February 28, 2012

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coke bottle spoon rest

Spoon Rest IdeasThis page contains spoon rest ideas. You can buy any number of spoon rests at your favorite kitchen store, make one, or use something that you already have in the house.


chocolate pie

Chocolate Pie RecipesThis page contains chocolate pie recipes. If you are a chocoholic maybe your next dessert should be a chocolate pie.


microwaved baked apples

Making Baked Apples in the MicrowaveThis page is about making baked apples in the microwave. A delicious, healthy treat for breakfast or dessert.


Handmade Christmas card.

Making Your Own Greeting CardsThis page is about making your own greeting cards. Personalized homemade cards can be very special correspondences for your friends and family.


making a turkey breast

Cooking a Perfect Turkey BreastThis is a page about cooking a perfect turkey breast. Roasting a turkey breast so that it is moist and tasty can be tricky.


old sweaters

Recycled Sweater Craft IdeasSweaters can be used in a variety of recycled crafts. This page has ideas for making new and creative crafts using sweaters as material.


chest freezer

Once a Month Cooking RecipesThis page contains once a month cooking recipes. Once a month cooking may be helpful for organizing your busy schedule.


creative ways to give money

Creative Ways to Give Money as a GiftThis is a page about creative ways to give money as a gift. Money can sometimes seem like an impersonal gift.


cigarette smoke odors

Removing Cigarette Smoke OdorsThe odor from cigarette smoke is strong, pervasive, and often difficult to remove. This is a page about removing cigarette smoke odors.


Red delicious apples.

Recipes Using Red Delicious Apples?This page contains recipes using red delicious apples. Red delicious is an American apple with a mildly sweet flavor.


Recycled Box Gift Bags

Homemade Gift BagsThis is a page about homemade gift bags. Making your own gift bags is a great recycling and money saving project.


repairing cracked fingernails

Repairing a Cracked FingernailThis is a page about repairing a cracked fingernail. You don't have to cut all of your other nails short if one cracks; try mending it.


M and M Cookies

M&M Cookie RecipesColorful M&Ms are a delicious addition to many cookie recipes. This page contains M&M cookie recipes.


Removing Cigarette Smoke Odors from a CarCigarette smoke permeates many materials of a car's interior, making it a challenge to remove the smell. This page is about removing cigarette smoke odor from a car.


saving money on bread

Saving Money on BreadThis is a page about saving money on bread. There are many different ways to spend less on bread.


coping with losing a pet

Coping With the Death of a PetThis page is about coping with the death of a pet. The loss of a pet can be devastating for those left behind.


Mop and bucket on linoleum floor

Cleaning Discolored LinoleumLinoleum, made from ground wood or cork and usually linseed oil, is susceptible to discoloration. This is a page about cleaning discolored linoleum.


Washable Wiping Squares

Reusable Toilet Paper (Cloth Wiping Squares)This page is about reusable toilet paper. Generally we use a disposable product, but for the reusing enthusiast, cloth wiping squares can be made at home.


cigarette smell computer

Removing Cigarette Smoke Odors from a Computer?This is a page about removing cigarette smoke odors from a computer. The plastics in a computer can absorb cigarette smoke odors.


metal mouse trap

Keeping Mice Out of Your HomeThis is a page about keeping mice out of your home. Mice often come into our homes to find food and warmth; keeping them out requires some persistence on your part.


12 year old gift ideas

Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old GirlThis is a page about gift ideas for a 13 year old girl. Deciding on just the right gift for a young girl entering her teens can be difficult.


Stack of Cheeses

Saving Money on CheeseThis is a page about saving money on cheese. Cheese is a favorite ingredient in many recipes and a great snack food.


cleaning pewter

Cleaning Pewter?This page is about cleaning pewter. Pewter contains quite a bit of tin and darkening is often desired for the antique look.


Organic Pest Control in the Garden

Organic Pest Control in the GardenThis is a page about organic pest control in the garden. Using organic pest control methods is a great alternative to the use of harmful pesticides.



Microwave Peanut Brittle RecipesThis page contains microwave peanut brittle recipes. Your microwave offers a quick and convenient option to the traditional stovetop method of making peanut brittle.


uses for cereal boxes

Uses for Cereal Boxes and PackagingThis is a page about uses for cereal boxes and packaging. Cereal boxes and the inner bag can be reused in a wide variety of ways.


Pringles can.

