April 5, 2017

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Yellow and orange potted chrysanthemums

How To Keep Your Potted Mums Looking FreshChrysanthemums look best when the old blossoms are deadheaded and pruned away. This page tells you how to keep your potted mums looking fresh.


Crafts Made from Christmas Seals - Seals bracelet.

Crafts Made from Christmas SealsChristmas seals and other seasonal stickers are a good start to some fun crafting with your children. Make bracelets, ornaments, and more. This is a page about crafts made from Christmas seals.


Love Bugs Kids' Craft - finished open wing love bug

Construction Paper Love Bugs Kids' CraftYou and your children will love making these cute little paper love bugs. This is a page about construction paper love bugs kids' craft.


Crispy Eggplant "Bacon"

Crispy Eggplant 'Bacon'Try this vegan bacon substitute. So good you can even use it on sandwiches. This is a page about making crispy eggplant "bacon".


Empty bird nest on a branch.

Will Birds Use Old Nests?This page is about will birds use old nests? Birds are good recyclers and may reuse the nest or its construction materials.


A plate of choco-nilla cookies.

Choco-Nilla CookiesThese cookies are a nice change from the classic chocolate chip cookie that has been loved for generations. This is a page about choco-nilla cookies.


Bucket of green paint on a drop cloth.

Protecting Carpet While PaintingAvoiding paint spills and splatters on carpet is a major concern for DIY painters. This page has advice about protecting carpet while painting.


Fork Holder With Photo

Recycled Fork Photo HolderPick up a decorative fork at the thriftstore or a yard sale and create this photo holder. It is simple and fun. This is a page about recycled fork photo holder.


Hairy Monster Bookmarks - three monster bookmarks

Hairy Monster Paperclip BookmarksMake some of these fun bookmarks to use and give as gifts along with a book. This is a page about hairy monster bookmarks.


Light Bulb Wall Vase - finished bulb filled with beads

Recycled Light Bulb Wall VaseBy removing the inside of an ordinary incandescent light bulb you can create an interesting wall vase. This is a page about recycled light bulb wall vase.


Man Painting an Electric Guitar.

Painting an Electric Guitar?Add a personal touch to the instrument of your favorite rocker. This is a page about painting an electric guitar.


baked mini meatloaves

Loaded Mini MeatloavesThe addition of zucchini and oatmeal to these individual serving meatloaves make them a nutritional and tasty meal. Take a couple to work for lunch. This is a page about loaded mini meatloaves.


Bread ties marking cords on a power strip.

Using Bread Ties for Labeling CordsSave your bread ties for this ingenious way to organize the tangle of cords at your entertainment center or desk. This is a page about using bread ties for labeling cords.


Closeup of 3 cheerleaders arms on hips holding pom poms.

Finding a Cheer Squad Sponsor?When your child is in cheer, there are many expenses and obligations. Sometimes, you can find a business that is willing to help shoulder the burden. This is a page about finding a cheer squad sponsor.


Unstrung Guitar strings on white background

Uses for Old Guitar Strings?Don't throw away old or broken guitar strings, reuse them for a variety of decorative or useful purposes. This is a page about uses for old guitar strings.


Deluxe Easter Eggs - Addition of bows, ribbon, and rhinestones.

DIY Deluxe Easter EggsUsing candle wax make lovely unique Easter eggs in multiple colors. This is a page about DIY deluxe Easter eggs.


Moss on roof tiles.

Getting Rid of MossIn the proper climates, moss has a tendency to grow in lawns, on rockery and even on older wooden structures. This is a page about getting rid of moss.


Cheerful bouquet on white table cloth next to place settings.

Grandparents' Day Table Decorations?This special day to honor grandparents is celebrated on the Sunday after Labor Day in the U.S. This page contains ideas for Grandparents' Day table decorations.


Close up of maroon Chrysanthemums

When Should I Prune My Mums?Mums are a perennial favorite in many flower gardens, having blooms late into the fall and even winter. Regular pruning ensures seasons of beauty. If you are wondering when you should prune your chrysanthemums, this is the guide for you.


Pleated Paper Butterfly - four completed butterflies

How to Make a Pleated Paper ButterflyThese pretty folded paper butterflies are easy to make. Make several to hang individually or perhaps as a mobile. This is a page about how to make a pleated paper butterfly.


Stressed unhappy young man with bad neck pain

What Type of Doctor to Consult for Muscle Spasms?When you have a pain in your muscles, it can be hard to know what is causing it. Certain conditions require different typesof specialists. This is a page about what type of doctor to consult for muscle spasms?


