October 25, 2011

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Woman with a Headache

Remedies for HeadachesThis is a page about remedies for headaches. Headaches are painful and can make it difficult to get through the day, especially if you get them often. Getting rid of your headache can help you get back focused on what you were doing and improve your mood.


Man Repairing Refrigerator

Money Saving Refrigerator TipsThis is a page about money saving refrigerator tips. Keeping your refrigerator running smoothly will extend it's life and help it run more efficiently. Refrigerator maintenance and repair can get expensive though.


Storing Pineapples, Canning Pineapples. Sliced fresh mini pineapple.

Selecting Good PineapplesThis is a page about selecting good pineapples. Choosing a good fresh pineapple is often intimidating. The delicious rewards make it worth finding out how to choose a sweet, tasty pineapple.


White Heat Stain on Wood Table

Removing White Heat Stains from a Wood TableWhether it's from a pizza box, a coffee cup or some other hot item, heat stains on a wood table can be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing heat stains from a wood table.


Woman With A Cold

Homemade Cold RemediesThis is a page about homemade cold remedies. Getting over a cold as soon as possible is important so you can keep up with your busy schedule. Many homemade cody remedies work as well or better than store bought remedies.


Arm With Hives

Remedies for HivesThis is a page about remedies for hives. Hives are itchy, red, and irritating. They can last for days and can be impossible to ignore.


Mushrooms cooking in a skillet.

Sauteing MushroomsThis is a page about sauteing mushrooms. Sauteed mushrooms are not only easy to prepare, they are also, a delicious garnish for meat and vegetables.


Children at a daycare.

Saving Money on DaycareThis is a page about saving money on daycare. For many parents daycare is an expensive yet necessary expense. There are ways to save money on daycare without sacrificing quality care.


Photo of an organized girls bedroom.

Decorating Your Child's BedroomThis is a page about decorating your child's bedroom. A child's bedroom should be bright and roomy for play but comfortable and soothing for nighttime.


A stack of raspberries.

Growing RaspberriesThis is a page about growing raspberries. Raspberries are delicious whether eaten fresh or used in recipes or jams. Choosing the best variety and learning the requirements for growing and pruning your plants will ensure a bounty of fresh berries.


Bottle of red nail polish spilling on a beige carpet.

Removing Nail Polish from CarpetNail polish can be difficult to remove from carpet, especially if it has already dried. Check out these tips for getting the nail polish stain out. This is a page about removing nail polish from carpet.


A colorful wooden dresser.

Cleaning Sticker Glue from Wood FurnitureThis is a page about cleaning sticker glue from wood furniture. Whether its from a price tag or your child decorating it, sticker glue can be tough to remove from furniture. It is important to find the right method to remove the glue so that you don't damage the wood.


People attending a baby shower.

Saving Money on a Baby Shower?This is a page about saving money on a baby shower. Many times baby showers are given by friends and family of the expectant mother. You can still throw a nice baby shower without spending too much money.


Remedies for Ingrown Hairs, Man Plucking Eyebrows

Remedies for Ingrown HairsThis is a page about remedies for ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are painful and can get easily infected. Taking care of this annoying sore right away will prevent it getting worse.


Restoring a Claw Foot Tub, An old claw foot tub outside.

Restoring a Claw Foot TubThis is a page about restoring a claw foot tub. A restored claw foot tub can be a beautiful focal point in your bathroom. Depending on its age it may need a lot of work to bring it back to its original beauty.


A foot with an ingrown toenail.

Remedies for Ingrown ToenailsThis page contains remedies for ingrown toenails. Many people have experienced having an ingrown toenail. Ingrown toenails can become infected, causing a lot of pain.


A woman holding her belly.

Remedies for DiarrheaThis page contains remedies for diarrhea. Diarrhea can be can be very painful and unpleasant ailment. It is important to find a remedy so that you don't become dehydrated.


Using a cloth to clean eye glasses

Repairing Scratched EyeglassesScratched eyeglasses are a real nuisance and make it hard to wear the glasses you need. Repairing the scratch will help you see better and your glasses will look nicer also. This is a page about repairing scratched eyeglasses.


Organizing Your Kitchen, Dishes neatly organized in a wood cabinet.

Organizing Your KitchenThis is a page about organizing your kitchen. Making food in a disorganized or messy kitchen can be daunting and difficult. Keeping your kitchen organized can save you time and money on food preparation.


Removing Stains from Granite, Granite Kitchen Counter and Stainless Sink

Removing Stains from Granite?This is a page about removing stains from granite. Whether it's flooring, countertops or anywhere else, granite looks great. However, if it gets stained it can take some work to get clean.


