooms in your yard?


New Sod Dying - large brown area where grass should be

New Sod Dying?I just replaced a few 10ft. × 10ft. sections of my lawn with some common fescue sod. It needed some regrading of the soil height for drainage purposes. So when I removed the old grass, I made sure to turn the soil up to around 10 in. deep fertilized it and tamped it down to a firm but not solid turf. Then I soaked it down, bought my sod from a reputable nursery and installed it to industry specs.


Lawn fertilizer in spreader on grass

Applied Winterizer Instead of Fertilizer to Lawn?It can be easy to mix up different lawn applications. This page talks about what to do if you applied winterizer instead of fertilizer to lawn.


A red lawn mower being using to mow a lawn.

Saving Money With Good Mowing PracticesTaking good care of your lawn doesn't have to break the bank. This page is about saving money with good mowing practices.


A lawn mower in the process of mowing a lush green lawn.

8 Ways to Make Mowing Your Lawn EasierMowing the lawn can be a chore that is easy to avoid. This is a page about 8 ways to make mowing your lawn easier.


A yellow lawn fertilizer broadcast spreader.

Lawn Fertilizer TipsYou can help keep your lawn healthy and green in a number of ways, from not removing the clippings after mowing, to using homemade and commercial fertilizers. This is a page about lawn fertilizer tips.


Growing Green and Healthy Grass

Growing Green and Healthy GrassThis is a page about growing green and healthy grass. A beautiful green, healthy lawn is quite attractive. However, this is not achieved without some work on your part.


Plastic bag full of grass seed

Understanding Grass Seed LabelsThis is a page about understanding grass seed labels. Choosing the best grass seed for your yard is important to the overall success and appearance of your lawn.



Grass with large dead patches

Fertilized Lawn Turned Brown?This is a page about fertilized lawn turned brown. Fertilizing your lawn is supposed to help it grow better and green up. It is confusing when a newly fertilized lawn turns brown.


Close up of lawn that is mostly dead with few green patches

Re-Establishing a LawnThis is a page about re-establishing a lawn. Insect damage and weed infestation can require that you re-establish a healthy lawn.


Grandfather sitting in chair and helping Granddaughter water the lawn

Chemical Free Lawn CareThis is a page about chemical free lawn care. Children and pets play on our lawns, making it important to many homeowners to use safe lawn care products on their lawn.


Fresh green lawn with diffused sunlight though leaves

Spring Lawn CareThis is a page about spring lawn care. After a long winter your lawn could probably use some loving care to spruce it up in the spring.


Lawn shaded by a large tree

Growing a Lawn in the ShadeThis is a page about growing a lawn in the shade. A soil test will help you know if your shady soil needs amending to grow nice grass.


Fall Leaves on lawn being raked into a pile

Fall Lawn CareThis is a page about fall lawn care. For a healthy lawn next spring there are some things you can do in the fall to get a head start.


Yorkshire Terrier peeing on grass

Protecting Your Lawn from Dog UrineThis is a page about protecting lawn from dog urine. Excessive amounts of dog urine in one area can damage your lawn.


A push lawn mower cutting the grass

Using a Reel or Push Style Lawn MowerThis is a page about using a reel or push style lawn mower. It is Saturday morning and you hear the quiet clipping sound of your neighbor's reel mower.


man kneeling to lay lawn sod

Laying Sod for a New LawnLaying sod is a quick way to add a lawn to your home. This is a page about laying sod for a new lawn.


New Sod is Turning Brown

New Sod is Turning Brown?This is a page about new sod is turning brown. Sod is a popular and quick way to install a new lawn. However, proper care and conditions are needed for it to become established and thrive.


Green Grass

Choosing the Right Grass for Your LawnThis is a page about choosing the right grass for your lawn. Choosing the best grass for your lawn is essential to having a beautiful healthy result.


A patch of brown in the middle of a green lawn.

