August 31, 2017

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A picture of variety of different types of Easter candy.

Saving Money on Easter CandyEaster candy is fun to give out to all the children in your life but it can add up. This Easter, check out some ways you can be saving money on easter candy.


A bucket of cleaning tools.

How to Set Rates for Move Out Apartment Cleaning Services?Setting the proper rate for you cleaning service business is an important first step. Here are some ideas about how to set rates for move out apartment cleaning services.


Dog with Thought Bubble

Dog QuotesMan's best friend has inspired great quotes for centuries. Here is a page about dog quotes.


Baby Shower

Making a Baby Shower ClotheslineA clothesline can make a fantastic decoration as well as gift presentation for a mother-to-be. Here are some great ideas about making a baby shower clothesline.


A girl singing at an American Idol birthday party.

American Idol Birthday Party IdeasAmerican Idol is an extremely popular singing show on television. Here are some great American Idol birthday party ideas to help you plan your next birthday party.


Deep Cleaning

How to Set Rates for Deep Cleaning ServicesKnowing the right amount to charge for your time cleaning a home or office is important information to have. Learn how to set rates for deep cleaning services that you offer.


Photo of a Goldfinch taking off.

Goldfinch PhotosThis small, bright yellow North American migratory bird is a frequent visitor to many backyard bird feeders. This page contains goldfinch photos.


An Oreo cookie placed on a fork, being dipped into a glass of milk.

Use a Fork to Dunk Oreos in MilkYou can prevent dipping your fingertips in the milk while dunking Oreos by using a fork. Use a fork to dunk Oreos in milk by poking the tines into the center frosting.


Corn being watered with a drip irrigation system.

5 Water-Saving Solutions for Your GardenYou lawn and garden can use up a lot of water, especially through the hot summer season. Use these 5 water-saving solutions for your garden and help conserve water for all to use.


A meatball sandwich on french bread.

Recipes Using MeatballsFrom sandwiches to spaghetti to soups, meat balls can be used in all sorts of dishes and can even be a main course themselves. Here are some delicious recipes using meatballs.


Kids Abacus for Learning - front with colored beads and number beads on pipe cleaners

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner and Bead AbacusLong before there was a written numeral system, the abacus was used as a calculating tool. Make a simple one to help teach your young children counting and more advanced math. This is a page about how to make a pipe cleaner and bead abacus.


Toga party illustration.

Toga Party Ideas?Toga parties are popular with fraternities at universities and gained more widespread notoriety after the movie Animal House. Check out this page for some great toga party ideas.


Yarn Wrap Letters and Hanger  - wrapped letters

How to Make Yarn Wrapped LettersCardboard letters can be dressed up to fit any decor by wrapping them with various colors and textures of yarn. This is a page about how to make yarn wrap letters.


Christmas Ornaments

Putting a Photo on a Christmas Ornament?Christmas ornaments are often something we share with family and friends. Adding a photo to a Christmas ornament is a great way to remember someone during the holidays or even to give as a gift. Here are some ideas about putting a photo on a Christmas ornament.


A defendant standing in court.

Understanding Legal Disposition Codes?Legal depositions are important to get accurate and understand completely. If you need help understanding legal disposition codes you may find an answer here.


closeup of swimsuit cup

Altering a Swimsuit Top After Weight LossIf you have recently lost weight, some articles of clothing may not fit the way they used to. Altering a swimsuit top after weight loss is a good way to avoid spending money on a new swim suit.


A bowl of Greek flavored spaghetti squash.

"It's All Greek to Me" Spaghetti SquashBaked spaghetti squash with Kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, and more combine to give this vegetarian dish a Mediterranean flavor. This page contains a recipe for making "It's all Greek to me" spaghetti squash.


A woman being examined by a dentist.

Finding Dental Care With Bad Credit?Dental care gets expensive very quickly, if you have bad credit it may make it more difficult to get the dental care you need. Finding dental care with bad credit can be difficult, but it's not impossible.


