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Donating Fabric to Charity

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When cleaning out your fabric stash, consider donating the fabric you can't use to charity. This is a guide about donating fabric to charity.



Here are questions related to Donating Fabric to Charity.

Question: Donating Free Fabric Samples

I have lot of free fabric samples. Anyone have any ideas where I can donate them? Thanks.

By Janet from Milwaukee, WI


Most Recent Answer

By bunny_puppy_animal lover [5]12/15/2010

I use my old fabric to make pet toys and sell them online. They usually sell fast.

Question: Donating Fabric to Charity

Does anyone know where I can donate fabric in Los Angeles?

By violin3 from Los Angeles, CA


Most Recent Answer

By Kalyn S.05/27/2015

My name is Kalyn Sheahan. I am currently volunteering for a non profit charity called the Quilted Love Project. We have an event on July 25-26. People will come out and decorate 16x16 in squares which will then be sewn into quilts and distributed to the homeless population in Downtown Los Angeles! We are looking for ANY fabric (not stretchy or luxurious), art supplies, and even sewers for the actual event as they will be sewing as fast as the squares are being completed. If you would like to help please email me personally and I can come pick it up! I'm in West Hollywood. Thank you for your time!

Kalyn S.
KalynSheahan AT

Question: Donating Fabric

I would like to donate fabric somewhere in Frederick or Washington counties in Maryland. Do you know of any locations which will accept fabric?

By Salli C

Most Recent Answer

By Elizabeth10/06/2014

Salli, I thought of Loretta's name Tharp and she lives in the Waynesboro area. Look up Ray Tharp in the phone book.

Question: Donating Fabric to Charity

Is there an organization in Dallas that accepts fabric donations? I have a lot of fabric.

By Pat

Most Recent Answer

By Anne C.06/09/2015

The Project women of King of Glory Lutheran, (and other Lutheran church groups) make quilts for Lutheran World Relief, a non profit of major impact! Donated fabrics are vital to this effort. We would be so grateful for donations in the Dallas area. Thank you for considering us.

Question: Donating Fabric

Where can I donate fabric in Baytown, Texas?

    By Brenda J. [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By HerkDia [28]07/17/2015

    Check around for the closest Project Linus group. They made blankets, quilts, etc. for children in hospitals, disasters, etc. They will take donate fabric and pass it on to members to make quilts. Check on the internet for their locate near you. I make blankets for them but I crochet and use their donated yarn for the afghans I make. Makes so many children happy to receive a blanket when in a crisis.

    Question: Donating Fabric

    We have our mother's fabric to donate. There are 15 boxes. There are some nice pieces; as we are from Pennsylvania we have wool, knit jersey, and some cottons. We are looking to donate in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

    By Minette K

    Most Recent Answer

    By Frugal Sunnie [11]03/08/2015

    Another group who would welcome fabric donations would be the sewers at a nursing home and retirement centre. I used to live in Cherokee County, GA, and often saw donation calls from activities directors down in MetroATL in the free classifieds.

    And youth groups would probably be over the moon for those yard goods, too. Check with the local high schools to see if they have a Life Skills or Home Skills teacher who might be able to point you in the right direction to share that fabric wealth.

    Question: Fabric for Quilts for Cancer Patients

    Are there any quilting non-profit organizations in the Rochester, NY area who make quilts for cancer patients? My client, a patient herself, has a large stash of fabric she wants to donate to make quilts.

    By Yve I.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Priscilla [1]02/25/2015

    Contact several of the local churches, they may have groups of ladies that sew lap quilts for donation to hospitals, DP offices, nursing homes, etc.

    Question: Donating Fabrics to a Charity

    We closed a fabric store about 10 years ago and stored the rest of the fabrics and notions in a 10x10 storage. We would like to donate them. Do you know anyone can use them? They have to pick up and load the fabrics and notions themself. The storage is in Orange, CA. Thank you. God bless!

    By Anthony B from Orange, CA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Ashley N. [2]01/08/2015

    Hi Anthony,

    My name is Ashley and I work with the Neighborhood Youth Association, a non-profit that serves underprivileged youth in Mid-City, Mar Vista, South Central, and the Venice area. We are currently doing some community-building projects with our children that require fabric. I would be willing to come pick up if it is still available. You can reach me at anavarro AT

    Thank you,

    Question: Donating Fabric

    In the Seattle, Washington area, where can I donate fabric?

