May 30, 2013

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cream and sugar

Saving Money on Flavored CreamersThis is a page about saving money on flavored creamers. Flavored coffee creamers can be pricey.


Hummingbird Nest

Identifying a Hummingbird NestThis is a page about identifying a hummingbird nest. Hummingbird nests are difficult to see because of their small size.


nutrition facts label

Understanding Food AdditivesThis page is about understanding food additives. With so many ingredients listed on products, you need to learn what some of the things really are.


Small cuttings of a jade plant, ready for planting.

Sharing Plants and SeedsYou can save each other a lot of expense by trading and sharing plants, cuttings and seeds with family, friends and neighbors.


Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier Breed InformationThis is a page about Welsh Terrier breed information. The Welsh Terrier is an old dog breed from Wales. It was originally bred to independently hunt fox. badger, and rodents.


Repairing a Window Screen

Repairing a Window ScreenWhen you have a hole or tear in your window, you can save money by repairing it rather than buying a whole new screen. This page shows you how to fix a window screen.


Anniversary Party

Anniversary Party IdeasAnniversaries mark memorable points the past. An anniversary party is a great way to celebrate and commemorate these landmarks. This is a page about anniversary party ideas.


Pit Bull

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?This page contains questions and responses to the question, "Is my Pit Bull full blooded?". Trying to determine whether their dog is pure bred is something many owners attempt. While a DNA test will determine the breed definitively, there may be some characteristics of the breed that will help.


Cleaning Metal

Cleaning MetalThis is a page about cleaning metal. How you go about cleaning metal, without damaging its color and finish, will depend on identifying the type of metal and then using a cleaning method or product recommended for that specific metal.


dog bathing

Dog Still Smells After a Bath?This is a page about when a dog still smells after a bath. If giving your dog a bath does not eliminate a bad smell, you will need to try to determine the cause.


Visitation Rights

Visitation Rights After Divorce - Questions and...This is a page about visitation rights after divorce - questions and answers. One of the main components of most divorce decrees deals with child visitation. This is also one of the frequent points of contention between the divorced parents.


A cup of fresh blueberries, ready to be made into pie.

Diabetic Blueberry PieThis is a page about diabetic blueberry pie. Fruit pies suitable for someone on a diabetic diet are easy to make and equally as delicious as those made with added sugar.


A selection of dried beans on a counter and inside wooden spoons.

Recipes Using Dried BeansAlthough many people enjoy the convienece of using canned beans, it's much cheaper to use dried beans. With a little bit of planning and presoaking, dried beans are a healthy addition to your family's meals.


A young woman grieving.

Helping a Grieving Friend or RelativeThis is a page about helping a grieving friend or relative. Knowing how to help a grieving friend or relative can be perplexing. How much or how little help they want and when, can be hard to determine.


Water Heater

Removing Calcium Deposits in a Water HeaterThis is a page about removing calcium deposits in a water heater. Areas with hard water will see calcium deposits accumulate in water heaters.



Keeping a Child from Sliding in a HighchairThis is a page about keeping a child from sliding in a highchair. Newer high chairs are built with a center post to help prevent your baby from sliding completely out. However, he or she may still slide or slump about, making it hard to eat, especially when they are still quite young.


Bowl of Almonds

Almond Crunch RecipesThis page contains almond crunch recipes. This delicious candy is similar to peanut brittle.



Chicken Pulling Out Its Feathers?This is a page about chicken pulling out its feathers. There are several reasons that a chicken may be pulling out its feathers. Some careful investigation and a good understanding of how to successfully raise chickens will help you determine the cause.


Water Heater

Does My Water Heater Need To Be Replaced?This is a page about "does my water heater need to be replaced?". A water heater that is well maintained can last for years. Deciding when to replace it for a new one will depend on several factors.


Aero Herb Garden

Planting an Aero Herb Garden Kit?This is a page about planting an Aero herb garden kit. The Aero herb garden kit allows you to grow fresh herbs indoors year-round.


paint can with red paint

Painting Stainless Steel?This is a page about painting stainless steel. Because of its smooth surface there are a couple of steps you will want to take to prepare your stainless steel surface prior to applying paint.


Dried Fruit

Storing Dried FruitThis is a page about storing dried fruit. Proper storage of dried fruit will help retain color and increase its shelf life.


close up of a cat

Using Flea Drops on Cats?This is a page about using flea drops on cats. A common method of controlling fleas on pets is by the use of topical medications.



Basenji Breed InformationThis is a page about Basenji breed information. These beautiful hunting dogs originated in Africa. They are intelligent and mischievous. Although considered barkless, they do make a yodeling type sound when excited.


kitten with fleas

Getting Rid of Fleas on KittensThis is a page about getting rid of fleas on kittens. While topical flea treatments are readily available for older cats, young kittens will require alternative methods to rid them of these biting pests.


