March 22, 2018

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Antique sewing machine on a sewing table with thread.

Value of an Antique Singer Sewing Machine?Sewing machines have been around for over 100 years and there are many old-fashioned ones that can be still found for sale. This is a page about the value of an antique Singer sewing machine.


Tax Return Form with One Hundred Dollar Bill

Avoiding Early Tax Refund LoansIt's better to wait for your tax return to come from the IRS rather than losing part of it to pay for the early loan. This is a page about avoiding early tax refund loans.


A pan of baked turnip puffs.

Making Turnip PuffsTurnips are a valuable starchy root vegetable that can be made into a variety of tasty recipes, including puffs. This page is about making turnip puffs.


A bathroom outfitted for a disabled person.

Finding Help to Make a Bathroom Conversion for the Elderly?This is a page about finding help to make a bathroom conversion for the elderly. Doing home modifications can help seniors stay independent longer, but it can also be expensive. Here are some tips for locating local organizations that can do low-cost repairs and projects for seniors.


Two Birman kittens on a cat tower.

Finding a Birman Kitten?Birman cats are also called the "Sacred Cat of Burma" and are well known for their beautiful coats and deep blue eyes. This is a page about finding a Birman kitten.


Cellphone on a blue painted wood table.

Background Ideas for Your Cell PhoneCellphones are so easy to personalize with any favorite photo. This is a page about background ideas for your cell phone.


Cup of boxed soup and slice of toast. Box of soup in background.

Organic Boxed Soup ReviewsBoxed soups are an easy way to have a quick healthy meal in a flash. This page contains organic boxed soup reviews.


French Breakfast Puffs on a black plate

French Breakfast Puffs RecipeThese airy treats are perfect for a holiday or special breakfast. This is a page about French breakfast puffs recipe.


Mango tree seeding planted with watering can and small garden tools next to it.

Starting a Mango Tree from a SeedIf you live in a tropical climate, a mango tree might be a good addition to your garden. This is a page about starting a mango tree from a seed.


Yeast in wooden spoon

How to Use Yeast for a Dry Skin FacialTry a yeast facial on dry skin to keep your complexion soft and supple. This is a page about how to use yeast for a dry skin facial.


A doll wearing an old fashioned satin dress and large hat.

Value of a Pamela Collection Porcelain Doll?This is a page about the value of a Pamela Collection porcelain doll. The value of porcelain dolls can vary widely. It is dependent in part on the rarity of the doll, the designer, and its condition.


Paint brush, paint can lid and blobs of pink paint on a light carpet.

How to Remove Paint Stains on Light Colored Carpet?Paint is easy to spill and drop clothes can slip or tear, allowing the paint to get on the protected surface underneath. If it is carpet, the paint can be difficult to remove, especially after it dries. This is a page about how to remove paint stains on light colored carpet.


The word Recall painted in yellow on a street.

Finding Information on Auto RecallsIf you are not the original owner of a vehicle, you will need to periodically check for recalls, especially prior to taking it in for repairs. This is a page about finding information about auto recalls.


Woman pouring cake batter into pan

Fixing a Homemade Cake That Is Too Sweet?There are certain techniques to use when you have made something too sweet. This is a page about fixing a homemade cake that is too sweet.


Woman with sugar held in her hand to use as as scrub

Making a Sugar Hand ScrubIt's easy to make a scrub by adding sugar to ordinary dish soap. This is a page about making a sugar hand scrub.


A batch of small pretzels in a white bowl.

Making Honey Mustard PretzelsHoney and mustard are a popular flavor combination and suit pretzels perfectly. This is a page about making honey mustard pretzels.


Artificial Calla Lilies in a glass vase.

Cleaning Artificial Calla Lilies?Calla lilies are beautiful and artificial ones look real, especially from a distance. However, they do get dirty over time and require cleaning. This is a page about cleaning artificial calla lilies.


Mustard rabbit in a baking dish.

Mustard Rabbit RecipeA mustard sauce adds flavor to rabbit meat. This is a page about mustard rabbit recipe.


Peach Ice Cream with slices of peaces.

