February 16, 2012

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Chicken soup with lots of vegetables and wild rice.

Chicken Soup RecipesA variety of delicious soups can be created with chicken. This page contains recipes for chicken soup.


Depression Era Bank

Frugal Living Lessons from the Great DepressionThis is a page about frugal living lessons from the Great Depression. There are many useful lessons that can be learned from how people lived during the Great Depression.


Photo of a Caesar Salad

Cooking for OneIt can be tricky to cook for one person, especially if you don't want to end up with a ton of leftovers. This is a page about cooking for one.


Vegetables canned at home.

Using Canned VegetablesThis is a page about using canned vegetables. Canned vegetables can be a convenient side dish, or addition to soups and stews.


shrimp tostada

Tostada RecipesThis page contains tostada recipes. A tostada is a flat fried tortilla with a variety of toppings, that makes a great quick meal.


Woman breastfeeding a baby.

Breastfeeding TipsThis page contains breastfeeding tips. Breastfeeding should be a great experience for both you and your baby.


Pink Christmas Cactus

Getting a Christmas Cactus to BloomYou have a beautiful green Christmas cactus, but sadly, no blooms. This is a page about getting a Christmas cactus to bloom.


Coffee Stain on Carpet

Removing a Coffee Stain from CarpetThis a page about removing a coffee stain from carpet. Coffee stains on carpet are a common occurrence.


dog with shiny coat

Keeping Your Dog's Coat ShinyThis is a page about keeping your dog's coat shiny. A dog with a shiny coat looks good and it is a sign of good health. Keep your dog's coat looking great with these helpful tips.


Vegetables Stir Fry in a Wok

Vegetable Stir Fry RecipesStir fried vegetables are great when cooked to perfection, seasoned correctly, and served over rice. This page contains stir fry vegetable recipes.


Choosing Baby Names

Choosing a Baby NameThis is a page about choosing a baby name. Choosing the perfect name for your baby can be daunting.


Recipes Using Leftover Ham, Spiral sliced ham.

Freezing Cooked Ham?This is a page about freezing cooked ham. Leftover ham can be frozen for later use.


sweeping a floor

Floor Sweeping TipsThis page contains floor sweeping tips. There are numerous ways to make floor sweeping easier and more effective.


Watering a Pink blooming Christmas Cactus

Caring for a Christmas CactusThis is a page about caring for a Christmas cactus. The Christmas cactus is an easy to grow house plant with a little understanding of its needs.


Gray Dog

Dog Shivering Outside?This is a page about helping a dog shivering outside. When your dog is shivering outside, it's important to make sure it is well and warm enough.


Maintaining Your Water Heater

Maintaining Your Water Heater This is a page about maintaining your water heater. With regular maintenance a water heater can last for many years before it needs to be replaced.


Uses for Pillowcases, Yellow Pillowcase Skirt

Uses for PillowcasesThis is a page about uses for pillowcases. Don't throw out that old pillowcase! There are all kinds of ways to reuse these simple colorful rectangles of fabric.


metal burner covers

Uses for Burner CoversThis is a page about uses for burner covers. You now have a new ceramic topped stove and are looking for uses for those obsolete burner covers in the cupboard.


Cleaning Windows

Cleaning Lawn Service Chemicals from WindowsThis is a page about cleaning lawn service chemicals from windows. Lawn care chemicals can end up on your windows and they are not always easy to remove.


A bowl of corn chowder.

Corn Chowder RecipesThis page contains corn chowder recipes. Chowder is a creamy, delicious way to use up extra corn.


A Norfolk pine or Araucaria heterophylla, in a white pot.

Caring for a Norfolk PineNorfolk pine or Araucaria heterophylla are originally from a small island near New Zealand. They are a popular houseplant. Proper care can keep these elegant living Christmas trees healthy for years to come.


Watercress and Physalis Salad

Watercress RecipesThis page contains watercress recipes. Watercress is a versatile salad green with many health benefits.


Nutritious Snacks for Kids

Nutritious Snacks for KidsThis is a page about nutritious snacks for kids. Sometimes getting kids to healthy snacks can be difficult, but given the right tasty options they will eat them up.


fruit salad

Fruit Salad RecipesThis page contains recipes for fruit salad. A fruit salad can be a healthy alternative to satisfy those sweet cravings.


Cleaning Dishes

Cleaning Greasy DishesThis is a page about cleaning greasy dishes. It can be tough to cut through the grease on dishes.


