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Business Name Ideas for Adult Care
Anything but "Sunset Gardens" which is the name of a place like that in my community. It sounds like a place where you go to die. How about Senior Manor?


DIY Paper Towel Sheet Saver Using a Tissue Box

DIY Paper Towel Sheet Saver Using a Tissue Box
Instead of using all that time cutting paper in half, why not just buy the kind of towels that tear off a half width? I don't think they are any more expensive that the rolls that are just whole towels.


A jewelry box with a collection of different types of jewelry.

Cleaning Out a Deceased Person's Home
Good ideas! I have made sure my daughter knows about any place I may "hide" something. She also has a full list of passwords for my computer stuff.


A cabinet closed by an elastic hair band.

Easy Childproof Cabinets
This is also a good idea if you live in California and don't want all your dishes to fall out of the cupboards when you have the next quake.


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Medical Information for Emergencies
If you are with Kaiser Medical you can get a USB drive with your whole medical record on it. Then all the EMTs have to do is plug it into their laptop to see everything. It is password protected so I just wrote my password on mine. You can also purchase these...


Repairing Old Figurines - four vintage figurines

Repairing Old Figurines
You could also use Polymer Clay which is baked in the oven at low temperatures. It comes in a variety of forms and colors at craft stores such as Michael's or Joann's.


Restoring a Tarnished Gold Bracelet - clean bracelet

Restoring a Tarnished Gold Bracelet
If it truly was Gold it wouldn't have tarnished in the first place. Look for a mark on the inside that says "14k or 10k". It probably was brass as suggested in another comment. Ketchup is also a good brightener for copper-bottomed pots and pans.


Remembering When to Feed My Plants - milk jug of Miracle Gro on porch, with dates written on the bottle as a reminder

Remembering When to Feed My Plants
For over 60 years I have watered my houseplants with a very diluted solution of Miracle Gro. I use just enough to tint the water a very pale aqua color and water them whenever they need it with this water. This makes them grow really well and I don't have to...


Remembering When to Feed My Plants - milk jug of Miracle Gro on porch, with dates written on the bottle as a reminder

Remembering When to Feed My Plants
For over 60 years I have watered my houseplants with a very diluted solution of Miracle Gro. I use just enough to tint the water a very pale aqua color and water them whenever they need it with this water. This makes them grow really well and I don't have to...


Champagne Cork Crochet Hook Savers - several hook and cork assemblies

Champagne Cork Crochet Hook Savers
After crocheting a lot for the last 68 years, it looks to me like the extra weight on the end of the hook would throw off your tension and make your hand very tired. I prefer the method of just inserting the hook into my work when I put it down. You could also...


A parking meter that has a green light, denoting that there is time left.

Find Parking Meters With Time Left
You must not live in San Francisco, CA where you are lucky to be able to even get a parking space, ever, much less one with time left on the meter!


Coloring over the scratches with a black sharpie.

Repairing A Scratched Hamper with Marker
I use the colored fabric pens on my colored running shoes to freshen them up. You can also use the fabric pens to color over white-out splashes on your hubby's shirts. These pens are available at Michael's, Joann's and other fabric stores.



chocolate Butter Frosted cupcakes

Easy Butter Frosting
Just a suggestion. Use a fluted tip when you swirl the frosting on to the cupcakes. The round tip makes the piles of chocolate frosting look like something other than frosting.


A licorice straw in a cup of hot chocolate.

Licorice Straws
Cute idea! Except that those red candy sticks are not "licorice" sticks. True licorice sticks are black and taste exactly like licorice. I believe the red ones are called "Red Vines" and they taste more like strawberry.


A jar of change being saved.

Finally Starting Out Being Thrifty
I get my internet access through the local phone company (Frontier). My TV is free because I deleted all those expensive monthly plans and just got a $10 antenna at Walmart. It brings in all the stations within a 40 mile radius of where I live.


Using coins at the self check out line at the grocery store.

Paying with Coins at Self-Check Out
I used to feel that way about self checkouts. Now I use them all the time because they are faster than waiting in line behind 4 people with full baskets and I can see on the screen in front of me exactly what I am being charged for my items. If something is...


