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This page contains tips and advice about growing perennials.

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Cutting Back Perennials in the FallThis is a page about cutting back perennials in the fall. Deciding whether to cut or not to cut back your perennials in the fall can be perplexing. There are pros and cons to either option.



Growing BittersweetThis is a page about growing bittersweet. Bittersweet is an easy to grow vine known for its beautiful fall color.


Winterizing a Geranium Part One

Winterizing a Geranium PlantThis is a page about winterizing a geranium plant. These cheerful flowers can be easy to winterize and enjoy year after year.


Growing Lavender

Growing LavenderThis page is about growing lavender. This fragrant, hardy perennial shrub is a wonderful addition to any garden.


Ivy Cutting

Growing IvyThis is a page about growing ivy. Many varieties of ivy make a great ground cover or climbing plant and can add color to your garden.


Daylilies Not Blooming

Daylilies Not BloomingThis is a page about daylilies not blooming. Growing these hardy perennials is generally quite easy, so when they don't bloom it can be frustrating.


Coneflowers (Echinacea)

Dividing Coneflowers (Echinacea)?This is a page about dividing coneflowers (echinacea). These flowering perennials, originally found on the prairie, benefit from periodic dividing.


Propagating Perennials

Propagating PerennialsThis is a page about propagating perennials. There are several ways to make new plants when growing perennials.


Two echinacea flowers

Dividing PerennialsThis is a page about dividing perennials. Growing perennials is like having a plant factory in your own backyard. You will need to periodically divide and transplant these hardy flowers. Done properly this will provide you with a host of new plants.


flowering vines on mailbox

Five Favorite Perennial VinesPerennial vines can often be just what you need for a specific space in your garden. They provide color, texture, height, and often fragrance. This is a page about five favorite perennial vines.


red bee balm flower closeup

Growing Bee BalmThis page is about growing bee balm. A wonderful flower for attracting hummingbirds to your garden.


Jasmine plant

Growing Confederate JasmineThis page is about growing confederate jasmine. A perennial vine, also know as star jasmine, that is quite hardy and develops very fragrant flowers.



Orange Dahlias

Growing DahliasThis is a page about growing dahlias. Dahlias with their beautiful array of colors and ease of growing make a great gardening choice.



Starting a Forsythia From a Cutting?A hardy, perennial shrub that can be propagated from cuttings. This page is about starting a forsythia from a clipping.



Clematis Not BloomingThis is a page about clematis not blooming. You chose your clematis for its showy flowers, so it is at the very least disappointing when it fails to bloom.



Growing DayliliesThis is a page about growing daylilies. Daylilies are easy to grow perennials that can be found in many colors. They look beautiful in border and mass plantings.


A patch of phalaris grass growing by some decorative rocks.

Growing PhalarisPhalaris is a genus of beautiful grasses found throughout the world except for Antarctica. It grows well under a variety of conditions. They have broad leaves and a dense spike of flowers.


A potted fern on a white background.

Growing FernsThere are numerous varieties of ferns, each have its own growing requirements. Identifying your fern is the first step. Then you can provide the right growing medium, exposure, and planting site. Some will only do well as indoor plants others are more hardy, depending on their native climate conditions and can be planted outdoors or rotated in and out depending on season.


Verbascum Yellow flowers

Growing VerbascumThis biennial perennial flowering plant is a good choice for a cottage garden, borders, or hummingbird gardens. They also have medicinal uses as a throat gargle, for digestive problems, earaches, and skin inflammations. The wild variety is considered very invasive. This is a page about growing verbascum.


Close up of pink Calibrachoa (Million Bells).

Growing Calibrachoa (Million Bells)This newer species is a short lived perennial, often grown as an annual. The trailing habit of the million bells make them excellent container plant choices. Their pretty 1 inch flowers can be found in pinks, white, and red. This is a page about growing calibrachoa (million bells).


Yellow winter aconite blossoms.

Growing Winter Aconite (Eranthis hyemalis)This perennial plant, native to woodland habitats in Italy, France, and the Balkans and naturalized in other parts of Europe, grows from a tuber and produces yellow buttercup flowers in the early spring. This is a page about growing winter aconite (eranthis hyemalis).


A field of coreopsis flowers in bloom.

Growing CoreopsisThere are over 100 species of coreopsis, most, but not all, are perennials. These colorful, popular garden plants are also know as tickseed and calliopsis. This is a page about growing coreopsis.


Golden yellow blooms on a helenium plant in a garden.

Growing HeleniumHelenium grows well in moist, even wet, poorly drained soil. Humus added to dry or sandy garden soils will help retain moisture. As natives they like low meadows and the edges of damp woodland areas. This is a page about growing helenium also known as sneezeweed and Helen's flower.


Perennial Flowers

Help Choosing PerennialsBecause they will grace your garden season after season, choosing perennials for your garden can have an enduring effect on the overall appearance. Native plants are a good choice as are plants that do well in your area. Check neighbor's gardens, the local nursery, or contact a master gardener. This is a page about help choosing perennials.


A beautiful landscape design utilizing perennial plants.

