January 3, 2013

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Dog Barking

Training Dog to Not Bark at Other Dogs?This is a page about training a dog to not bark at other dogs. It is in the nature of dogs to bark; training your pet not to bark in certain situations can be daunting.


Recycled Toy Train

Recycled Crafts for KidsThis is a page about recycled crafts for kids. Many of the recyclables in your home make great items for children to use in crafts.


Homemade Body Wash in a Bottle

Homemade Body Wash RecipesThis page contains homemade body wash recipes. Buying body wash at the store can get to be expensive.


A and oven and range with mouse odor problems.

Cleaning Mouse Urine Odor From a Range and OvenThis is a page about cleaning mouse urine odor from a range and oven. To your horror, that odd odor in the kitchen is the result of a mouse exploring your stove.


Uses for Leftover Yarn

Uses for Leftover YarnThis is a page about uses for leftover yarn. If you crochet or knit, you probably have a stash of leftover yarn.


Beautiful pink oleander flowers.

Starting Oleander from Cuttings?This is a page about starting oleander from cuttings. Oleander shrubs can be started from cuttings if you follow a few simple steps.


Activity Kit For Kids

Organizing Activities for ChildrenThis page is about organizing activities for children. Having a plan for keeping children entertained can make for a lot more fun for everyone.


Cleaning Toilet With Ammonia

Cleaning With AmmoniaAmmonia is a common cleaning agent found in many cleaners you buy at the store. It can also be purchased as a stand-alone cleaner. Caution should be used when mixing ammonia with other chemicals as dangerous fumes can be created. This page talks about the benefits and dangers of cleaning with ammonia.


A cooling rack for baked goods

Uses for Cooling RacksThis is a page about uses for cooking racks. It is always fun to discover additional uses for kitchen tools, especially ones that are not used that often for their intended use.


Caring Doctor

Saving Money on Medical CareThis is a page about saving money on medical care. The cost of medical care is skyrocketing every year.


A starburst Christmas ornament made with wrapping paper.

Making a Paper Starburst OrnamentThis is a page about making a paper starburst ornament. Using leftover wrapping paper or other types of decorative paper you can make a lovely starburst ornament.


Making Coffee Tips and TricksThis is a page about making coffee tips and tricks. Making the perfect cup of coffee can be an elusive task.


Making Candles

Making CandlesThis is a page about making candles. Candle making has evolved from a necessity to a pleasant handicraft that many of us enjoy today.


Hot Italian Sausage

Recipes Using Italian SausageSweet or spicy Italian sausage is delicious in many recipes, and can be substituted for hamburger for a different taste. This page contains recipes using Italian sausage.


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Eggnog Cookie RecipesLooking for ways to use up leftover eggnog, or just love that spicy holiday taste; make eggnog cookies. This page contains eggnog cookie recipes.


Infrared Heater

Infrared Heating Tips and ReviewsThis is a page about infrared heating tips and reviews. There are many infrared heaters on the market.


Mother Getting on Plane with Young Children

Traveling with an Infant?This is a page about traveling with an infant.Traveling with an infant doesn't have to be difficult, if you prepare.


Growing Corn

Growing CornThis is a page about growing corn. Many home gardeners would like to include corn in their vegetable garden.


Camassia (Wild Hyacinth)

Growing Camassia (Wild Hyacinth)This is a page about growing camassia (wild hyacinth). Native to North America and Canada, certain varieties of camassia will make a welcome addition to your perennial garden.


A-Frame Folding Sign

Making an A-Frame Folding SignThis is a page about making an a-frame folding sign. Make your own frame for a store or even a yard sale and save money over buying one.


Hand Washing Delicate Clothing

Hand Washing Delicate ClothingThis is a page about hand washing delicate clothing. Certain pieces of delicate clothing call for hand washing.


Recycled Ribbon Dispenser

Recycled Container Craft IdeasThis is a page about recycled container craft ideas. Recycled containers of all sizes and shapes can be used in crafting projects.


Fruit Trifle

Trifle RecipesThe trifle is a layered dessert often made with a variety of fruit nestled between layers of cake. This page contains trifle recipes.


Uses for Locker Organizers

Uses for Locker OrganizersThis page contains uses for locker organizers. You can use those handy organizers, intended for school lockers, around your home, office or garage.


Red Cabbage on Salad

Recipes Using Red CabbageRed cabbage is often used in German recipes, but lends itself to many possibilities. This page contains recipes using red cabbage.


Canned Carrots

Canning Carrots?This is a page about canning carrots. Carrots like many other vegetables can be preserved by canning.


An overweight dog.

