April 15, 2013

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An Asian lady eating the frugal meal of ramen noodles.

Frugal Meals for OneThis is a page about frugal meals for one. Cooking for one is often a challenge, then add to that the need to keep costs down and you may be having difficulties maintaining a variety in your diet.


Mint Brownies

Mint Brownie RecipesThis page contains mint brownie recipes. The flavors of mint and chocolate complement each other. Why not make mint brownies the next time you have a brownie craving?


Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter RecipesThis page contains apple fritter recipes. These fried fruit pastries are the favorite of many people.


Netflix Reviews

Netflix Reviews?This page contains Netflix reviews. Netflix is a popular subscription service that offers access to scores of movies and TV series that you can view on your TV, computer, etc.


Electric Hand Mixer

Electric Hand Mixer TipsThis is a page about electric hand mixer tips. An electric hand mixer is a great tool to add to your collection of small kitchen appliances.


Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Valentine's Day Centerpiece IdeasDress up your dining table for Valentine's Day with a centerpiece just for the occasion. This is a page about Valentine's Day centerpiece ideas.



Removing a BandageThis is a page about removing a bandage. Remember when you were a kid and your mom ripped the bandage off quickly to get the painful process over as soon as possible? Well there are some other methods that may work as well or better.


Floral spring banquet centerpiece.

Spring Banquet Ideas?This is a page about spring banquet ideas. You have volunteered or been drafted to help on the banquet committee, now you will need to come up with some refreshing ideas for this year's event.


Distressed Furniture

Giving Furniture a Distressed Look?Distressing newer furniture gives it an older look that might be just want you need to complete your decor. This is a page about giving furniture a distressed look.


Leather Couch

Removing Milk Stains From Leather?This is a page about removing milk stains from leather. Milkfat is the main culprit in the stains left by accidental spills.


Marching Band Centerpiece

Marching Band Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about marching band centerpiece ideas. Part of planning for a school banquet is creating the table centerpieces to reflect the group being honored.


Banana Pound Cake

Banana Pound Cake RecipesThis page contains banana pound cake recipes. Fruit flavored pound cakes are easy to make.


brass candle sticks

Cleaning BrassThis is a page about cleaning brass. Brass is used in our homes in many capacities, from plumbing fixtures to fireplace doors.


Sore Muscles

Sore Muscle RemediesThis page contains sore muscle remedies. When you have overdone your exercise or just have tired muscles, there are ways to get some relief.


Low Carb, High Protein and High Fiber

Low Carb, High Protein and High Fiber RecipesThis page contains low carb, high protein, and high fiber recipes. Changing your diet to make it more healthy may send you scrambling for new recipes.



Saving Money on WindowsThis is a page about saving money on windows. Replacements for old uninsulated windows can be quite expensive, not only to buy, but also to have installed.


computer printer

Printing Tips and TricksThis is a page about printing tips and tricks. There are many times when you are trying to print something from you computer or the internet where you have difficulties getting just what you want.


A woman talking to her doctor.

Preparing for a Doctor's VisitThis is a page about preparing for a doctor's visit. It is time to see your doctor; to make the most of your appointment you can take some steps to prepare before you go.


Anniversary Date

Planning a Wedding Anniversary DateThis is a page about planning a wedding anniversary date. Celebrate the anniversary of your wedding with a fun or elegant date.


Dog in the wind.

My Dog is Afraid of the Wind?This is a page about my dog is afraid of the wind. Dogs like their owners may have fears of people, places, or conditions. Understanding the cause of their fear is the first step to helping them overcome it.



Drying Okra for Crafts?This is a page about drying okra for crafts. In addition to being a tasty vegetable frequently used in southern cooking, okra pods ca be dried and used in arts and craft projects.


Orange Smoothie

Orange Smoothie RecipesThis page contains orange smoothie recipes. Fresh fruit and juice can make healthy, delicious blended snack.


A child playing with a nanny.

Name Ideas for a Nanny Service?This is a page about name ideas for a nanny service. Starting your own nanny service is very exciting. You want to make a success of your business venture and one aspect of that is to decide on a name that people remember and respond favorably to.


A home with lots of trees and bushes.

Homemade Root Killer?Tree roots can invade your sewer system and cause problems and damage. This is a page about homemade root killer.


hand lotion

Cleaning Lotion Stains on Leather Couch?This is a page about cleaning stains on leather couch. Moisturizers and other lotions may be good for your skin, but they can leave stains on your leather furniture.



Cucumber and Watermelon SaladWhile the combination may sound strange, cucumber and watermelon combine to make a delicious salad. This page contains cucumber and watermelon salad recipes.


