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This page contains tips and advice about growing fruit trees.

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Avocado with dying leaves.

Avocado Trees Losing Leaves?There are a number of reasons your avocado tree may lose its leaves, from pests to lack of nutrients. This is a page about avocado trees losing leaves.


A hand holding a large hedge apple.

Can You Eat Hedge Apples?This is a page about whether you can eat hedge apples. Hedge apples are generally not considered edible. The juice inside the fruit and stem is a skin irritant. They do however make an interesting addition to home decor.


Close up of ripe oranges on orange tree

Do I Need to Remove Fruit from My Fruit...This is a page about "Do I need to remove fruit from my fruit tree?" When your fruit tree sets too many fruit, you may want to remove some of the immature ones to improve your harvest.


An avocado plant with dying leaves.

Leaves Dying on an Avocado PlantIf the leaves on your avocado plant are dying, it may be a sign of serious stress from something like a fungus or parasite. Leaves dying on an avocado plant is not a sign of good plant health.


Transplanted avocado tree.

Avocado Tree Leaves Turning Brown?Whether your tree is outdoors or being grown inside, browning leaves indicates a problem you will need to identify. This is a page about avocado tree leaves turning brown.


Avocados on a Tree

Caring for an Avocado TreeThis is a page about caring for an avocado tree. Avocado trees whether grown from seed or purchased from a nursery will need to proper care to thrive.


An orange tree with oranges and green leaves.

Oranges Falling Prematurely from Tree?Oranges can fall off of the tree prematurely for a number of reasons, including moisture issues, temperature changes, and fertilizer needs. However, they may just be ripe or just near. This page has some useful information if you are growing oranges.


Peach pits and fruit on white background.

Growing Peach Trees from PitsThis is a page about growing peach trees from pits. Peach trees can be started from pits. Should you want to try growing your own trees from seed, there are some important steps to follow to improve your success.


Avocado Tree

Avocado Tree Not Growing Fruit?This is a page about avocado tree not growing fruit. Several factors can affect the setting of fruit by an avocado tree. They can yield a generous crop one year and none the next.


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Will Lemon Trees Growing From Root Suckers Produce?I moved to a new house and the previous owners dug up their lemon trees. I have 8 lemon trees growing from the roots. Will they produce or not?


Lime Tree

Growing Lime Trees?This page is about growing lime trees. Cross pollination and a tropical environment are necessary to grow these trees.


Brown Leaves on a Loquat Tree

Brown Leaves on a Loquat Tree?This is a page about brown leaves on a loquat tree. Trying to diagnose the cause of browning leaves on a fruit tree can be difficult.



Avocado Stem

If the Stem Snaps Off of an Avocado Will the Plant Die?When growing an avocado from a pit it is possible that the stem can be damaged and break off. Whether that spells doom for the plant or not may depend on the degree of development of you plant below the soil. This is a page about, "If the stem snaps off of an avocado will the plant die?.


Plums growing on tree

Growing Plum Trees From PitsThis is a page about growing plum trees from pits. Now that you have enjoyed your plum, consider planting the "stone" (pit). Growing your own tree would allow you to enjoy plums more often.


Avocado Tree Seeding Outside

Planting an Avocado Tree Outside?If you don't live in a warmer winter climate then it might be best to plant your avocado tree in a pot that can be moved inside during the winter. Otherwise, in the proper climate follow the planting instructions with attention to light and soil requirements. This is a page about planting an avocado tree outside.


Lemon and blossoms on tree

Lemon Tree Not Blooming or...This page is about lemon tree not blooming or producing fruit. Lemon fruits are produced from blooms nearly year round under good conditions.


Pear Tree

Caring for a Pear TreeThis is a page about caring for a pear tree. Growing your own fruit trees can be very rewarding, but there may be questions and concerns on appropriate care along the way.


Growing Apple Trees

Growing Apple TreesThis page is about growing apple trees. There are a number of things to keep in mind when planting and tending fruit trees.