Folded Paper Puppy - folded yellow paper puppy face

How to Make a Folded Paper PuppyFolded paper crafts are fun to make and many can be done by and for children. This is a page about how to make a folded paper puppy.


Gift wrapped in decorated wax paper.

How to Make Wax Paper Gift WrapWax paper can make a fun and unique way to gift wrap something. Make your own wax paper gift wrap to customize the next gift you need to wrap up.


An orange loaf cake covered in glaze.

How to Add Glaze to Loaf CakesTry poking holes in your loaf cake with a toothpick or other small object before pouring on your glaze. You will probably like the results. This is a page about how to add glaze to loaf cakes.


A blooming Mimosa Tree.

Growing Mimosa Trees in New Hampshire?Mimosa trees originated in the tropics, but grow well up through many moderate climates as well. Growing mimosa trees in New Hampshire may be difficult with the long winters, but it can be done if proper care is taken.


Crocheted Yo Yo Place Mat

Crocheted Yo Yo Place Mat PatternMake a stack of colorful crocheted yo yos and then arrange and tie them together to make pretty and useful placemats. This page contains a crocheted yo yo place mat pattern.


Black and Tan drink.

How to Pour a Black and TanPouring a proper black and tan is a handy skill to have, especially around St. Patrick's Day. Read on to learn how to pour a black and tan.


Spray painted formica dining room table.

Painting a Formica Tabletop?Formica is a long-lasting table or counter top surface. Painting a Formica tabletop is a perfect way to update the look of your kitchen or dining room space without replacing all the furniture.


A smartphone with wi-fi connection next to a laptop computer.

Using Wi-Fi Instead of Cellular DataSometimes settings on your phone can cause you to use more cellular data than necessary. Try these tricks to save money on your smartphone bill's data plan.


Sautéed Kale on plate with meat and potatoes

Sautéed Kale RecipesKale makes a great addition to just about any meal, as a healthy side dish. Here is a fantastic sautéed kale recipe you can make quickly to go with any meal.


A motorhome parked in the mountains.

Downsizing from a House to a Motorhome?Downsizing can be liberating and stressful at the same time. Moving from a house to a motorhome will require letting go of even more of your belongings, including furniture. This is a page about downsizing from a house to a motorhome.



Kenmore Sewing Machine Won't Run?Kenmore sewing machines are generally pretty reliable but if your has stopped working it may need to be repaired or replaced. If your Kenmore sewing machine won't run it could be a variety if issues preventing it from working.


The finished nightstand from a wooden stool.

Turn Wooden Stool Into a Night StandA small stool can easily be converted into a nightstand with any decorative theme you like. Here's a great idea about how to turn a wooden stool into a night stand.


closeup of wheel and bracket

What is This Plant? Sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia)Sicklepod is a legume. It grows wild on many continents and is typically considered a serious weed in most areas. This is a page about, "What is this plant? sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia)".


Finished snowman sitting on cotton snow.

Making a Paper and Cotton SnowmanA snowman decoration adds some holiday cheer to your home, especially if it's as easy to make as this one. Here are some simple instructions on making a paper and cotton snowman for you own home.


A decorated pumpkin centerpiece.

Halloween Centerpiece IdeasHalloween is a fun time for displaying homemade decorations including a centerpiece for a party or family meal. This is guide contains Halloween centerpiece ideas.


The inside of a washing machine.

Washer Drains But Won't SpinDetermining why your washer will not begin the spin cycle after draining will require some research on your part or a call to a repair service. This is a page about a washer that drains but won't spin.


Origami Heart

Making Dollar Origami HeartsOrigami has endless possibilities for designs you can fold. Making dollar origami hearts is a great way to give some extra money to someone along with a gift or just as a gift themselves.


Colorful cleaning supplies.

How to Set Rates for Move Out House Cleaning Services?Some house cleaners like to focus on specific job categories, such as move in or move out cleanings. Determining a fair and profitable rate can sometimes seem confusing. This is a page about how to set rates for move out house cleaning services.


A red canna lily.

Canna Lily Leaves Are Ripped?If the leaves on your cannas are ripped, one reason may be insufficient watering. This is a page about why canna lily leaves are ripped.