Baby Formula

Removing Baby Formula Stains on Microfiber?This is a page about removing baby formula stains on microfiber. Baby formula stains are a common occurrence on clothing and furniture.


Self Rising Flour

Making Self Rising Flour?This is a page about making self rising flour. Your recipe calls for self rising flour, but you don't have any. You don't have to race out to the store. You can make it simply at home, with ingredients you probably already have.


A bikini on a clothesline.

Cleaning Odors on Swimsuits?This is a page about cleaning odors on swimsuits. Proper care of you swimsuit should help prevent odors, however if they do have a musty odor or smell of chlorine, you can easily remove it.



Substitutions for Fennel in Recipes?This is a page about substitutions for fennel in recipes. If you do not like the licorice flavor of fennel then you will want to find a suitable substitute to use when preparing recipes calling for it's use.


Milk Bottles

Uses for Glass Milk Bottles?This is a page about uses for glass milk bottles. Before the paper carton, milk was packaged in glass bottles. If you are lucky enough to have some you may be searching for a good creative use for them.


Jeep Soft Top

Cleaning a Jeep Soft TopThis is a page about cleaning a Jeep soft top. If you used your Jeep for offroading the soft top is going to need periodic cleaning.


Lasagna Casserole

Lasagna Casserole RecipesThis page contains lasagna casserole recipes. A wonderful main dish that can be made in a variety of ways.


lead paint

Avoiding Lead In Your HomeThis page is about avoiding lead in your home. It is important to know how to reduce your family's exposure to lead.


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Giving Furniture a Distressed Look?This is a page about giving furniture a distressed look. Distressing newer furniture gives it an older look that might be just want you need to complete your decor.



Creamy Fennel RecipesThis page contains creamy fennel recipes. Fennel can be prepared in many ways, one delicious option is to cook it in a cream sauce.


Three girls wearing prom dresses.

Saving Money on Prom DressesThis is a page about saving money on prom dresses. You want to look your best for prom, but don't always have an unlimited clothing budget.


house with trees

Getting Rid of Roots in a Sewer Line?This is a page about getting rid of roots in a sewer line. Roots growing into your sewer line can cause a lot of problems including backed-up plumbing.


A woman wearing cleaning gloves.

Removing Stains from a Composite Granite Sink?This is a page about removing stains from a composite granite sink. Cleaning stone sinks often requires specific methods and products to prevent damage.


snow boots

Keeping Snow Out of BootsThis is a page about keeping snow out of boots. Even when wearing snow boots, you can get snow down inside them making your feet cold and wet.


A woman holding a gift wrapped in recycled paper.

Green Christmas TipsThis is a page about green Christmas tips. We may not always be thinking of green solutions when planning for Christmas, but the are ways to help keep Christmas green.


party food

Keeping Food Warm at PartiesThis is a page about keeping food warm at parties. You don't need expensive warming trays and steam tables to keep food warm at your next party.


Shin Splints

Remedies for Shin SplintsThis page contains remedies for shin splints. A common sports injury that often occurs after running a distance when not in prime shape.


25th Anniversary Gift

25th Anniversary Gift IdeasThis is a page about 25th anniversary gift ideas. The 25th is the silver anniversary. Traditionally, gifts of silver are given, however, a unique and thoughtful gift of any kind will be much appreciated.



Growing Frangipani (Plumerias)This is a page about growing Frangipani (plumerias). These tropical small trees and shrubs produce beautiful, fragrant flowers.


Fennel gratin

Recipes Using FennelThis page contains recipes using fennel. The entire fennel plant from bulb to stalks and feathery leaves is great for cooking and seasoning.


Fire Ants

Getting Rid of Fire AntsThis is a page about getting rid of fire ants. Fire ants are not only annoying when they invade your home or yard, but their bite is also very painful to humans and their pets.


Outdoor Furniture

Saving Money on Outdoor FurnitureThis is a page about saving money on outdoor furniture. Patio and lawn furniture can be very expensive, but that doesn't mean you have to forgo having nice, functional yard furnishings.



Vegetable garden motif pillow cover.

Paper Pieced Vegetable Pillow CoverI love to make paper pieced projects. I took a brief break from a quilt to make this pillow cover for the DH's birthday. I had made my carrot book page weight and that inspired me to look for some veggie blocks.


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Baking Soda and Water Paste for StingsDid you know that Afterbite's main ingredient is baking soda? If you make a paste of baking soda and water, it will stop the stinging very quickly. First, however, remove the stinger and then put the paste on.


Gnocchi ready to boil.

