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Cleaning a Coach Purse

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Cleaning a Coach Purse

You spent a lot of money on your purse and want to keep it looking good. This is a guide about cleaning a Coach purse.


Solutions: Cleaning a Coach Purse

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Tip: Cleaning a Used Coach Purse

I'm "oh so rough" with my purses. I bought a second hand Coach ban online because I don't want the guilt of trashing an expensive bag but still want to look good. So for the price, I got a nice bag but it was pretty dirty. Yuck! But I can't complain for what I paid.

Just like the earlier posts, I tossed it in the wash on delicate with two towels. OMG, it looks amazing. Huge improvement. I used a little bit of laundry detergent and hung it to dry. Now, I didn't have much to risk, so it's your call if you have a real pricey one.

    Source: ThriftyFun

    By Terri Q. [1]

    Tip: Clean Your Coach Handbag at Home

    After reading the tip about throwing your Coach bag in the washer I thought I'd give it a try. I had found the purse as I was cleaning up after the last tenant moved out of the rental property I own. The purse looked like new except it was a little dirty. Since it was a found item I figured, why not? I put it in the washing machine on delicate cycle with a couple towels as previously recommended, used cold water and Woolite and hung it up dry. It came out perfect; looks brand new. It is a sateen finish bag with leather handles and trim.

      By Renee Clevenger M. [1]

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      Here are questions related to Cleaning a Coach Purse.

      Question: Black Stains on Coach bag

      I have purchased a patent leather Coach bag online. It had a few spots of dark stains that look more like ugly burn marks. Any ideas?

      By Mary


      Most Recent Answer

      By Robyn [366]05/20/2013

      Clean the area that is stained with saddle soap. Apply the saddle soap with a soft cloth and follow label instructions on the saddle soap. If the saddle soap is glycerin based then spray directly onto the leather.

      Then put on a shea butter based conditioner using a soft cloth in circular motions. Do this twice a year if it is exposed to the elements frequently. Once a year otherwise.

      Spray your black leather suitcase with a water repellent product designed only for leather. This will make spills bead up and not soak in the leather.

      Question: Cleaning a Fabric Coach Purse

      My black and gray fabric Coach purse has stains on the bottom and it's getting dirty around the zipper area. How can I clean it on my own?

      By Adriana T. from Phoenix, AZ


      Most Recent Answer

      By Diana Sue M. [5]04/09/2013

      I trust Dawn dish washing liquid for a lot of things, I bathe my dog to rid her of fleas and ticks, clean carpet stains, wipe off my leather couches. Try using on a damp washcloth with a few drops of Dawn and warm water. Be sure it air dries off thoroughly before using again.

      Question: Lipstick Stain on Coach Fabric Wallet

      How can I get a hot pink lipstick stain out of my fabric Coach wallet?

      By Samantha

      Question: Removing Ink from a Coach Purse

      I have handbags such as Coach and Gucci which I've had for quite sometime. On their interiors I have either marker or pen marks. I am truly hoping someone can help me get rid of them. If so, I would be sooo appreciative! Thanking you in advance.

      By Dominic

      Question: Removing a Smudge Stain on Coach Wristlet

      Blue Coach wristlet, closeup of smudge.I had bought a small blue Coach wristlet off this app/website, called Poshmark. It was gently used the lady said, and she said there were no marks or stains. I have recently found one. I really like this wristlet, and I was wondering if anyone could help me with how I should get this stain out? My wristlet isn't leather. It's just the normal fabric for Coach purses/wristlets.

      By nicolexx18

      Question: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      Gold coach purse.I have a Coach Madison Maggie laser cut bag. It is a gold dusted dirt magnet. How do I keep it clean? My purse is considered leather, but no leather cleaner can be used because it's soft leather with a shiny gold finish over it=\ I'm extremely careful, but any dirt shows up on it and I spent a lot of money on it. Please any suggestions on how to clean it would be greatly appreciated!

      By Rachael

      Question: Coach Purse Stain

      How do you get a dirt stain out of a silk Coach purse?

      By Mia K.

      Question: Removing Odors from Leather Coach Tote

      How do I get a smell out of the inside of a leather Coach tote? A probiotic juice leaked inside my red leather tote. I tried cleaning it out immediately and it dried quickly, but it still smells like that juice. How can I get it out?

      By Sam D.

      Most Recent Answer

      By highoctanehoney09/26/2014

      Sprinkle baking soda on dry interior and let it sit for a few days. Then dump out powder from bag and take a soft brush and brush out any residue.

