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Oxtail Vegetable Soup in bowl

Oxtail Vegetable Soup
You didnt say how much cinnamon, lemongrass, and anise. Could you clear that up for me?


Stick people with a bubble containing curse words.

A Better Today and Tomorrow
i remember the day it started for me. I was in a meeting in 1973, trying to describe, as delicately as possible, something that had been circulating in the school. i young woman looked at me and in a matter of fact voice and demeanor said, you mean they were...


cooked Thai Chicken Drumsticks

Thai Chicken Drumsticks
I made this tonight - not exactly as posted though. I had intended on making something else with chicken tenderloins but was missing a main ingredient. I quickly switched to this because i did have a bottle of oyster sauce. I used all the ingredients as stated...


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Removing Mold Smell from Books?
Thank you so much. And heres the odd thing. I unpacked the boxes on the patio and just laid them down in disgust. Few days later, i inspected them wondering what to do with them - still stinky. This morning, before i read your post, went out to pick them up...


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Cleaning Stove Drip Pans
I do that with all my stove parts. I just get a bigger back for oven racks. im like you - Id rather do it the easy way and this is definitely the easier way.


A black and white photo of a child holding a lollipop.

Theories for a Frugal Life
Kindred spirit here! Besides what you do, I have been getting dangerous toxins and chemicals out of my life for some years. I dont buy laundry detergent, personal products, cleaning products, etc. I make my own. Talk to people about it or a frugal life style...


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Remedy for Hard and Brittle Hair?
I very much urge you to try a product called Infusium. Forty years ago, I damaged my hair from a perm. I mean it killed my hair. No pick or brush would go through it. I discovered Infusium and Ive used it several times through the years when my hair was damaged...


Cactus Flower - white flower tinged with pin on the ends of the lower petals

Cactus Flower
This is indeed a beautiful flower! Does anyone know what it is?


Korean Beef Short Ribson plate

Korean Beef Short Ribs
I am most certainly going to try this. Love short ribs. But my question is why only five minutes to cook. Usually it takes hours to cook short ribs. Am I missing something here


Korean Beef Short Ribson plate

Korean Beef Short Ribs
Thanks for explaining Attosa. That makes better sense


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Reporting Neighbor's Unlicensed Cleaning Business?
You say children could easily have access. What would your children be doing in a shed in a neighbors backyard? Before you worry about your neighbors business license and shed, maybe you should be teaching your children to respect other peoples property. Im...


round Queso Fresco

Homemade Queso Fresco
Thank you! I love this cheese but sometimes get some that is too salty. Going to try this today!


tacos on plate

Frying Tortillas for Tacos
I am not knocking your way of making tacos but authenttic? No. Certainly keep making them the way you like them but I thought Id give you other, authentic ways. In Mexico, tacos are made with soft tortilla shells, simply warmed and fillings added to the tortilla...


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Collecting Lady Bugs?
You can buy Ladybugs! You get them from your local nursery if they have them or from Amazon for only $4.25. The last time I bought them, they all disappeared on me. I was upset about that until I realized that they had left my gardens because they didnt have...


A woman standing outside a home and smiling.

Procrastinating On Our Priorities
Excellent, excellent article. Well thought out. So good that ive already passed it on to friends and family. And Im so glad to put a face on the person whose posts Ive been reading for so long. Thanks for the pic. As an aside to you Sandi: Just looked at your...


A woman standing outside a home and smiling.

Procrastinating On Our Priorities
You said recently divorced. Its a devastating time. But it will get better, Lori. I promise you. I have some suggestions if you dont mind. Go get a new hairdo. Buy a new outfit. Talk to friends. If you dont have any, get some. Go out. Spring is here and there...


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Removing a Willow Tree?
So many have said that the tree will keep growing after its cut down. I have a different experience. I had a beautiful willow tree that got severely damaged during an ice storm in 1996. it had to be cut down. The stump is still there just as it was the day...


Smaller Bottles for Laundry Products Make Doing Laundry Easier - three labeled bottles

Smaller Bottles for Laundry Products Make Doing Laundry Easier
One of the things you might do, Kim, is switch to powdered detergents and bleaches. im thinking that to fill your containers, you still have to pick up a heavy container to pour into the smaller containers. Powdered is lighter and into the case of powdered...


Printed recipes with unusual ingredients underlined.

Underline Unique Recipe Ingredients
Now THATS an idea! Why have I never thought of that? Thank you so much! I go through my recipe NOW!


Spinach Artichoke Frittata

Spinach Artichoke Frittata
Looks good to me! Think Ill try it for dinner though. Meatless dinner!