Inspirational Rocks - rocks with sayings

Creating Inspirational RocksPull out that container of pretty rocks you have collected over time or go for a hike and pick up a few. Add an inspirational message with a permanent pen and give them as gifts and keep some for yourself.


Bread Tie People - Last set of three examples.

Recycled Bread Tie PeopleGet out the paints and markers and recycle your bread bag ties into cute little people. This is a page about making recycled bread tie people.


Vanity Lightbulb Snowman - finished ornament

Recycled Vanity Lightbulb SnowmanRecycle those globe vanity lightbulbs into a cute snowman or other character. This page shows you how. This is a page about recycled vanity lightbulb snowman.


Writing a stack of postcards

Reusing Greeting Cards as PostcardsGive sentimental or funny greeting cards a longer life by sharing them a second time. This page explains how easy it is to reuse greeting cards as postcards.


Yarn Octopus Doll - finished blue octopus with eyes and mouth

How to Make a Yarn Octopus DollThese retro yarn dolls are fun for you and your kids to make. This is a page about how to make a yarn octopus doll.


How to Make Pattern Strips - St. Patrick's Day pattern

How to Make Pattern StripsA child's cognitive development is aided by teaching them to recognize, complete, and replicate patterns. Make several variations of this activity to provide your children with a fun learning experience. This is a page about how to make pattern strips.


Jar Snow Globe - completed jar

Recycled Glass Jar Snow GlobeRecycle a glass jar into this unique snow globe. Make several to showcase some favorite items. This is a page about recycled glass jar snow globe.


A old wood barn with a white roof and a blue sky beyond.

Old Barn PhotosMany a coffee table book has been published containing photos of historic barns. They are interesting for their architecture, painted advertisements, and even hex symbols. This page contains old barn photos.


2 overripe bananas on white background.

Keeping Bananas from Turning BlackSometimes, bananas can ripen too fast, with the yellow skins turning spotted then dark. This page has tips for keeping bananas from turning black.


Handmade Collage Card - Finished Card

Handmade Rustic Flowers and Vases Collage CardHave fun creating a lovely, unique card using the collage art form. This is a page about handmade rustic flowers and vases collage card.


tissue and trash can on table

Using an Empty Tissue Box as Trash CanWhen empty, give your tissue box a second life as a small trash can for craft scraps or even used tissues. This is a page about using an empty tissue box as a small trash can.


Bread Package Clip Necklace - ball chain and bread package clip necklace

Bread Package Clip NecklacePull out that stash of bread clips you have been saving for just the right project. Some ball chain and an assortment of various colored clips is all you need to make this fun necklace. This is a page about bread package clip necklace.



Stir Fry Green Mussels on plate with lemon

Stir Fry Green MusselsVery easy & delicious appetizer to eat!


Hot Aloe Drink in cup

Aloe Drink to Reduce Nighttime UrinationIf you urinate often at night, this natural drink remedy will help reduce that, and it tastes very good!


Garlic Bread

Garlic BreadGarlic bread is my favorite. I love the aroma and the rich flavor of garlic. But it is not always available in most bakeries here in my province so I make my own simple garlic bread recipe at home.


Best Stovetop Popcorn in bowl

Best Stovetop PopcornI used to hate making popcorn from scratch on the stove because it would pop unevenly, leaving many unpopped kernels and some of the popcorn burnt. But after finding out how unhealthy microwaved popcorn is, I started my popcorn investigation and have found this is the best method for stovetop popcorn.


Microwave Cheesy Breakfast-in-a-Mug on a plate

Microwave Cheesy Breakfast-in-a-MugHere is a quick gluten-free breakfast treat for those mornings when you are in a rush. Serve warm as is in the mug, or if you prefer, turn the mug over on a plate. Enjoy with a cup of coffee and voila! You can be on your way to work in no time.



Notebook tabs made from Valentine's Day cards.

Repurpose Valentines as Notebook TabsI find that colorful things around me make me happy and more productive. I use colorful Valentine's Day cards to mark different sections of my notebook. These little valentines are just too adorable as bookmarks or for children to pretend they are playing cards.


Spring Magnet or Easter Basket Decoration

Spring Magnet or Easter Basket DecorationUsing felt, beads, and craft scraps one can make a cute little decoration for spring. Check it out!


A picture of a package of Dentemp dental repair medication.

Product Review: Dentemp for Temporary FillingsIf you have no dental coverage, can't afford dentist bills at the moment or can't get an appointment in and you have lost your fillings/cap or in pain this product is a great temporary relief. This product is very affordable and can be purchased at your local drug store or online.


A moldy grapefruit.

