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Normal cooking activities can leave quite a cleaning job in the kitchen. This page contains tips and ideas on how to keep your kitchen clean.

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Dawn and baking soda for cleaning a smooth top stove.

Use Dawn and Baking Soda to Clean a Smooth Top RangeA simple mix of Dawn dish soap and some baking soda can make an effective cleaner for many surfaces, even your smooth glass top range. This is a page about use dawn and baking soda to clean a smooth top range.


A stainless steel pan with burnt oil.

Cleaning Burnt Oil From Stainless Steel PansA stubborn substance that can adhere to your pan is cooking oil. This page is about cleaning burnt oil from stainless steel pans.


Woman cleaning greasy frying pan.

Removing Sticky Grease Residue from PansSticky residue on pots, pans, and baking trays may result from grease buildup. This page offers suggestions to clean the sticky grease residue from cookware.


Shiny kitchen countertops.

How to Make Countertops Shine?Are you wondering how to make countertops shine? This page is full of tips and tricks for getting that shine back into your countertops.


laminate samples

Cloudy White Spots on Laminate Countertop?This is a page about cloudy white spots on laminate countertop. Keeping laminate countertops clean is sometimes challenging. Cloudy spots can be especially difficult to get rid of.


Corian kitchen sink with a window behind.

Removing Coffee Stains on a Corian SinkCorian is a beautiful sink and countertop material but it can become stained by coffee and other substances. This is a page about removing coffee stains on a Corian sink.



Yellowed Refrigerator Handles

Cleaning Yellowed Refrigerator Handles?This is a page about cleaning yellowed refrigerator handles. Your refrigerator handle can get yellowed from a combination of age and use.


cleaning grease off kitchen cabinets

Cleaning Grease from Kitchen CabinetsCooking grease seems to cling everywhere in the kitchen, especially on your cabinets. This is a page about cleaning grease from kitchen cabinets.


Moving a Stove

Moving a StoveThis is a page about moving a stove. When cleaning behind it or transporting to a new home, a cooking range can be a challenge to move out of its place without damaging the floor.


Kitchen with wood cabinets

Cleaning Nicotine Stains on Wood Cabinets?This is a page about cleaning nicotine on wood cabinets. Choosing a product that will remove the nicotine and not damage your cabinets only requires a bit of research.


hot pan

Removing Melted Fabric from Cookware?This is a page about removing melted fabric from cookware. When kitchen linens get too close to a burner or very hot pan, you can end up with burnt fabric stuck to a pan.


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Cleaning Cast Iron Frying Pans or Waffle Irons?I would like to know how to clean a dirty Griswold waffle maker that was given to me. I'd like to use it.


An old metal tea kettle on a stove.

Cleaning Mineral Deposits from a Tea KettleVinegar can be a helpful natural cleaner to remove build up inside your water kettle. This page is about cleaning mineral deposits from a tea kettle.


Coffe Maker

Cleaning a Drip Coffee MakerThis is a page to saving money on cleaning a drip coffee maker. Having a fresh cup of coffee in the morning is a great way to start the day. Keeping your coffee maker clean will ensure you have the best tasting brew possible.


Burnt Pans

Cleaning Burnt Pots and PansThis is a page about cleaning burnt pots and pans. Occasionally it happens that foods are burned onto your cookware, and it can be a challenge to get it clean again.


Stainless steel pot on gas stove

How to Remove Burn Marks from a Stainless Steel PotOven cleaner, sanding disk, or steel wool are all good ways to clean burn marks from a stainless steel skillet. This is a page about how to remove burn marks from a stainless steel pot.


Cleaning Your Refrigerator

Cleaning Your RefrigeratorThis page is about cleaning your refrigerator. Keeping your refrigerator clean helps reduce germs, and keeps everything smelling fresh.


Stainless Steel Coffee Pot

Cleaning a Stainless Steel Coffee PotHaving a sparkling clean coffee percolator and removing the coffee stains can be a challenge. This page is about cleaning a stainless steel coffee pot.


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Removing Nail Polish From Stainless Steel Refrigerator?My 3 year old son decided that his sister's hot pink nail polish would look great on my stainless steel refrigerator and formica counter top.


House Cleaning Tips, A woman with cleaning supplies after cleaning her kitchen.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips and TricksThis is a page about kitchen cleaning tips and tricks. Keeping your kitchen clean can be a chore, but it doesn't have to be. With these helpful tips and tricks learn to keep your kitchen neat, tidy and ready for your next kitchen adventure.


deep fryer

How Do I Clean My Deep Fryer?Deep fryers can get a layer of cooked on grease that can be difficult to remove. This page has tips on how to clean a deep fryer?



