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This page contains advice and information on exercise, overall fitness, and staying healthy.

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Does The Power Rider Provide Effective Exercise?I have an exercise equipment that was really popular about 10 years ago.


Using a thick book for step exercises

Thick Book for Step ExercisesAfter sitting on the shelf for many years, this 1969 dictionary has come in handy. I don't want to get rid of it and I've found another use for it.


An elderly couple walking in the park.

Exercise For People With Limited Mobility?It is important to continue to get exercise even when it is a challenge to walk. Water aerobics and chair exercises can help build muscle strength.


Woman walking up stairs

Productive Ways to ExerciseWe all know that getting some exercise is great for our heath. However, sometimes it is not possible to dedicate an hour or more to a trip to the gym or a session on the home equipment. Take advantage of routine activities such as cleaning, mowing the lawn, or walking the dog to get some daily activity into your schedule. Check out deskercises for great ideas for the computer bound. This is a page about productive ways to exercise.


Couple Out Walking

Motivating Yourself to WalkWalking is great exercise. Finding what motives you to walk varies from person to person. Try walking with a friend, picking up lost coins or litter, window shopping, or use a treadmill in front of your favorite TV show. This is a page about motivating yourself to walk.


Man in YMCA Swimming Pool

Saving Money on a YMCA MembershipThe cost of a Y membership can be more than many budgets can afford. There may be some creative ways to barter for assess to their facilities. This is a page about saving money on a YMCA membership.


A woman wearing running shoes in the snow.

How to Make Studded Running ShoesIf you like to run in icy or slick conditions, it may be helpful to use a spiked shoe. Here is how to make studded running shoes for trail running in snowy or icy conditions.


Woman Exercising Abdominal Muscles

Exercising Abdominal Muscles?This is a page about exercising stomach muscles. Strengthening your core muscles will help flatten your stomach and maintain better posture.


A woman doing leg curls.

Toning Your Buns and Thighs?This is a page about toning your buns and thighs. In addition to losing weight, toning of muscles is also important for a healthy body.


Mom and baby doing yoga.

Exercising After Having a Baby?This is a page about exercising after having a baby. After having a baby many women look for ways to return to their per-pregnancy weight and shape.


An older man working with a trainer at home.

At Home Exercise IdeasThis is a page about at home exercise ideas. Weather and other circumstances may restrict your exercise options to activities you can do at home.


Jogging Alone

Safety Tips for Jogging Alone?This is a page about safety tips for jogging alone. If you jog alone, there are some safety tips you can follow to make your run more safe.



Couple Stretching on Grass

Saving Money On FitnessThis is a page about saving money on fitness. You don't have to pay for an expensive health club membership to stay fit and healthy.


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Activities for People With Limited Mobility?This is a page about activities for people with limited mobility. Limited mobility does not have to keep you from exercising or participating in a variety of activities, even in your bed.


Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Getting Rid of Belly FatThis is a page about getting rid of belly fat. Getting rid of belly fat will require diet and exercise, not magic quick and easy remedies.


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Evolution of Exercise Equipment?How has exercise equipment changed over the years?


Simple Ab Workouts

Simple Ab WorkoutsThis is a page about simple ab workouts. Not only do you look better, but having strong well toned abs is good for your body's overall health, including balance and a healthy spine.


How to Belly Dance, Beautiful Bealldancer

How to Belly DanceThis is a page about how to belly dance. Learning to belly dance is fun and a great way to exercise at the same time.


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Calories Burned Information for Tony Little's Gazelle?I am looking for information on the original Gazelle by Tony Little regarding calories burned I weigh 226 lbs, stand 4 feet 11 inches. I am working at a medium pace on the original Gazelle, how many calories can I burn in an hour?


Learning Pilates, Woman Doing Pilates

Learning PilatesThis is a page about learning pilates. Pilates is a very popular way of getting in shape and is easy to do at home. Use these simple pilates workouts to help you get in shape fast!


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Motivating Your WalksI find that I am more motivated to walk for exercise when I have something to look at! So I like to window shop up and down shopping areas. This is also true of casual sightseeing.


Working Out In the Winter, Man Jogging on Snowy Road

Working Out In the WinterThis is a page about working out in the Winter. When the sun is shining and the outdoors are inviting, it's easy to get out and exercise. Winter can be a different story though, it can be tough to stay motivated when it is cold and wet outside.


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Spring Neck ExercisersIn order to keep my growing double chin under control, I bought a spring neck exerciser online. It does work, you place it under your chin and push against the spring.


A red resistance band for exercising coiled up on the floor.

Using Resistance BandsThis is a page about using resistance bands. Resistance bands can help you to get fit without expensive machines or having to go to the gym.


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Walking for ExerciseWalking is one of the best all around exercises that a person can do. It doesn't require any special equipment, other than a good pair of walking shoes. You can walk almost anywhere at any time, even in inclement weather if you have the appropriate attire.