Recipes Using Peach Ice CreamPeach ice cream is often a popular part of summer meals. This delicious frozen dessert can be paired with cakes and other tasty foods to create memorable culinary delights. This page contains recipes using peach ice cream.


Leftover Turkey cut up into pieces on cutting board with knife

Leftover Turkey IdeasA roast turkey contains a lot of meat, usually too much to eat in one sitting. This is a page about leftover turkey ideas.


White limo parked on a tree lined street with the back door opened.

Saving Money on a Limo RentalLimos are a popular choice to transport a group of people for a special event, but they can be expensive. This is a page about saving money on a limo rental.


Master bedroom with a yellow and grey color scheme.

Color Scheme for Master Bedroom and Bath?If you have a master bedroom with an attached bath, you will want to make sure the decorating goes together well. This is a page about color scheme for master bedroom and bath.


Raw rabbit ready for cooking in roasting pan

Country Rabbit RecipeRabbit is a lean meat that is still popular in rural areas. This is a page about country rabbit recipe.


Coat being covered in a dry cleaning bag.

Washing a Dry Clean Only Coat?Although many items are marked "Dry Clean Only", sometimes they can be carefully washed with no damage. This is a page about washing a dry clean only coat.


Woman adding things to a stock pot, man prepping food.

Cooking Chicken Stew for 1000 People?It can be difficult to scale recipes for large crowds. This is a page about cooking chicken stew for 1000 people.


Dog looking sad on floor after peeing on rub

Dog Peeing Inside at Night?Dogs sometimes need retraining to hold on until morning, especially when they are unsupervised while the family sleeps. This is a page about dog peeing inside at night.


Stack of Hard chocolate Cookies on white background

Softening Hard CookiesBread and orange peels are often suggested to add moisture to a container of hard cookies. This is a page about softening hard cookies.


Refillable printer ink cartridges

Removing Printer Ink from Walls and Ceiling?This is a page about removing printer ink from the ceiling. While it is worth trying to remove the ink, you may find that the only resolution is to cover it up. Here are some helpful suggestions.


Measuring Dry Pasta with a pasta spoon.

Measuring Dry Pasta?Spaghetti and other long pastas can be more difficult to measure than smaller pasta types. This is a page about measuring dry pasta.


Sliced meatloaf on a plate

Lipton's Onion Soup Mix Meatloaf RecipesDry soup mixes have long been used to help season a variety of recipes, including meatloaf. This page contains Lipton's onion soup mix meatloaf recipes.


A garden bed full of yellow and white meadowfoam blooms.

Growing MeadowfoamThese pretty flowers are also known by their scientific names: Limnathes douglasii and Limnathes alba. This is a page about growing meadowfoam.


Lots of potted plants in large planters filled with tulips and daffodils.

Using Plants to Hide Unattractive ItemsThis is a page about use plants to hide unattractive items. Strategically placed plantings can help hide unattractive outdoor items, such as stored items, temporary structures, garden tools, and more.


Buffet table full of food.

Cooking for 300 People?Here are lots of frugal ideas for cooking for a large party or event. This is a page about cooking for 300 people.


Fresh basil on a white background

Using Fresh BasilThis bright green leafy herb comes in many varieties. Fresh basil is commonly added to Italian, Thai and Vietnamese dishes. This is a page about using fresh basil.


Orange twist on white background

Saving Orange RindOrange zest or finely grated rind is called for in many recipes, but can be expensive to buy. Next time you get ready to eat an orange, grate the skin and save for future use. This is a page about saving orange rind.


ambrosia with oranges in a bowl.

Orange Mallow CremeMarshmallows, cream cheese and orange combine to make this delicious dessert topping. This page is about making orange mallow creme.


Chicken Quesadillas on a white plate and wooden table

Quick and Easy Chicken QuesadillasChicken quesadillas can be easily made from canned or cooked chicken breasts. Add your favorite cheese and fold inside a flour tortilla; grill or bake to melt the cheese and they're ready. Serve with sour cream, salsa, or other condiments. This is a page about making quick and easy chicken quesadillas.