A girl holding a speech bubble.

Keep a Child's Quotes in a JournalKids say the darnedest things and it can be great to preserve those funny little sayings for future reference. Keep a child's quotes in a journal, so you can look back and laugh at the hilarious things your children said when they were younger.


Green Salad with Sauteed Shrimp

Green Salad with Sautéed ShrimpSeasoned sautéed shrimp can dress up a plain salad or be yet another addition to help make a salad a meal in itself. This is a page about making a green salad with sautéed shrimp.


A photo of soy beans and soy milk.

Canning Soy Milk?Making your own soy milk can be pretty easy, however if you want to store it for long periods you may need to can it. Canning soy milk can be a good way to preserve it for later use.


Woman Holding Chocolate Fruit Tart

Fruit Tart RecipesThere are a myriad of fruits that can be used to make a delicious tart. This page has a great fruit tart recipe that you are sure to love.


Steamed Fiddleheads on plate

Steamed Fiddleheads RecipeFern fiddleheads are quite nutritious but can taste bitter if not prepared correctly. Make some steamed fiddleheads next time you want a healthy and unusual side dish.


Pumpkin Butter

Slow Cooker Pumpkin ButterWhen pumpkins are in season, it is fun to make up some pumpkin butter that you can serve throughout the year. Using your slow cooker is a good method for saving some time. This is a page about making slow cooker pumpkin butter.


Cleaning a stain from a leather couch.

Removing Stains from LeatherLeather is often quite resilient and relatively easy to clean. However, if you have a bad stain on some leather, it may be a chore to get it out. Removing stains from leather can sometimes require contacting a professional cleaner.


CDs Hanging on Clothesline to Keep Birds Out of Garden

Using CDs to Keep Birds Out of Your GardenIf you don't want birds in your garden, especially if you have fruit trees, CDs can provide a bright flash that many birds avoid. Using CDs to keep birds out of your garden is a common and effective practice.


Apple muffins on plate

Best Ever Apple Muffins RecipeMuffins can be made with a variety of fruit ingredients but apple may be the very best. Make these best ever apple muffins next time you want to bake some muffins.


Cockroach on a Toothbrush

Roaches In a Very Clean Home?If your home is very clean and you still have cockroaches around, they many have been there before you moved in or are coming from something in the surrounding environment. This page is about how to get rid of roaches in a very clean home.


Halloween decorated plate.

Halloween Plate CraftA clear glass plate, seasonal napkins, foam brush, Mod Podge, and scissors are all you need to set your children to creating unique decoupaged plates for Halloween. This is a page about making a Halloween plate craft for kids.


Chicken And Rice Soup in Pot

Chicken and Rice Soup Recipe ($10 Dinner)Make a hearty and delicious chicken and rice soup for your family tonight. This easy to make chicken and rice soup recipe can be made for about 10 dollars.


Brownies cut and ready to eat.

Honey Bear Brownies Recipe?Add the naturally delectable and sweet flavor of honey to your next batch of brownies. Everyone will love this honey bear brownies recipe when they get a chance to taste these yummy brownies.


table top rolled newspaper Christmas tree

Making a Newspaper Christmas TreeRolled sheets of newspaper can be arranged and glued together to create a delightful recycled tabletop sized Christmas tree. This is a page about making a newspaper Christmas tree.


3 Ingredient Fondant ingredients

3 Ingredient Fondant RecipeFondant is used for detailed cake decorating. Make your own fondant with this quick and easy 3 ingredient fondant recipe.


A pair of zebra finches on a branch.

Zebra Finches Not Caring for Chick?Because zebra finches easily breed in captivity they provide pet owners many opportunities to observe and intervene, if necessary, in the raising of the chicks. This is a page about zebra finches not caring for a chick.


A wooden spoon full of epsom salts.

Uses for Epsom SaltsMagnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) can be used for a variety of reasons such as a bath salt for soaking sore muscles, an exfoliating body scrub. Epsom salts can be used in the garden to help amend soil by adding magnesium and it even deters slugs. Read further to find some other uses for epsom salts.