Replacing Your Watch Battery - face of the watch after battery has been replaced

Replacing Your Watch Battery
I have seen the tools that you use to open a watch at Harbor Freight stores. If you don't have one in your town, just look at one of their ads (they are ubiquitous in every publication including the Sunday paper) and go to their website...


Replacing the Tub Shower Combination in a Mobile Home - old tub/shower

Replacing the Tub Shower Combination in a Mobile Home?
A temporary fix for a cracked plastic tub in my 1973 mobile home was Flex Tape. It is expensive, but worth the trouble. My size tub is not available from the usual outlets and there is probably damage under the floor so it would turn into a large, long, expensive...


Tufting a Comforter - tufted comforter on bed

Tufting a Comforter
Or you could just tie it with yarn which would be the traditional way to do it. My grandmother told me about it.


Steel Pen Cups Stuck Together - two cups stuck together

Steel Pen Cups Stuck Together?
Where I used to work we sold metal garbage cans which were always getting stuck together in stacks. We would spray WD-40 all the way around where they were stuck and they would come apart.


A bedsheet that is slightly too large for the bed.

Test New Sheets Before Washing
Something you need to know before you buy any fitted sheets is the measurement of the depth of your mattress. My old fitted sheets won't fit all the way down on the corners of my new mattress because the old mattress was only 6" thick. The new mattress takes...


ID cards with tape attached to one end.

Help Your Wallet with Tape
I have been doing that too. It sure makes it easier to pull out the cards. One time a young cashier pulled off the tape. When I pointed out that I put it there to make it easier to pull out the card she just gave me a blank look.


A chain necklace that has been shortened temporarily.

Shortening a Chain Necklace
Putting a knot in your chain is a good way to ruin a good chain. Only do this with costume jewelry. I spent many years as a jeweler repairing karat gold and sterling silver necklaces. Another way to shorten a chain is to put a jump ring into one of the links...


A stuck on label on a to-go coffee cup.

Removing Stuck-on Labels
It was probably the grease in the butter that did it. I take off those gummy labels with baby oil or WD-40. Just apply it liberally to the gum and let it sit overnight. Then you can usually just wipe it off with paper towels.



A folded T-Shirt

Fast Folding T-Shirt Technique
This didn't make any sense to me at all. How aboout some more pictures??


A brand new looking computer keyboard after cleaning.

Cleaning a Keyboard with Isopropyl Alcohol
Where in the world did you get a white keyboard? I would love to have one. All the ones I have ever seen are black and only show dust. I use a small, sable make-up brush on a tilted up keyboard to take care of the dust.


Packets of honey to be used as a hair treatment.

Honey Hair Treatment
How do you use honey on your hair? Seems to me it would just be a sticky mess!


Two electrical plugs with red dots on the top side.

Mark the Top Side of Electrical Plugs
Great idea! I live in a mobile home built in 1973. All my plugs are upside-down so the big part is on the right. Has anyone else run into this? The way I remember is Starboard-Green-Right, Port-Red-Left. All large words for the right and all small words for...


A collection of greeting cards found at yard sales.

Look for Greeting Cards at Yard Sales
Sometimes you can get whole packages of greeting cards at the Goodwill, Salvation Army or other thrift stores for only a couple of dollars.


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Activities for Someone Who Suffered a Stroke?
Look up your local Senior Center. Ours has free classes in things like "chair yoga". If she is in a wheel chair you could take her for a walk around the neighborhood.


A smiling woman sitting in a restaurant booth.

Why a Budget is Like a Shower
That's a great way to figure things! Or you could break it down some more. Until my Tai Chi teacher moved to New Mexico, I was donating $5 per class, 2 days a week. Not much for a class, but that is about $40 a month! I now do the exercises at home because...


A gold colored earring next to a jar of petroleum jelly.

Wearing Fancy Earrings with Sensitive Ears
It is probably the nickel in the metal of the inexpensive earrings that is causing the reaction. You could also try coating the post and back of the earrings with clear nail polish. My grandaughter is allergic to nickel so the family story is that her boyfriends...