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Smell on a Countertop?My counter tops smell. I'm 15 and I asked my parents how to get rid of it and they couldn't smell it! But I can. If you bend down and sniff the counter tops the stench is right there and its only in one area. Mainly were we keep the flowers.


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Use Placemats in RefrigeratorMy mum taught me the advantages of lining the glass shelves in a refrigerator. Most refrigerators could benefit from this. You just place a large plastic or cloth place mat on each shelf.


Wood cabinets above a stove.

Protecting Cabinets Above a Stove?Cabinets that are located above a stove can easily become grimy and greasy. They may need to be cleaned often to prevent build up of oily grime. This is a page about protecting cabinets above a stove.


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Burnt Food on Stove Burners?How do you clean greasy, grimy, burnt on food from the top of your stove? It is probably a few years of burnt on cooking around the burners.


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Cleaning Laminate Cabinets?What is best for cleaning laminate kitchen cabinets?


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Sink Strainer Catch-AllI'm trying to get away from so much processed food. I still indulge occasionally. Single servings of Stouffer's Lasagna is a favorite, and for me, comes with a little kitchen aid bonus.


Cleaning In Tough Kitchen Areas - paper towel wrapped tube

Cleaning In Tough Kitchen AreasYou don't need specialized tools to get into cracks and crevices in your kitchen. A paper towel attached to a recycled tube can be shaped to fit any space.


A person in gloves cleaning a kitchen counter.

Removing Krazy Glue from a Kitchen CountertopLeaking containers or spills when crafting or making repairs can result in Krazy glue on the kitchen counter. Try the tips on this page to remove the glue.


A sink sprayer being used to rinse broccoli.

Cleaning a Clogged Sink Sprayer?When it's time to clean a clogged sink sprayer, soak the nozzle overnight in a cup filled with vinegar. By morning a toothbrush should remove any remaining gunk.


How to Clean Your Keurig - Keurig coffeemaker

How to Clean Your Keurig Coffee MakerProper cleaning of your coffee machine will help you keep your maker in good working order. This is a page about how to clean your Keurig coffee maker.


Lemon peel on white back drop.

Citrus Peels for Garbage Disposal OdorsA great way to change an unpleasant smell coming from your garbage disposal is by grinding some lemon, lime or orange peels through it. This is a page about citrus peels for garbage disposal odors.


Toilet paper on a wood floor.

Use Toilet Paper for Small MessesTo keep your kitchen tidy you can clean up little spills with toilet paper, instead of wasting a big paper towels. This is about use toilet paper for small messes.


Kitchen Scrap Trash Can - lined with produce bag

Kitchen Scrap Trash CanCut the base out of a gallon water bottle and you can line it with small baggies you get from the grocery store (the ones for putting your produce or vegetables in). This light weight trash can that can easy move around your counter top.


Cleaning Wood Cabinets

Removing Permanent Marker on Wood Cabinets?There are many recomenations for different products to use for remedying this mishap. Read on to decide which one sounds best to you. It is a good idea to make sure the product used will not damage the finish; do your research. This is a page about removing permanent marker on wood cabin


Wiping Stainless Steel with Cloth and Vinegar

Cleaning Stainless Steel with VinegarVinegar is very effective in removing hard water stains on stainless steel. This is a page about cleaning stainless steel with vinegar.



Stovetop Griddle

Cleaning Dirty Stovetop Griddle?A stovetop griddle can become covered with burnt on food very easily. With a little degreaser and some scrubbing cleaning a dirty stovetop griddle isn't too hard.


Scrubbing Cast Iron Skillet

Cleaning a Cast Iron SkilletA nylon brush and quick drying will keep your cast iron in great shape, but sometimes your pans may need some refurbishing. This is a page about cleaning a cast iron skillet.


An antique tea kettle with some rust showing.

Remove Rust From Inside Antique Tea Kettle?It can be challenging to clean sediments and rust inside an old metal tea kettle. This is a page about remove rust from inside antique tea kettle.


An electric can opener being cleaned with vinegar.

Disinfecting a Can OpenerAny kitchen tool that comes in contact with food should be cleaned prior to using it again. This is a page about disinfecting a can opener with vinegar.


S'mores skewer roasting marshmallows in a campfire.

Cleaning S'mores SkewersThis is a page about easier cleaning of s'mores skewers. Burnt on marshmallow can be a challenge to clean. Soaking the skewers overnight in soapy water may make it easier.


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Removing Stains in a Kitchen Sink?What do you use to remove brown stains (could be coffee or dark soda) in a white kitchen sink?