Orange Blossom

Orange Trees Not Producing Pollen?There are a number of things to consider when trying to determine why your orange tree does not produce pollen. Factors such as variety, age, light, and fertilization need to be addressed. This is a page about orange trees not producing pollen.


Rainier Cherries

Growing Rainier Cherries from Seed?Growing fruit trees from saved seeds can produce mixed results as sometimes the variety will not reproduce from seed. To try, read the suggested methods on this page. This is a page about growing Rainier cherries from seed.


A drawing of a bird choosing a red cherry instead of a yellow one.

Sharing Cherries with BirdsBirds are useful to cherry trees. they eat caterpillars, aphids etc. But of course they want their share of cherries as a reward and they sometimes take a very big share. To save your share, you have to lure the birds and here's how:


A tree with round reddish fruit.

What Is The Name Of This Fruit Tree? (Nectarine)We moved to KY and this fruit tree is in our backyard. We would like to know its name. The fruit size is approximately 2 to 2 1/2" circumference and remains this size. It has a pit like a peach. We were told it is a variety of apple; it's white inside and the outer peeling is tough. The fruit comes on early and this picture was taken a couple days ago.


Several cherry trees with fruit.

Cherry Tree PhotosCherry trees are very popular for home gardeners. The white or pink blossoms are beautiful in the spring and the fruit is ripe at the height of summer.


A guava tree with fruit.

Growing a Guava TreeGuava originated in Central and South America and the Caribbean but can be grown in places with a tropical or subtropical climate. They can be susceptible to an array of diseases caused by fungus or insects.


How to Hand Pollinate Passionfruit

How to Hand Pollinate PassionfruitIf you have passiflora (passion flowers) growing in your garden and wish for fruit, you may have to take some extra steps. Hand pollinating the flowers is easy and can increase the your passionfruit harvest.


Protect Ripening Fruit with Newspaper - fruit tree festooned with newspaper wrapped fruit

Protect Ripening Fruit with NewspaperYou can protect your ripening fruit from rabbits, birds, etc. by wrapping the fruit in pieces of newspaper. Wrap it and then staple the paper together. There is still sufficient light for the fruit to ripen.


Spraying a fruit tree to prevent insects

Keeping Insects Off Your Fruit TreesPests can devastate a fruit tree, affecting the harvest and even the life of the tree itself. This is a page about keeping insects off your fruit trees.



Three Lemon trees in pots

How to Grow Fruit In PotsMany people enjoy growing fruit on their patios or deck by using large pots. This page has information about how to grow fruit in pots.


Weeping Cherry Tree

Can You Eat Cherries from a Weeping Cherry Tree?Whether the fruit on an ornamental cherry tree is good to eat may depend on the variety. In any case it will probably not be as tasty as that on a cherry tree grown for its fruit. This is a page about eating cherries from a weeping cherry tree.


Small avocado plant

Avocado Tree Not Growing?In order for an avocado tree to thrive there are a number of growing requirements such as light levels, temperature, pot size if in a container, and available moisture. This is a page about avocado tree not growing.


Young peaches on tree.

How Long Before Peach Pits Sprout?Growing a fruit tree from a pit is fun. Be prepared to do a bit of preparation work and to have some patience before you see results. This is a page about how long before peach pits sprout.


Apple Blossoms

Why Fruit Trees Fail to ProduceThere are a number of reasons that your fruit trees fail to produce fruit. There are some causes you can control and others that are out of your hands. This is a page about why fruit trees fail to produce.


Green, unripe figs, growing on a fig tree.

Figs Are Not Ripening?Are your figs are not ripening? Check out this page to find tips and tricks on how to get your figs to ripen.


Fig tree with Fruit

Fig Tree Not Producing Fruit?This is a page about fig tree not producing fruit. Having a fruit tree that does not produce fruit is very frustrating.


Branch with a green fig and some young leaves against a white background

Propagating a Fig TreeThis is a page about propagating a fig tree. There are several ways you can propagate a fig tree some are more successful than others.


