May 18, 2017

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A candle stub in an old tea light holder.

Using Candle Stumps in Tea-Light HoldersDon't throw out the stumps of your candles, use them in tea light holders. This is a page about using candle stumps in tea-light holders.


Tote being used to carry twigs.

DIY Handy ToteSome items are too heavy or bulky to easily carry. With some strong fabric such as heavy denim you can make a useful tote. This is a page about DIY handy tote.


Messy Sheets on Pillow-top Mattress

Smoothing Out a Pillow-top Mattress?The comfort of a pillow top mattress can be compromised if it develops lumps and valleys. This is a page about smoothing out a pillow-top mattress.


Cleaning Mattress

Cleaning Stains from a Pillow Top MattressCleaning a pillow top mattress can be done with a variety of cleaners. The main thing to remember is to not use too much liquid or it will be difficult to dry. This is a page about cleaning stains from a pillow top mattress.


Grey Carpet

Dyeing CarpetWorn, stained, or faded carpet can find a second life after a dye job. This is a page about dyeing carpet.


Relatives Arriving Unannounced

Dealing with Relatives Who Come Over Unannounced?Uninvited guests, especially family members, can put you in an awkward position. It can be hard to define the need for privacy and general courtesy to your relatives. This is a page about dealing with relatives who come over unannounced.


Cleaning Mattress

Removing Blood from a Pillow Top MattressThere are a number of ways you can try to remove blood stains on your mattress, from hydrogen peroxide to cold water. This is a page about removing blood from a pillow top mattress.


Plants with cord wrapped around stem and bamboo stake.

Using Telephone Receiver Cord to Tie Up PlantsDo you have some old telephones in your basement or garage waiting until you can find a use for them? Well this page will help with the cords. This is a page about using telephone receiver cord to tie up plants.


Little Girl on Carpet

Keeping Carpets Clean with a Toddler?Toddlers can make a mess where they eat and play. Covering areas of carpet at risk and teaching your child to stay off the carpet with food or messy toys can help. This is a page about keeping carpets clean with a toddler.


Baby on Bed

How to Clean Baby Throw Up Stains on a Pillow Top Mattress?There are several good stain removers on the market for this type of stain. You will need to use a process that works well for cleaning a mattress. This is a page about how to clean baby throw up stains on a pillow top mattress.


Honey Bears

Reusing Honey Bear ContainersThose cute little bear shaped honey containers beg to be reused for crafts and other foods. This is a page about reusing honey bear containers.


Finished Enchilada Casserole

Chicken and Black Bean Enchilada CasseroleWhen you don't have the time or the desire to make individual enchiladas try this delicious casserole alternative. This is a page about making chicken and black bean enchilada casserole.


Crying Toddler Girl

Toddler Cries Excessively?Excessive crying can be behavioral or the result of something medical. A trip to your child's doctor could be the first step towards a solution.This is a page about toddler cries excessively.


Dog Not Eating Dog Food

My Dog Won't Eat Dog FoodFinding a good quality food that your dog will eat can be a challenge especially if they have acquired a taste for human food. This is a page about dog won't eat dog food.


Moroccan Chicken served on platter

Roast Moroccan Chicken RecipeThe combination of spices is what defines this north African cuisine influenced dish. This page contains a roast Moroccan chicken recipe.


Paper Plate Cookie Gift Basket - cookie gift pack

How to Make a Paper Plate Cookie Gift BasketThe humble paper plate once again finds itself the star of this cute cookie basket craft. This is a page about how to make a paper plate cookie gift basket.


Soy Nuts

Recipes Using Soy Nuts?Soy nuts can often be substituted for peanuts in many recipes. This is a page about recipes using soy nuts.



Growing Lavatera (Tree Mallows)Lavatera or tree mallow is a name assigned to a perennial semi-evergreen shrub. The genus Lavatera also contains annual plants. This is a page about growing lavatera (tree mallow).


Christmas Gift Certificate

Make Your Own Gift Certificates for ChristmasHomemade gift certificates typically take the form of a coupon for a future service or activity such as lawn mowing, cleaning, dinner, a movie, etc. This is a page about make your own gift certificates for Christmas.


Frozen Zucchini

Removing Excess Moisture from Zucchini Before Freezing?It is a good idea to remove excess moisture from your zucchini prior to freezing for a better result when using it later. This is a page about removing excess moisture from zucchini before freezing.


Oats and milk to make a milk bath.

Oatmeal Milk Bath RecipeThis relaxing bath additive is easy to make and can also be given as a gift. This page contains an oatmeal milk bath recipe.


Man on Riding Lawn

Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mower Won't StartTroubleshooting the reason your mower won't start is a process that hopefully gets you back to mowing soon. This is a page about Cub Cadet riding lawn mower won't start.