Preventing Brown Patches in Lawn?This is a page about preventing brown patches in lawn. Before you can correct those brown patches in your lawn you must first determine the cause.


Watering Lawn

Watering a Narrow Strip of Lawn?This is a page about watering a narrow strip of lawn. Watering a narrow strip of lawn can be tricky, particularly if you are trying to use a sprinkler or automated system.


Mowing With Weed Wacker

Mowing a Lawn Without a MowerThis is a page about mowing a lawn without a mower. If your mower is broken or you don't own one, there are some ways to cut the lawn without a mower.



Patio Furniture on Grass

Replacing a Patio with Grass?This is a page about replacing a patio with grass. Sometimes with your remodeling and landscaping changes, it will be best to have lawn where concrete has been.


Grass Clippings On Sidewalk

Using Grass Clippings That Have Weed Killer On Them?This page is about using grass clippings that have weed killer on them. When your grass clippings contain chemicals to prevent weeds, you want to know if they are safe to use as mulch or part of your compost pile.


A lawn mower mowing the grass.

Uses for Grass ClippingsThis page is about uses for grass clippings. Lawn waste can be incorporated in your garden as a enriching mulch and is a great addition to your compost.


A photo of a grass lawn.

Growing Grass in Clay Soils?This page is about growing grass in clay soils. Adding some soil conditioners such as sand, will help to grow grass in clay.


Worm in the Lawn

Getting Rid of Worms in the Lawn?This is a page about getting rid of worms in the lawn. Worms can be a beneficial inhabitant in your lawn, they help aerate the soil. However, when the population gets high you may notice a lot of worm castings in your lawn which are not desirable.


mole hill

Environmentally Safe Grub ControlThis is a page about environmentally safe grub control. Grubs can decimate a lawn if not eradicated. However, there are ways to do this without the use of traditional pesticides.


Couple Looking at Bare Spots in Lawn

Filling Bare Spots in a LawnThis is a page about filling bare spots in a lawn. Bare spots can ruin the overall appearance of your lawn. Luckily there are several remedies for improving and getting rid of these unsightly patches.


Lawn Care Tips and Tricks

Lawn Care Tips and TricksThis is a page about lawn care tips and tricks. Having a beautiful, weed free lawn can seem like a full time job.


Creeping Buttercup

Getting Rid of Creeping Buttercup in a Lawn?This is a page about getting rid of creeping buttercup in a lawn. Creeping buttercup is an invasive weed that can in time take over your lawn.


Tired browning lawn

Rejuvenating a Tired LawnProper care can revitalize your grass and make your lawn beautiful. This page is about rejuvenating a tired lawn.


Lawn Lowing Tips

Lawn Mowing TipsThis page contains lawn mowing tips. Included in the formula for having a beautiful lawn is knowing when and how to mow.


Photo of a lawn edger.

Edging Your LawnThis page is about edging your lawn. Using the best tools can help save you time when trimming the edges of your lawn.


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Lawn Fungus Control?I have toadstool type fungus growing in 9 inch diameter type clumps on my front lawn. Can you recommend a treatment to eliminate the problem?


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Getting Rid of Creeping Grass?How can I get rid of creeping grass that is fast overtaking my lawn? It's a nightmare!


Clump of sod with dirt in the background.

Getting Rid of LawnThis is a page about getting rid of lawn. Removing a grass lawn can be a challenge, especially form a large area.


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Planting New Grass Seed After Killing Crab Grass?I killed some crab grass with bleach, how soon can I plant new grass seed?



Removing Clover from Your LawnThis is a page about removing clover from your lawn. If you prefer the manicured appearance of a lawn with no intrusive plants, then those patches of clover have to go. But how do you remove the clover without damaging the grass?


A yellow reel mower cutting grass.

Adjusting the Cutting Height on a Reel Mower?This is a page to adjusting the cutting height on a reel mower. Here are tips to making sure your reel mower cuts your lawn at the perfect height.


