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Donating Fabric to Charity

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When cleaning out your fabric stash, consider donating the fabric you can't use to charity. This is a guide about donating fabric to charity.


Here are questions related to Donating Fabric to Charity.

Question: Donating Fabric to Charity

Is there an organization in Dallas that accepts fabric donations? I have a lot of fabric.

By Pat

Most Recent Answer

By Melinda Gasque K.01/19/2014 is a national charity that has locations nationwide. All locations always need donations. You can find the closest office on our website. Thank you for any donations.

Question: Organizations That Accept Fabric Donations

I need an organization where I can donate fabric (women's garments), in NYC (Queens).

By: Blynch

Question: Donating Fabric to Charity

Does anyone know where I can donate fabric in Los Angeles?

By violin3 from Los Angeles, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Debbie02/20/2011

I recently donated all kinds of fabric including curtains to the local senior center in Westminster (Orange County, CA).

Question: Donating Free Fabric Samples

I have lot of free fabric samples. Anyone have any ideas where I can donate them? Thanks.

By Janet from Milwaukee, WI

Most Recent Answer

By bunny_puppy_animal lover12/15/2010

I use my old fabric to make pet toys and sell them online. They usually sell fast.

Solutions: Donating Fabric to Charity

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