Designing With PerennialsPerennial plants come with so many beautiful colorful flowers and foliage, that they are a joy to use in designing your garden. Here are some helpful suggestions for planning perennial beds and borders to help you get the most of these versatile plants.


Perennial flower garden with beautiful flowers.

Perennial Flower Garden MaintenanceTo keep your perennial flowers healthy and looking their best all season long, you need to get in the habit of scheduling some routine maintenance. Here are some strategies for upkeep that require minimal effort, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your garden, and less time working in it.


Veronica Flowers

Growing VeronicaThis versatile flowering plant is available in several varieties from low growing creepers to two foot tall plants suitable for beds and borders. This is a page about growing veronica.



Pink Ranunculus

Growing RanunculusThese full sun to part shade perennials bloom in late spring in a variety of bright colors. This is a page about growing ranunculus.


Peony Shoots

Peony Bushes Not Blooming?The reasons that your peonies are not blooming include, planting too deeply or dividing too late in the previous summer. This is a page about peony bushes not blooming.


perennial asters

What is a Perennial?This is a page about, "What is a Perennial?". The plants in your garden can be divided into two main categories, annuals and perennials. Perennials are those plants that will come up or leaf out every spring for at least several years.


Purple spiderwort blooms with foliage in the background

Growing Spiderwort (Tradescantia pallida)This is a page about growing spider wort (tradescantia pallida). The spiderwort is an easy to grow perennial that you may want to find a place for in your garden.


Dividing Small Clumps Of Hosta

Dividing HostaThis is a page about dividing hosta. Like many perennials hosta can be divided to give you multiple new plants to spread throughout your garden.


Phlox plant with white blooms in garden

Growing PhloxThis is a page about growing phlox. Phlox is a perennial garden plant that is a great choice for a sunny location in your garden.


Cape Fuchsia Flowers

Growing Cape FuchsiaThis is a page about growing cape fuchsia. Although not actually a fuchsia, these striking trumpet shaped blooms will brighten your garden and attract hummingbirds.


closeup of gaillardia

Growing Blanket Flower (Gaillardia)This is a page about growing blanket flower (gaillardia). The rich bright colors of this easy to grow, drought tolerant perennial are a great addition to your garden.


A nursery full of beautiful plants.

Perennial Plants of the YearThis is a page about perennial plants of the year. Each year the members of the Perennial Plant Association choose a plant of the year.


Penstemon (Bearded Tongue)

Growing: Penstemon (Bearded Tongue)This is a page about growing: penstemon (bearded tongue). Native to north america, indigenous peoples used penstemons medicinally to relieve pain, treat snake bites and other health problems.


Fern in the ice and snow.

Winterizing a Fern?This page is about winterizing a fern. There are many different kinds and sizes of this ancient perennial plant. Some garden varieties need special care when the weather turns cold.


Photo of a red camellia.

Selecting Perennials for Northern Texas?This page is about selecting perennials for northern Texas. Planting the best perennials for your growing zone and environment will help insure gardening success.


Carolina Jessamine or Gelsemium sempervirens

Growing Carolina Jessamine?This page is about growing Carolina Jessamine. This sun loving, southern evergreen vine produces an abundance of yellow trumpet flowers.


Mountain Bluet

Growing Mountain Bluet (Centaurea Montana)This page is about growing mountain bluet (centaurea montana). This perennial is great for borders and has beautiful blue, unusually shaped petals.


Growing Foxglove

Growing FoxgloveThis is a page about growing foxglove. These tall stately flowering perennials originated in norther Europe. They are easily grown in full or part sun, from seed. Do keep in mind that they are also very poisonous, if you have small children.



Growing Epimedium

Growing EpimediumThis is a page about growing epimedium. ,a native of China, is a good choice for your woodland garden.


Growing Sedum

Growing SedumThis is a page about growing sedum. There are many types of these succulents known as sedum. They are easy to grow and quite tolerant of poor growing conditions.


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Growing Creeping JennyThis is a page about growing creeping Jenny, money wort, or creeping Charlie. Creeping Jenny is a fast growing (potentially invasive in lawn) ground cover that produces bright yellow flowers. It is lightly steppable, making it a good choice for around garden path stones.


Growing Lilies

Growing LiliesThis is a page about growing lilies. There are so many beautiful lilies that you can plant to grace your garden, adding color and sometimes heady fragrance.


English Ivy Leaf

Growing English IvyThis is a page about growing English ivy. English ivy is a hardy vining plant that grows very well in warm weather and is easy enough to grow, even for the novice gardener.


A Flowering Jasmine Bush

Growing JasmineThis page is about growing jasmine. A shrub native to tropical and warm regions that is primarily grown for tea flowers.


Growing Ornamental Grasses Purple Fountain Grass

Growing Ornamental GrassesThis is a page about growing ornamental grasses. Ornamental grasses can add texture and color to your garden.


Growing English Mallow

Growing English MallowThis page is about growing English mallow. This lovely perennial herb has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes since ancient times.


Growing Honeysuckle

Growing HoneysuckleThere are a number of varieties of this fragrant vine to choose from. This is a page about growing honeysuckle.