A computer screen with a debt repayment calculator.

Struggling with my Small Budget
I once had good credit, good job, bought a house, and ten got hit with a major medical problem. Almost lost my house and was hounded to death from collectors with no money coming in, so Ive been in your situation. That was back in the mid 90s. Since then Ive...


An outdoor evergreen tree decorated for Christmas.

Didn't Have Much At Christmas
Loved your story, Tammy. You really dont have to have much to make it special. Realizing you had what was wanted caused a smile and a smile and a happy kid is all thats needed.


Eggs placed on rocks to keep them upright while boiling.

Rocks To Keep Eggs Upright While Boiling
Another good thing about centered egg yolks - deviled eggs. How often do you make deviled eggs and the yolk is so close to the white that you have a white so thin you can hardly contain the deviled egg mixture? Great idea. Thank you. I also loved your comment...


A moving truck parked outside an apartment.

How NOT to Move!
Darn good article, PBP. I feel for you. I recently moved two households from Washington to So. California. I labeled everything carefully and the boxes that were destined for the new apartment were labeled with bright multi-colored tape and stuff to go into...


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Treating Skin Fold Sores?
I had that problem for years - tried everything. I finally realized one day that since its the sweat that causes the rashes, I needed to find a way to keep it dry. Powders and such dont do any good - they become wet too. So I went out and got an anti-perspirant...


3 Organic Ways to Control Insects In Your Garden - variegated green and cream leafed plant

3 Organic Ways to Control Insects In Your Garden
Great article, thank you. Ive had my garden for 25 years and never used a chemical. I once bought a bunch of ladybugs. They apparently looked around, didnt find anything, and left. Made me feel good actually. You supply me with a couple things I didnt know...


A large cicada being carefully held by a finger and thumb, outside.

A Bug Named Katy (Cicada)
Thank you, Doug, for your essay. Lovely and very memory provoking. I grew up in the south, leaving there at the age of fifteen. Ive lived in seven states since. I have never seen a firefly or a dragonfly, or a katydid or a cardinal or bluejay since leaving...


A white clothes dryer in a laundry room.

Buying the Most Economical Appliance
Well, now, thank you. Thats just not something that would have occurred to me. I rarely ever get to the thing when the alarm rings anyway. Why should I pay extra. I think I just learned to study things a little closer before I buy.


Allowing paint to drip from the strainer into a plastic container.

Straining Paint
I didnt even know a screening bag was available! But then again, it never occurred to me anyway! Id have probably tossed the paint and screamed about the waste. Thanks!


A plate with a deviled egg and a slice off of the bottom of another egg.

Stand-up Deviled Eggs
Oh, Lordy! Why have i never thought of that? Im pushing 80 and it never occurred to me! The patch job I mean. So many times the yolk when taken out leaves a hole or very thin piece of white. Thank you, you smart girl!


Magic Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Magic Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Okay, Jackie, Im going to try this. And I dont need to change a thing. This is all my favorites as well. Tomorrow, Im having stuffed chicken - although one of them wont have the asparagus. My son hates the stuff (hes weird abut vegetables) - I love it. Thanks...


A rainbow over some fields.

Country Meets City
I so enjoyed your story. it reminded me of my great grandmother.


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Asking a Friend to Homecoming?
You say all your mutual friends know about your boyfriend and you say the friend you want to ask is your best friend since 5th grade has not been told. So why arent you ready to tell him about your boyfriend? You are very concerned in making sure he knows this...


A sepia photograph of a young boy with a metal tub outside.

Please, Share Your Memories
As I read this, i thought i recognized the writing and scrolled back up to the top and yep, there you were, Likekinds. Ive told you before and so have many, you write like someone who should be writing a book. Think about it. And thank you for sharing the memories...


A smiling woman sitting in a restaurant booth.

Why a Budget is Like a Shower
I have been driving my family (and sometimes myself) crazy by multiplying things by 30. I think it mostly started when my boys (real garbage guts) were eating my budget up with a vengeance. Theyd go through a gallon of milk a day. We were thirsty! Well...


Pit Cherries without a Pitter

Pit Cherries without a Pitter
Never thought of adding syrup to the juice. I even sent it on to a couple friends with cherry trees. Thanks!


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Asking My Mom About Shaving My Legs?
By giving you a razor, she has already given you permission to shave. she didnt specifically say to shave your armpits but you did shave your armpits. Why do you think you need specific permission to shave your legs? Your fifteen: your old enough to start making...