Succulent Plants Make Wonderful Gifts

Giving Succulents as GiftsSucculents are easy to propagate and equally easy to grow. This makes them a good and often inexpensive choice for gift giving. This is a page about giving succulents as gifts.


Making a Paper Lantern - finished lantern

How to Make a Simple Paper LanternColorful paper, a stapler or glue, and some cutting skills are all that is needed for this craft. With some help, even young children can get into the fun. This is a page about how to make a simple paper lantern.



Growing Broccoli Rabe from Seed?Choosing quality seeds, properly preparing the soil, planting at the best time, and keeping the soil moist are all important to producing a good broccoli rabe harvest. This is a page about growing broccoli rabe from seed.



A delicious meal, including grilled artichokes.

Grilled ArtichokesIf you are a fan of artichokes, you have to try grilling them! The secret of grilling artichokes is that you have to steam the artichokes first. These grilled artichokes are so flavorful and delicious! Pairs perfectly for a summer lunch/dinner with grilled sweet and savory chicken and vegetables.


Broccoli Lemon Mint Soup

Broccoli Lemon Mint SoupThis soup is perfect for transitioning from the hot months to the cold months. Using the stalks of the broccoli make for a great creamy base for this soup. There is no need for flour or other thickening agents. This soup is super easy to make and looks (and tastes) so elegant!



A completed ninja made from a recycled toilet paper roll.

Tissue Roll NinjaInstead of throwing out those cardboard tissue rolls, you can use them in this craft for your children. Make this craft together with them to enhanced their motor skills.


Finished shirt and tie bookmark for Dad.

Shirt and Tie Bookmark for DadChildren will enjoy working on this simple and fun craft to make as a gift for Dad. Some of it is a bit tricky for younger children, but with a bit of help they can make and give this fun bookmark that Dad will be proud of.


A piece of paper with the name "Lisa" marked in dots with colored bingo markers.

Bingo Dot NamesAt the beginning of the school year, it is smart to have some quick and easy activities for students to do. And for younger children who are not writing yet, learning their name is very exciting. This activity is simple, but fun and students will definitely want to keep practicing their names with Bingo markers!



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Brother-in-Law Invites Self to Dinner Every Night?My husband and I moved into our new house last April. A month after, my brother in-law bought a house not a block away. At first he traveled a lot for work, but then the traveling stopped and he has been working from home. Every night without fault he texts me and my husband about what are the dinner plans?


Value and Info on Mersman 30-1 End Tables - Formica top Mersman tables

Value and Info on Mersman 30-1 End Tables?I found a pair of these Mersman 30-1 end tables in mint condition and I can't find any info on them anywhere. Help!


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Using Mod Podge to Attach Fabric Leaves to a Glass Jar?I am trying to use mod podge to glue material fall leaves onto a Mason jar. I have cleaned the jar with alcohol and done everything I know and cannot get them to stick. I am very frustrated. What am I doing wrong?


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Speciality Daycare Name Ideas?I have a daycare business. I look after and do educational work only with sick children. I spend short periods of time with the children, just until they are cured and can go back to normal daycare. I want a catchy name that is easy to remember.


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Substitute for Baking Powder?I am making a blackberry cobbler. I am out of baking powder. Am I able to substitute anything? I do have a huge bag of Krusteaz pancake mix, if I add some sugar, butter, and an egg, will it come out OK?


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How Often Are Cats in Heat?This the first time that I have ever had a cat. Is it normal for cats to be in heat constantly in summer; because she been having it a lot this month.


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Preschool Name Ideas?I am starting my own in-home preschool, but I am lacking a creative name for it. I am thinking maybe something with my name (April) in it somewhere. I want something cute and catchy for both the students and the parents.


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Nail Polish Remover Damaged Leather Armrest?I splashed nail polish remover on the leather armrest in an auto. Is there away to cover the discoloration?


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Looking for Eisenheartd NIP Arnold Palmer Wallpaper?I am looking for Arnold Palmer wallpaper with antique golf clubs pattern.


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