      Question: Teriyaki Sauce on Fabric Coach Purse

      How do I remove teriyaki sauce from my fabric Coach purse without using the Coach fabric cleaner that is recommended?

      By Tasha

      Question: Cleaning a Coach Bag

      I spilled my berry smoothie all over my beige and turquoise leather trim Coach backpack. I have dabbed off as much of the smoothie as I could. However I do not want a permanent stain. What should I do?

      By Anonymous from CA

      Question: Label on Coach Purse Discolored from Cleaning

      I received a hand me down Coach purse from the Poppy collection. It was pretty dirty and I thought I could get it clean. Overall the bag looked better, but I think I ruined the front leather, gold, sewn tag. The tag was gold and had the name Coach and Poppy and some other writing on it. After trying to scrub it clean the label looks beige as if someone painted over it and you can barely see the writing. I'm hoping that this is repairable. Someone please help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      By YV

      Most Recent Answer

      By Sandy [5]11/25/2013

      I would take the purse to a craft store like Pat Catan's, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby. They carry so many products that should be able to help you restore it. I would go during a slow time and you're likely to find someone with experience to help you.
      If you strike out there you can also try a shoe repair shop.

      Question: Cleaning a Fabric Coach Purse

      I have this black, red, white, and grey fabric Coach purse with black leather trim and handles. I have a ring around the bottom that's quite dirty. How would I get this clean at home? Any suggestions? Please help.

      By Brianna B

      Question: Cleaning a Coach Bag

      I bought a used Coach Signature coated khaki handbag, heritage stripe 11350. The straps are very dirty and they should be white. How do I clean not only the straps, but the entire handbag? Only the outside needs cleaning. Thanks.

      By Teresa

      Most Recent Answer

      By joanfry [23]10/28/2013

      Washing machine on delicate - line dry. Been doing this for years with all my coach bags, all still perfect, one is thirty years old.

      Question: Cleaning a Stain on a Coach Leather Purse

      I bought a Coach small hobo purse in light blue and aqua from a friend. The really pretty white leather looks horrible. It's like she had the sunless tanning lotion on and it rubbed off on the white leather. I have no idea on how to get the strap white again. Do you think I could put it in the washer on delicate? Please help.

      By Melissa from LA

      Most Recent Answer

      By Tanya [4]10/05/2013

      No. Don't machine wash leather because it will fall apart. I had a beautiful leather coat and made the mistake of machine washing it. It is totally ruined. Perhaps someone here knows how to clean leather. I don't know how but I do know not to machine wash it.

      Question: Removing Dye Transfer on My Coach Purse

      I have this Peyton C embossed patent convertible Coach bag. It has a dye transfer on it because I put it together with my clothes. I tried to use the vinegar and saddle soap, but it doesn't work. Then finally I decided to use Clorox, using the cotton buds, but it's getting worse. I only used it one time, then this happens. It's a leather different to regular patent leather. Guys help me! I will truly appreciate it.

      By Sweet

      Question: Cleaning My Coach Purse

      My Coach purse is not leather, it's the pink striped one with blue, green, white, yellow, and purple and the handles are brown leather. The bottom of the purse is black. I would love it looking like I just bought it. Please help.

      By JML

      Question: White Pebbled Leather Coming Off Coach Purse

      Here's a challenge question? I have a white pebbled leather Coach purse that the white has rubbed off with the slightest of touch. How can I restore the white color back onto the bag. It's turning a greenish color from the leather under the white color. With it being pebbled leather also this is a tricky one. I'm stumped and upset. The first time I tried cleaning it the corners and very front upper white starting coming off. I only used a wet micro fiber cloth and that's all. I barely even wiped it.

      By Ria

      Most Recent Answer

      By cybergrannie [30]08/11/2013

      Hi - I really meant to say that Coach states they do NOT allow their products to be discounted in any store that legally buys from them.

      Some of the eBay sellers do sell legitimate Coach handbags and some do not. Always be very careful when purchasing something like this and as always "if it is too good to be true" it probably isn't.

      It is legal to sell used authentic Coach purses.

      Question: Removing Wite-Out from Coach Purse

      How would you clean Wite-Out off your Coach purse?

      By Adela

      Most Recent Answer

      By Shana E.05/17/2013

      White out can easily be removed from anything using generic or cheap baby sunscreen! I know... Sounds crazy! My children "painted" my room for me and I tried everything to remove the white out, until I found this really does work! Good luck!