Rice Filled Glass DIY Knife Stand

Rice Filled Glass DIY Knife Stand
Good idea, but it looks like it could easily be knocked over. I would use one of my beer mugs that has an extra wide bottom.


Use Expired Suntan Lotion as Hand Cream

Use Expired Suntan Lotion as Hand Cream
I love this idea! What a good way to save money!


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Difference Between Blue Cross & Medicare?
Some places like Costco or Walmart will sell you the more common prescriptions for only $4. Ask at the pharmacy department for more information.


A roll of masking tape.

Masking Tape for Eyebrow Shaping
That sounds like it would pull out all the hairs in your eyebrow. How do you prevent this? I wouldn't want to do that.



Mark Tires To Verify Correct Rotation

Mark Tires To Verify Correct Rotation
How do you mark a black tire with a black Sharpie?


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Painting the Inside of a Glass Block?
Pour a lot of liquid paint inside the glass and then turn it in many directions to coat the inside then drain the excess out the hole. Leave it upside down on a rack to drain and dry for several days.


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Cleaning a Toothbrush Used for Cleaning?
Why not just throw it away? I have accumulated many more old toothbrushes than I need since I change them every few months. So I just throw them in the re-cycle when I am finished with the cleaning job.


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Finding My Aunts Who Were Given Up for Adoption?
Try They have a variety of ways to find people. Also go to the Mormon website and put in your information. I don't know if this will work outside the U.S. but they do have an immense amount of information. Any Mormon church can tell you how to...


A crocheted cowl infinity scarf with a wave pattern.

Waves Cowl
Why no instructions? I have been crocheting for 65 years and couldn't figure out how to do it because the pictures went by too fast. Would it have been so hard to to add some simple WRITTEN instructions or a chart? After all, this was supposed to be a "How...


A bottle being turned upside down.

Get Every Last Drop out of Your Bottles
After doing your trick with the bottles, I slice them open with a craft knife and scoop out the rest of what is in there. I can usually get enough out of my (expensive!) sun screen containers to do my face, neck and arms. It also works the cut off your toothpaste...


Printed name labels being adhered with tape on a stapler.

Label Office Stuff with Your Name
Use those return address labels that you get in the mail from people who want you to contribute to their charity. I have a backlog of a couple of hundred and use them on a lot of stuff.


Using a binder clip for your toothpaste.

Using a Binder Clip for Toothpaste
I hope you don't get fired for stealing office supplies! Binder clips can be purchased at many stores.


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Finding Free Yarn?
Our local Goodwill store usually has lots of really cheap yarn. You could also try your local Senior Center. Ours has a store where Seniors can sell the items they make and they often have yarn that is either free or really cheap. You might also try contacting...


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Making a Memorial Project with Father's Clothing?
Please don't say that quilting is difficult. I use very big squares - 10" - and this makes it easy to sew everything together. Do a random design of square placement with whatever fabric you use. Then I zigzag along all the seam lines to sew the patchwork to...


Identifying a Houseplant - succulent that appears to be a jade plant

Identifying a Houseplant?
This is a succulent called a "Jade Plant". Mine lives on my porch in California area 9, and I have seen them used as hedges. It is very easy to start more plants from a piece. Currently, in January, mine is blooming with clusters of small, white flowers. It...


Check Your Receipt for Incorrect Prices

Check Your Receipt for Incorrect Prices
I always use the "check out yourself" aisle at Safeway, Walmart and other places. It shows right there on the screen in front of you exactly what your discount is so you don't have to try to decipher those complicated receipts after you have paid. If it doesn...


paper stuffed envelope

Use Envelopes for Recycling Paper
We go through a lot of the original Cheerios in the big double boxes in our house. The empty boxes are used for re-cycled papers.


Carry Scissors with You

Carry Scissors with You
I have always carried a pair of folding scissors on a keychain with other things like a 2-ended screwdriver that fits my glasses and a WWII can opener. I also carry a "multi-tool" that has all kinds of things on it including a flashlight and pliers.


set of Britannica on table

Value of Britannia 14th Edition 1929...
I think you will find that it has almost no value at all. Everything is on the Internet now days.