Homemade Weight Loss Dog Food Recipes?This is a page about homemade weight loss dog food recipes. Specialty dog foods can be hard on your budget.


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Saving Money on Clorox Ready and Swiffer Mop RefillsThis is a page about saving money on Clorox Ready and Swiffer mop refills. While you may love your Clorox Ready or Swiffer mop, the refills can be quite costly.


Stack of Letters

Saving Cards and LettersThis is a page about saving cards and letters. Saving cards and letters is a lovely way to save your memories through the years.


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Santa Fe Soup RecipesThis page contains Santa Fe soup recipes. Try this spicy bean and meat soup for dinner tonight.


Cooking Chicken Meat

Tips for Cooking MeatThis is a page about tips for cooking meat. The type of meat, cut, etc. can require different cooking methods.


Organized Winter Sweaters

Organizing Seasonal ClothingThis is a page about organizing seasonal clothing. Storing off season clothing can be an organizing challenge, especially if you are short on storage space.


Lemon Mousse

Lemon Mousse RecipesThis page contains lemon mousse recipes. Creamy mousse is a delicious dessert.


Creative BLT Sandwich

Creative Sandwich IdeasThis is a page about creative sandwich ideas. Don't let your sandwiches get too boring; use some creative additions to perk them up.


Pink Oleander

Growing Oleander?This is a page about growing oleander. Oleander shrubs are a popular plant because of their flowers and ability to withstand harsh conditions.


Horder Kitchen

Help With HoardingThis page is about helping with hoarding. Collecting too much stuff can create a lot of clutter.


A tank top on a hanger.

Keeping Clothes on HangersThis is a page about keeping clothes on hangers. Having your clothing constantly sliding off the hanger is frustrating.


Cleaning Paperback Books

Cleaning Paperback BooksThis is a page about cleaning paperback books. Stored or used books can get dusty, spotted, or smelly.


Making Paper PinwheelsKids and adults alike enjoy making, playing with, and decorating with pinwheels. This is a page about about making paper pinwheels.


Chinese take out boxes.

Saving Take Out MenusThis is a page about saving take out menus. Rather than just tossing them into a kitchen drawer until the next time you want to order take out food, organize those menus for ease of use.


mixed beans

Calico Beans RecipesCalico bean dishes are prepared using a combination of several varieties of beans, resulting in a tasty combination of flavors and colors. This page contains calico beans recipes.


A photo of apples.

Crustless Apple Pie RecipesThis page contains crustless apple pie recipes. Try a variation on typical pie making, by leaving off the crust.


Blue Trash Can

Cleaning Trash CansThis is a page about cleaning trash cans. While not a pleasant chore, cleaning your trash can needs to be done periodically.


Frozen poultry meat

Freezing PoultryThis is a page about freezing poultry. Freezing poultry, cooked or raw, allows you to save it for future meal.


Herbed Chicken

Herbed Chicken RecipesChicken lends itself to the use of a variety of herbs during preparation. This page contains herbed chicken recipes.


Chicken Supreme casserole

Chicken Supreme RecipesTry a chicken supreme baked casserole for dinner tonight. This page contains chicken supreme recipes. This is a page about organizing take out menus.


Drying Chili Peppers

Drying Chili PeppersThis is a page about drying chili peppers. Driving through the American southwest you will see the striking red ristras, or strings of dried chili peppers, for use in cooking or decoration.



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Saving on Cellphone ExpenseI dropped my monthly cellphone charges by getting a 20 dollar cellphone.



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Removing Static from Hair?How do I use mayonnaise to get rid of static in my hair? And what other remedies do you have for very, very staticy hair?


Yellow stains on front of washer.

Yellow Stains on Appliances?We have yellow stains on the front of our washer and dryer, possibly from when smoking was allowed in kitchen. I can't get them off. Does anyone know any tips on removing them?


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Real Estate Business Name Ideas?I am looking for a name for my real estate business.


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Substituting Marshmallow Cream for Marshmallows?I want to make cherry Bing bars. The recipe calls for 12 marshmallows. Can I substitute marshmallow cream for the marshmallows? If so, how much marshmallow cream should I use?


Dog lying on bed.

Dog Not Eating Well?We rescued this girl 6 months ago. She wouldn't eat the dog food the shelter had so I tried 6 others. She eats a bowl when she first gets it, but after that she'll go a week without eating.


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Saving Money on Shalach Manos?Does anyone have any original ideas for a frugally themed mishloach manos for Purim?


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Crafts Using Coffee-Mate Containers?Does anyone have craft ideas for the larger Coffee-Mate containers with the powder creamer? It seems a waste to get rid of them.


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Best Paint To Use After a Fire?What paint covers and removes the odor from soot after a kitchen fire?


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