New Open Dishwasher

Saving Money on a DishwasherThis is a page about saving money on a dishwasher. The dishwasher is an appliance that be a real time saver and can be found in almost every home. They are expensive to purchase and install though.


Bowl of cream of tomato soup garnished with chives.

Cream of Tomato Soup RecipesCream of tomato soup is wonderful to sip on a cold evening or anytime. Not your plain tomato soup, this velvety smooth variation contains milk or cream to give it that great taste.


Closeup of pink marble slab.

Removing Stains from MarbleThis is a page about removing stains from marble. Marble, while admittedly beautiful, is a porous and easily stained material. There are methods for removing stains from marble that will not damage the surface.


Someone scrubbing a bathtub.

Removing Rust Stains from a BathtubRust stains can get on your tub either from old plumbing or from metal objects left sitting around the edge. These stains can be removed from your tub by using the proper cleaning products. This is a page about removing rust stains from a bathtub.


Saving Money on Funeral Expenses, A headstone at a cemetery.

Saving Money on Funeral ExpensesThis is a page about saving money on funeral expenses. Even a simple funeral can be quite expensive, and many times the expense is left to the deceased person's family to pay. There are ways to save money and help reduce the financial burden on everyone.


A clean bathroom faucet.

Cleaning Bathroom FixturesThis is a page about cleaning bathroom fixtures. A faucet's polished surface looks best when it is clean. Everything from water spots to toothpaste can make your bathroom fixtures look unsightly.


Luxury bathroom with jetted tub.

Cleaning Bath Tub JetsJust cleaning the surface of your jetted tub is not enough. To ensure that your next bath is enjoyable, the jets themselves must be cleaned regularly to remove the bacteria and mold that can grow inside. This is a page about cleaning bath tub jets.


Cigars in a Box

Making a Cigar Box GuitarThis is a page about making a cigar box guitar. Cigar boxes have so many fun and functional uses. You can even make a guitar out of one.


Embroidered vintage handkerchief.

Uses for Old LinensThis is a page about uses for old linens. Old linens are a great source for crafting materials to make quilts, doll clothing, or for more practical uses such as curtains. No matter what your project there may be a place in it for recycled old linens.


Woman Cooking in the Kitchen

Kitchen Time SaversThis is a page about kitchen time savers. From food prep to putting away clean dishes, it's easy to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Saving time on tasks in the kitchen leaves you more time to enjoy the rest of your home.


A woman using a pore strip for blackheads on her nose.

Remedies for BlackheadsThis page contains remedies for blackheads. For many people, blackheads are part of life. They can be unsightly though and can lead to further skin issues.


Small isolated okra with more in the background.

Freezing OkraThis is a page about freezing okra. Okra is an essential ingredient for making Creole style gumbo, or even turkey gumbo after Thanksgiving. Fresh okra do not keep for very long, so freezing young tender okra provides some for future cooking.


People Getting off Cruise Ship in Mexico

Saving Money on a CruiseThis is a page about saving money on a cruise. A cruise is a fabulous way to get away on vacation. However, it is not cheap and the expenses can add up quick if you don't keep an eye on how much you are spending.


Cleaning Rust off of Metal

Removing Rust from Metal?This is a page about removing rust from metal. Whether it's tools that got left out in the rain or just general clean up, there are a lot of reasons to clean rust off of metal. Your metal items will last longer and loot nicer if you keep them free of rust.


Red Snapper in Ice

Freezing FishThis is a page about freezing fish. If you have more fish than you can use right away, freezing is a great way to store it. Freeze your fish now so you can enjoy this tasty and healthy meal later.


Dark pink and red sweet William.

Growing Sweet WilliamThis is a page about growing sweet William. Sweet William is easy to grow, requires little maintenance, and reseeds. These pretty biennials add color and a sweet fragrance to your flower garden.


Bowl of berry cobbler with fresh raspberries and blackberries on top.

Raspberry Cobbler RecipesThis page contains raspberry cobbler recipes. Raspberries make a for a delicious cobbler. This easy baked dessert is a great finish to even a casual meal.


Postcards patchwork quilt.

Making a Postcard QuiltThis is a page about making a postcard quilt. The term postcard quilt can actually apply to several quilt types. You may want to try you hand at a quilt top pieced with 4 by 6 inch rectangles. Another possibility is to create a unique mini quilt that is actually sent as a greeting. Some quilters make varying sized applique quilts commemorating their travels. Create your own postcard.


Photo of decals stuck to the bottom of a bathtub.

