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This page contains advice and money saving tips about freezing food.



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Orange juice and oranges.

Freezing Orange Juice?This is a page about freezing orange juice. Freezing orange juice is a good way to preserve either freshly squeezed juice or excess cartons you got on sale at the market.


Freezing Tortillas

Freezing TortillasThis is a page about freezing tortillas. Sometimes you can get a good price on a large bag of tortillas, more than you can eat right away; freeze some for later.


Cabbage Rolls

Freezing Cabbage Rolls (Holubtsi)?This page is about freezing cabbage rolls (holubtsi). A traditional Ukranian dish, the holubtsi or cabbage roll is a tasty treat that can be frozen and saved for later.


Baking Soda

Freezing Baking Soda and Baking Powder?This is a page about freezing baking soda and baking powder. Freezing these two baking ingredients is possible if you follow some simple steps.


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Freezing Ketchup?Can ketchup be frozen?


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Can You Freeze Harvard Beets?Can you freeze Harvard beets?


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Can You Freeze Crisco?Has anyone ever tried freezing Crisco vegetable shortening? I have a huge can of it and don't want it to go bad.


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Freezing Chinese Food?Can you freeze Chinese food?


Cracked Pistachio Nuts

Freezing Pistachio Nuts?This is a page about freezing pistachio nuts. Like many other nuts and seeds pistachio nuts can be stored in your freezer if properly prepared.



Seafood Dip

Freezing Seafood Dips and Spreads?This is a page about freezing seafood dips and spreads. Freezing dips and spreads can be a bit tricky, as some ingredients don't always retain their texture when thawed.


Freezing Carrot Juice

Freezing Carrot Juice?This is a page about freezing carrot juice. Freezing your own fresh carrot juice is easy to do and a good way to preserve some for later in the year.


Sweet potato hash in a serving dish.

Shelf Life of Frozen Sweet Potato Hash?It is often convenient to make larger meals and then freeze the leftovers for eating later. Some foods can be frozen for longer times and still retain their taste and texture. This page contains some advice about the shelf life of frozen sweet potato hash.


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Freezing Texas Caviar?Freezing Texas Caviar. Can Texas Caviar be frozen?


A tortilla sandwich wrap with lots of fresh veggies.

Freezing Veggie Wraps?This is a page about freezing veggie wraps. Wraps put together before you plan to eat them may get soggy. Most fresh vegetables loose their texture when frozen.


A graham cracker.

Freezing Graham Cracker CrumbsThis page is about freezing graham cracker crumbs. Being ready for the baking you have planned can be helped by freezing.


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Freezing Eggs?How do I freeze eggs?


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Freezing Pumpkin?How can I freeze cut up pumpkin so that in the winter the pieces will be good for my pot belly pig to eat and not all smushy?


Bowl of cooked white beans.

Freezing Cooked BeansFreezing leftovers is a common way to preserve them for meals down the road. This is a page about freezing cooked beans.


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Freezing a Fish Pie?I have made a fish pie. Can I freeze it?


Person scooping from a tub of ice cream next to a bowl of fresh raspberries.

How to Prevent Freezer Burn on Ice CreamThere is nothing more disappointing than finding a carton of ice cream that shows signs of freezer burn. Learn the best way to store ice cream without freezer burn or other damage. This page discusses how to prevent freezer burn on ice cream.


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Making a Tortilla Freezing Box?How do you assemble the box made of cardboard?


Prepared meal frozen in a plastic container

Freezing Prepared FoodsPreparing meals in advance and freezing them can be a huge time saver for a busy family. Here are some great tips for successfully freezing prepared meals. This is a page about freezing prepared foods.


Woman opening a fridge in a RV.

How to Stock Your Camper's FreezerYou can save money on your vacation by buying foods on sale while at home, and filling your camper's freezer before your vacation.This is a page about stocking your camper's freezer.


Kneading Cookie Dough

Refreezing Cookie Dough?Refreezing cookie dough is generally advised against. While it may not make you sick, it can negatively affect the texture and flavor of the dough. This is a page about refreezing cookie dough.



Stuffing in Bowl

Can I Freeze Stuffing?Stuffing is often leftover from holiday meals. Freezing stuffing is a great way to preserve it for later use.


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Effect of Freezing on Vitamin C in Carrots?Does freezing have any effect on the amount of vitamin C in a carrot? What is the effect?


Beef Curry

Freezing Beef Curry?Curry leftovers can be saved for another meal by freezing. This is a page about freezing beef curry.


Container of strawberry jam with spoon and loose strawberries in front

Making Freezer Jams, Jellies, and PicklesThis is a page about making freezer jams, jellies, and pickles. Freezing is a very good way to preserve many foods. If you have the space you can experiment with a variety of jams, jellies, and more.


Top view of a jar of mayonnaise with spoon

Freezing Foods Containing Mayonnaise?This is guide about freezing foods containing mayonnaise. Mayonnaise tends to separate when frozen, making freezing food containing it an uncommon practice.


Raw meat in vacuum seal bag

Refreezing Previously Frozen FoodsThis is a page about refreezing previously frozen foods. There may be food safety concerns when refreezing certain previously frozen foods.


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Freezing Pita Bread Pizza?Can I freeze a pita bread pizza? If so, for how long? Should they be thawed first?