Uses for Pringles CansThis is a page about uses for Pringles cans. Pringles cans have great craft or storage potential.


low salt recipes

Low Sodium RecipesThis page contains low sodium recipes. Trying to stick to a low sodium diet may be difficult without changing the way you cook.


sweat stain on dark clothing

Removing Underarm Sweat Stains from ClothingUnderarm sweat stains can be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing underarm sweat stains from clothing.


white chocolate fudge

White Chocolate Fudge RecipesTry this variation on more traditional chocolate fudge. This page contains white chocolate fudge recipes.


Indian Fry Bread

Fry Bread RecipesThis page contains fry bread recipes. A quick bread that can be a special treat when camping, fry bread can be very versatile.


Ink stain on a white shirt.

Removing Pen Ink from ClothingHow often have you had ink get on clothing in one way or another? This is a page about removing pen ink from clothing.


organizing a hall closet

Organizing Your Hall ClosetThis is a page about organizing your hall closet. The hall closet has traditionally been the coat closet and the catchall for a lot of other things, often resulting in an organizational disaster.


duct tape flip flops

Making Duct Tape Flip Flops This is a page about making duct tape flip flops. Duct tape is a very popular crafting material; use it to make a personalized pair of custom flip flops.


storing apples

Storing ApplesThis page is about storing apples. With proper storage many varieties of apples will keep for a long time.


steel wool

Preventing Brillo or SOS Pads from RustingThis is a page about preventing Brillo or SOS pads from rusting. These useful kitchen scouring pads have one downfall; they rust.


Recycle Sweaters into Scarves

Recycling Sweaters into ScarvesThis is a page about recycling sweaters into scarves. Rather than discarding your old sweaters, you can turn them into fun, unique scarves.


ice chest cooler

Keeping Groceries ColdThis is a page about keeping groceries cold. Sometimes we may travel quite a distance when grocery shopping.


cake mix cookies

Cake Mix Cookie RecipesThis page contains cake mix cookie recipes. A quick and easy way to make cookies is to start with boxed cake mix.



Recipes Using GritsEven if you are not from the south, you can enjoy many delicious dishes made using grits. This page contains recipes using grits.


Granny Smith Apples

Recipes Using ApplesThis versatile fruit can be prepared in many delicious of ways. This page contains recipes using apples.


Old Christmas card.

Preserving Old Greeting CardsThis is a page about preserving old greeting cards. Keeping greeting cards and reminiscing about past events and friends is something many of us like to do.


Removing rust stains from a sink.

Removing Rust Stains from a SinkRusty pipes, well water, and even a crack in the porcelain on a cast iron sink can lead to rust stains. This is a page about removing rust stains from a sink.


Mop on linoleum floor

Cleaning Linoleum FloorsLinoleum flooring is back in vogue because of its green nature. However, before cleaning you sheet flooring you need to know if it is vinyl or true linoleum. The cleaning methods are different. This is a page about cleaning linoleum floors.


storing luggage

Storing SuitcasesThis is a page about storing suitcases. When not in use suitcases can take up a lot of space and be awkward to store.


Sewing stretchy fabric with a sewing machine.

Sewing DartsThis is a page about sewing darts. Darts are used in sewing to shape a garment and provide a better fit.



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Cocktail WienersGreat as an appetizer or a snack.


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Sauteed Apples with Slivered AlmondsSauteed apples are great as a breakfast side or with a meal featuring pork and even as a simple yummy treat but adding the almonds adds a nice extra touch. I happen to like mine plain but feel free to spice with cinnamon and/or nutmeg to taste.


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Stuffed Pork ChopsThese are very yummy and tender! Love the stuffing!


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Cream Cheese BrowniesThese are yummy and rich!


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California Mix Vegetable CasseroleOne of my favorite veggie recipes. Love the French fried onions!


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Green Chicken PilafThis is also an inexpensive recipe to make. Very tasty, too!


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Potato-Cheese SoupOne of my favorite soups! Very hearty and good!


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Popcorn CakeEasy and good. This one's fun for kids to do!


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Kool-Aid PunchThis is a great one to make for the kids!


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Blueberry Cream MuffinsThese muffins are very tasty and easy to make! They are great at meal times or as a snack. Kids love these, too!


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Cheese BreadThis is very good with almost any meal or even as a snack.


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Orange Dream CheesecakeSprinkle crumbs onto bottom of 8- or 9-inch springform pan sprayed with cooking spray. Add boiling water to gelatin mix in large bowl; stir 2 minutes until completely dissolved. Cool 5 minutes.