Purple Clematis

Growing ClematisThis is a page about growing clematis. Clematis vines are available in many varieties, with flowers in differing colors and sizes. Most are perennials, although there are a few evergreen varieties. These beautiful flowering vines can be a great addition to most gardens.


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Reblooming Iris Only Bloomed Once?I have several reblooming iris plants and they bloom in the spring, but only once. Any thoughts?


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White Mold on Perennial Plants?Here in zone 4, we have had an unusually wet spring and summer. Several of my plants in raised beds seem to have a white mold growing on the leaves. It doesn't affect blooms and it doesn't seem contagious. There is no bug I can see.


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Growing Red Head Fountain Grass?My red head fountain grass perennial has not come back this year. I'm not sure whether it was too wet. Should it have started growing already? Is there still a chance it will grow this summer or next?


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What is the Best Groundcover for Sunny Rocky Bank?What is a hardy, fast growing groundcover to put on a bank that is rocky and gets afternoon sun?


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White Flowering Plant for a Cat Memorial?I am looking for a beautiful white flower plant, that has flowers all year round. I just lost my cat Snowflake after 13 years and want to design a beautiful memorial on his grave. I also need it to be non toxic because I have other cats.


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When Do I Cut Back Fall Blooming Mums?When do I need to cut away dead foliage from the mums that bloomed in the fall?


Caring for a Potted Salvia?My stepson just gave me a huge potted salvia. I am a 101 gardener and the only salvias I have are a few small ones in a flower bed. Do I want to transfer this large potted salvia into a bed or continue re-potting?


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Do Ivy Plants Freeze?Does ivy freeze? I've left it out side in a planter pot all summer and the duration of the winter. It has snowed and gotten below-40 degrees Celsius. I am wondering if it will affect it?


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Peony with Blight?Help, my peony has blight. I sprayed it with fungicide, but with all the wet weather we've had, I fear it's too late. Any ideas?


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Perennial Plant Suggestions?I have placed a single row of cement blocks to help retain the soil on a slope in my backyard. Could anyone suggest a plant or flower which I could plant in each of the holes in the top of the blocks? Possibly a perennial which would spread over the side and hide the blocks.


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Cutting Back Hummingbird Vines?Do you have to cut Hummingbird vines back to the ground each year?


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My Hibiscus is Struggling?I successfully took cuttings from a beautiful double yellow Hibiscus. They grew to about 18 inches and had lots of leaves then they started to lose their leaves and one died.


The Long Awaited Wisteria Bloom

The Long Awaited Wisteria BloomSome varieties of wisteria have a raceme, that can be as long as 30 inches and covered with over a hundred flowers. The variety I'm growing has a raceme averaging 12-18 inches and is covered with many fully developed flowers. So why would I post a picture of what appears to be a little, underdeveloped raceme?


Growing Achimenes

Growing AchimenesThe Achimenes has many common names. A few are Magic Flower, Nut Orchid, Widow's Tears, Hot Water Plant and Cupid's Bow. I prefer the botanical name and pronounce it 'uh-KIM-in-nee', with the accent on the second syllable. The word 'Achimenes' is either singular or plural and the ending 's' is not usually pronounced.


Dividing Small Clumps Of Hosta

Dividing Small Clumps Of HostaLift the clump from the ground or pot at a time when the soil is a little dry. The drier soil can be shaken loose from the roots. With the roots exposed, one can get a rather clear idea of where to sever the clump.


purple spiderwort flower closeup

Tradescantia Pallida (Spiderwort)Shown is a Tradescantia pallida, sometimes known as spiderwort or Wandering Jew. It is just beginning it's yearly bloom period. Given to me without a variety name, I have grown it for several years, now.


Florida Cardinal Caladium Magic

Florida Cardinal Caladium MagicCaladiums are one type of plant that can add beautiful color to the shady parts of your yard. They are tropical beauties that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.


pink Japanese anemone flower

Japanese AnemoneThis flower is rather new to me. It was given to me a couple of years, ago. Just today, I learned it's name. It is a Japanese anemone. One of it's popular common names is 'wind flower'.


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Growing Hibiscus - orange flower

Growing Hibiscus?I have many hibiscus plans and several seem stressed. What can I do to help them?


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Clematis Not Blooming?My clematis (2nd year) had a beautiful show in Spring and now it has greenish starburst things that I thought were going to bloom, but they are not. The plant looks healthy, but is not blooming, why?


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Growing Star Jasmine?How do I care for a star jasmine and what method is best for propagation?


Hibiscus Blooms Not Opening Completely

Hibiscus Blooms Not Opening Completely?This is as far as it would open. Previous years' blooms were beautiful.


Hibiscus Not Blooming

Hibiscus Not Blooming?I had 3 blooming hibiscus, growing beautifully in containers on my front porch. The deer ate most of the leaves, all the flowers, and some of the stems. I brought them back to health. I've since put them back with deer repellent on the ground. They are producing lots of leaves, but I've only seen 2 flowers.


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Mum Flower Heads Fell Over After Blooming?My mum has finally bloomed all over, but now the heads are falling over.This just happened overnight. No it wasn't cold, just a rainy night in the 50s. What do I do?


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