Value and Information for Porcelain Doll - closeup of face

Value of J. Misa Collection Porcelain Dolls?Porcelain dolls can be a beautiful addition to a curio cabinet or guest bedroom. Some dolls are also valuable. This is a page about the value of J. Misa collection porcelain dolls.



Green Smoothie in glass

Green SmoothieA great and tasty way to get your raw vegetables in is to make a green smoothie.


Moist and Crunchy Baked Fishcut with fork

Moist and Crunchy Baked FishI love this recipe for the taste and texture. It is easy to prepare and nutrious.


Baked Sweet Potato Halves on dinner plate

Baked Sweet Potato HalvesWhen I bake whole sweet potatoes in the skins, the juice runs out and sticks to the aluminum foil. Before I put the foil in the trash, I can't help but break off the pieces of juice that have hardened and eat them. It's like eating candy.



Flat and Fancy Hanging Egg Decorations - closeup of hanging eggs

Flat and Fancy Hanging Egg DecorationsI decorate my living room window for each holiday. These are so simple, easy and "sort of" fast. Just a few steps and you can decorate any window like this one!


Barn Wood Table with Shelves

Barn Wood Table with ShelvesOne afternoon we found a old, almost fallen down barn. We pulled a whole wall down from the the side of the barn. We let the barn wood weather outside. Then we power washed it and put protector on it. It has 2 shelves made of 3 narrow boards.



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Non-stick Finish Came Off George Foreman Grill?My husband has scrubbed the grill and taken the non stick finish off. Is there anything I can do?


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Patterns and Instructions for a Knifty Knitter?I want is an instruction sheet on how to use the Knifty Knitter which I already have. I also have the tool. Can some one help me get instructions or find patterns to use with my knitter I seem to have lost them years ago?


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Power of Attorney for Incarcerated Person?If a boyfriend is in prison and his live-in girlfriend has power of attorney, can she sell his trailer if she can't afford to live there? He has the title to it.


Identifying Head Lice

Identifying Head Lice?I found three of these on my scalp. It felt like there was a scab and I picked and this came up. Is it lice?


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Substitute for Butter in a Recipe?I have a recipe that calls for 9 tablespoons of butter. I don't have any butter. What can I use in place of butter?


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Opening a Bent and Dent Food Store?I am looking for information about opening one in Florida.


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14th Birthday Party Theme Ideas?My birthday is in June. I may just have family and some friends, but I want to have the best idea. I need help finding a theme for my party. I am turning 14.


Value of a Vintage Davenport Couch - red vintage couch with scrolled back and front and bolster pillows as arms

Value of a Vintage Davenport Couch?This Davenport couch was bought at auction in 1946. We still have the original receipt! We have no idea what its worth, but are looking to sell. Any thoughts?


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Singer Sewing Machine Won't Sew?My 1940s Singer sewing machine was working fine until the needle arm and hand wheel froze. In the past, I usually waited a moment and the hand wheel and needle arm relax and I'm able to continue. This time, the bobbin thread broke and the hand wheel and long needle arm completely froze in place; they won't budge.


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Making a Matte Vinyl Floor Shiny?Can I make my matte vinyl floor shiny?


Saving Leftover Canned Beets - large can of beets

Saving Leftover Canned Beets?I have a large, 4 pound 6 ounce, can of whole beets. What would be an acceptable way to save the unused portion? I will not be using the remaining contents right away. Would freezing in a storage bag be okay?


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LG Front Load Washer Won't Agitate or Spin?My LG front load washer, model WM0642HW, will not agitate nor spin. During the agitate part of the cycle it makes a slipping sound. During the spin cycle it is making a horrible roar.


Value of a Mersman Glass Curio Cabinet - tall curio cabinet

Value of a Mersman Glass Curio Cabinet?I am considering purchasing this Mersman curio cabinet from a garage sale. Any estimate of its value?


Dog Not Holding Pee During the Day - light brown, tan and dark brown Pom

Dog Not Holding Pee During the Day?Why does my Pom go all night on my bed without peeing till I let him out, but during the day he goes to the door and barks to go out every 3 hours? If I try not to pay attention he will piddle on the floor. He is 10#s and one year old.


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