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Fried BreadThis bread is sort of like an oversized biscuit, only better.


TV Dinner Cupcakes

TV Dinner CupcakesI saw this idea in a book and just had to try it! It turned out to be really easy and they are just too cute. Here's how I made them:


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Gum Drop SaladLove this unique, fruity, sweet salad!


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Raisin BarsKids love these! Very moist and good!


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'Buster Bar' DessertLove the hot fudge in this!


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Honey and Poppy Seed BiscuitsYummy and extremely easy to make!


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Budget Herb ButterSince a frugal lifestyle is a creative lifestyle, making herb butter at home is an affordable way to add a little gourmet touch to your frugal meals.


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Sweet Potato SouffleMy daughters and husband are fans of this recipe.


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Date Nut BreadMy mom really enjoys this one. Nice, soft loaves of bread.



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Freezing and Using ZucchiniIn July or August it is best to keep your car doors locked or you are apt to end up with a backseat full of oversized zucchini. My solution is both simple and thrifty. For the giant ones, de-seed (using a spoon), peel if necessary, shred with a food processor, and store in two cup amounts.


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Remedy for Bad BreathFirst of all be sure you have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis. There is a liquid mouthwash called CloSys that I use. I can get it from my dentist, online, or at Walgreens.


Child pulling school bus cart on sidewalk.

School Bus Toy WagonFor the child who likes to cart things around, this is a toy wagon decorated to look like a schoolbus. It is thrifty because, you don't need to buy a wagon of any kind to make this. The secret is to employ the bottom rack from an old dishwasher as the rolling cart.


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Tips For Organizing The GarageUse hook-shaped bike hooks to hold ladders, lumber, screens, and other hard to store items from the ceiling in the garage. The ceiling is the "5th wall" of your room and is often overlooked as a place for storage.


Sprouts in a Jar

Growing Sprouts Next to Your Kitchen SinkHere's an inexpensive way to add more vegetables to your diet all year, and all it takes is a quart jar and a spot near your kitchen sink.


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Help for Upset StomachI have 2 tips for an upset stomach: A few drops of Angostura bitters in a glass of club soda. Adjust the bitters to taste and degree of upset stomach. It usually makes you burp after you drink it.


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Attach Earrings To Lace For StorageI got this idea from Pinterest. I took a long piece of lace ribbon and attached all my pierced earrings to it. I draped it over a jewelry organizer I've had for years. Very pretty and very functional!


Completed eggs.

Decorator Easter EggsThere are many ways to decorate these fabric eggs, once you have the pattern mastered you won't know when to stop.


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Shop Dollar Tree For Frugal AppetizersPlaces like Dollar Tree sells jars of marinated mushrooms, olives, roasted red peppers, etc. for about a dollar a jar. You can use these to make giant, inexpensive antipasto platters.


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Garnishing Government BenefitsThere have been a lot of people lately asking whether or not federal benefits can be garnished for child support/back child support. There was a big article in my local paper, today, about this topic.


North Sea (Whitley Bay, UK)

North Sea (Whitley Bay, UK)The N.E. Coast of England. Beautiful and serene, even in winter. The North Sea is fantastic from the shoreline!


duct tape wallet coin pocket

Adding a Coin Pouch to a Duct Tape WalletThis video demonstrates how to add a coin pouch to a wallet using a zip-loc bag.


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Storing USB and Computer CablesI always had cable cords draped over a door knob by my computer. It looked unsightly so I put a hook, large enough to hold my 4 cords, in the closet which houses my computer/desk.


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Vinegar for Cigarette Smoke OdorsTo rid your house of cigarette smoke smells, place little bowls of vinegar through out the house. It works!


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No More Pack Rat LivingI decided several years ago not to keep everything "just in case". I know several people I can call if I need something I do not save, like oleo tubs, coffee cans, or even bits of fabric. Why not let them save the extra things so I can stay organized?


dog and cat lying nose to nose

Comfort Your Pet When Another Pet DiesI am not an expert in animal emotions. All I know is what I have observed with my pets. Hopefully, the suggestions I have will be helpful to anyone who finds themselves dealing with a pet that is saddened by the death of another pet.


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Best Time of Year to Buy DeodorantThe best coupons I have found to buy deodorant are around Mother's Day and Father's Day. Usually with coupons and BOGO sales, you can easily stock up for the year and beyond.


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Selecting Good GrapesWhen selecting grapes choose a bunch with a green stem. If the stem is brown, they usually are too ripe.


