Refrigerator's Ice Maker Leaking Water

Refrigerator's Ice Maker

If your refrigerator ice maker is leaking water, the first step is to locate the source. This is a guide about refrigerator's ice maker leaking water.



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Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Leaks Water Onto Floor

My refrigerator has a bottom freezer with an ice maker. This is the second time we have had water in the bottom of the freezer. The first time water ran all over the floor. The repair man put in a new timer and the repair was $300. It has happened again. We shut off the ice maker. Would it be cheaper to replace the ice maker or have another part to fix. I don't dare to go away and have the house flooded.

By Joyce E.

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By mcw [80] 06/12/2011

I agree with OliveOyl. To take it one step further have the person who did the warranty work return and this time completely remove the ice maker and disconnect it so you no longer have it leaking on your kitchen floor. Make your own ice cubes by using the ice cube trays.

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Question: Water/Ice Dispenser is Leaking

I have a leaky side by side with water/ice dispenser, but no supply line is hooked up to the unit. I have a frozen lake in the bottom of the freezer, how do I fix this? I took everything out of the fridge/freezer for two days to let it thaw. About 2 weeks later I am leaking again. Please help!

Joe from Clinton Township, Mich


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By Angel McDowell [2]12/22/2008

Its not the ice maker - in the floor of the freezer is a small drain that lets the water drain out after it goes through defrost - it sounds like it is plugged up and not draining. Clean out the ice and look and see if you can see the drain - if you can- take some weed eater string and run it through that should clean out the drain. No more frozen lakes.

Question: Water Leaking Under Fridge

We recently remodeled our kitchen and are waiting on a few things to arrive. We moved our refridgerator to a new location but the water lines are not hooked up on the ice maker. I have noticed water leaking on the side where the ice maker is on several occasions. Any advice on how to fix this? I think once we have the water lines hooked back up we should be okay, but for now I would like to solve this issue. Thanks.

By Steve from Chicago, IL

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By Carty05/11/2015

I recently had my floors removed for a toilet leak. When they removed the flooring under the LG freezer/fridg started to leak on the right side where the ice maker is. It didn't leak all the time but ice started building up under the freezer drawer...it never had any issues before it was moved. Could this have been caused when they moved my Refridgerator?

Question: Refrigerator Dispenser Drips

What can be the solution? My refrigerator continues to drip water from the dispenser even though the water has been disconnected for some time.

By T Ponton

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By Mary Zamek B.04/06/2015

Did you ever resolve your problem? I'm having the same issue. Ordered a new water inlet assembly but hasnt come yet. I shut the water supply off but water dispenser still leaks even though no water comes out. If I push the dispenser lever for a glass of water. Unless it's dripping from water still left in the line.

Question: GE Ice Maker Leaks Water

I can see water from the fill line going into the ice maker. The water just pours into the icemaker and then instantly into the freeezer to the floor. What causes this?

By Robert

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By Linda [45]10/02/2013

Are you sure it is your icemaker? We had a problem with ice forming on the bottom of our freezer and finally figured out it was too much stuff in our freezer compartment. When we cleaned out most of the frozen goods it has not leaked again. Just a thought!

Question: Removing the Ice Maker But Leaving the Water Supply Connected

Our ice maker was overfilling the tray and creating a mess in the freezer on our side by side GE. Since we rarely use ice I just unplugged the ice maker unit and removed it from our freezer. I left the water line open because we do use the filtered cold water to drink.

My question is, is this OK? My concern is will the water tube in freezer ever "turn on" since the unit is now removed. The water is still fully connected because I couldn't see a way to only shut-off the ice maker water supply without losing the cold filtered water supply. Anyone ever do this? Any problems removing the ice maker, but leaving the water supply connected? Thank you.

By Sonny

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By Michawn [18]12/29/2012

Plumber husband just said once the ice maker is unhooked it's not sending a signal to dispenser valve, therefore no water! Hope that helps!

Question: Frigidaire Ice Maker Leaking

We have a Frigidaire refrigerator, a simple 2 door top and bottom. The ice maker works, it cycles, but the water leaks out of the bottom front. Is this an easy fix?

By Lety

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Did you get that figured out? Curious about solutions - thanks

Question: Ice Maker Leaking Water Into Ice Bin

After the ice dumps into the ice bin, about a quarter to half a cup of water runs into the ice bin. The ice maker is on a Kenmore refrigerator model 106.9557681.


Question: Ice Maker Dripping Water into Ice Bucket

Water drips into icemaker bucket after ice is deposited, any help?

By Angie V. from Seattle

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By Joe09/10/2010

Check thermostat in refrigerator.

Question: Icemaker Leaks When Filling the Tray

My side by side refrigerator leaks water into the ice bin when filling the ice tray with water. The water leaks as it enters bin from the chute.

By James from Atlanta, GA

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By KidR06/01/2010

Sounds like the water valve is sticking open when the ice maker is asking for water. If you have hard water i would say that will be your problem. Also the ice maker will have a water adjustment on it. Look in your owners manual to see were the adjustment screw is locate.

Question: Ice Machine in Refrigerator is Leaking Water

I have a GE side by side refrigerator with an ice maker. It has worked fine since I got it, however now it seems like something is clogged. I keep getting water on the floor and it seems to be coming from the back. I did clean the hole on the bottom of the freezer with baking soda and hot water like the book suggested, but it didn't do anything. Now, I turn on the water for a bit until it makes ice then shut the water off. As a result I can't use the water dispenser. Any ideas? Thanks.

By Geri from McAdoo, PA

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By Cindy04/16/2009

There is a drain hole in bottom side of freezer that is probably stopped up. Pour warm water mixed with baking soda in hole until it flushes clean. The water goes to your evaporater pan under the fridge.

Question: Ice Maker Leaking

I have a Samsung French door refrigerator with a bottom freezer. My ice maker is leaking water and it is coming through the dispenser. My kitchen got flooded. What can cause the ice maker to leak that kind of water?

    By Affron H. [1]

    Question: Water Leaks Into Ice Dispenser

    I have a Kenmore refrigerator. While using the water dispenser, water also pours into ice maker. I have had to replace the circuit board as a result of the water pouring through the front of the fridge. I have put a new filter in and changed the solenoid assembly.

    By John V.

    Question: Ice Maker Leaking

    My ice maker drips water. Then it leaves a big clump of ice in the ice container. The clump of ice in the ice holder doesn't let the metal part rotate to push the ice out. What do I need to do?

    By Sharon C.

    Question: Ice Maker Running Water into Collection Box

    We have a Kenmore side by side. At times the icemaker will not eject the cubes and when the water comes back on to refill it runs into the collector box. When this happens the whole thing freezes into one huge chunk. We then have to remove the ice maker box and chip out all of the ice.

    This does not happen every time so we try to keep an eye on it and keep it turned off when we have enough ice.

    By pete

    Question: Ice Maker Leaking into Ice Bin

    I have a GE 2005 refrigerator, the ice maker leaks into the ice bin. I replaced the water valve with no luck. It is still leaking into the ice bin. What else can be checked?

    By Kerry

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    Question: Ice Maker Drips

    I have a Kenmore refrigerator with a bottom freezer. The ice maker drips water into the catch basin for the cubes and ultimately the ice in the catch basin turns into a solid block of ice cubes. What can I do to fix this problem?

    By Chuck from Rice, MN

    Question: Icemaker Leaking Water into Ice Basket

    My icemaker is leaking water into the ice basket.


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