Removing Bathtub DecalsThis is a page about removing bathtub decals. Over time bathtub decals can begin to come off. Removing them completely can make it easier to clean your tub or to apply new decals.


A badly bruised ankle.

Helping Bruises Heal QuicklyBruises can look worse than they feel and often stick around longer than they hurt. Many of us want to find a way to reduce the color, soreness and healing time. This page has advice for helping bruises heal quickly.


Man Covering His Mouth During a Hiccup

Remedies for HiccupsThis is a page about remedies for hiccups. The hiccups are no fun at all. There are as many ways to get rid of them as there are to get them.


Broccoli Cheese Soup

Broccoli Cheese Soup RecipesThese two distinctive flavors are a natural pairing. This soup is loved by kids and adults alike. This page contains recipes for broccoli cheese soup.


Woman massaging her eyes

Remedies for Bags Under Your EyesThis page contains remedies for bags under you eyes.Dark circles under your eyes can make you look tired. Brightening and reducing the swelling of those dark bags will make you look fresh and young.


Remedies for Ear Wax Buildup, Up close photo of an ear.

Remedies for Ear Wax BuildupThis page contains remedies for ear wax buildup. Wax buildup in your ears can impair hearing and cause painful earaches. It is good to remove any buildup, but you need to be careful to not hurt the inside of your ears.


Scuffed Vinyl Flooring

Removing Scuffs from Vinyl FloorsVinyl flooring is a nice inexpensive, easy to install flooring option. However, it can get scuffed and scratched easily. This is a page about removing scuffs from vinyl floors.


Man shaving neck with razor

Razor Burn Remedies?This page is about razor burn remedies. The small cuts on the skin from a close shave can be unsightly and painful.


An aerial photo of Disneyland.

Saving Money on a Disney Vacation?This is a page about saving money on a Disney vacation. Going on a Disney vacation is a lot of fun, but it can be quite expensive. There are many ways to cut your costs on everything from tickets to food and lodging.



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Cocoa Raisin Peanut Energy BarsSimilar to energy bars for sale, these bars are made fresher and more frugally with ingredients on hand in many kitchens.


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Marinated TomatoesGreat way to use the tomatoes from your garden! Very tangy and good!


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Broccoli Cheese SoupThis has always been one of our family's favorite soup recipes! I love most anything with Velveeta cheese in it, and this is no exception!


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Pepperoni RollsEasy to make and so good to eat!


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Beef and BeansThis was one of my daughter's favorites growing up. Kids love it because it tastes so good. Moms love it because it is quick and easy to make, and very easy on the food budget. It's really good served with hot cinnamon applesauce.



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Two Alarm Clocks For AppointmentsIf I'm going to have to wake up and get ready to leave for an appointment then I set not one, but two alarm clocks in my bedroom. One next to the bed, and one set to go off not more than 10 minutes later.


Lit Spooky Tree Decoration

Spooky TreeLightup indoor/outdoor Halloween tree.


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Simple Homemade Glycerin SoapIt's easy to make soap bars with soap crafter's melt and pour glycerin soap base that you can purchase at almost any craft store. You can use items like clean dry yogurt cups, juice boxes, cream cheese containers, etc. as the molds.


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Decorating Your Table with Seasonal FoodsA beautiful table using what is at the grocery store is a solution to all of those family dinners coming up. When I saw it, my imagination went crazy.


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Set Clocks Ahead 5 to 10 MinutesI have a bad habit of being 5 minutes late almost everywhere I go. Whether it's work, school or entertainment, I have a hard time getting anywhere on time.


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Store Batteries in Large Plastic BoxI take the batteries out of their packages and store them in a large plastic box with built in dividers from The Container Store. Then I can see at a glance how many AA's and AAA's we have.


Ted E Bear the Dog on a Blue Couch

Ted E. Bear (Shih Tzu)Ted E. Bear is a 2-3 year old Shih Tzu. Since the loss of my "Panda" some 2 years ago, I had constantly gone on line viewing our local animal shelter hoping to adopt another Chin.


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Crafting on Your Sewing MachineI use my vintage (1970s Stylist, and a 1930s treadle) Singer sewing machines to sew, for home sewing and crafting. I also teach sewing, specializing in teaching home sewing newbies.


Woman Attending to Cattle

Our Cattle, Our Friends, Our PetsWe sure love our animals. We share our lives with them. Everyone is a member of our family.


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Beeswax For ZippersTo fix a stuck zipper, rub up and down the zipper with bee's wax. I don't know where I got this idea, but it works like a charm!