      Question: Removing Ink from a Leather Purse

      I have a beige leather Coach bag with pen marks on the outside of the bag. How would you suggest removing pen stains?

      By Irene

      Most Recent Answer

      By Betty [104]11/19/2011

      I had pen marks on a good leather bag and I used liquid dawn dish soap on a wet cloth; good as new.

      Question: Cleaning a White Coach Purse

      How do I clean the outside of my Coach purse? It is off white and showing dirt quickly.

      By Juwu

      Most Recent Answer

      By Rachel's Mom [162]09/15/2011

      If it is a vinyl or leather purse, try some Dow Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner. I have used it on vinyl shoes and handbags, and it works great. If it is a fabric purse, I would take it to a reputable dry cleaner to get it cleaned. Then I would spray it with Scotchguard to protect it. You could probably just use a damp soapy cloth from then on to spot clean it. Hope this helps.

      Question: Cleaning a Canvas Coach Bag

      How would you clean a white/pink canvas Coach bag? It is brand new and supposed to be stain resistant, but now I have dark markings, most likely from rubbing on clothing, that are in the creases of the bag.

      By Terri

      Most Recent Answer

      By cybergrannie [30]08/10/2011

      Hi. Coach bags are expensive so be very careful with any cleaner. I go to the web site and ask questions, usually get good answers. Just ask about your particular bag.

      Question: Cleaning a Patent Leather Coach Purse

      I have a stained patent leather off-white Coach purse. The Coach people tell me to only use a damp cloth so as not to damage the patent leather. It is not working at all. Has anyone found something that works?

      By Lauri K.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Jennifer I.08/28/2011

      Softscrub is great for removing scuff marks on leather shoes. It might work well on the purse. However, I would recommend testing a small spot first.

      Question: Cleaning Stains on My Coach Bag

      How do I get a stain out of my Coach bag? It maybe rain or some other stain?

      By Amanda

      Question: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      I have a Coach handbag. The white leather handles have turned a little grey. How can I clean this?

      By Linda from Palm Springs, CA

      Most Recent Answer

      By Araceli Andrade06/12/2012

      Wow, I am so close to sticking my coach bag in the washer! Your purse looks great!

      Question: Sharpie Stain on White Coach Purse

      I am at a real loss. Some how I got sharpie on my new White Coach bag. The purse is made from nylon and has a been "pre-treated" so not to get any stains. Every other time I get anything on it, I just wash it and it's gone. Not this time. I didn't put it in the dryer, but a little bleach and a turn in the machine did nothing. Please help!

      Most Recent Answer

      By Kim McGrantham [16]08/07/2005

      We use sharpies on resin christmas ornaments and we use enamal thinner from the hobby store (not nail polish remover) to erase mistakes.. maybe it will work for you.

      Question: Eyeliner on a Coach Purse

      I own a small Coach purse, it's not big enough for a make-up bag, so I thought nothing of it to put my eyeliner (pencil) in there. When I went to look in it, there was eyeliner marks all over one side, so I got a Q tip and put water on it, I then began to notice that it was coming off, so it started to use a towel to get the marks out, it didn't help. Did I ruin this purse? Is there anything that I can do to get it off?

      Thank you.


      Most Recent Answer

      By Mary10/09/2010

      I have been told that Wilson's (the leather store) leather cleaner and moisturizer is a cheaper substitute for the coach purses and other leather ware. It supposed to work just as good as the coach cleaners and moisturizers, but for less money. I have never tried myself so I can't give you an opinion on that. Good luck.


      Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

      Archive: How to clean a coach leather handbag?

      Can anyone tell me how to clean a coach leather handbag/purse? Is there a homemade recipe for cleaning leather purses? Thanks and please reply asap.



      RE: How to clean a coach leather handbag?

      I had this great leather purse made in ITALY and the leather was a light camel color and ever so creamy soft. One day while dining at a restaurant I, by mistake, picked up a pat of butter under my little medicine container, that I brought with me and placed it in my purse. When I went to use the purse the next time I found (you guessed it) a large greasy stain that had gone right through the lining.

      I called several businesses that deal with leather as well as brought it to 3 different shoe cobblers. No one would touch it. Even after I suggested how it might come out if it were to be dyed a darker color, like navy or black, they all told me the same thing... no guarantee. Is your handbag lightly soiled or badly stained? You could always try good old fashioned saddlesoap which you can purchase in a good shoe store. Good luck. (02/14/2005)

      By joesgirl (Guest Post)

      RE: How to clean a coach leather handbag?