Waffles About to be Frozen

Freezing WafflesWhen making waffles, it is really easy to increase the batch size and make extras for freezing. This is a page about freezing waffles.


Cooked Spelt

Freezing Cooked Spelt?An ancient kind of wheat berries that are very nutritious. This page is about freezing cooked spelt.


Hard Boiled Eggs

Freezing Hard Boiled Eggs?This is a page about freezing hard boiled eggs. If you have excess hard boiled eggs, you may be considering different ways to preserve the extras, including freezing.



Freezing CalzonesThis is a page about freezing calzones. Calzones are a perfect choice for preparing ahead and freezing, uncooked, for later meals and snacks.


Rolled out pie dough.

Freezing Pie DoughThis is a page about freezing pie dough. When making pie dough from scratch, make extra and freeze it for future use.


Coq au Vin

Freezing Coq au Vin?This is a page about freezing coq au vin. This delicious chicken and wine dish will freeze well for a second meal.


Frozen vegetables in freezer safe bags.

Preventing Freezer Burn on FoodThis page is about preventing freezer burn on food. There are a few things to keep in mind when freezing food that can help it maintain quality.


Freezing Lasagna

Freezing Lasagna?This is a page about freezing lasagna. Many casseroles are OK to freeze for future use or as leftovers.



Leftover Wine

Freezing Leftover WineThis is a page about freezing leftover wine. Leftover wine can be frozen and used later for cooking.



Freezing GingerThis is a page about freezing ginger. The first step in freezing ginger is choosing the best roots.



Freezing MarshmallowsThis page is about freezing marshmallows. These treats can be preserved longer in the freezer.


Freezing Liquids

Freezing LiquidsThis is a page about freezing liquids. Save your leftover sauces, broth, or other liquids by freezing them.


Freezing Sandwiches

Freezing SandwichesThis page is about freezing sandwiches. Convenient lunches can be pre-made and kept in the freezer.


Freezing Peas, Frozen Peas

Flash Freezing at Home?When preserving food by freezing it is important to remove the heat as soon as possible. This page is about flash freezing at home.


Freezing Candy

Freezing CandyThis is a page about freezing candy. Whether you are making candy ahead for gifts or got a good sale price at the store, freezing is one way to store candy.


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How Do I Freeze Meat Pies?How do you freeze meat pies?


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Can I Freeze Raw Meat and Vegetables Together?Is it possible to freeze uncooked meat and veggies together so that I can cook them at a later date?


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Freezing Egg-less Mayonnaise?I hope someone can help me out. I have an egg allergy and have found a recipe for homemade egg-less mayonnaise. Since I only use a small amount at a time would it be possible to freeze any extra in one-person portions for later use?


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Freezing a Test Portion of FoodWhen you are not sure how a food will freeze, freeze a small portion. Thaw, heat and taste. Everyone has their own tastes. Some foods will change textures or a bit of flavor.


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Freezing Licorice Twists?Can you freeze licorice twists and bites and if so for how long?


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Freezing Percolator PunchDuring the holidays or for serving guests during the cold winter weather, I make Percolator Punch in a large 32 cup coffee maker. This one is dedicated to punch to keep the taste free of coffee after taste.


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Refreezing Leftover Meat Dishes?I made a few meat dishes for a party on Boxing Day in advance. I thawed them in the refrigerator warmed they all again and now I have left overs can I re-freeze these? All have been kept very low in temperature once they cooled. Thanks for your help.


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Freezing for the Soup PotSteak, roast and poultry bones can all be frozen until needed for soup stock. You can always have instant soup stock if you pour pan juice into ice cube trays and freeze after they set up you can neatly store them in plastic ziplocs.


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Buy Large Cans and Freeze The ExcessWe save money by buying big cans of food (peas, beans, etc.) on sale then freeze what we don't use on the day it's opened.


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Freezing Shepard's Pie Made With Previously Frozen Potatoes?Can I freeze mashed potatoes, thaw them, and re-mash them to make Shepard's Pie? Can I then freeze the Shepard's Pie? Will the twice frozen mashed potatoes taste O.K.?


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Chop and Freeze Extra OnionI've wasted so many onions by only needing half of it for my meal. I put the rest of it in the refrigerator for another time, only to forget it's in there. Then I find it when it's beyond using for anything. Wasteful! I find it's better to go ahead, chop all the onion. Use what the recipe called for, and then bag up the rest of it and freeze.


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Freezing Lunchables?Can Lunchables be successfully frozen without sacrificing taste/texture? I would like to stock up when I find a great sale on them, as my dd loves them. Thank you in advance for any help on this.


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Freezing Uncooked Minute Rice?Can you freeze uncooked minute rice in a casserole?



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Freezing Cut Out Cookie Dough?What is the best way to freeze cut out cookie dough?


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Freezing Diced Green Tomatoes?I just made a green tomato spice cake and wondered if I could freeze the 4 cups of diced tomatoes in bags to use in the cake later.


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Freezing Mayonaise?Can I freeze Helman's mayo?


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Refreezing Frozen Meat After Cooking?Once you have thawed meat out and cooked it can it be refrozen?


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Freezing Egg Casseroles?Can egg casseroles be frozen?


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Freezing Sweet Potatoes?What is the most suitable freezer temperature for sweet potatoes?


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