Fixing Lawn Mower

Maintaining a Lawn MowerThis is a page to maintaining a lawn mower. Your lawn mower is an essential part of keeping your yard looking nice. Keeping it well maintained is the best and least expensive way to get the most out of your mower.


Lawn Mower blade being sharpened

Sharpening Your Lawn Mower BladeThis page is about sharpening your lawn mower blades.It can be very frustrating to watch your mower bend the grass over rather than actually cut it. Taking it in to have the blades sharpened can be costly.


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What I Can Spray on My Lawn to Break Down Thatch?I had my lawn thatched this spring. There's still a lot more is there. Is something I can spray on to help break down the thatch?


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Best Grass for Iron Rich Soil?What is the best grass sod for soil full of iron ore and that doesn't require the addition of top soil?


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What Can I Use to Kill Weeds in My Lawn?Will Treflan kill African Bermuda grass if I put it on to kill weeds?


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Protecting a Lawn from Road Salt Damage?My request is more of a landscaping question. I live on a busy road. Every winter my front lawn gets a beating by the plowers and sand/salt mixture. We just spent about $1500 to have our green lawn back. This year we got a lot of snow. Any suggestions?


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Mushrooms on My Lawn?How might I eliminate mushrooms growing in my lawn?


Repairing Lawn After Excavating Broken Water Main?Recently, we were in need of emergency excavation on our property. This was due to a water main break. This was a first time experience for us. So the proper precautions were not taken.


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Getting Rid of Green Mold on Grass Soil?How do I get rid of green mold on grass soil?


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Burning Off Grass to Make It Greener?My friend's dad just burned the grass in his yard, the front and back. He said that it will make his grass grow back greener? Is that true? I've seen people do this, but never knew why.


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Insects Causing Lawn to Turn Brown?What do I do about bugs in the lawn? They are making the lawn look brown.


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Aerating Your Lawn?Approximately how long does it take to use a gas powered aerator on one's lawn?


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Seeding Grass?I didn't get around to planting my grass so far and I would like to know up to what month can one still plant grass? If still possible what is the name for "Carpet Grass"? I do have weeds growing, so do I need to kill all the weeds first before planting my grass?


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Gasoline Killed the Grass?I have a condo and the people that mow the grass used a big lawn mower that leaked a lot of gasoline last fall. I noticed the grass was turning brown and this spring the grass was dead. I've replanted grass seed numerous times and it will not come up.


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Getting Rid of Pine Needles in Lawn?What is the best way to rake up or otherwise remove pine needles in your lawn? The ones that are practically embedded?


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Plant Grass Seed After the Snow FliesI noticed that several gardening centers around here marked their grass seed to 50% or more off. This is a good time to buy it on sale. However if you live in a part of the country that gets snow, don't plant it yet. Wait until it starts snowing, then throw down your seed.


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Controlling Moss In Lawn?What's the best way to control moss in damp, not enough sun areas of the lawn? Thanks!


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When Should You Weed And Feed The Lawn?When is the best time to weed and feed a yard with powdered products? Should you water it afterward? How long should I keep my pets off of the lawn after spreading the weed and feed?


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Do I Need To Replace My Lawn?My lawn is covered in tall growing, light blue flowers, tough grass and dandelions. Is there any hope for it, or do I have to tear it all up? Please help!


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Removing Strawberry Plants From Lawn?How do you eliminate Wild Strawberry plants in a lawn?


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Mow High and OftenThe average person should be able to mow a lawn... right? WRONG! The only time a lawn should be scalped is if you are switching to rock. You want the grass to be a winner, not the weeds or diseases. Mow high and often!


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Hand Pushed Lawn Mower?Looking for a hand-push low-grass mower with a 16" bar with about 12 vertical, inter-meshing, rotating gears that cut the grass!


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Disguising Brown Lawn?My lawn has a huge brown patch from my pool, having a get together this weekend any ideas on how to disguise it?