How to Declutter Your Life

How to Declutter Your LifeThis is a page is about how to declutter your life. Without organization a lot of time can be wasted trying to find what you need.


Helping Someone With Alzheimer's

Helping a Loved One with Alzheimer'sThis is a page about helping a loved one with Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's is a difficult disease for everyone involved to deal with. Being there and supportive for someone in your life with Alzheimer's is extremely important.


Frugal Valentine's Day Gifts, Saving Money on Valentine's Day

Saving Money On Valentine's DayThere are ways to tell someone you love them without spending a lot of money. This is a page about saving money on Valentine's day.


Cleaning Old Dresses

Removing Yellow Creases from Stored DressesThis is a page about removing yellow creases from stored dresses. Many fabrics begin to yellow over time, especially when stored improperly.


daddy daughter dance ideas

Planning a Daddy Daughter Dance?This is a page about planning a daddy daughter dance. Memories of a daddy daughter dance can last a lifetime.


fresh delicious sour cream

Homemade Sour Cream RecipesThis page contains homemade sour cream recipes. It may be easier to make sour cream at home than you think.


Popsicle Stick Plant Marker

Homemade Plant MarkersThis is a page about homemade plant markers. The cost of buying plant markers may be prohibitive, but you can make some unique ones using purchased or household items.


Cleaning a Shower Curtain

Cleaning a Shower CurtainThis is a page about cleaning a shower curtain. Periodic cleaning will help prevent mold and mildew from building up on your shower curtain.


Dirty Pots and Pans

Cleaning Pots and PansThis is a page about cleaning pots and pans. Properly cleaning your pots and pans will help them last longer and look nice.


Homemade Valentine's lollipops.

Valentine's Day Gift IdeasMany people celebrate this holiday with gifts of hearts, flowers, candy, and thoughtful gestures for their loved ones. This is a page about Valentine's Day gift ideas.


unfinished basement

Removing Odors from a BasementThis is a page about removing odors from a basement. Basements often lack proper air circulation that can breed mold and mildew.


Broccoli Cauliflower Salad

Broccoli Cauliflower Salad RecipesBroccoli and cauliflower combine to make a tasty salad. This page contains broccoli cauliflower recipes.


How to Make Cheese Fondue

Cleaning a Fondue Pot?Eating hot bubbly cheese or chocolate fondue is a great treat, but then there is the cleaning of the pot. This is a page about cleaning a fondue pot.


African Daisy Photo

Growing African DaisiesThis is a page about growing african daisies. African daisies are a beautiful addition to any flower bed. Use these helpful tips to grow african daises in your yard.


Norfolk pine when healthy.

Norfolk Pine Needles Turning BrownThis is a page about Norfolk pine needles turning brown. It is common to see Norfolk pines for sale in the winter, but for many people these beautiful trees turn brown rather quickly.


Plastic Lid Photo Ornament

Uses for Plastic LidsThis is a page about uses for plastic lids. Plastic food storage lids come in all shapes and sizes. Rather than throwing them away, find a way to use them around the house.


A container of moldy cheddar cheese.

Preventing Mold on CheeseIf it is not a variation of blue cheese you probably would prefer it not be moldy. This is a page about preventing mold on cheese.


Veterinarian looking at a dog.

Choosing a VeterinarianThis is a page about choosing a veterinarian. Your pet is an important part of the family. So, it only natural that you would want the best veterinarian for your pet.


cranberry chicken with corn and carrots.

Cranberry Chicken RecipesThis page contains recipes for cranberry chicken. Chicken can be wonderful with the addition of fruit.


Feeding a Baby

Weaning a Baby Off Breast Milk?This is a page about weaning a baby off breast milk. As your baby begins to eat more solids foods, you may choose to start weaning them.


buzzing in your ear

Buzzing in Your EarsThis is a page about buzzing in your ears. Buzzing in the ear or tinnitus is a sign of an underlying condition possibly caused by age-related hearing loss, an ear injury, or a circulation disorder.


Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros RecipesThis page contains huevos rancheros recipes. A delicious, traditional Mexican breakfast.



Reusing Parts From A "Shake" Flashlight - the original light before being taken apart.

Reusing Parts From A "Shake" FlashlightRemember a few years ago when everyone bought 'shake to charge' flashlights? You'd shake them a few times and they'd charge up enough power to get around in an emergency which was VERY handy.