Women Exercising at Gym

Saving Money on Gym MembershipsThis is a page about saving money on gym memberships. A gym membership is a perfect way to get in shape, meet new people, and spend time with your family. However, they can often be big drain on your budget.


Using Kettlebells, Saving Money on Kettlebells2 Kettlebells Laying on Concrete

Using KettlebellsThis is a page to using kettlebells. Kettlebell (girya) workouts are an excellent way of building strength and flexibility throughout the body, especially in the core muscles. The basic movements are easy to learn and provide both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.



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Choosing the Best Shoes For Zumba?I've been going to a lot of dance aerobic classes lately, like Zumba. My cross trainers or running shoes have decent support, but they don't allow me to move my feet like I want to.


Woman's Feet Running on Treadmill

Losing Weight With a Treadmill?This is a page to losing weight with a treadmill. Whether it's at the gym or in your own home, treadmills are a great way to burn some excess fat. It's an easy to exercise to multitask with other activities like reading a book or watching TV.


People in an exercise class.

Saving Money on Fitness ClassesThis is a page for saving money on fitness classes. Fitness classes are a fun and diverse way to get your exercise. They can easily be added to your schedule and the companionship can keep you motivated. However, these classes can be quite expensive.


People Exercising

Finding Time To ExerciseThis is a page about finding time to exercise. Many of us make New Year's resolutions or personal commitments to exercise. Despite our good intentions, the most common obstacle to exercising is finding the time in our schedule.


Exercise Ball in Free Weights

Saving Money on Exercise EquipmentThis is a page to saving money on exercise equipment. Exercising at home can save you a lot of time and money. Finding the right deals on the equipment you want or need is key.


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Best Aerobics CDs?I want to buy some aerobics CDs, however there are so many on the market to choose from. I want to tone up in time for my son's graduation from college next May. I'm seeking recommendations on what has worked for others and where to buy.


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Best Workout DVDs?I can't afford regular gym classes, so I'd like to add some workout DVDs to my fitness routine since I'm getting bored with just the elliptical trainer and outdoor running. What are the best workout DVDs that people enjoy using? Oh, I do have a step for step aerobics.


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Exercises for Upper Body Building Without Joining a Gym?I have a friend who is trying to get in shape with his arms and chest, but doesn't have the money to join a gym. He would like to build muscle in his arms and chest areas. Will the old fashion push-ups help build his chest muscles?


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Reviews of the Michael Thurmond Six Week Body Makeover?Has anyone tried the Michael Thurmond Six Week Makeover? If so, is it worth the $115 ?


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Check Craigslist for Used Fitness EquipmentWant the fitness benefits of gym membership but not the cost? Check Craigslist for a second hand version of the equipment you want. Sooner or later it will likely show up.


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Use Mall Freebies as Walking MotivationUse your freebie mall coupons as an incentive to get out and mall walk! I am motivating myself by getting freebies, and then I stay to walk and window shop.


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Fitness and Exercise Websites?I am looking for an internet site where I can get free exercises. I am fit, a size 8 and eat healthy about 85% of the time. I had a c-section a few years ago and nothing I have done will work on this area.


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Exercises for Flabby Arms?I have a flabby arms and can't wear Sandos and other half sleeve tops. Please, can someone suggest some exercises for upper arm toning?


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Elliptical vs. Stair Stepper?What is the difference between a stair stepper exerciser and an elliptical exerciser?


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Elliptical vs. Stationary Bike?I am debating about what exercise machine I should purchase. It is extremely cold outside, so I don't want to bundle up to run, which is better an elliptical or bike?



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Finding Online Specials for Curves Membership?Has anyone seen any deals online for joining Curves? I'd like to join now, but need all of my extra cash for Christmas gifts. I was hoping to join, but not have to pay until January. Any ideas?


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Treadmill Reviews?I'm considering buying a treadmill. I'd like to hear from folks who own one. What brand do you have and with what features? Have you had problems? I know nearly nothing about them other than the obvious.


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Weight Loss and Toning Advice?I'm 15 years old and weigh around 64 kgs. I really want to lose around 10-15 kgs. I want to be thinner and more toned for my camp which is in 2 months. Any idea's on how I can lose weight and tone up fast?


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Vibration Exercise Machines?I'm wondering if anyone has used the vibrating machines for health and weight benefits. I understand there is a difference between ones that just shake (no good) and ones that vibrate (more expensive).


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Exercises For Your Face?Looking for effective facial exercises. I have lost just enough weight to cause tiny folds. Thanks.


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Stretch Muscles in Hot Tub Before SwimmingI've been swimming at the gym to help my back pain and I like to go into the hot tub before and after swimming. I've found that when I'm alone in the hot tub it's a great place to do my warm-up stretches.


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Using Wii Fit With Bad Knees?Has anyone tried the Wii Fit for exercise? How about exercise for people with bad knees? I am thinking of this for someone who should not be outdoors in bad weather.