Ground Cover Ideas for Hillsides

Ground Cover Ideas for Hillsides?This page contains ground cover ideas for hillsides. Finding the best kind of plant for a particular situation can be a challenge.


Buying Bedding Plants

Buying Bedding PlantsThis page is about buying bedding plants. It is important to keep a few things in mind when purchasing plants for your yard and garden.


Blue Colored Granules

Homemade Simmering Granules?This is a page about homemade simmering granules. You can make your own simmering granules using the scents that you favor.


Colorful Chalk

Cleaning Chalk Stains Off Carpet?This is a page about cleaning chalk stains off carpet. Colored chalk can stain carpet.


Satellite Dish

Keeping Your Satellite Dish Free of SnowThis page is about keeping your satellite dish free of snow. Snow and ice on the dish can interfere with the reception on your television or internet service.


Fair Trade Coffee

Buying Fair Trade CoffeeThis page is about buying fair trade coffee. Making sure the farmers are making a livable wage for the coffee they produce is important.


Growing Foxglove

Growing FoxgloveThis is a page about growing foxglove. These tall stately flowering perennials originated in norther Europe. They are easily grown in full or part sun, from seed. Do keep in mind that they are also very poisonous, if you have small children.


Broody Hen

Dealing With a Broody Hen?This is a page about dealing with a broody hen. Having one of your hens go broody can be surprising and a bit frustrating. She will be so intent on hatching her eggs that you may notice behavioral changes including cessation of eating and aggressiveness when you try to remove the eggs.


Old Satellite Dish

Uses for Old Satellite Dishes?This page is about uses for old satellite dishes. Whether it was used for television or the internet you can end up with an unneeded dish.


Dried Fruit

Recipes Using Dried FruitDried fruit has many cooking uses, from desserts to main dish meals. This page contains recipes using dried fruit.


Writing a cookbook, in the kitchen. Photo of a notepad surrounded by vegetables.

Cookbook Name Ideas?This is a page about cookbook name ideas. After you have spent time and energy creating a family cookbook or one for publication, choosing a name is the next important step.


Wagon Wheel Doily

Making a Wagon Wheel Doily?This is a page about making a wagon wheel doily. The vintage wagon wheel doily adds a touch of heirloom appeal to your decor.


Raking Mulch

Best Mulch for Repelling Bugs?This is a page about the best mulch for repelling bugs. Mulch is generally applied in the garden to retain moisture and cut down on weeds. Some types of mulch have the added benefit of repelling bugs.


Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Breed Information and...This page contains Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed information and photos. These sturdy, short legged, large eared dogs make excellent companions.



Cleaning Chalk from Fabric?Because of its powdery composition and coloration, chalk can be a challenge to clean off of upholstered furniture or other fabric surfaces. Here are some tips to help you remove any unwanted chalky stains.


Frozen Lock

Fixing a Frozen LockThis page is about fixing a frozen lock. Freezing temperatures can cause all kinds of problems.


Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Chocolate Zucchini Cake RecipesIn addition to using your extra garden zucchini to make quick bread you can make a moist, delicious chocolate zucchini cake. This page contains chocolate zucchini cake recipes.


baby chicks

Sex Link Chicken Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains sex link chicken breed information and photos. Raising chickens can be fun and rewarding.


cat in a garden

Garden Plants That Can Be Toxic to PetsThis is a page about garden plants that can be toxic to pets. Many of the tasty veggies in your garden are toxic if ingested by your pets or livestock.


Mosquito bites on a young child.

Mosquito Repellents for Young Children?This is a page about mosquito repellents for young children. Use care and do your research when choosing an insect repellent to use on young children.



Glitter Glue Spiderweb

Glitter Glue SpiderwebGlitter glue is transformed into long lasting spiderweb decorations. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Pretzel SkeletonsHere is a cute idea we came up with.



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Use a Marble Inside Spray BottlesWhen at the bottom of a spray bottle's contents and nothing comes out but foam, just drop in a marble. Every last bit of cleaner will be used up. Sometimes I drop in the marble when I first use the cleaner.


Inukshuk (Ontario, Canada)

Inukshuk (Ontario, Canada)Inukshuk taken in winter.


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Save Energy When CookingCooking recipes usually date from the time people did not have to save on energy. Many recipes advise to put eggs, or rice or pasta in the water only once it is boiling to cook them. You can put eggs or rice or pasta or potatoes in the cold water and then start heating it.


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Toilet Bowl Freshener As Animal DeterrentWe had a raccoon and cats that were being nuisances. I purchased several of the "old fashioned" toilet bowl fresheners. I hung them along the bottom of the fence especially in areas I know the animal used for access.


Reddish brown cow.

Rosie (Red Angus)She was born to one of our cows and her mother refused to care for her so we hand raised her and she became our "yard dog".