7 Tips for Making Thrift Shopping a Breeze

7 Tips for Making Thrift Shopping a Breeze
My daughter and I went to 20 thrift stores in 5 days in Reno, NV when I was up there to visit the family. We always get amazing bargains, but are careful about what we pick up. There are more thrift stores in the Reno/Sparks area than anywhere else in the world...


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Using a Smaller Hook to Make a Crochet Stuffy?
A smaller hook will make your stitches tighter. This might save you a little yarn. Yes, it will probably make your project smaller, too.


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Changing the Direction a Shirt Buttons
That didn't make any sense at all. Why would you want to "change the direction" of a button and exactly what do you mean by "change the direction"?


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Old Annie's Crochet Afghan Patterns?
That sounds like what Annie called "Mile a Minute" afgans. Google that and you will find links to many patterns.


tag on sheet

Identifying Bed Sheet Sizes?
It is easy enough. A single/twin bed is 39" across. A double/full bed is 54" across. A queen bed is 60" across. A king bed is 78" across. (That is 2 twin beds side by side) A California king bed is 72" across. Make a note of these measurements on the back of...


Toddler Water Play

Toddler Water Play
Remember, a toddler can drown in half a bucket of water. A pot full or a sink full sounds kind of dangerous to me.


menage photo of process

Separating Stuck Pots and Pans
When I worked in a garden store, the metal garbage cans we had stacked on display would stick together. We just sprayed WD-40 around the top of the bottom one where it had the next one stuck in it and it would come off. Then sprayed the next one, etc. It also...


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Using Laundry Detergent Bottles For Water Jugs?
I use a lot of white vinegar for cleaning and rinsing my hair. I save the empty gallon containers to use for refilling with water at the store to drink at home. There is no vinegar after-taste if it is rinsed out well.


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"Sock It To Me" Cell Phone Case
Baby socks also make nice holders for water bottles. I carry an 8oz. water bottle in one of the pockets in my purse and the baby sock keeps it from sweating on the purse.


Terra cotta flowerpot man sitting on garden bench

Flowerpot Gardener Taking a Rest
I hope you are using a pump to re-cycle that water. If not, you are simply wasting a lot of one of our most precious resources. We would be fined a lot here in California if we did that!


baby wearing shirt

Bull's Eye Tie Dye Pattern
What an easy way to do tie dye! However, not such a good idea for Californians. Since we are in an extremely severe drought, using that much water would be criminal. Is there a way to do this without using water?


knife holder on side of fridge

Magnetic Knife Holder
Our local grocery store butcher shop will sharpen knives for free for you. They give out a cardboard sleeve for your knife to put your name and phone number on. I keep all my knives in these sleeves in a drawer without any worry about them getting dull by knocking...


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Ideas for Repurposing or Reusing Blankets and Comforters?
I keep a couple of old comforters spread across the back seat of my car. No one ever sits there, but if someone wanted to, I would just stuff them in my trunk. Meanwhile, they are not taking up any space in my trunk so I have plenty of room for groceries etc...


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Keeping Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing?
You can get something at a fabric store called anti-tarnish flannel. It is usually brown. I make bags from this for my silver jewelry or just wrap in in a piece. Also, I have lined the drawers in my jewelry chest with this cloth. It works pretty well to keep...


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Repairing an Old Crochet Tablecloth?
Go to a large fabric store and ask them about fusing it to a sheet. They will be able to tell you exactly what to use and how to use it. Try House of Fabrics or Joann's if you have them in your area.


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Uses for Plastic Vitamin Bottles?
I use them for my used needles and test strips that I use with my glucose meter every morning. When the bottle is full I take it up to our Kaiser Clinic and put it in their container for used needles etc. and they take care of it from there.


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Clearing Potato Peelings From Disposal
Lots of things can't or don't need to be put in garbage disposer. I put most of my "garbage" peelings etc. in my yard waste can with the weeds etc. from my yard for pick up by the recycle company. It is all compostable for future food growing! Hardly ever use...


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Clearing Potato Peelings From Disposal
I hardly ever put anything through my garbage disposer. All of that stuff can go in the yard waste can to be turned into compost. Why run up your electric bill using something that will eventually mess up your plumbing? Another thing I do is to pour a kettle...


