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Created to celebrate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, St. Patrick's Day, is now also a secular holiday. Here are some crafts, recipes and party ideas to help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick's Day occurs every year on March 17th.

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Mock Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner on plate

Easy Corned Beef and Cabbage DinnerUsing thick cut deli slices of corned beef is a good option if you are either making a small batch or have difficulty finding a corned beef brisket at the market.


pot of candy gold coins

Making a Pot of Gold Irish SupperThe soup and sandwich recipes provided below combine to make a nice alternative meal to corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day.


Finished gift tube.

St. Patty's Day Paper Tube Gift PouchA recycled, scrapbook paper covered, paper tube makes a fun little gift pouch for small token gifts or a treat on St. Patrick's day. Add a foam shamrock shape and a green ribbon and it's done.


A plate of corned beef and cabbage.

Pressure Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage RecipesUsing a pressure cooker for corned beef and cabbage makes this St. Patrick's day favorite in record time with well melded flavors.


Shamrock Stencil Painting - the short tube can be used to make gold coins if desired

Shamrock Stencil PaintingYounger children will enjoy making these bright green shamrocks with the help of TP or paper towel tubes. This is a page about shamrock stencil painting.


Foam Shamrock Decor Ideas - attach the piece of the Velcro with the stick on backing

Decorating with ShamrocksShamrocks are used to symbolize Ireland and are a popular decoration around St. Patrick's Day. This is a page about decorating with shamrocks.


Mini Shamrock Hat Basket - tiny green Irish hat filled with mini shamrocks

How to Make a Mini Shamrock Hat BasketHand made mini shamrocks fill this tiny basket fashioned from a bottle cap. This is a page about how to make a mini shamrock hat basket.


Cardboard Tube Shamrock - allow to dry

How to Make a Cardboard Tube ShamrockUse recycled TP tubes to make this dimensional paper shamrock to use in decorating for St. Patrick's Day or other occasions. This is a page contains all the information you need on how to make a cardboard tube shamrock.


Pot O' Gold Planter - faux plant added

Making a Pot O' Gold PlanterA simple project that can be used for a decoration or gift of real or fake plants, and even candy. This is a page about making a pot o' gold planter.


Pot of Golden Treats - ready to share on St. Patrick's Day

Making a Pot of Golden Treats for St. Patrick's DayThis St. Patrick's Day craft is fun to make and then, there is the chocolate for later. This is a page about making a pot of golden treats for St. Patrick's Day.


2 girls and a woman wearing green, decorating green cupcakes.

Celebrating St. Patrick's DaySt. Patrick's Day originated as a cultural and religious holiday commemorating the patron saint of Ireland. Over time it has become a more widespread holiday with parades, special food, parties, music, wearing of the green, and drinking. This is a page about celebrating St. Patrick's Day.


finishedEdible Pots of Gold

Edible Pots of GoldThis a super simple recipe for St. Patrick's Day that is kid-friendly. These little pots of gold are made with peanut butter cups, but you can also use mini chocolate cupcakes or Rolo candies. Topped with a bit of frosting and edible gold glitter, these make great dessert toppers, or can be eaten as is.



Yarn Chain St. Patty's Wreath - finished wreath hanging on an exterior wall

Yarn Chain St. Patty's WreathI love anything green. Being part Irish I too love the month of March. This wreath is super easy to make if you crochet. If you don't, you might find someone to do that for you.


3 Shamrock Pretzels on plate

Shamrock PretzelsThese shamrock pretzels are very easy to make, consisting of only two ingredients: pretzels and candy melts. They are a great sweet and savoury snack on their own, but also make great dessert toppers. Happy St. Patrick's Day!


A completed photo of a shamrock suncatcher made from clear contact paper.

Making a Contact Paper Shamrock SuncatcherUse clear contact paper and bits of tissue or crepe paper to make a shamrock window decoration for St. Patrick's Day or any time. This is a page about making a contact paper shamrock suncatcher.


Finished Ribbon Shamrock Pin

Ribbon Shamrock PinIf you need a bit of the green to wear this St. Patrick's Day, try making this simple shamrock pin. This page contains instructions for making a ribbon shamrock pin.


A green shamrock shaped pin made out of foam.

Foam Shamrock PinThis is a fun kid craft for St. Patrick's Day. This is a page about foam shamrock pin.


Pot O' Treats - St. Patrick's day gift idea with a pot gull of treats.

Making a Pot O' TreatsCollect up all of the green treats you can and make this cute St. Patrick's day gift. This is a page about making a pot o'treats.


Bleach Bottle Leprachaun

How to Make a Bleach Bottle LeprechaunTransform a plastic bleach bottle into a cute leprechaun decoration for St. Patrick's day. This is a page about how to make a bleach bottle leprechaun.


Balloon LED Shamrock

Easy LED Shamrock Balloon DecorationThis easy to assemble St. Patrick's Day wall decoration is so quick and easy you may want to make several. This is a page about easy LED shamrock balloon decoration.