Trees and grass

Fruit Trees Not Producing FruitThis is a page about fruit trees not producing fruit. Sometimes there are reasons beyond your control that cause your fruit trees not to bear fruit. There are often things that you can do to correct the issues that result in the trees not producing.


Lemon and blossoms on tree

Citrus Trees Not Producing FruitThis is a page about citrus trees not producing fruit. It is very disappointing to see your citrus trees fail to set fruit.


Lemon tree seedlings.

Growing Lemon Trees from Seed?This is a page about growing lemon trees from seed. Growing fruit trees from seed is fun, despite the long wait for them to reach maturity.


Growing Rainier Cherries

Growing Rainier CherriesThis is a page about growing Rainier cherries. The Rainier cherry is a pretty red and yellow, sugary sweet hybridized cherry.



Preventing Apple MaggotsThis is a page about getting rid of apple maggots. Apple maggots can ruin an entire crop of apples. Learning to identify signs of their presence and the timing for appropriate mitigation is essential for controlling these destructive orchard pests.


Prunus avium in bloom.

Wild Cherry Tree Information and PhotosThis is a page about wild cherry tree information and photos. Found in woodland terrains the wild cherry tree can also be grown in home gardens.


Loquat Tree

Growing a Loquat TreeThis is a page about growing a loquat tree. The loquat is a fruit tree native to China. It produces small but very tasty fruit.



Photo of a plum tree with delicious fruit.

Natural Pesticide Solutions for Fruit Trees?This page contains natural pesticide solutions for fruit trees. Having blemish free fruit can be a challenge using natural methods.


Growing Citrus Trees

Growing Citrus TreesThis page is about growing citrus trees. These trees need to have full sun and protection from strong winds.



Growing TangelosA citrus hybrid known for its hardiness, and juicy, easy to peel fruits. This page is about growing tangelos.


Victoria Plums

Growing Victoria Plums?This is a page about growing Victoria plums. The Victoria, an English plum, is the best known of all eating plums.


Custard Apples

Growing Custard Apples?This is a page about growing custard apples. The custard or sugar apple is typically grown in warm tropical climates. This strange looking fruit is quite tasty and makes a good addition to your garden.


Honey Crisp Apple

Growing a Honey Crisp Apple Tree?This is a page about growing a honey crisp apple tree. This sweet, crisp hybrid apple is easy to grow and generally quick to bear fruit.


Row of olive trees.

Olive Trees Not Flowering?This is a page about olive trees not flowering. There are many reasons that an olive tree may not be blooming.


Pear Trees Not Flowering

Pear Trees Not FloweringThis is a page about pear trees not flowering. No flowers on your pear tree is a very disappointing situation, as there will also be no fruit.


Peach Tree

Growing Fruit TreesThis page is about growing fruit trees. Producing your own fruit is very rewarding, but requires attention to many different things.


orange tree in a terra cotta planter

Growing Fruit Trees in PotsThis is a page about growing fruit trees in pots. In cooler climates or homes with no garden space, it is often preferable to plant fruit trees in pots.


Growing Breadfruit

Growing Breadfruit?This is a page about growing breadfruit. While adaptable to varying ecological conditions, breadfruit is generally grown in tropical climates.


Pruning A Fruit Tree

Pruning a Fruit TreeThis is a page about pruning a fruit tree. Knowing how and when to prune a fruit tree is critical to ensuring a healthy tree that produces a bountiful crop of delicious fruit.


Closeup of the bark damage.

Cherry Tree Oozing Sap and Losing Bark?I'm so grateful to have found this site. My cherry tree, newly planted in April with good watering has a spot where the bark is peeling badly and is separating like a wound. The soil line has an area where amber colored sap is excreting.


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Loquat Tree Has Curled Leaves?I started a loquat tree indoors from seed and it is now 2 feet tall. It is green and growing well, but the newest leaves are "cupped". Instead of lying flat the tips curl downward. It gets plenty of water and I fertilize it regularly.


growing a cherry tree from a pit.