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Getting Dowels for EZ Bowmaker?
You can get any size dowels at a hardware store such as Lowe's or Home Depot. Then just use a hacksaw to cut them to the proper length.


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Dowels and Instruction Book for E-Z Bow Maker?
You can get any size dowels ("sticks") at a hardware store such as Lowe's or Home Depot. Then just cut them to the proper length with a hacksaw. Or you could return the item to the store and ask them to open boxes until you find one with everything in it. Or...


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Replacing Vintage Crochet on Costume?
A: Learn to crochet. The vintage patterns are out there. Try the library for books full of them. B: Shop the thrift stores for crochet pieces. C: Publish photos of your old laces and ask for the kindness of strangers to crochet new ones for you.


Save Countertops with Plastic Lids

Save Countertops with Plastic Lids
You can do this with lids under cans of shaving creme that you keep in the shower to keep them from rusting the tub.


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Cat Safe Weed killer?
Pour boiling water on it - the weeds, not the cat!


Pink Brugmansia (Angel's Trumpet)

Pink Brugmansia (Angel's Trumpet)
I hope everyone realizes that all parts of all species of Brugmansia are poisonous. Touching the plant and putting your fingers in your mouth may cause hallucinations.


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Repairing Antique Glass Ornaments?
There is a paint available to paint on glass to make "stained glass" windows. I can't remember the name or who makes it. You can try Michael's Craft store or Joann's Craft or Hobby Lobby. One of them should have it. I would recommend that you experiment first...


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Mosquito Repellent?
Don't know about the menthol plant, but they don't like garlic. This goes for the plant as well as for people who eat a lot of garlic. Mosquitoes never bother me in my garden!


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Cherry Trees Not Bearing Fruit?
Cherry trees need partner trees in order to cross pollenate to bear fruit. Ask someone at your local nursery about this.


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Drying Flower Petals for Sachets?
I have a gas stove that operates on the old pilot lights that are always on. Consequently, the oven is always warm. Rose petals on metal cookie sheets will dry in less than 24 hours in my oven. The petals have a more interesting color than if they were air...


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Drying Flower Petals for Sachets?
Another possibility would be a set of stacked sweater drying racks. Those might be easier to find than the fruit drying racks. I used to have one that would dry 3 sweaters at a time.


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Getting Rid of Blue Jays?
You could try hanging old CD disks in the trees and bushes where they like to roost. The glitter should frighten them away. We don't even try to get rid of ours as having Blue Jays is better than having Mocking Birds. At least the Jays are quiet all night.


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Getting the Last Bit Out of a Tube
So do you cut off the tube to scrape out your "weeks worth"?


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Miniatures Crocheting Advice and Patterns?
She could use the smallest patterns she could find (Barbie Doll clothes?) with sewing thread and the smallest size steel hook. Crocheters do not use a "needle".


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Keeping Cats Out of the Flower Garden?
Get a good squirt gun and fill it with water. Squirt the cat every time it comes into your garden or near your potted plants. It won't take long for kitty to decide your yard is not worth getting wet.


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Cleaning Dust on Norfolk Pine?
If it is inside, it must be in a pot. Take it outside or put it in your bathtub and spray liberally with water. That's how Mother Nature cleans plants.


hidden key 3

Pill Bottle Hide-a-Key
This is a great idea. However, since most tops are "push down and turn" the rocks tend to come off. You need to find a really really good glue to make sure you don't twist off the rock. Or maybe put the rock on the bottom instead of the top???


Tabletop covered in pennies.

Penny Table Top
I hope everyone is aware that pennies dated 1981 and previous are actually solid copper and so are worth a lot more than just a pennie. I would not seal up any of those. It might be possible to pay for the whole project by selling them to someone who buys copper...


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Finding Someone to Cut Trees for the Wood?
Look in the newspaper or phone book for people who sell firewood. They might be interested in getting "free" wood to sell this winter. Or they might be able to direct you to someone who wants it.


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Avocado Tree Leaves Turning Brown?
The only way I know of to check if a plant is root bound is to pull the whole thing out of the pot and look. Avocado trees are just that, trees. They prefer to be in the ground. I had one in my back yard (California coastal valley) that was about 30 feet tall...