A pair of well worn Birkenstock brand sandals.

Wearing Birkenstock Sandals for Heel Spurs?Many consumers have found noticeable relief from heel spurs by wearing Birkenstock sandals. This is a page about wearing Birkenstock sandals for heel spurs.


A pair of handcrafted earrings.

Name Ideas for a Women's Jewelry and Accessories Business?Choosing a name for your new business is an important step as it can help attract future customers. This is a page about name ideas for a women's jewelry and accessories business.


A woman spraying cleaner on a white counter.

How I Save Money By Keeping a Clean HouseThere are many money saving advantages to keeping a clean house from energy efficiency to reducing wear and tear on mattresses and electronics. This is a page about how I save money by keeping a clean house.


Cat on Bed

Cleaning Cat Hair Balls Off a Pillow Top Mattress?Kitties are often indiscriminate in where they relieve themselves of hairballs. Follow the normal procedures for cleaning a pillow top mattress when trying to remove hairball stains. This is a page about cleaning cat hair balls off a pillow top mattress.


Wooden Bed

Finding a Free BedFinancial circumstances may require that you attempt to locate free furniture rather than buy new or used items. This is a page about finding a free bed.


Basil Tomato Salad with Grilled Chicken - plated

Basil Tomato Salad with Grilled ChickenThis is an easy, tasty, healthy, and reasonably priced meal that you can prepare for a week night dinner. This is a page about making basil tomato salad with grilled chicken.


A carpenter bee drilling into a wood post.

Carpenter Bees Damaging My Home?Carpenter bees bore into dead wood to nest. When that wood is part of your home they become a nuisance or even destructive. This is a page about carpenter bees damaging my home.


Organizing items in an over the door shoe organizer.

Storage Ideas Using Common Household Items?Reusing food containers and various packaging is one way to find free or inexpensive storage options. This is a page about storage ideas using common household items.



Parmesan chicken and cooked pasta

Gluten Free Parmesan ChickenIn our house we have 2 people who cannot eat gluten. It was getting more and more difficult to make meals that we all could eat and enjoy together. So one day I was playing around in the kitchen and came up with this recipe!


Chicken Stock in bowl

Easy Homemade Chicken StockI never throw out the scraps and bones from my roast chickens. I always turn them into a delicious, hearty chicken stock. This tastes so much better than canned or boxed broth, and also ends up being way cheaper!



Wedding invitations using a printed kit.

Using a Printable Kit for Wedding InvitationsI am currently planning our thrifty wedding for 2018. Since we are having a small wedding with less than 60 people, I would need no more than 30 invitations. I browsed a couple of websites and estimated it would cost anywhere from $150 to $300 for custom made invitations!


Using a binder clip for your toothpaste.

Using a Binder Clip for ToothpasteUse those binder clips from your office for toothpaste. Fold the bottom of the toothpaste tube and clip it with the binder.


A mason jar with several makeup brushes stored inside.

Mason Jar for Makeup BrushesIf you need something to help your makeup brushes stand up straight and not damage the bristles then just use a mason jar! They are super afforadable and it is very easy to customize them!


Repurpose Cylinder Container as Jewelry Stand

Repurpose Cylinder Container as Jewelry StandOnce in a while for a sweet treat, I would purchase these coffee coca batons for $1.99 from Trader Joes. You get a very sturdy cardboard/tin container after finishing the wafers. In the past, I would toss the container out because I did not know what to do with it. Then I had an idea.


A woman wearing white nursing scrubs and a charm bracelet at her graduation from nursing school.

The Bracelet Legacy to a Florence NightingaleMy oldest daughter Angela lost her home in a horrific fire and was downsized to unemployment in her job. She made the decision to return to college and pursued a nursing career. I presented her my high school graduation charm bracelet at graduation.


Ripped Rag Curtain - hanging in window

Ripped Rag CurtainI got tired of not being able to close my blinds during the hottest and brightest parts of the day. So I did this.


Woman using dental floss to apply eyeliner

Dental Floss Pick As an Eyeliner GuideThe majority of my girlfriends have trouble applying wing-tipped eyeliner. I always give them this tip. Paint some liquid eyeliner onto the string of a dental floss pick then hold it against your eyelid to get the perfect line. Let it dry then fill in the triangular portion under it. Perfection!


An Altoids mint container holding business cards.

Altoid Tin to Hold Business CardsThe Altoid tin is the perfect size to hold business cards. I like to keep cards of recommended people like plumbers and electricians before I need them. The tin keeps everything neat and in one place.