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Identifying a Movie from the 1960s?
You can try this website first: Heres some more: http://bgr...


Create A Micro Climate For Rooting Cuttings - cutting with developing roots

Create A Micro Climate For Rooting Cuttings
Thank you! Ill try that. Recently had some rootings that didnt survive even though i had them covered with bottles. This method makes sense.


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Get a Healthy Nursery Plant for the Best Price
This is one of those Why didnt I think of that? moments. Thanks so much for the education, Catherine.


Aquilegia  (Columbine) - red and white flowers

Aquilegia (Columbine)
Columbines are my most favorite flower to grow. its a hardy plant, doesnt complain about conditions much and gives you a more than fair share of beauty. It comes pretty much in all colors and combinations. The one you have pictured is probably the most common...


The Pristine Rose In Bud Form - pale pink rose

The Pristine Rose In Bud Form
Pay attention next time! youre apparently an attractive man. And where better to find a lady than at a nursery - likekinds, right?


The Pristine Rose In Bud Form - pale pink rose

The Pristine Rose In Bud Form
My dear likekinds: You could have been talking about me. I am about the same age as you (you mentioned your age a while back) and I am a couple of years older than you. I too was once pretty and now I avoid mirrors. I see so many women who have aged so much...


A bottle of roach and ant killer and a mousetrap to keep rodents away.

Keeping Mice And Rats Away
You know, youre the only one I know of that can turn a tip about an unpleasant experience into something pleasant to read about. I had an infestation of mice last year and I doubt that I could have waxed poetic about the situation. Ive read so many tips and...


A plastic bag of crushed egg shells and a rolling pin.

Crush Egg Shells With a Rolling Pin
I use the blender and have no problem. Put the lid on and after blending, leave the lid on until the dust settles.


The Littlest Bird Is The Loudest - house wren

The Littlest Bird Is The Loudest
I tried to think of the words to describe how I felt about what you wrote but failing to come up with an apt description, Ill simply say: I loved your story. It made me smile.


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Removing Old Furniture Wax from an Old Coffee Table?
i used to own a cleaning compay and we used ammonia ft remove the wax build up on floors. Worked beautifully. Absolutely melted the wax right off. However I didnt know about on wood. Googled it and came up with this:


jar labeled as bone broth in the freezer

Bone Broth
I suggest that you access the source that Jean posted to learn more before you make the broth. I did and I taught me a lot - mostly about what mistakes I could make - although I think Im already pretty good at making mistakes on my own. Jean didnt have enough...


Homemade Chunky Applesauce in pan

Homemade Chunky Applesauce
Thank you, JAckie!, I shouted when I saw this. Ive been trying to find a chuny applesauce recipe since having some in a restaurant years ago. Every recipe I find is for mashed up apples. And, since Im diabetic, when you said I didnt have to add sugar - Well...


Sheep Sorrel for Removing Warts

Sheep Sorrel for Removing Warts
I have no idea if this will help anyone - the writer used fresh leaves - but you can buy sheep sorrel powder on Mountain Rose Herbs. It doesnt say anything about wart removal.


Dealing With Gnats

Dealing With Gnats
I believe you. If mosquitoes can have preferences, so can gnats. I have a suggestion. Repellent that you can make yourself. Ive made repellent many times over the years and they do work. Not just on myself but friends and family. Im giving you a simple recipe...


invasive weed in flower garden

Flowering Plants May Be Weeds
This pretty little plant is not just invasive, its a dangerous plant. Dont just cut it to the ground - yank that thing out. The minute you see one, get it out of your garden. i speak from some experience. You might want to read this article which also tells...


Hose to Protect Shoes When Shoveling

Hose to Protect Shoes When Shoveling
Wish I had thought of this years ago! Thank you!


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Buying Octagon Soap?
A year ago i tried finding some and found that they were no longer making it. Why, I dont know because it was apparently a good seller. What with the explosion of DIYers, youd think theyd bring it back.


photo of computer screen

Create a Computer Index for Your Recipes
Back in the 80s I started putting my good recipes in my computer. Im sure you must have word processing software - Word, Office or Wordperfect. If you copied one recipe a day into your computer, if would take a while but sure easier to find! Ive got a main...


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Finding a Free Bed?
If you live in a larger city where there is a Salvation Army, you can get a voucher once a year for a piece of furniture - Im assuming a bed would be furniture, right. Doesnt hurt to try!


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Economical Magic Eraser
I looked up magic eraser mops on Amazon. Theyre not cheap and of curse, you have to buy refills. Magic Erasers dont last all that long so Im wondering how long a Magic Eraser mophead might last. Sounds to me like it would end up being pretty expensive.