Crocheted Shamrock Pin

Making a Crochet Shamrock PinHere is a fun, quick little crochet project to get you ready for Saint Patrick's Day. This is a page about making a crochet shamrock pin.


Pom Pom Shamrock Pin

Making a Pom Pom Shamrock PinThis pin is easy enough for children to make themselves. This is a page about making a pom pom shamrock pin.


Shimmery Shamrock Pin

Making a Shimmery Shamrock PinYou and the kids will have fun making this glittery shamrock shaped pin to wear on Saint Patrick's Day. This is a page about making a shimmery shamrock pin.


Leprechaun Hat Napkin Rings - Finished napkin ring.

Making Leprechaun Hat Napkin RingsThese cute napkin rings are simple to make using inexpensive supplies. They certainly will make your St. Patrick's Day table or party that much more festive. This is a page about making leprechaun hat napkin rings.


attach pot of gold to wreath

St. Patrick's Day Fabric Scrap WreathA fun and easy door or wall decoration to make for this holiday celebrating the Irish patron saint. This is a page about St. Patrick's day fabric scrap wreath.


Finished St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Making a Leprechaun Wreath for St. Patrick's DayHang this festive fellow on your front door to celebrate your Irish heritage. This is a page about making a leprechaun wreath for St. Patrick's Day.


St. Patrick's Day Yarn Wrapped Wreath

St. Patrick's Day Yarn Wrapped WreathUsing bright yarn, fun felt shapes and a foam circle, you can create a festive wreath. This is a page about St. Patrick's Day yarn wrapped wreath.



No-Sew Pot O' Gold Wind Catcher

Making a No-Sew Pot O' Gold Wind CatcherThis easy to make wind catcher is the perfect St. Patrick's Day decoration. This is a page about making a no-sew pot o'gold wind catcher.


three hats, one full size and two made from half tubes

St. Patrick's Day Toilet Paper Tube HatsHere is another cute kids' craft using paper tubes. Make one or more to decorate for the holiday. This is a page about St. Patrick's day toilet paper tube hats.


St. Patrick's Day Lucky Charms Gift

St. Patrick's Day Lucky Charms GiftAn inexpensive gift to make at home is a specially packaged bag of Lucky Charms cereal decorated with greetings for the day. This is a page about St. Patrick's Day Lucky Charms gift.


Paper Plate Leprechaun Finished

Making a Paper Plate LeprechaunThis is a cute Saint Patrick's Day craft for the kids. This is a page about making a paper plate leprechaun.


St. Patrick's Day Sherbet Float 2

St. Patrick's Day Sherbet FloatThink green when you make this tasty float as a St. Patrick's Day party or family dinner dessert. This page contains St. Patrick's Day sherbet float recipes.


four rainbow felt pins

Rainbow Felt PinsThis bright colorful felt pin is perfect to wear for St. Patrick's day or any day. This is a page about rainbow felt pins.


Felt Shamrock 9

Making a Felt Shamrock PinYou and the kids can have fun making these cute felt shamrock pins for St. Patrick's Day. This is a page about making a felt shamrock pin.


Pot O' Gold Doughnuts

Making Pot O' Gold DoughnutsThis is a page about making pot o' gold doughnuts. Make these tasty treats for a St. Patrick's Day party and find the doughnut at the end of the rainbow.


Girls in Green with shamrocks on their face.

10+ Great St. Patrick's Day IdeasCheck out 10 of our best crafts and snacks for St. Paddy's Day. Kids will love making a leprechaun trap or eating a pot of gold.


Paper Plate Leprechaun Finished

Leprechaun Craft ProjectsLeprechauns are synonymous with celebrating and decorating for St. Patrick's Day. This page contains leprechaun craft projects.


Two people watching a St Patrick's Day parade.

St Patrick's Day Parade Float Ideas?Coming up with a unique St. Patrick's day parade float idea can be a lot of fun. This is a page about St. Patrick's day parade float ideas.


Crocheted Shamrock

Crocheted Shamrock GarlandIf you crochet, add a cute shamrock garland to your St. Patrick's day decorations. This is a page about crocheted shamrock garland.


Rainbow in a Bag

Making a Rainbow in a BagThere are many cute St. Patrick's Day crafts to choose from. Try making a rainbow in a bag, it is a sweet gift idea. This is a page about making rainbow in a bag.


Shamrock Pizzas

Shamrock PizzasCertain holidays lend themselves to shaped foods and St. Patrick's Day is no exception. This is a page about shamrock pizzas.


St. Patrick's Day Suncatchers

St. Patrick's Day SuncatchersA simple holiday craft to make and decorate your windows. This page is about St. Patrick's day suncatchers.



St. Patrick's Day Gift Basket

St. Patrick's Day Gift Basket IdeasSharing your holiday spirit can be accomplished with a festive gift. This page contains St. Patrick's day gift basket ideas.