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Mrs. Claus Costume Dress Pattern?
I've seen vintage patterns for sale at one of these websites:


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Pet Safe Weed Killer?
I've heard that RoundUp is used in zoos because it won't hurt the animals. Check the label. No sick or dead animals ever found in my yard after years of use on persistent weeds.


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Patching Torn Lace Tablecloth?
Run a line of Fraychek around where you want to cut. Let it dry then cut out the patch on the line. You could also use Elmer's glue which will probably wash out later. Sew the patch in with tiny hand stitches. It would be a good idea to run a line of Fraychek...


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Acer Tree (Maple) Lost Leaves?
Maple trees always lose all their leaves in the Fall. They turn reddish colors and drop off. They are deciduous, not evergreen.


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Storing Dried Flowers?
Take a look at the grocery store at the boxes that cakes and pastries come in. Our local store sells a dozen croissants in a nifty hinged re-sealable clear plastic box, for instance. They also sell cookies in re-sealable clear plastic boxes. These types of...


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Treating a Bougainvillea Thorn Prick?
Pull out the thorn. Make it bleed a little. Wash your hands with soap and water. Put an antibiotic ointment on the prick. Put a bandaid on it.


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Growing a Grapevine?
First, check with your local nursery to make sure you are in an area where grapes will grow. They will also advise you which varieties are best. When I was a child in Illinois we had a concord grape vine in our back yard which did produce grapes. Now I have...


Blue vintage sewing machine.

Manual for American Home Sewing Machine?
If you will google "sewing machine manuals American Home" you will find several sites that have them.


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Getting Rid of Cottonwood Root Suckers?
Round-Up weed killer will probably work. It may take some persistance over a couple of years to finally convince them to not come up. Round-Up works by being absorbed through the leaves of a weed then going down into the root so be sure to spray when you see...


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Memorializing Old Cards and Love Letters?
Using a pretty colored paper, print out as many as you can on each page. It might help if you could put some kind of date reference on some of the pages. Then slip each page into a plastic sleeve and put them all in a binder. As a genealogist, I see the cards...


Silver rose bowl with raised design, holding sponge brushes.

Rose Bowls for Bath and Office Containers
What is a "rose bowl"? In California it refers to a football game that happens in Southern California near the beginning of the year after a big parade. Please clarify what you mean and tell us where to get "rose bowls."


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Making a Water Bottle Holder?
I just put a sock on my water bottle and stick it in my purse. The sock keeps it from dripping and insulates it. A baby sock will work for the small 8-10 oz bottles.


Box mounted on wall, filled with earrings, and doors closed.

Making an Earring Box
That is a great idea. However, if you have a lot of valuable earrings and/or jewelry, for instance real gold/silver with genuine gems, it would be a good idea to put a lock on it. You can't trust anyone now days! I keep my earrings in a small cabinat with 9...


Making a Ruffled Dress?
By the time I was 12 I had been using a sewing machine for at least 5 years. When you buy a dress pattern that includes ruffles there will be very clear directions about how to do them. Since you don't sew, this would be a good way for your daughter to learn...


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Buying the Ellen Rose?
I googled "Ellen Rose plant" and found many informational links. Some were even in California. Try it yourself. Large hardware/garden stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, and OSH usually have many varieties of rose. You might also try these people, they sell by...


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Making Long Skinny Boxes?
A little more information would help. What size box do you need? What size cereal box are you cutting up? Please give all three measurements - Height, Width, Length.


Salt for Killing Weeds?
Enough salt will prevent anything from ever growing there. You could also use something like Round-Up to kill the weeds. Then sprinkle a pre-emergent like Preen to prevent any seeds from germinating. I have also heard that just pouring boiling water on weeds...


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Shopping for Cool Craft Lighting?
Polly G is right. Using a flourescent or CFL bulb cuts way down on the heat. The Craft Standing Floor Lamp is a good example. I have one that I like very much. The Craft Lamp - Table Model is the same thing, but sits on your table. One of the places you can...