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Product Review: Patch Perfect?Patch Perfect: Has anyone used this "super" grass? Does it work in all weather? Claims it grows in heat/cold sun/shade. I live in the desert, half my yard in in the sun and have Bermuda grass that grows in the heat, however, it won't grow under my trees.


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Weed and Feed on New Grass?How long after grass seed has grown can i apply a weed and feed to kill the weeds without hurting the new grass?


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Why isn't my grass growing?I need some help with my new lawn if anyone could help me. 10 days ago I decided to redo my lawn. I layed screened rich top soil down and then seeded with Perennail Rye grass seed.


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Leaving the Clippings on the LawnThis summer after you mow your lawn, don't worry about raking up the clippings. They actually add nutrients to the soil!


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Lawn Mosquito Spray?I have lost my Jerry Baker recipe for a spray to get rid of mosquitos. I used it last year and it was great! It used lemon dish detergent, dog flea detergent, and ammonia. Help me!


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Organic Lawn Maintenance?Does anyone have organic gardening lawn maintenance listed by month using corn gluten meal, dry molasses, etc.?


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Mowing Designs On Your Lawn?How can I make the checkerboard designs that I see on the lawns. It isn't simply mowing in both directions is it?


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Growing Grass Over Oil Spots?Does anyone know how to get grass to grow over oil spots? The people who lived in our house before must have parked their car on the grass and their car dripped oil. There are 3 areas, each about 16 inches. I've tried covering with potting soil and reseeding. Grass grows, but dies within the month.


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Help With Lawn Problem?I need help with some kind of lawn problem. It's not crabgrass. I have fertilized two years now and it's still there. It's a lot thicker than grass, grows a lot faster than grass and is a darker green. I can't seem to get rid of it. bigbadmomma.


Adding Points of Interest to Lawns

Adding Points of Interest to LawnsI have a half acre field adjoining my home lot. Except for grass cover, it's pretty bleak. There is one lone pecan tree right in the middle. I decided to add a point of interest to the tree.


laying sod

When should I lay new sod grass?When should I lay new sod grass, fall or spring?


Lawn sprinkler.

Your Lawn: When, How Much and How Often To...Your lawn requires more water to maintain than any other part of your garden. Its overall health depends on how much water it receives. So how do you know how much to water and how often? Here are the basics to watering your lawn.


A hundred dollar bill between grass blades.

Save Money With Good Mowing PracticesThe costs associated with maintaining a beautiful lawn can really add up once you factor in seeding, mowing, feeding, watering, and weed control. Fortunately, ALL of these costs can be significantly reduced by simply improving your mowing practices.


Recently seeded lawn with a keep off sign.

How to Overseed Your LawnIt's no secret that a thick, healthy lawn reduces the need for using water and fertilizer. If your lawn is starting to look thin and tired, and the weeds are starting to creep in, it may be time to give it a boost by overseeding it.


Lawn Mower cutting grass

Choosing the Best Lawn Mower Height SettingCutting your lawn at the right mowing height is the single most important thing you can do to keep your lawn healthy. Mowing at the correct height reduces weed problems, contributes to a healthy root system and increases resistance to drought.


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Killing Weeds in a Lawn?What is a solution to kill weeds and not kill my St. Augustine grass?


Items under the lawn resembling eggs.

What Are These Eggs?The lawn has been torn up over the Canadian winter in places. I found these when I looked at a piece of turf that had been turned up. What are they? They look like eggs of some sort.


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Homemade Lawn Fertilizer Recipes?The recipes tell you what to use and the amount, but not how much it will make. How do I find out the coverage?


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Growing Grass Under a Large Maple Tree?I have two dogs that like to run like crazy and when they run they also stop on a dime and cut my grass. It is down to the bare bones dirt and it is underneath a huge maple tree which gets no sunlight at all.


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Applied Winterizer Instead of Fertilizer to Lawn?I accidentally just put winterizer on my lawn instead of spring fertilizer. What can I do now?


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Seeding a Lawn Inexpensively?What is the thrifty way of seeding a lawn?


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