St. Patrick's Day Pin

St. Patrick's Day Pin IdeasA fun craft to add green to anyone's holiday outfit is a decorative pin. This page contains St. Patrick's day pin ideas.


St. Patrick's Day Centerpiece

St. Patrick's Day Hat CenterpieceWhen planning a St. Patrick's Day party, it's fun to include a decorative centerpiece like this one. This is page is about making a St. Patrick's day hat centerpiece.


"Rainbow in a Jar" Candy Gift

Making a "Rainbow in a Jar" Candy GiftThis is a great gift, especially around St. Patrick's Day. This is a page about making a "Rainbow in a Jar" Candy Gift.


Shamrock Pin Craft

Shamrock Pin Craft IdeasMake a cute shamrock pin to wear in honor of St. Patrick's Day. This is a page about shamrock pin craft ideas.


St. Patrick's Day Wreath

St. Patrick's Day Wreath IdeasThis is a page about St. Patrick's Day wreath ideas. A great craft project for St. Patrick's day is a door wreath.


Paper Bag Leprechaun Puppet

Paper Bag Leprechaun PuppetKids love to make leprechaun projects for Saint Patrick's Day. This is a page about making a paper bag leprechaun puppet.


St Patricks Day Stout, St Patrick's Day Party Games

St. Patrick's Day Party IdeasSt. Patrick's Day is great time to get together and have a party. This is a page about St. Patrick's Day party ideas.


Leprechaun Trap

Making a Leprechaun TrapA family craft project that can be created for St. Patrick's day fun. This is a page about making a leprechaun trap.


St. Patrick's Day Recipes, Corned Beef

Recipes for St. Patrick's DaySt. Patrick's Day is a great time to cook up some traditional Irish recipes. Corned beef and cabbage is a popular favorite as are recipes that include potatoes or Guiness beer.


St. Patrick's day cupcakes.

St. Patrick's Day Cupcake IdeasSt. Patrick's day cupcakes are the perfect treat to send to a school party. This is page contains St. Patrick's day cupcake ideas.


Rainbow Pot of Gold Activities  - FUN spelled out with coin letters

Rainbow Pot of Gold ActivitiesThis is an easy yet fun and colorful craft that doubles as a learning activities for kids. It is a fun way for learning, basic rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet). It is also a fun way of learning words, creating words, and spelling with the alphabet foam stickers over faux gold coins.


Pot O' Gold Planter - pot on deck rail

Pot O' Gold PlanterThis is cute little planter you can use for your real plants, fake plants, or even fill with candy to hand out. It's super easy to make and so cheerful for St. Patrick's Day!


Pot of Golden Treats - candy filled pot of gold

Pot of Golden TreatsAt the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold. The leprechaun left its powerful green hat that saves him from traps. It's caught in a trap and the princess was able to slide herself down the long rainbow. She fell into a pot of gold under thick clouds at the end of the rainbow where the leprechaun's hat was left.


Pot of Gold Fridge Decor  - pots and coins on fridge

Pot of Gold Fridge DecorI thoroughly enjoy decorating for every holiday, but I hardly have money for expensive items. And this year, my employer is having me decorate the break room as well! I decided to decorate the fridge door and to incorporate every associate into the St. Patrick's Day theme. Making pots of gold was the easiest choice and turned out absolutely adorable.


Foam Shamrock Decor Ideas  - shamrocks stuck to the front door

Foam Shamrock Decor IdeasThere are so many decorating ideas for St. Patrick's Day. One of my favorite things to incorporate in every area, is the shamrock or clover! You can use pre-cut shapes or make your own out of green foam sheets. I chose shamrocks for this DIY project. They can be added to any flat surface, like cabinets and doors, to make your house more festive!


Pot O' Gold Piggy Bank - coins stuck to the rainbow for demonstration

Pot O' Gold Piggy BankThis is a fun and thrifty piggy bank to make out of Popsicle sticks, glue, and a plastic jar. You can use the rainbow as a chute to drop your coins into your pot of gold. It will be fun to save, and easy to twist open when it's full!


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Rainbow Felt Pins

Rainbow Felt PinsThis short video shows you how to make rainbow pins out of felt. This is a fun craft to make as gifts or as a project with a group of kids.


Rainbow in a Bag

Rainbow in a BagThis cute treat must have been left by a leprechaun for St. Patty's Day. Learn how to make it in this short video.


St. Paddy's Day Wind Catcher

No-Sew Pot O' Gold Wind CatcherThis video shows you how to make a simple wind catcher for St. Paddy's Day.


jar filled with candy and topped with a cloud

Rainbow in a JarAnyone would love to get one of these from a sneaky little leprechaun.


St. Patrick's Day Yarn Wrapped Wreath

St. Patrick's Day Yarn Wrapped WreathThis is a video about making a cute yarn wrapped St. Patrick's Day wreath.


Shamrock Tortilla Chips

Shamrock Tortilla ChipsSt. Patrick's day is right around the corner and green shamrock chips are a great snack to make for the holiday.


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