Fresh Linen Drying On The Line outside.

Fresh Linen Drying On The LineLine-dried laundry!


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Sunset Reflections (Bandon, OR)Another beautiful sunset here on the Oregon Coast. This is on the shoreline leading to Elephant Rock, where the shape of the center of a long rock looks like an elephant and when the ocean gets wild enough the water sprays through, creating tusks.


A plastic jar full of popcorn for a baby shower.

"About To Pop" Baby ShowerMy daughter in law's baby shower had an "I'm about to pop" theme which was cute. We popped popcorn and put it into plastic containers and glued on printables that said "Ready to pop."


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Crispy WedgesThese taste great and kid's love them.


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Avoiding Impulse ShoppingWhen visiting a mall, there is one thing that makes me want to spend, spend, spend! That is the sight of another shopper with lots of lovely designer store bags in her arms.


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Lotion For Removing Ink From SkinI have used various brands of hand/body lotion. Rubbing alcohol works as well. If you have hand sanitizer it works too, but takes longer.


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Cinnamon Oil for DeodorizingUse cinnamon oil to freshen up shoes, hands and feet. Just dab some on a tissue and get to wiping. Doesn't take much and smells great! Add 1-2 drops to soapy hands and wash as normal when wanting to freshen up hands or feet.



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Feeding a 6 Week Old Puppy?I just got a 6 week old Bugg, that's a Boston/Pug cross, 2 days ago. She's very little, a pound maybe. Everyone is saying she looks younger. I got her 1-12 month dry puppy food, but my husband just told me puppy food is by weight not just age.


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Cleaning Mold Off a Chair?I have a "moon chair" that was in my basement, and now has spots of mold on it. How can I clean this chair? Since it's a chair, I cannot put it is my washing machine. Thanks for any helpful information you can give me.


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Killing Moss in Flower Beds?I need to kill the moss in my rock flower bed. Is vinegar going to be safe for the surrounding plants?


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Homemade Weight Loss Dog Food Ideas?My three year old Pomeranian is overweight. She will not eat any canned dog food and hardly the dry. We give her chicken, burger meat, and sometimes pork when we make it, for dinner. What can I get for her to help get rid of the weight?


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Removing Gum from Clothing?I was riding the bus and my friend told me that there was gum on my jacket. When I got home I told my mom to wash my jacket and she did, but the gum didn't come out. What should I do about it? Thanks.


Norfolk pine when healthy.

Caring for Potted Norfolk Pine?My fiance and I bought a Christmas tree last year and have been trying to take care of it during our busy schedules. However, our plant has slowly turned brown, droopy, and overall not very happy.


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Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs?When I peel hard boiled eggs the shell comes away with some of the white and looks awful, how can I stop this happening? I have tried peeling in cold water and hot and rolling the egg first, but nothing seems to work. The shell just goes brittle and comes off in little bits.


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Pressure Cooker Chicken and Rice Recipe?I need a easy and few ingredient recipe for fixing chicken and rice in a pressure cooker. And I'd like to use bone in thighs. Thanks!


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Free Redwork Patterns?Where can I get old redwork patterns?


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Making Precooked Frozen Chips?Can anyone tell me how to make the perfect precooked frozen chips? I have tried everything, but can't get it to work perfectly.I want to prepare about 20 kg at a time. I need a step by step recipe


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit Problems?A few years ago, for no known reason, all the outlets in a downstairs room stopped working, but one on a different wall. No breakers were flipped. I assumed that the one was on a different circuit. FYI, the outlets are not GFI.


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Recipe for Wheatgrass Juice?I'm looking for a delicious recipe for wheatgrass juice with something that can help cover up the taste of wheatgrass. Please let me know if anyone has one.


Three prong electric blanket connector.

Replacement Cord and Controller for Electric...I am looking for a 3 pronged cord with controller for an electric blanket (full size,170 watts).


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Substituting Gelatin for Pectin?Can gelatin be used in making strawberry preserves?


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iPod Touch Went Through Washer?How do you dry an iPod Touch that went through the washer by mistake?


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Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes?My son has recently become a vegetarian and we have a couple of busy nights where it would be nice to come home to a cooked meal. Does anyone have any favorite vegetarian recipes for the crockpot? Eggs and cheese are fine.


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Skin Care Uses for Aloe Vera?How can I use my aloe vera plant for skin care?


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