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Growing Hair Longer?
I know you want long hair - I did too but it just didnt grow much at all. But heres the thing Kaci - why must you look the same as everyone else? I would assume youre pretty young? When youre older, youll appreciate your individualism. In the meantme - have...


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Possible Bone Spur on Toe?
I sure have. In the same spot you have. Thats a very painful thing to walk on! I saw a podiatrist and he did a quick surgery. Im not sqeamish about such things and sat and watched while he numbed it, opened up the toe, ground out the bone spur and sewed me...


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Repairing Hair Damaged by Perm and Straightening?
Im sorry it took so long to answer your question but I didnt remember the name of the product I wanted to recommend until I could get to the store to look for it. Ive had the same problem you have -twice - and this product saved my hair both times. Infusium...


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Crafts and Activities for Seniors?
How about cards - poker, pinochle, gin rummy - lots of card games. Put a jigsaw or two out on tables - theyre cheap at thrift stores. Does anybody at all know music? - bet somebody does. Form a singing group. A dance group - maybe some tap dancing - and yes...


closeup of three beautiful blooms

Hymenocallis Festalis (Peruvian Daffodils)
I once saw a picture of this beautiful flower and fell in love with it. Thanks for the information. But what I want to tell you is: Ive read a few of your articles and I want to tell you that you are informative but mostly youre entertaining. Id read what you...


root bound ball of Shasta daisy

Saving a Root Bound Plant
Thank you Barbara - most informative - and with pictures that I can actually see what you did! Yeah, and i just planted a rootbound plant two days ago - didnt know what to do with it. Now if I can just remember which one it was.


full length back view

Remedy for Hair Damaged by Perm?
I have had extensive damage from a perm as you described. If you can find Infusion (usually found on the bottom shelves), I guarantee it will help. There are two or three (or more) Infusion products. Get the one for damaged hair. It wont clear it up immediately...


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Homemade Liquid Soap from Bars
Well, who knew? Thanks for sharing!


Black widow spider

Should You Wear Gloves While Gardening?
Back many, many years ago, standing in the garden, holding my six-month-old son, i was looking at my large and glorious peony bush. Then i saw it. A Black Widow. i panicked. I had a baby here! I ran into the house, grabbed some Raid and blasted that bush. Heavily...


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Getting Rid of Centipedes?
Dont get rid of centipedes or millipedes! They eat other bugs! I have lots of millipedes in my garden. When I come across one in my digging around, I pick him up and put him in some other place. These are the good guys!


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Getting Rid of Centipedes?
Okay, after answering your question, I saw another question further down asking the same thing only she said hers were in the bathroom. I had assumed your centipedes were in the garden. If your centipedes are in the house, ignore what I said. For inside the...


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Getting Rid of Centipedes in My Apartment?
Your bathroom is moist and thats what centipedes like. Try a humidifier in your bathroom. You should also check for cracks in the floor and windows through with they can climb and seal them up.


Don't Use Plastic Bags

Don't Use Plastic Bags
Im in total agreement with all that has been said and Im all for getting rid of plastic bags - and many other plastic products. However, Im concerned with a bi-product of getting rid of plastic grocery bags. You know that people have been for years using...


Don't Use Plastic Bags

Don't Use Plastic Bags
And then theres this.


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Treating Boils on the Face?
I started having them under my left arm and then in my groin area. I didnt bother with the ones in the groin area but the ones under my arm were painful and deep. Went to the dermatologist and havent had one since! I did find out that these things are quite...


View of clean and burnt sides of pan.Cleaning a Very Burnt Saucepan

Cleaning a Very Burnt Saucepan
When I have a pan with burned on food, I put some water in the pan - just to cover the burn, and then put a dryer sheet in the pan. Leave it overnight. Youll be amazed! I was.


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Put Twigs and Leaves in Plant Pots
This is one of those why didnt I think of that? moments. Great idea! Ill make good use of it.


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Adding Scented Oil to Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap?
While Essentl Oils (EO) i quit safe to include in laundry detergent, just a word of warning: Whereas EOs are safe to ingest, it is a matter of dilution. EOs are highly concentrated and most times only one or two drops are used. If misused, they can be extremely...


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Natural Hair Gel From Flax Seeds
How much water? Just barely over the seeds? More?


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Moist Upside Down Turkey
Well, Good Lord! Im 78 years old and Im just now finding out about this? It certainly makes sense. Why havent any of these great chefs of the world figured this out? I hate turkey because of the dry breast. It has to be swimming in gravy for me to eat it. I...