      Coach has a cleaner for their leather pieces. You might try searching for "Coach" to see if they have a website. The salesperson did tell me not to use other cleaners because they would damage the leather. (02/28/2005)

      By Debbie (Guest Post)

      Archive: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      How can I clean my Coach Purse other than using their product?

      azleeann from Phoenix, AZ

      Mink Oil

      I have used mink oil and also the inexpensive leather shoe cleaner lotion in store. I have 6 coach purses and have used it on all of them. It is much cheaper. (05/29/2006)


      Murphy's Oil Soap

      I bought a Coach purse on ebay and received it in very soiled condition I heard that Murphy's oil soap would work well I tried it and you would be AMAZED at how well it cleaned the leather! (06/15/2006)

      By Erin

      Cleaning Suede and Leather

      To clean suede use a suede cleaning eraser ( it has pumice in it and rubber) the combination removes dirt very effectively.

      To clean leather safely you should use a leather cleaner that is pH 4.5 matched to leather. Most cleaners are detergents and soaps (coach has a list of leathers that you SHOULD NOT use with their cleaner). The safest cleaner on the market is called Lovin my Bags. It is safe for unfinished leathers too. If the cleaner doesn't do it, they have professional services to restore the leather.

      Good luck!(06/15/2006)

      By Barbara Hamel

      White Vinegar

      I heard that white vinegar removes stains well. (06/22/2006)

      By Bernie

      Cleaning Ideas

      i work with handbags and to clean little spots in the Canvas (signature) handbags, a little seltzer water, some gentle soap (like Dove) and a toothbrush usually works. For leather try a baby wipe, the Coach leather moisturizer, or even a product called Goo Gone (look in craft stores or Home Depot), but test the Goo Gone on a "hidden" spot before using all over the bag. When all else fails take it to a VERY trusted dry cleaners. (06/25/2006)

      By Liz

      RE: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      Do not use any kind of soap, pH is 7 at best if it is neutal. Leather is 4.5. The chemistry is important or leather will rot. Ink comes out with a white eraser, if you catch it in time. No vinegar on leather it is too acidic and can pull out the color. The best cleaner is the Lovin my Bags brand. It is safe for ALL leathers and has a pH of 4.5. It is made specifically for delicare designer handbags. I work with leather and this is the only product I would recommend for any designer leather handbag cleaning. (06/28/2006)

      By Gary

      Archive: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      How can I clean my black and white Coach purse without there product?

      Christine from Phoenix, AZ

      RE: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      If there is a coach store near your home just take the purse in and see if they will clean it for you. They've cleaned mine before! (07/24/2006)

      Archive: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      How do you clean general overall dirt form a pre-owned Coach signature fabric purse?


      Archive: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      I have a white Coach bag and it now has grass stains and dirt all over it. I tried to wash it with a toothbrush, soap and water and it's still there! What should I do? Should I take it to the dry cleaners? Should I put Spray and Wash on it?

      By Mrs. Baker from Burnaby, BC

      RE: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      From what I have always been told when I buy Coach purses, you have to buy their cleaner to clean them. Anything else will void the warranty that is with them. (03/30/2009)

      By VCP

      RE: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      For my Brass/Gold Stud Lurex Tote, I was having problems cleaning the little areas of suede near the straps and side pockets. I tried wiping it down with baby wipes but that didn't work. I don't know how I came up with the idea of using a white eraser (regular school eraser) but it works so well. I am ecstatic now that it looks better, an easy fix. (03/31/2009)

      By zina671

      RE: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      Actually I figured it out. I tried so many things, cleaning it with soap and water, taking it to the dry cleaners, etc. What worked was carpet cleaner (no joke). I sprayed a little bit of carpet cleaner on a small dirty spot on my bag and it came out perfectly! So I did my whole bag and all the grass stains and dirt and anything else that was on it was gone, it literally looks new. Love it! (03/31/2009)

      By Mrs. Baker

      Archive: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      How can I clean a suede Coach purse, where it has gotten dirty at the bottom?

      By vickiland53 from Denton, TX

      RE: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      Wash it with a wash cloth or get saddle soap (just for leathers) and then a suede brush. Used to be with hush puppies shoes this was put in the box at the counter. Everyone had a hush puppy brush! (04/07/2009)

      By TandT Grandma

      Archive: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      Please tell me that there is a way to get grease out of white (untreated) soft pebble leather. Thanks.


      Archive: Cleaning a Coach Purse

      I need a product to clean a stain on a Coach bag.