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Getting Ants out of the GardenThis is what I am going to try this year, in the house and also in the garden.


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Corn Starch for Face PowderInstead of buying expensive face powder, I simply fill a small container with corn starch. It works well and gets rid of the shine!


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Substitute Sour Cream or Yogurt for Mayonnaise in RecipesSour cream and plain yogurt are great. These two items can be substituted for mayonnaise in recipes. Some don't like the ingredients or taste in mayonnaise. Greek Yogurt can also be used the same as a substitute for mayonnaise in recipes.


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Citrus Food For Growing TangelosMy mom always used citrus food on her trees, twice a year and she had the most wonderful citrus of all kinds.


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Credit Cards on VacationCall your credit card company before you leave. Let them know where you're headed and what kind of purchases you are likely to be making outside your normal spending pattern.



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Windshield Wipers Not Working Properly?I just replaced my wiper motor on a 97 Chevy 1500 pickup. And there are some problems. I installed my wiper motor and it only works on the fastest setting for the wipers.


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Dog Covered in Flea Bites?I just moved from Idaho, where there pretty much aren't any fleas, to Louisiana where there are too many fleas. It has been two days and my little dog is covered in them.


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Using Dryer Sheets for Embroidery?I want to use dryer sheets to embroidery, are they toxic?


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Removing Paint from an Umbrella?I made props for a school project and accidentally put paint on my umbrella. As soon as I got home, I applied thinner on it, but it wouldn't take effect. It's been months now and I still can't figure out what to do to remove it. Any ideas how to remove it from my umbrella?


Puppy Started Weeing Indoors Again?Our 6 month old Jackapoo started weeing indoors again. Jack was castrated a month ago and apart from healing slower than expected due to suture rejection, has recovered very well. During the same time, we looked after our friends' Beagle for two weeks while they were away on holiday.


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Removing Labels from Plastic Jars?I am having a difficult time removing labels off plastic jars, etc. I have tried many suggestions. Glass is easy. Some labels on plastic jars are crazy hard to remove.


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Removing Home Security Equipment?The prior owner had this system installed. I have not activated it and don't intend to. The problem is in my entrance closet is an ADT box containing wires. The box has come loose from the wall. The molly bolts came out and left holes in the wall. The box and contents are just dangling there.


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Village Wallcoverings %80.265. AC?With the information below, is it possible to find the solid pre-pasted vinyl wallpaper, by Village Wallcoverings: 580.265.AC, run no. 8232727672?


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Cat Fighting With Neighborhood Cat?Today my cat came back from wandering and sat near the door where she was going to out of again. Then she saw something outside which caught her attention which wasn't pleasant because 1 of our neighbourhood cats was outside sniffing around my garden.


Puppy lying down with head up and facing camera.

What Breed is My Dog?Can anyone tell me what my pup might be mixed with? I have Pit Bull puppy I just got, a person told me it was a blue nose Pit Bull, but I know that isn't a breed so I'm assuming my pup is a Pit mix. Any opinions on what she might be crossed with?


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16th B-day Games?I am having my birthday at a gym, we have a photo booth and will be playing volleyball. I need ideas for other activities to do, there will be people of all ages. Any ideas?


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Bathroom Outlets Don't Work?Why are none of my electrical outlets working in my bathrooms in my home?


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Manual for Welbilt ABM3030 Bread Machine?How can I get a manual instruction for Welbilt ABM3030 Bread machine?


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Making Mosquito Traps to Use in a Hot Climate?I want to make mosquito traps, but I live in the southwest and it gets well over 100 during the day and we're lucky to hit 80 @ night in the summer time. Will this extreme heat kill the yeast?


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Value of a 1977 Academic American Encyclopedia Set?I have an entire set of Academic American Encyclopedias, from 1977. They're in good condition. Any ideas of the value?


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Treating Your Scalp After Hair Loss?I bleached my hair which was natural about 2-3 wks ago. I wanted a lighter color instead of black. It lifted then I toned it down with a warm brown. I hated it, so I put a dark brown rinse on it. After a week or so I wanted a little curl to it so I put a texturizer on it. When I washed that out, I washed out the little hair I had with it. Finally I dried it and shaved it completely off.


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Sweet Sixteen Birthday Ideas?I really don't know where to have my sweet sixteen. I was thinking about renting a pool (since I do swim team and love swimming). I know many girls in my grade for their sweet sixteen are having pool parties and I want mine to be different and better.


Instructions for a Hibachi HB=B101 Breadmaker?I need the instruction manual for the HB=B101 breadmaker. Thank you for your help in advance.


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Dog Licking Bottom and Chasing Tail?My 3 year old miniature Dachshund wants to lick her bottom and chase her tail all the time. Why?


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Homemade Easy Bake Oven Mixes?My niece loves her Easy Bake Oven, but the kits cost 6.00 each! Is there a way to make my own "kits" to give to her?


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