Starting a Cherry Tree from a PitThis is a page about starting a cherry tree from a pit. When considering starting a fruit tree, such as a cherry from the pit, there are some tips and considerations to keep in mind.


Cheap Tree Guard?Is there a good, cheap way to protect my little fruit trees from gnawing pests this winter? The tree wraps I find are all too pricey.


A weeping cherry tree.

Rooting Fruit Tree Cuttings?This is a page about rooting fruit tree cuttings. A good way to propagate trees is from cuttings from existing trees. Once the cutting forms roots, it can be planted and grown into a sapling.


Growing Quince, Canning Quince, Freezing Quince, Peeling Quince, Storing Quince. Selecting Good Quince. Holding Out a Ripe Quince

Growing QuinceThis is a page about growing quince. If you live in an area that quince grows well then it is a great fruit to grow in your garden.


Large Yellow Pear on Tree

Growing PearsThis is a page about growing pears. A pear tree can can be a wonderful addition to your garden. Your family and friends will love to enjoy your harvest of the these sweet and delicious fruit.


Pomegranates on a Tree

Growing PomegranatesThis is a page about growing pomegranates. If you live in the right area a pomegranate tree can be a wonderful addition to your garden. These delectable fruit will be great to enjoy with your family and friends.


Two Ripe Plums on a Tree

Growing PlumsPlums are a wonderful addition to any garden. Proper care of your plum tree will ensure a bounty of tasty fruit to share with your family and friends. This is a page about growing plums.


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Date Palm Fruit Small and Dry?My date palm tree produced fruit this year that is small, dry, and inedible. Please help me.


Persimmons in Tree

Garden: Persimmons (Louisiana)This Asian Persimmon tree is loaded down this year in Central Louisiana. Just right to make cakes, pies, puddings or try them dehydrated for a sweet and healthy snack.


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Cherimoya Tree Not Producing Fruit?Would someone please tell me how to grow cherimoya? My tree didn't produce any fruit, even though it had lots of flowers.


Bugs on Indoor Lemon Tree?I have an indoor lemon tree which is being attacked by some sort of small insect, like tiny wood lice. They stick themselves onto the plant and cover it with this glue like substance. I've tried spraying, but they keep coming back. Any ideas please?


Nectarines growing on a tree.

Growing NectarinesThis is a page about growing nectarines. Growing your own nectarines is not as hard as you may think. If you live in a climate where they can grow, proper care will ensure abundant and delicious fruit.


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Are There Green Plum Trees?Are there green plums or only greengages?


Peaches Growing on a Tree with Blue Sky in Background

Growing PeachesThis is guide about growing peaches. Peaches can be difficult to grow in certain regions. However, if you live where they grow well, peaches are a wonderful treat to be able to harvest yourself.


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Scale, Ants, and Aphids on a Meyer Lemon Tree?I have a beautiful Meyer lemon tree, that has been giving me great fruit year round. This summer the branches and stems are just covered with scale and they have brought on the ants and aphids. There has to be a non-toxic spray for this condition as I do not want to hurt all my fruit.


Lemons growing on a tree.

Growing LemonsThis is a page abut growing lemons. If you live in a warm climate, you may be able to grow a lemon tree. Being able to pick your lemons when you need them ensures they are as fresh as possible.


Planting Cherry Pits in Tanzania?I live in Zanzibar, Tanzania and have brought back some cherry pits. Can they grow in this hot humid climate?


Two ripe figs hanging on branch.

Growing FigsThis page is about growing figs. Are you considering planting a fig tree? In addition to the varieties for the traditional hotter climates, there are some that will thrive even in the Pacific Northwest.


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Cutting Down One of Two Apple Trees?We have two apple trees in our back yard. This year we have so many apples and we do not eat them. We were thinking of cutting down one tree, but would the mate survive after 40 years?


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Cherry Tree Isn't Producing Fruit?I planted a patio cherry tree and it sits on my patio. It grows leaves but no cherries. The leaves look like they are lacking in water which it cannot be as it is fairly wet here but it is in full sun. Please help.