Save Spray Tops From Empty Bottles of Perfume

Save Spray Tops From Empty Bottles of PerfumeI buy many of the same type of perfume from the Dollar Tree, particularly Eternity and Ralph for Women. I find that if I lose a top off one of the ones I like, there is always an extra one I keep.


tweezers on a magnet

Store Tweezers On A MagnetUse a small magnet and attach inside your medicine cabinet or a spot in your bathroom. That way you will always know where your pluckers (tweezers) are. You can also put your nail clippers and small scissors on one.


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Always Remember Your Own PenWhile watching the Health Channel, I saw pens have as many germs as a public restroom, spreading anything from flu, cold germs, and even skin viruses from one to another unknowing person.


Super Glue To Repair A Cracked Fingernail

Super Glue To Repair A Cracked FingernailIt's so heartbreaking when you've finally grown out your nails nice and long and one of them decides to crack. Instead of cutting them all short to keep them even, you can keep them long!


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Use Vinegar For Cleaning Wood FloorsThe best cleaning solutions for wooden floors I've ever used is white vinegar and a warm water. The floors will shine!


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Coconut Oil For Alzheimer's TreatmentThere is a doctor named Mary Newport that has made some wonderful discoveries regarding Alzheimer reversal by adding pure coconut oil to her husband's food. Within only days, there were amazing results.


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Keeping Berries From Getting MoldyI've tried this and it actually works! When you get your berries home, prepare a mixture of one part white or apple cider vinegar and 10 parts water. Dump the berries into the mixture and swirl around.


Blues Clues Diaper Cake with lace and ribbons.

Blues Clues Diaper Cake84 Blues Clues diapers were used for this cake, with small clear rubber bands and an empty paper towel tube filled with 3 diapers.


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Cajun Pepper For Organic Pest ControlI hate any kind of bugs or spiders, even ants. The solution I found was so easy, cheap and works. Cajun pepper sprinkled around doors and next to the wall gets rid of any problem without poison or finding a dead mouse in those traps.


Spring Blooms (The Path Garden, Moorpark, CA) - Orange Lily

Spring Blooms (The Path Garden, Moorpark, CA)Here are the first blooms of spring, in February 2012 at the Path Garden.


Snow storm (Brockville, Ontario

Snow Storm (Brockville, Ontario)This is a picture I took in the back yard today. Hopefully, it is our last snow storm of the year.


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Towels As Homemade Piddle PadsPurchase a roll of plastic carpet runner. You can find 5 foot rolls at KMart, Walmart or most hardware and home improvement stores. Be sure you purchase the runner that has the "gripping teeth" on the underside of it to help it remain secure on the flooring.


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Plastic Tops For Spoon RestsI use the top from a margarine tub for a spoon rest. It is big enough to catch the drips. It is easy to wash! It keeps the stove top clean.



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Best Dog Food for Chihuahuas?What is the best dog food for Chihuahuas?


Emerging plant.

What is This Plant?Does anyone know what this plant is? I was thinking it's echinacea, but I'm not sure. Thanks for your help.


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Shampoo for Helping Hair Grow Faster?Is there a good shampoo to help your hair grow faster?


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Window Treatment for a Wall of Windows?I currently have a total window wall about 18 feet long and 12 feet high. I am tired of pinch pleated drapes. Are there any other ways to do this wall that will block the sun?


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Vegetables for Planting in Shady Spots?I have a strip of ground between my house and fence about 4 feet wide with very good soil. The problem is that it only gets a couple hours direct sunlight late in the afternoons. I planted potatoes there last year, but they produced very little.


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Recycling Cotton Knit Sweaters?How can I recycle old knitted cotton sweaters?


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Hair Styles for a Gymnast?What is a cool way for girls, who do gymnastics, to do their hair?


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Repairing the Ice Chute in Refrigerator Door?The clear plastic ice chute that is in the door falls down and prevents the airlock from closing all the way. It can't come all of the way out, so I can't see what the problem is. My question is, how can I get the door apart to get to it?


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Ice Maker Dispenses Crushed Ice Only?In my Kenmore model 106.9551711 the ice dispenser stopped crushing ice and was very noisy. I replaced the unit and now it only dispenses crushed ice. Moving the selector on the door has no effect. It will not dispense cubes. Did I not install it right?


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Cooking Dried Beans in a Crockpot?If I cook some pinto beans with bacon in my crockpot, can I soak them overnight, then put them on low for a day to cook?


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