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Buying a Possum Trap?
Try Orchard, or Lowe's, or Home Depot. We had them at Orchard here in Gilroy when I worked there early in the century.


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Keeping Squirrels Out of Potted Plants?
Try cutting saucer-like collars out of chicken wire to lay on top of the dirt in the pots. There is also a plastic called Bird Netting that you could use and might look better as it is black. It would be easier to cut. Both of these can be purchased at a hardware...


Plant with green and purple leaves.

What is This Plant?
I used to have a similar one that was a Purple Passion plant (gynura aurantiaca). It was also called Velvet Plant because the leaves had a kind of purple fuzz on them. The blooms did not smell very good.


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Finding Gallon Milk Jugs or an Alternative in Africa?
Any grocery store sells milk in gallon jugs. Just keep the jug after you drink the milk. Or maybe you could ask neighbors with a lot of children who drink mild if you can have their jugs.


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Making a Thread Catcher?
One way to stiffen the top of the container is to insert something stiff into the top hem. Some things you could use are a wire coat hanger, a strip of plastic cut from a gallon vinegar or bleach container, plastic "stays" from an old bustier, the top rim of...


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Reduce Your Chance Of Auto Theft
The new trick that criminals are utilizing to steal your car involves putting a penny in the door handle where the hinge is. When you unlock your car using your key fob, it will essentially prevent the door from locking again once you get out. Try it yourself...


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Tips For Saving On Books
Another place to buy books is the Friends of the Library book sales at various local libraries. The money they make from these books benefits the library. The Friends will take most donated books, both paperback and hardcover, for these sales. I've gotten some...


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Locating Your Car in a Parking Lot?
I bought a roll of bright pink tape @ Lowe's and used to tie a piece of it to the top of my antenna. My new car has no antenna so I locked a piece of the tape in the back of both rear windows and the front of the sun roof. I also have tied a piece of it to...


Cherry Tree Angel

Cherry Tree Angel (Auburn, WA)
That picture must have been photoshopped! There is no way you can get a tree to be that symetrical and the shadows are wrong.


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Repairing a Ceramic Bunny?
Super Glue is always a good idea. But Super Glue GEL works better. It is not runny and will stay where you want it to be and will fill in any little spaces. You can prop your project while it dries with crumpled aluminum foil.


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Getting Rid of Weeds in Lawn?
It is probably something called "filaree" which grows all over California. It is very hard to get rid of, but I have found that Round Up works pretty well if you use it on the really young plants. It is best to either kill or pull up the plants before they...


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Making a Bulletin Board?
Go to Lowe's or Home Depot and have them cut a thin piece of plywood to your measure. Glue 12" corkboard squares to this. I have done this for my sewing room, but used a large piece of corrugated cardboard for the backing and put it up on the wall with mirror...


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Homemade Sock Protectors?
Please clarify your question. What is a sock protector?


Rosette maker.

Shopping for a Rosette Maker?
Found this online at Easy Street Crafts 416 Cornell Place Ventura, CA 93003-3859 Bruna Jones, Owner Hope this helps!


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Plastic Lid Storage Dilemma?
To me the obvious answer would be to go through all those plastic containers, find the ones that will stack together, stack them and put them away then ditch the others. Goodwill will be happy to get them. I store the lids stacked under the containers. I have...


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Pay Attention When Using Cell Phone
Saw a bumper sticker the other day that said ... "Honk if you love Jesus" "Text while driving if you want to meet him" That says it all!


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Repairing a Polyester Scarf?
Use "Fray No More" or "Fray Check". You can get it anywhere that sells sewing or quilting supplies. Useful for a lot of things. Just follow the directions on the bottle, but try to use just a little bit. Probably a good idea to practice on a tissue before you...


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Carving Wood Caricatures?
You might want to check out your local library for books about carving. At our small library, they can order books from any other library in the county system if they don't have what you need onsite.


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Shopping for Comfortable Clothes for Female Nursing Home Patient?
This is the first time I have ever heard that garment called a "moo moo". "Mu'umu'u" is defined in my Hawaiian dictionary as "a loose gown". In my 55 year experience with the Hawaiian language "muu muu" is what this type of garment has always been called whether...


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