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What Does a Bing Cherry Sapling Look Like?I put some Bing Cherry pits in a flower pot with another plant. I want to know what a Bing Cherry sapling looks like so I can see if it's the pits or weeds?


Apricots hanging on the tree.

Growing ApricotsThis is a page about growing apricots. Growing your own fruit can be a rewarding experience. Not only can you control the levels of chemicals used or take and organic approach, but you can enjoy sweet tree ripened fruit. Apricots are a good candidate for the home gardener.


Golden Plums

Garden: Golden Plums (Louisiana)In spite of the dry conditions in this part of Louisiana, the golden plum crop was abundant. These golden jewels make the very best sweet, yet tart, jelly ever! If you ever get the opportunity to try your hand at making golden plum jelly. You will not be disappointed!


Peach and Peanut

Garden: Patio Peach Tree (Tennessee)This was photo I was taking of the garden. I happened to catch Mr. Peanut, taking a moment to enjoy the fruits of summer!


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Peach Tree Not Leafing Out?My peach tree does not have any leaves and it is at least six months old from the shop. It is about 2 feet in height and looks quite healthy, but I am afraid if it does not leaf it will not bear any fruit.


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Cherry Tree is Losing Leaves?I have a weeping cherry tree that is about 5 years old. This Spring I had many blooms but now I have very few leaves. Indiana did have a very wet spring.


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Fruit on Peach Tree Does Not Mature and Falls Off?My peach tree blossoms and bears fruit, but the fruit doesn't mature and they fall off the tree.


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Training Fruit Trees to Form Hedges?When visiting apple orchards in Tasmania I noted that the trees are trained to form 'hedges'. Please advise where I may learn more on this technique and limitations for other fruit trees, if possible?


Transplanting a Large Fig Tree?I have two 12ft high/wide fig trees in the back yard. They're quite large and sitting in the middle of the yard. Is it difficult to transfer them to another location or should I drop the idea and instead consider a severe pruning (1/3)?


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Berries on a Bradford Pear Tree?I have a Bradford Pear tree that's 13 years old. I cannot believe the thousands of berries falling off this tree since November until January, and still falling.


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Something is Peeling the Lemons on My Tree?We have a lemon tree and this last week we have discovered over 26 ripe fruit on the tree destroyed partially or completely by some sort of pest. Most of the fruit is partially peeled with no apparent damage to the fruit, a few others have been peeled and eaten.


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Green Oranges Splitting Before They Ripen?Why are my green oranges splitting?


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Improving the Juice Content of Citrus Fruit?How can I promote fruiting of citrus trees? Some of my grapefruit trees are devoid of juice. Is it due to soil conditions and what remedy can I take for increasing the juice content of the fruits?


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Cleft Grafting a Mango?When cleft grafting a mango, does the scion have to be bright green or dark green? What I mean is does it have to be new or an old scion? Also, how much do I water the mango tree after grafting it?


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Keeping Bugs Out of Apples Naturally?How do I keep the bugs out of the apples on the tree, without using harsh chemicals?


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Growing a Dwarf Fig Outside?How can I protect a dwarf fig tree that is planted outside to get it through this winter? This the first year it's outside in the ground.


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Older Dwarf Lemon Trees No Longer Produce Fruit?I have two dwarf lemon trees. I had three originally, but one was removed three years ago. The age is undetermined, but greater than 40 years. Originally they had copious fruit, but not after third tree was removed. I tried fertilizer and mulch to no avail.


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Brown Spots on Peach Tree Leaves?What can I do about brown spots on my peach leaves?


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Cherry Tree Leaves Turning Brown?I recently bought a dwarf "Stella" cherry tree. It seemed to be doing OK, getting new leaves etc., then all of a sudden it didn't look very happy and the leaves turned brown and died! Why has this happened?


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Apricot Tree Drying Out With New Leaves at Base?I have an apricot tree that is now completely dry except for the bottom, where there are leaves coming out. What can I do to bring it back to life? We water it and have given it plant food. It produced a couple of apricots and then no more.