Woman standing over kitchen sink as man is reaching under to fix it.

Getting Rid of Smells from Garbage DisposalThis is a page about getting rid of smells from garbage disposal. A foul odor can develop in your kitchen sink from rotting food in the disposal.


Wood Cutting Board against a white background

Cleaning a Wood Cutting BoardThis is a page about cleaning a wood cutting board. Many cooks prefer to use wooden cutting boards for their food preparation.


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Citrus and Salt to Keep Garbage Disposal FreshI cut up a lemon or orange and drop in the disposal along with some salt. This keeps it odor free. I was told by a friend a couple years ago that the salt keeps things from building up in the disposal.


Cleaning Oven

Cleaning Chemical Stains in an Oven?This is a page about cleaning chemical stains in an oven. When you use unconventional cleaners on your oven you may end up with results you don't expect.


Kitchen Sink

Cleaning Under the Kitchen SinkThis is a page about cleaning under the kitchen sink. Cleaning under the kitchen sink is probably not one of your favorite jobs, there is all of that bending, kneeling, and working in the dark of these small spaces.


Can Opener

Cleaning Can OpenersThis is a page about cleaning can openers. Can openers need to be cleaned regularly to remove the buildup of the dried can contents that collect on them with normal usage.


Plastic Food Containers

Removing Stains from Plastic Food ContainersThis page is about removing stains from plastic food containers. Storing some foods and beverages in plastic can leave your containers discolored.


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Removing Sticky Residue on Laminate Benchtop?How do I remove the sticky plastic cover from the benchtop? My boys put the flat pack kitchen in and took the plastic off. It left a sticky surface, now everything sticks.


Marble Slab

Caring for a Marble SlabThis page is about caring for a marble slab. A well maintained marble pastry slab is a wonderful kitchen addition for a baker.


Stove Hood

Cleaning a Stove HoodThis page is about cleaning a stove hood. Grease and food residue can adhere above any kind of cooking stove.


A messy toaster.

Cleaning a ToasterThis page is about cleaning a toaster. To keep your toaster functioning properly and reduce fire danger, it is important to clean it regularly.


Clean garbage disposal drain.

Keeping Garbage Disposal Smelling FreshThis is a page about keeping garbage disposal smelling fresh. All of that food waste going down your garbage disposal can result in a smelly unit.


Blender being used to make a smoothie.

Cleaning a BlenderThere are thorough and quick ways to clean this useful kitchen appliance. This page is about cleaning a blender.


ketchup lids

Keeping Condiment Bottle Lids CleanThis is a page about keeping condiment bottle lids clean. Condiment bottle lids, such as ketchup can get very messy from use.


Pizza Cutter

Cleaning a Pizza CutterThis is a page about cleaning a pizza cutter. Sauce and cheese can dry on your cutter and be difficult to clean off.


Cleaning Under the Fridge

Tips for Cleaning Under the Fridge?This is a page about tips for cleaning under the fridge. There are ways to clean under your refrigerator without having to move it every time.


cleaning kitchen sink

Keeping Your Kitchen Sink CleanThis page is about keeping your kitchen sink clean. Having a clean sink makes the whole kitchen fresher.


Grease Spilling from Squeeze Bottle

Cleaning Up Grease SpillsThis page is about cleaning up grease spills. A messy upset of cooking grease or oil can be a challenge to clean up.


Cleaning Granite Countertops

Cleaning Granite CountertopsThis page is about cleaning granite countertops. You need to avoid some cleaners to keep your granite clean and beautiful.


Knife and Butcher Block

Butcher Block Care and MaintenanceThis is a page about butcher block care and maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining a butcher block is an essential part of using and prolonging the life of this kitchen cutting surface.


Man Cleaning Glass Oven Door

Cleaning Glass Oven Doors?This page is about cleaning glass oven doors. Stubborn baked on deposits are often what you need to clean off glass oven doors.


Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Cleaning Wood CabinetsThis page is about cleaning wood cabinets. Finding the best method to clean and protect wood cabinets can be a challenge.


Laundry in Washing Machine

How To Do LaundryThis page covers the basics of how to do laundry. The proper way to do laundry is an art form that some people missed out on learning.


Cleaning yellow stains on cabinets.

Cleaning Kitchen CabinetsKitchen cabinets can get very dirty and greasy from daily use. This is a page about cleaning kitchen cabinets.


Cleaning Plastic Cutting Boards

Cleaning Plastic Cutting BoardsThis is a page about cleaning plastic cutting boards. Plastic cutting boards can become stained over time.