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Wash Hands to Stay HealthyThe most important thing my family does to stay healthy during the winter is to wash our hands with plenty of soap (not anti-bacterial) and hot water. The first thing my children do when they get home from school is wash their hands.


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Lye Free Laundry SoapI make laundry soap for myself and both daughters-in-law. We all really like it and it is so easy. One batch makes 2 gallons of soap and this is how I do it.


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Use Hard Clumping Cat LitterHard clumping litter makes it easier to notice when you need to fork out the clumps. Plus having an automatic battery operated air spray freshener nearby helps.


Avoid Gossip in a Small TownHere's some advise from someone who has lived in small towns all of my life until now. In small towns, everyone is related. Don't ever enter into gossip because you will be talking about someones cousin, brother in law, step mom, step sister or step brother.


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Link: Mummies On A StickIt's a page you can print out for them to color with crayons or colored pencils. The bonus is that the coloring page also has the recipe for the mummies they're coloring that they can prepare to eat.


Rolls of ribbon on two wire hangers hanging on the wall.

Controlling Runaway RibbonAfter several tries, this hanger method seems to be working the best for me. I can see every roll, pull off what I need, cut it and I don't have the roll laying on my table to be put away or in my way.


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Salt and Lemon Juice for Carpet OdorAdd sea salt and lemon juice to water, and spray on carpets. It kills any insects and odor. Sprinkle fine sea salt. It absorbs moisture, odor, and insects from carpets.


Purple Borage Flower

Garden: Borage FlowerBorage has recently become my absolute favorite herb blossom! It is extremely short-lived, with flowers usually not lasting much longer than 24 hours. You can use their flowers, leaves, seeds, and oils for medical and cosmetic purposes.


A young witch with a cute Halloween puppy.

Keeping Trick or Treaters and Pets...Halloween is around the corner, which presents a myriad of potential dangers that can take dogs, cats, and their owners completely by surprise. If you want to include your dog in your Halloween celebration, make it an event that is safe and enjoyable for both of you.


ThriftyFun Links Image

Link: Cigarboxguitars.comI read the post about cigar box guitars and was intrigued. A Google search returned many pages, my favorite is: cigarboxguitars.com


White Horse in Corral

Scenery: Draft Horses at the County FairThe county fair is the big event for my family every year. Last year, I took this picture in the draft horse barn. This horse was so beautiful, everything he did looked like a pose. I took several shots, and every one is beautiful.


Halloween lab jar display.

Halloween: Spooky "Laboratory" DisplayPainted and decorated jars create a cute Halloween display. To create the dripping black look, spray heavily and allow to run down the sides of the jar. Spray orange, white, and gold for a candy corn look. Have fun, you can't "mess" these up.


Des and Cinn Frenchies Looking Up at Camera

Des and Cinn (French Bull Dogs)Des and Cinn are now 8 and 10 month old Frenchies. They both love to play tug-o-war with their rope toys. I would not trade them for anything. Even though having two pups is a full time job. I'd do it all over again!


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Check the Price at the PumpDon't trust the price on the sign at your local gas station. Always double-check that the price matches that on the pump you're about to use.


Closeup of Clover with Dew on It

Scenery: CloverI love walking through the fields and along the railroad tracks with my husband and our two dogs. It's always both peaceful and eventful, never a dull moment with my goofy husband or our dopey puppy!


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Rub Zippers with Candle WaxYou can fix a stuck zipper by running a candle up and down on the teeth of the zipper. You should then be able to slide it the back and forth easier.


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Keeping Appliances CleanI have always kept my washer and dryer clean. I've noticed many people clean all their other appliances, but ignore their laundry buddies!


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Check Community Newspapers for Support MeetingsCommunity newspapers often have news about when support groups meet and where. Local mental health professionals likely have this information as well. Support group information might also be known by church offices.


Tree reflected in water with deadwood in foreground.

Scenery: TexasI took my family on a month long tour of Texas to view its wildlife and nature centers. One month was not quite long enough! The Good Lord blessed Texas with so much beauty! I love the stark contrasts.


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Lysol Wipes for Cleaning Dry Erase BoardI bought some Lysol wipes for my ladies' Sunday School class because we kept getting sick with colds. Aside from wiping down the table, chairs, and doorknobs, I found the alcohol content made it perfect for cleaning dry eraser marker writing from our dry erase board!


Sunset on the Farm

Scenery: Sunset on the FarmI have lived most my life by this farm. It is so beautiful at sunset. I happened to be riding by it one day and saw this scenery.