Feed Moldy Fruit to Your Fruit TreesOnce in a while, we forget to eat a certain fruit or the fruit becomes moldy. Instead of tossing the fruit in the trash, you could cut the fruit into pieces and feed to your fruit trees. The bees will suck the natural sugars from the fruit giving them energy to go about pollinating your trees and helping to set fruit.


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Cleaning Greasy Residue Left by Goo GoneGoo Gone is great for cleaning adhesive and any other kinds of sticky residue. However, the product itself leaves a greasy/oil residue that requires its own bit of cleaning.


A belt loop on a jacket.

Repairing a Belt LoopMy belt loop broke. It was made from strong thread so I used embroidery floss to fix it. Embroidery floss is six strands of thread put together. I cut 3 lengths of the floss and braided them. I now have a strong belt loop and can extend the life of my coat.



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Finding Someone to Buy and Cut Trees?I stay in Knightdale North Carolina. I have about 30 pine trees in my yard all about 40 feet high. Who can I get to cut them down?


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Re-dyeing Hair?I wanted to go a bit lighter with my hair colour. I removed the colour using Colourless Max Effect, this has left me with a two tone hair colour, light brown/ginger-ish on the roots for about two inches and a lot darker from there onwards. What do I need to do to my hair before I put on my preferred hair colour?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?She weighs 52 pounds and is 11 months old. When she's happy or excited and playful, her tail can curl up. When she's timid or scared her tail goes between her legs. She is very friendly but very skittish.


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Dog Losing Balance and Not Eating?Yesterday my female Shih Tzu was fine. Today she is walking funny and losing her balance. She lays by the water bowl and drinks, but hasn't eaten or gone to the bathroom all day. She moves from spot to spot, not far, but all she wants to do is sleep. All the weakness is in her hind legs.


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Information on French Saxon China?I'm trying to find out about French Saxon china. It says 22 carat gold on the bottom.


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Repairing or Replacing Pop-up Camper Interior Screen Cover?The zip up plastic vinyl screen cover in my pop up camper is torn and falling apart. I am interested in any other ideas on what I could use instead of using the plastic vinyl and having it be zippers. Is there another material I could use? Could I glue on Velcro strips instead?


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Replacement Paddle for Hitachi Bread Machine?Where can I buy a paddle for a Hitachi HB-B102?


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ASPCA Mobile Van Schedule?How can I get the ASPCA mobile van schedule for the Bronx NY, zip code 10452?


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Felt Bottomed Ornament Stuck to Wood Burning Stove?My son lit our woodburner and left a cast iron ornament on the top. The bottom had a felt bottom and it is now welded to the top? Is there anyway to remove it without causing damage? It is virtually a new stove and was expensive.


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Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping?I have the Geyser breaker tripping on the DB board in the granny cottage. I was told it could be the Geyser (water heater) element and thermostat so I changed them, but it still tripped. It was tested and it seemed to be faulty, I replaced with a new element and it tripped again.


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Repainting a Metal Bird Feeder?I have a birdfeeder that is made of metal, and rusted in one spot. I would like to paint it. I have sanded that spot and all around it. Could you please tell me if Rustoleum would be the correct paint to use.


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Breeding Finches?I have 3 male finches in one cage and 2 females in another. Can I put a male in with my two females to breed?


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Repairing a New Home Sewing Machine?My wife has a New Home Memory Craft 6000 sewing machine she bought new in '85/86 and dearly loves it abilities. She has made many articles. When last used it stopped mid-stroke. The 'balance wheel' is solid, frozen up. Any ideas or checking suggestions? My suspicion is the drive motor.


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Taking Care of Trumpet Plants?I need to know when to cut the trumpet plant back in the fall. Do I cut the plant back to the ground, will the plant come back from the roots in the spring? Is there any pruning to be done in the summer?


Introducing New Kitten to Resident Cat - tabby colored kitten

Introducing New Kitten to Resident Cat?So we've had a neutered male cat for 11 years, since he was a kitten. Recently, we brought a 8 week old kitten into our house and she's super hyper. She was shy for about 2 hours after I brought her home, then started jumping around and exploring. He is keeping his distance but hissing.


What Breed Is My Dog? brown and white Pit

What Breed Is My Dog?What breed is she? She is now 10 months old and 41 lbs. Is she an American Pit Bull Terrier?


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Avocado Tree Not Growing?I have an avocado tree that was planted by someone else. I don't know what type of soil they used, I know that they grew it from a seed. What can I do to help it grow? I've been taking care of it for a year and it has not grown an inch, what can I do to help it grow faster?


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