Before photo of painted laminate countertop.

Polishing Counter TopsOver time your counter top may lose it's shine. This is a page about polishing counter tops.


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Moen Faucet Handle Yellowing?My Moen kitchen faucet handle is yellowing. I've tried several things but cannot seem to get it white. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Pizza With Slice Cut out on Pizza Stone

Cleaning a Pizza StoneThis is a page to cleaning a pizza stone. Pizza stones are a great way to make tasty pizza with a crisp crust at home. It's easy to make a mess though if you pile your pizza too high.


Celery and Banana Going into Garbage Disposal

Cleaning a Garbage DisposalWith all the food and other waste that gets run through a garbage disposal it definitely needs to be cleaned occasionally. Regular cleaning will help the performance and extend the life of your garbage disposal also. This is a page about cleaning a garbage disposal.


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Cleaning Garbage Disposal Splash Guard?I am trying to clean the top of my garbage disposal splash guard. It is dull gray and I can't get it clean enough to make it look black again. Any suggestions?


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Removing Highlighter on Cabinets?We are about to close on a house and during the inspection I noticed that the kitchen island had highlighter all over it (where the chairs go). Has anyone ever tried to get highlighter off? I'm worried that whatever I/they use will take off the finish as well.


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Place Mat to Keep Counter CleanThe white grout on my kitchen counter top is a nuisance to clean. I now put a plastic place mat on it in the two places I use for food prep - beside the coffeepot, which always drips anyway, and above the dishwasher, where I often pour, mix, etc.


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Why Does New Sink Look Black When Wiped Down?Why is my sink always black when I wipe it with a paper towel? It is a new sink put in by a contractor. Is it stainless steel?


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Washing Plastic Food CoversPurchase the shower cap looking plastic covers for containers at the dollar store, to save on plastic wrap. When they are dirty I put them in a washing bag made for delicates and throw it in with my laundry.


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Cleaning Sticky Mess in RefrigeratorIf something spills in your refrigerator and you have a sticky mess, put a couple pieces of wet paper towels on it (wet not damp). Let it set for 5 minutes, and just wipe the mess away.


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Cleaning Grease From Grout?How do I clean grease out of my grout?


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Stainless Steel Sink Stain?How do I remove Easy Off stains from a stainless steel kitchen sink? It spilled in the sink accidentally when I was cleaning the stove.


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Wash Sink Liner in DishwasherIf you use the rubber sink liners like I do, once a week or so, I lay them on the top rack of the dishwasher along with the soap holder from our shower right over the dishes. They not only come out looking new, but they keep plastic containers from turning over.


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Clean Wood Surfaces with SaltTo clean and freshen wooden chopping blocks, counter, or rolling pins, sprinkle table salt on these surfaces when they are wet and scrub dry.


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Silicone Residue on Kitchen Surfaces?How can I remove silicone residue from kitchen surfaces?


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Use Comet To Clean Ceramic CooktopsWe have all done it, taken our eye off the milk, the sugar, the boiling veggies, etc. and ended up with horrible, hard to remove burns on the ceramic cook top. The commercial cleaners are expensive.


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What Can I Use to Clean Melamine Cabinets?We bought a new home, and I am trying to remove smudges that were left on my melamine kitchen cupboards. It looks like they used the same rag all over when they cleaned before we moved in. Can I clean Melamine with rubbing alcohol?


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Removing Pot Marks from a Ceramic Sink?How do you get black marks out of white kitchen sink from the husband washing stainless pans?


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Removing Marmite Stains?How do you remove Marmite from painted walls and shelves?


shiny countertop

Use Pledge For Shiny Painted CountertopsI just completed painting my cream formica countertops to resemble granite. They turned out awesome. The only thing I needed to figure out was how to keep that awesome looking shine on them?


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Removing Ink from Countertops?Does anyone know how to get dried ball point pen ink off a Formica counter top?


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Use a Dust Pan to Collect Debris on Your Kitchen CounterClean off your kitchen counters/appliances without getting it on the floor. Just use a household dustpan and put it under the bottom edge of the counter or appliance and just move the dirt or food remnants right into the dust pan.


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Baking Soda for Stained CountersGet out the baking soda if you want to clean a stain on that darn counter top. It works 100x better than any cleanser on the market. The great thing, it's all natural and you don't have to worry about chemicals getting spread around your home.


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Keeping Garbage Disposals FreshSpeaking of garbage disposals, I've been told by two plumbers that orange peels are great for the disposals, they keep the smell fresh down there.


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Cleaning Kitchen Drain With a Disposal?How do you clean a kitchen drain with a disposal?