Potato GnocchiI think we all get very excited when we score that 99 cent 5-pound bag of potatoes. But what to do when you're tired of all the garlic mash and baked spuds? Try gnocchi! Little Italian pillows of love.


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Giving Medicine to DogsMy vet told me to start giving my dogs regular pumpkin for the fiber. I give it to them in the evening meal. At the same time, I give medications. Some of the medications I have to get very tricky with to get them to take it.


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Water Your Plants With Ice CubesFast, easy, and no spills on your furniture. Cubes melt slowly so the plant doesn't get overwatered. One normal size ice cube per 4 inch pot. The kind of plant drives the frequency of watering.


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Removing Pet Urine Odor from FloorsI just ran into this problem a few days ago. Our sweet kitty managed to ruin a room in our house with his urine! I tried to steam clean it out, but to no avail! No matter what I put on it - enzyme cleaner, deodorizer - it would not work.


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Keeping Dogs From Chewing on the FurnitureI've had success by 'painting' the spots where the puppy would chew with hot pepper sauce (the really hot kind). Obviously you would use the smooth sauce, nothing chunky or sweet hot!


Owl (Braddock Bay Rapture Park, NY)

Owl (Braddock Bay Rapture Park, NY)I live near Braddock Bay Rapture Park where these owls stop by for a month during migration season. I was lucky enough to see this little guy this week


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Datura - BrugmansiaDatura or Brugmansia is a highly poisonous plant. There are mental and physical disturbances brought about by the plant alkaloids. This is not a good plant to have in a garden where there are pets or children or anyone else who is apt to put their hands in their mouth after handling the plant.


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Vinegar for a Non-Slip BathtubAfter a nasty fall in my bath tub, I became extra careful to not have it happen again. My first idea was to always just throw a facecloth in the tub to stand on. My latest and very effective method that keeps me safe as well as my family is to spray my vinegar/water cleaning solution on the bottom of the tub.


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Keeping Stored Sewing Needles from RustingWhen we lived in Hawaii the salt air would make my needles and pins rust in the pincushion. To keep this from happening my husband soaked the pincushion in kerosene. Set it on some newspapers to let it dry out for several days.


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Cleaning Hair AccessoriesFirst of all I keep 2 containers for my hair accessories, one for clean ones and one for used ones. I "never" mix the two.


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My Frugal Life: Cooking for Work and Busy TimesWhen we were busy or had to work all at the same time, we had to prep for how we would all eat. There was no going to a drive-thru, because there was no extra money.



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Label Adhesive on Metal Surface?How can I remove left over label adhesive? I have washed in hot water, gently scrapped, and used rubbing alcohol. What do I do?


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Dog Pees and Poops Inside When Owner Gone?We adopted a Lab almost a year ago. She's doing really good. She was abused with a crate so she is deadly afraid of them will do anything to get out while we are gone. So we started leaving her out while we were gone.


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Curtain Color Advice?I need help with curtain color for my living room. Our walls are a tan color, our tables are mahogany, couch, loveseat, and chair are chocolate brown and our carpet is a variety of colors, (brown, tan, ivory). My formal dining room is attached.


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Treating a Dog With Parvo at Home?My dog was having the same problem as edawg on here: Do Dogs that Survive Parvo Still Carry the Virus?. I just wanted to know what kind of tube did he use and what kind of antibiotic did he use.


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Real Estate Team Name?My life long friend and I are just finishing real estate classes. We are going to be working as a team. We would like some help coming up with a team name. We like the word "Edge" and also something like "Your HOME Team". Please help us come up with a catchy name!


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Killing Fleas With Household Products?How do I kill fleas with household products besides vinegar, lemon, Dawn, and boric acid, etc.? Please help. I am a single mom in need of a cheap solution!


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Riding Mower Battery Won't Hold a Charge?I have a Poulan pro rider. Something is draining the battery. I replaced it twice and I still have to charge every time we mow.


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Removing Wrinkles for Sheers?If I hang my wrinkled sheers and then spray them with Wrinkle Release, will the wrinkles come out? I hate to hang them and then have it not work. I've tried everything and nothing will take them out.


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Making Cake Filling With Jam?I found a yummy cake recipe that uses jam as a filling between layers. It comes from an old cookbook and doesn't have exact measurements. It says, "one glass of jam between each layer".


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Musty Odor in Bedroom?There is a musty smell in one bedroom. We couldn't find where it was coming from for a month. Jenny Jo has the experience in finding the cold water pipe leaked in the bathroom and caused the musty smell. How do we determine if my house is having the same problem? Thanks!


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