Blueberries in Container

Bring Fruit to Potlucks or Church DinnersWe recently attending a cookout at church People often pick up cookies or cokes or something processed to bring. I think blueberries are a great food to bring because they have so many vitamins and antioxidants in them. So I will be bringing blueberries, strawberries, and other wonderful real food to all the meals I attend.


Softening butter with a heated mason jar.

How to Soften Butter QuicklyI keep butter in the fridge, but when I want to use it, I have to wait a bit longer for my butter to soften. Good thing I was able to find another way by filling a glass with hot water. Pour out the content and cover the piece of butter with it. Wait 2 to 3 minutes and the butter is soft.



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Donating Fabric?I recently got this prom dress that I had ordered online, but as a result the tail of my dress had way too much fabric and was way too heavy to even walk with. I was thinking of cutting off some of the unnecessary fabric and donating it somewhere, but I live in the Bronx and I can't think of any places.


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Value of Heirloom Treasure Porcelain Doll?I have a Heirloom Treasure doll that plays, I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas. She is made by Happy Land. Is she worth much nowadays?


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Cleaning a Used Aquarium?I was told to use felt dipped in vinegar to clean it. But, does felt have chemicals on it like paper towels?


Value of Porcelain Dolls - boxed dolls on a shelf

Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have all these glass dolls which have never been out of their boxes. I'm wanting to sell them, but not sure how much each is worth or how to figure out their worth the best.


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Caring for a Puppy With Parvo?My 4 month old pup has been sick for 4 days. Now it is day 4, she is still only vomiting and having diarrhea maybe 3 times a day, still drinking water, won't eat, walking and alert, but still mopey and shaky. If this is parvo, how long will it take this to run its course?


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Cleaning Cat Poop Off Lining of Leather Jacket?i went to go pick up my leather jacket from the floor and found a huge pile of cat poop inside the jacket (not on the outer leather part but on the inner nylon-ish material).


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Using Borax and Baking Soda in a Pool?Can I use just borax and baking soda in an above ground pool? My boyfriend is allergic to chlorine bleach. We would like to use household items to keep the pool balanced. I'm just trying to find a way where we can avoid using chlorine.


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Keeping Bats Out of My House?Is it true that Xmas lights and decorations keep bats away from your home? I have a bat house already, but they keep coming in my house. I know they keep bugs away, but I'm scared of them. I just put a Xmas tree on my porch is this just a myth?


Mower Pull Cord Not Working - gas powered push mower

Mower Pull Cord Not Working?What does it mean when the pull string works off the mower, but not on the mower?


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Using Household Products in My Pool?I have an 18,000 gallon in-ground pool. How much should I use and do I mix it in a bucket first or do I dump it in my pool?


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Treating a Dog that Is Vomiting?My dog is not feeling himself. He is vomiting, has a lack of energy, and is not eating much. What can I do for him? Also his poo is dry.


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Repairing a Mower with a Briggs and Stratton Motor?I have 21 HP Briggs and Stratton. The gas is blowing in the head and in the oil. What is causing that?


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Replacement Controller for Serta Foot Warmer?I need a replacement controller for Serta foot warmer, model JC-PFI-NJD-01,120v 60hz 50w.


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Using Charcoal to Remove Smoke Smell?How much charcoal do you add to the bag of items you want to get the smoke smell out of?


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Duck Laid Eggs in Garden?I was gardening and accidentally broke an egg. Will this broken egg keep the duck from returning to the other eggs?


2 Year Old Dog Pooping in the House

2 Year Old Dog Pooping in the House?My husband and I have a 2 year old Pug. She will go out to use the bathroom or she will at least sit out there and wait until she comes in to poop on the floor, not even 30 minutes later. We've had a trainer come in, but it didn't help.


What Is This Houseplant? plant with variegated leaves

What Is This Houseplant?I got this great plant today. Is it a type of spider plant?


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Finding a Free Mattress and Boxspring?I'm on SSD and disabled. I'm in need of a queen size boxspring and mattress. The one I have is over 12 yrs. old. Can someone please give me some ideas on who to contact or where to look? I would be so grateful. Once my rent, utilities, and auto insurance are paid my head is hardly above water.


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?I have had no use with online searches trying to figure out with kind of plant this is. It is about a foot in height and the spikes are very firm, almost rock hard I would say. Also I am not sure if they are all one plant or five grown together. If you could give me any clue that would be wonderful!


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Houseplants Dying?I can't find any insects in my plants, but something is sucking the life out of them. I do have moths in the house and can't figure out where they are coming from either. My spider plant is all yellow and brown. My hoiya looks like something is urrowing through the leafs.


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Finding Free Beds and Bedding?I'm in need of 2 twin beds for my children, but we can't afford new ones. We're extremely low income. I'd like to know of any programs that would help families in need with beds and bedding in Iowa please.


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