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CLR Stain On Counter Top?I mistakenly spilled a little CLR on my dark blue laminate counter top. I was using the CLR to clean an item in the kitchen sink and didn't realize some had splattered on the counter. It looks like it has lightly bleached the color out. I have tried Gel-gloss and Orange Glo and nothing has worked, including a magic eraser. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Removing Grease Build Up On Cupboards?What can I use to clean the grease build up on the front of my microwave and cupboards? I've used different cleaners and they make everything gooey and sticky. Help!


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Removing Grease from a Ceramic Grill?What can I do to remove grease from ceramic grills on the BBQ?


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Cleaning Painted Laminate Counter Top?For those of you that have painted your laminate counter tops (in the kitchen) and sealed with an oil-based polyurethane, can I ask what you use to clean your counters?


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Caring For Your Butcher BlockMinimize stains and cover scratches by rubbing mineral oil on surfaces. Mineral oil is odor-free and nontoxic.


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Removing Cleaning Products from Cabinet Fronts?I was helping my aunt clean her kitchen cabinets. I have been a fan of Murphy's wood soap oil, but I think her cabinets were too dirty for this to work. It left the cabinets uneven and blotchy looking. Things got even worse when she sprayed Old English polish on them. What will take all of these products off plus the left over grime underneath? And I think my aunt wants them to shine afterwards. Considering they are 30+ years old, is it realistic anything will make them look shiny?


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Clean and Add Shine to 20 Year Old Cabinets?How can I clean and add shine to 20 year old cabinets?


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Razor Blade for Caked On Kitchen SpillsI always keep a razor blade holder with a new single edge blade in it in my kitchen drawer. It is a great tool for cleaning ceramic stove top spills, caked on spills in the refrigerator or other stubborn spots.


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Restoring Steel Sink After Using 409?I made the mistake of using 409 on my steel sink and now parts are spotted and it seems some of the silver actually came off if that's even possible?


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Removing Cooking Oil From Wall?Sometimes when I cook oil splashes on the wall and I've been trying to paint over the oil spots. However, when I paint over the spots after a few hours you can see the oil spots again. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I thought about putting up wallpaper in that area but I have 3 electrical sockets in the way. It is a small area only 5 inches wide and about 48 inches long.


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Drain strainer sittling next to drain in clean sink.

Brillo Type Pad for Cleaning Stainless SinksAfter several years of using harsh agents to clean my sinks and destroying my hands in the process I have started using Brillo type (store brand, of course) soap pads to clean my stainless steel sinks. They look lovely and shiny and my hands are getting better all the time.


closeup of older sink with rust stains

Cleaning An Older Porcelain SinkI am not at all proud to let you see the mess I let my kitchen sink get into. I am kinda happy to let you in on how I cleaned it up.


Cleaning In Tough Kitchen Areas - paper towel wrapped tube

Cleaning In Tough Kitchen AreasI always have difficulty cleaning in those small spaces between the stove and the refrigerator and the stove and the counter top. You all know what falls between those areas.



Marks on a glossy refrigerator.

Fixing Damage from Magic Eraser on RefrigeratorI used magic eraser on black glossy refrigerator door. We bought a used refrigerator and I used magic eraser around the door hand and some marks on the door that I thought were grease and wouldn't come off with soap and water. The magic eraser ruined it!


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Removing Tea Stain from a Black Composite Sink?I have tea stains in my black composite sink that will not come off. I have tried BarKeepers Friend and more. I saw comments that vinegar and water will remove stains. I read on a few other websites that vinegar should not be used on composite sinks. I don't know what else to try.


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Spray Wax Left Cloudy Film on Kitchen Cabinets?I have tried vinegar and water. That makes it worse. I used citrus oil cleaner. Once the oil dries the next day the film is there. This happened by using an old wood spray wax for furniture accidentally on kitchen cabinets. The cabinets only look good when oily.


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Cleaning Cooking Stains on Laminate Countertop?I have a black pressed laminate countertop and am having trouble removing the marks left behind from cooking. When you fry, the oil/fat that spits onto the counter leaves behind a faint mark. The only way I've found to remove the grease is with vinegar.


Removing a Stain on a Laminate Countertop - orange stains on laminate countertop

Removing a Stain on a Laminate Countertop?How can I take this stain out? Lemon, WD40, and baking soda do not work.


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Removing Stains on Formica?I'm not worried about restoring the shine, I just want a way to get the stains out from my cooking. I tried bleach and it worked somewhat OK, but I had to leave it on for hours, and I think that took whatever finish there is off.


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