Above Eagle Creek at Sunrise

Scenery: Sunrise (Eagle Creek, Leavenworth,...We visited Leavenworth, WA recently to visit family during Oktoberfest. My mother lives on Eagle Creek and I was up before sunrise. So I went on a hike with my dog up an extremely steep hill, to see if I could get a nice photo of the valley at sunrise.


Closeup of Salmon Queen Geranium

Geranium (Salmon Queen)Salmon Queen was one of the very first geraniums that I planted. It has done very well over the years. I have posted photos of them to my flower web page in the past, and it continues to be one of my very favorite of my geraniums.


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Don't Try to Burn Poison OakI know what NOT to do. Don't try to burn it. I had a friend try this and she got very sick from inhaling the fumes. I suggest wearing disposable gloves so the oil isn't transferred to anything else.


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Buy School Supplies In Bulk On SaleBuy supplies in bulk and/or when supplies are on sale. Share the expenses and supplies with your children's friends and parents.


Large Bright Orange Flower

Garden: Orange FlowerWhile walking the paths of Shore Acres State Park with my husband, I spotted this extremely bright flower among green foliage within a beautiful flower bed. I had never seen such an orange flower before!


Improvised double boiler.

Creating Your Own Cheap Double BoilerInstead of buying a double boiler for twenty dollars or more, I used a skillet that I found at Goodwill for the part that holds my candle wax or soap pieces. The skillet cost me two dollars. I use an old pot from Goodwill, another two dollars, for the base.


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Halloween Costume: Hickory, Dickory, DockChild becomes the grandfather clock in the nursery rhyme, Hickory, Dickory, Dock.


A display of decorative collectible pillows.

Donate Or Sell Collectibles InsteadSell them as quickly as possible or donate them to a museum where you can go look at them when you want and take an in-kind tax write-off. They are usually dust catchers.


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Link: Free Printable Pumpkin Carving StencilsI just came across this website a minute ago and I wanted to share it with all of you! It's www.pumpkinpile.com. They offer hundreds of downloads of pumpkin carving stencils and patterns for free!


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Add Time for Travel and PreparationWhat helps me be on time is back timing. I start with my arrival time, then work backwards with the parking time, travel time, getting ready to go time, plus a few extra minutes for a cushion.


A tree damaged by animals.

Preventing Animals from Damaging Plants...Hungry animals can make a meal out of your trees and plants during the winter months pretty quickly. Sometimes the damage is obvious-plants are fine one day, only to appear damaged or even disappear completely the next.


Flanel pajamas, rain coat, two pairs pants with matching shirts, another shirt, and a pair of shoes in toddler sizes as well as a pair of adult sneakers and a butterfly decoration.

Shop Thrift Stores for Off Season ClothesWe all know shopping at thrift stores is a great way to save money on things, but I have found that I save even more if I go in late in a season to look for clothes for the next season.



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Cleaning Iron Skillets?How do you clean iron skillets that have not been used in about 3 years and have been sitting in a closet?


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Getting Free Fred's Coupons?How do I get Fred's coupons?


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Cleaning a Dog's Itchy Dirty Ears?I have a Pom Yorkie she is my love and pride. I have spent hundreds on her ears and am tired of having to spend more. I am looking for a natural way to clean her ears.


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Calculating Mileage and Gas Costs for Driving Trips?How much it will cost on gas driving from Portland, Maine to Atlanta, Georgia?


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Growing Raspberries?We have a community garden and I am taking a lot for next year. I want to plant raspberries and need information about shade or sun requirements, how close to plant, and watering. Thank you.


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Looking for the Name and Words to a Poem?Does anybody know the name and words to a poem about an elderly man that gets all cleaned up and spends the day of his birthday sitting on his porch waiting for his adult children to drop by and they never show up?


Does Liquid Sidewalk Chalk Stain?Does the liquid sidewalk chalk stain concrete? I wanted to make it for my son and let him paint the driveway.


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Halloween Wreath Ideas?I really enjoy hanging a wreath on our door at Christmas. I would like to find some ideas for creating a Halloween wreath that I could hang on our door in October. Thanks for any suggestions.


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View Lost to New Home Construction?My great view out of my kitchen window is being replaced by the side of a house. Any suggestions for bringing back nature in my view?


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Replacing the Springs on Gliding Chair Base?I have a gliding chair which is perfect except that its springs came off. We can't sit on it without these springs.


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Heat Detector Keeps Beeping?I have an Ei154TL heat detector that won't stop beeping. Why is this, when it's powered by the main as well?


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Slipping Boots On Easier?My husband has a hard time slipping his heavy boots on. His socks aren't really very thick and the boots fit well once he gets them on. He does unlace them all the way, but still has problems. Any ideas to make it easier? Thanks so much.


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