    By Linda H.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]10/06/2014

    Yes, and senior centers as well. Google "Seattle Washington Fabric Donations". This will certainly give you plenty to give to. PBP

    Question: Donating Fabric

    I have cotton, flannel, and fashion fabrics, some remnants and some yardage. I am in Orange County, California and want to know where to donate this fabric.

    By Kathy

    Most Recent Answer

    By Ashley N. [2]01/08/2015

    Hi Kathy,

    I'm not sure how old your post is as I didn't see a date, but thought I would try to respond anyway.

    My name is Ashley and I work with the Neighborhood Youth Association, a non-profit that serves underprivileged youth in Mid-City, Mar Vista, South Central, and the Venice area. We are currently doing some community-building projects with our children that require fabric. I would be willing to come pick up if it is still available. You can reach me at anavarro at

    Thank you,

    Question: Donating Quilting Cottons

    I have quilt shop quality cottons that I need to de-stash and donate. They have been pre-washed. I need a group in Indianapolis or Fishers Indiana.

      By Debra Ellis B. [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By Donna [253]07/02/2015

      Wish you lived close by...why not call the local churches or any organizations that help the homeless (food kitchens, etc) and see if they'd like them to create blankets?
      You might ask your local library if they know of anyone who does this kind of work for the community.
      I hope you find a home for your cotton.

      Question: Donating Fabric

      I live in Washington County, OR and have a lot of fabric that needs to be put to good use. I am no longer able to sew.

        By Jane Van Sickle [1]

        Most Recent Answer

        By Dinah Ackerson [2]06/22/2015

        Call churches and senior centers as they often have quilting groups that make quilts and clothes for shelters, hospitals, etc. Also:
        Schools need fabric for sewing, etc., classes.
        Womens' and childrens' shelters need fabric for classes for adults and kids.
        Consider other possibilities in your area for the fabric.

        Question: Donating Fabric to Charity

        My sister, in Iowa, has 15 large bags of fabric to donate. These are yardages, mostly for making clothing. She is unable to sew any longer due to illness. I am helping her find a place where she can donate it.

        By Marla R

        Most Recent Answer

        By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]03/02/2015

        Assisted living centers, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent de Paul centers come to mind. These people do amazing work and rarely get that big of a donation. Look for guilds that make blankets for the homeless...a real coup for them. I hope that helps.

        Question: Donating Fabric

        boxes of fabricI am looking to donate fabric locally. There are about out 20 boxes this size. Where are the locations in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

        By Carol from Maple Grove

        Most Recent Answer

        By Priscilla [1]01/04/2015

        Check with the local churches that have group of ladies that make quilts for kids, fabric stores may have a list or know of a quilting group and even the senior centers.

        Question: Donating Fabric Scraps

        I live in Windsor Connecticut and have fabric to donate. Does anyone know who would take fabric scraps?

        By Sue

        Most Recent Answer

        By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/21/2014

        Possibilities: Call any senior centers in your area as many have sewing and quilting classes and would certainly appreciate your donation.

        Call churches in your area. They may have groups who would appreciate your fabric for clothes, blankets, etc., for homeless shelters, youth clubs, etc.

        Elementary schools, child care centers, city adult education centers, etc., may be able to use fabric. Call or check online for quilling and sewing groups in your area.

        Good Luck!

        Question: Fabric Donation Advice

        I have lots of good fabrics for donations. I live in the north Houston, Texas area. Does anyone know who could use these items?

        By Kathy from north Houston, TX

        Most Recent Answer

        By Marty Dick [152]10/20/2014

        I used to live in Houston. I would suggest you try one of the churches. I am sure there is a quilting group somewhere in town.

        Question: Donating Fabric

        Any ideas of charities in Portland, Oregon that could use fabrics in crazy prints in lycra and stretch velvet? I'm closing my dance shorts business and want these 10-60 yards of about 15 prints to go to a good cause.

        By Cynthia

        Question: Organizations That Accept Fabric Donations

        I need an organization where I can donate fabric (women's garments), in NYC (Queens).

        By: Blynch

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