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Exercises That Can be Done While Sitting?I am 52 years old and have gained a lot of weight due to medications. My problem is that now I can't walk over 2 minutes at a time. Does anyone know any sitting exercises that would help me and also if these very short walks help at all for my health sake. Thanks and God bless!


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Exercising on a Gold's Gym?My husband and I purchased a used home gym a few weeks ago. It came with an instruction manual and the manual listed off the exercises that can be done on it (20 to be exact), but when I was experimenting on the machine, I only figured out about 8 (and that was improvising on a few). This is a Gold's Gym that is no longer made, so I started Googling, looking for some posters to get an idea of how I do things like bicep curls or leg curls and calf presses.


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Selecting Exercise Equipment?What is the best exercise equipment to buy when trying to lose weight in the stomach area? I am looking for something inexpensive.


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Warning About Treadmill Dangers For ChildrenI have a warning about treadmills for any of you with small children or grandchildren. A friend of mine was telling me yesterday how her 4 year old grandson grabbed a treadmill while it was running and it removed the muscles and tendons on both hands.


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Aerobic Exercises?Dose anyone know of any aerobic type exercises that will work my abs, butt and arms?


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Test Scales With a Bag of SugarA good way to test or calibrate your bathroom or kitchen scales is to weigh a 5 lb bag of sugar or flour.


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Ideas For Quick Workout?Any ideas for a quick exercise program that keeps one in reasonably good shape?


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Which Is Better, a Treadmill Or An Exercise Bike?I need to do something while being a couch potato when I get home, so I thought since I need to lose some weight (I need help from my waist to my thighs), I'd do one or the other while watching my shows.


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Stomach and Hips Tightening Tips?I need SERIOUS advice on how to lose weight and tighten up the stomach and hip area. My family all tends to have a GUT! I am small everywhere else but can never find pants appropriately sized.


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Joints Cracking While Doing Yoga?I have just started trying to do yoga by watching Namaste Yoga on FitTV. One thing I notice is that my joints crack a lot. Will that subside the more I do it? It's a little annoying.


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Exercises for Confined Quarters?I travel with my husband frequently in an 18 wheeler. It is quite confined quarters and I was wondering if anyone knows of exercises that I can do. I am trying to slim down the waistline, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs.


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Feedback about L.A. Weight Loss Centers?Can anyone tell me the catch to L.A. Weight Loss Centers? What are all the hidden fees, and does it have to be paid all up front? But most importantly, does it work?


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Inexpensive Treadmills?My wife and I are looking for a good, low-budget treadmill. Do you have any suggestions on which brands, models, etc?


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Tony Little's Gazelle Reviews?I want to get a "Gazelle", however, there are several styles of them to choose from. I want to get something that is good, but I also have to watch how much money I spend. Does anybody out there have one? If so, what kind? Did it work for you as a form of exercise?


Save on your Gym Membership

Save on Your Gym MembershipGyms are expensive. If you have a membership, USE IT. Nothing's worse than wasting money, and not using what many people would love having extra for.


A couple working out in a health club with weights

Time to Get Into ShapeIt's that time of year when everyone is running around panicking because soon they'll have to wear shorts or a bathing suit. Here are some tips to get yourself in shape without costing a fortune.


One 26 pound (12 kg) black kettlebell used for exercising.

Using KettlebellsWith its center of gravity located directly below the handle, it forces you to engage your core and leg muscles when doing even the most basic of exercises with a kettlebell.


An exercise mat and a pair of dumbbells for exercising.

Frugal FitnessI am trying hard to stay healthy, isn't everyone? I've tried the YMCA, which was wonderful, but it isn't close by. Between the travel cost, time and membership, I looked for alternatives.


A blood pressure reading of 105/78

Walk to Lower Blood PressureI downloaded a free pedometer app to my smartphone. I also have audio books on my phone. The pedometer tracks my steps and plots them showing my progress. Today, I walked two miles or 6,089 steps according to the pedometer while finishing a book. My blood pressure went from 140 to 107 in that two mile walk.



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How Can I Lose Belly Fat?How do I get rid of belly fat fast?


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Indoor Walking Program?I have seizures and am afraid to go out by myself to walk for exercise. Any ideas how to "walk" inside at home?


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Exercises to Flatten Stomach After Having a Baby?I'm 5 feet 4 inches and weigh 150 pounds. What kind of exercise can I do to get a flat stomach, after having a baby?


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Jumping Rope to Burn Calories?My question is about rope jumping. I once read that if 120 jumps are done in a minute one can burn as much calories as one burns in a 1 mile run in 6 minutes And not just that it was also mentioned that it equals to a 12 minutes consecutive swim. Is that true?


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Diabetic Weight Loss Diets?I am a diabetic. I need to lose weight, of course, but am having trouble finding a good, inexpensive diet.


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Losing Weight While in a Wheelchair?My husband has been in a wheelchair for 4 years following a spinal cord injury. He has gained lots of weight because he can't exercise. He is 57 years old. Any suggestions?


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