Jars of dried food on a shelf.

Preserving Food by Dehydrating
Outstanding! Thanks for sharing. Ive never thought f doing this.


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Homemade Laundry Detergent
Someone mentioned that you can buy Zote if you are in a Hispanic area. Ive been using Zote for years in a homemade detergent and I live in Washington - not a Hispanic area. I buy it at Walmart. I think other stores might have it too. Good stuff, by the way...


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Homemade Laundry Detergent
Okay, Im going to sort of add on to Sues laundry detergent recipe. Mine is basically the same but makes more. If you try Sues and like it - heres an extended recipe - Im lazy - If Im going to do it - do it once. I do have a few changes to Sues recipe...


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Product Review: Zout Stain Remover
I discovered Zout years ago. When living in California. When I moved back to Spokane WA in 1992, I was devastated to find that there wasnt any to be found. I used the bottle I had only for the worst stains. Finally, it started appearing on the shelves! Zout...


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Caring for a Baby Mole?
Im afraid i cant answer your questions but you brought back a painful memory. when i was thirteen, i found a mole. i made it comfortable in a very large pan full of dirt. We visited every day for about four days and I was thrilled with my new pet. i came out...


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Paint Color Ideas to Brighten Kitchen?
Try wallpaper. i did this once to a dark kitchen and it did wonders. You can find so many patterns that could accent your cabinets and cabinets and yet add its own brightness and color.


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Destroy Sensitive Papers by Soaking Them
Instead of throwing the soaked papers in the trash, put it in your compost bin if you have one. Shredded dry paper and soaked paper are both good compost additions


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Odors in a Picnic Cooler?
Wad a bunch of newspapers up and put them inside the cooler. Leave for a few days. Dont know how this works but it does.


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Surprise Tomatoes From Seed?
My self-seeded tomatoes have provided me with fruit although I dont think quite as many as a fresh new plant. Leave it alone and let them bear you some good tomatoes!


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Removing Cat Spray Odor from Sneakers?
You can try Urine Gone which I bought at walmart - does the trick. Spray and smell gone.


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Use Vaseline for Young Looking Skin
I read all the comments and many of you have said how great vaseline was on the skin but the fact remains that it takes 26 seconds for the petroleum in Vaseline to reach your bloodstream. Thats just fine if you dont mind petroleum inside your body. When I warn...


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Getting Rid of Earthworms?
You dont say where youre from or what kind of soil you have. While earthworms are great, in some soils (clay for instance), they arent so good. You might try adding fine sand to your soil. Earthworms dont like sand. Do add equal parts of good compost to create...


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Healthy Oil for Popcorn?
The healthiest oil you can use is olive oil. Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat and, unlike butter, lard, and other fats, contains a large proportion of easily digested fats and no cholesterol. Olive oil is also a good source of vitamin E, which is thought...


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Non Toxic Mold Cleaners?
The cheapest most effective way to kill mold is vinegar. Vinegar actually kills the spores and is therefore an effective tool for mold removal. It actually kills the mold without emitting any chemicals into the air so its a friendly way to do the job. Only...


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Mycolog 2 for Itchy Ears?
You didnt say what was causing your itchy ears or what Mycolog 2 is for but if it doesnt work, ask him to check your ears for yeast. Mine drove me crazy for years and years until a savvy doctor swabbed my ear, looked through a microscope at the result and informed...


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Use Carabiner to Secure Purse to Shopping Cart
Not trying to rain on your parade but although attaching your purse with a carabiner is a really great idea, please keep in mind that anyone can reach into your purse and pull out your wallet in seconds when your back is turned. Ive gave up purses years ago...


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Using Petroleum Jelly as a Moisturizer?
There are a lot of posts on here from people who say its the best for our skin. But heres the facts: it takes 28 seconds for anything you put on your skin to get into your bloodstream. Do you really want a petroleum product flowing through your veins? Cheap...


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Deep in Debt and No Way to Pay?
Ive been in exactly the same situation. I found an inexpensive attorney that charged me $250 to file bankruptcy and I did it. I had no trouble having had a bankruptcy and sure didnt miss the hounding creditor calls. One of which, when it was explained that...


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Meals That Can Be Prepared in Advance?
I have to agree with Heidi - if youre eating the kinds of food you say you are, youre not a picky eater! Thats essentially junk food - full of additives. Youve gotten good advice so far, so I wont give you the same over again. However, if youll send me an e...


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