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Something is Eating Leaves on Grapefruit Tree?Something is eating away my new grapefruit tree leaves. I spotted a swallowtail butterfly caterpillar at one time and removed it, but there still seems to be something going on. I carefully inspect the leaves several times a week and can't find any evidence.


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Kansas Sweet Cherry Tree Not Leafing Out?I planted a Kansas sweet cherry tree last fall and it is now mid June and it has not leafed out yet. What to do?


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Growing Cherries from Seed?What is the process to get a cherry seed to root?


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Leaves on Dwarf Pear Curling and Turning Black?I have a young pear tree that is two years old, dwarf stock. It has steadily got very bushy, but they recommend you don't cut it back. The leaves are turning black and curling, what can I use? I don't want to lose my tree.


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Growing Cherry Trees in Texas?How do you grow cherry trees in Texas from seeds? How do you prep the seeds?


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Cherry Tree is Withering?My cherry tree is withering a bit in the recent sun. It was planted in April as a 5 foot tall plant. The other plants are doing well, eg. the plum, apple, and pear.


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Lemons growing on a tree.

How to Grow LemonsIf you garden in a warm climate, you may want to consider growing a lemon tree. Even if you live in a cool climate, there are several dwarf varieties available that grow well indoors.


Caring for a Pear Tree

Caring for a Pear TreeHow can I bring an old pear tree back to good health. It produces a good crop, slightly discolored. Should I be spraying and fertilizing it?


Close up of ripe oranges on orange tree

Do I Need to Remove Fruit from My Fruit Tree?I have a naval orange tree that is loaded down with new fruit. Do I need to get rid of most of the fruit? I know that the branches will not support the weight of more than one or two naval oranges. I also have the same problem with my lime trees. Thanks for any help you can give.


Hardy Fruit Trees For The Backyard Orchard

Hardy Fruit Trees For The Backyard OrchardMost gardeners have only limited amounts of space, so deciding what type of fruit trees to plant warrants careful consideration. You need to know which fruits grow best in your zone, how much space you will need, and what types of yields you can expect in return for your investment.


Peaches on a tree.

Growing Peach Trees from PitsI want to start peach trees from pits. Do I have to remove the seed from inside the pit first? Tips from the ThriftyFun community. Post your own here.


plum on tree

Plums Falling Before They Are Ripe?Why do the plums fall off the tree every year before they are ripe. I do everything I was told to do but nothing helps. Opening it, spraying it, etc., I think I'll cut it this fall, unfortunately.


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Avocado Tree Leaves Drooping and Turning Brown? - lots of brown leaves

Avocado Tree Leaves Drooping and Turning Brown?Half of my 7 year avocado tree leaves are drooping. They turn brown and look to be dying. Some of the brown leaves are soft and some have dried. I am so desperate. This is the 1st year w/fruit (it only has 4).


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Growing Peach Trees from Pits?I am growing some peach trees from pits. They are in pots at the moment. They are over 18 inches tall. When is it the correct time to plant them in the ground and what would I need to strengthen the stalks?


Avocado Tree Losing Leaves - distressed tree, droopy leaves and brown leaves

Avocado Tree Losing Leaves?My avocado tree is a year and some change old. He's been really healthy; I've transplanted him before, and even moved across states with him. I have him in soil that doesn't retain too much water, since I know they can easily get root rot, and I water him about every two days or so and it's been working. But all of a sudden he's dropping a massive amount of leaves!


Avocado Trees Loosing Leaves and Dying - dried up leaves on avocado plant

Avocado Trees Loosing Leaves and Dying?I've had two avocado pips go from a glass bottle to a small pot to a large pot, separately, since August 2019. They have been thriving - growing rapidly from the second their roots came out the pip.


Black Spots on Underside of Avocado Leaves - spots

Black Spots on Underside of Avocado Leaves?So my three year old avocado plants have been through thick and thin, but at the minute they're developing small dark spots on the underside of their leaves, only visible from below, near the veins of the leaves. They've also been quite dry and have had a bad run at growing new leaves, most of them curling up.


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