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A woman looking at a small computer screen.

Adjusting Your Computer Screen SizeThis is a page about adjusting your computer screen size. Whether you are having trouble seeing small text or need to fit more on the screen, it can be very helpful to know how to adjust the screen size on your computer monitor.


A girl using a computer with two monitors.

Setting Up Two Monitors on a Computer?This is a page about setting up two monitors on a computer. There are several advantages to using dual monitors with your computer.


A senior man using a computer.

Teaching Seniors to Use a ComputerThis is a page about teaching seniors to use a computer. As we age learning a new skill can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. Teaching older people to use a computer may often require different tactics than when working with children or students.


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Using Extended Characters on My Keyboard?I am looking for a little help with my keyboard. My question is, my keyboard has blue symbols on some of the keys. For example on the zero there is the ) when you press shift, but there is also a blue sign for the fraction 1/4.


A computer mouse being used.

Computer Mouse Pad AlternativesWhen you need a mouse pad for your computer, you should consider an alternative. There are many things that you can use or even refashion for your mouse pad surface.


Tea spilling on a laptop computer keyboard.

Protect Your Laptop From SpillsThis is a page about how to protect your laptop from spills. Many of us will have a cup of tea, coffee, or a soda while working on a laptop, likewise it is common to find the laptop in the kitchen being used for recipes. All of these instances place it at risk from accidental spills.


Organizing and Storing Laptop Cables - slide the cable into the paper towel tube

Organizing and Storing Laptop CablesLaptop computer cables can create more clutter on your desk or other workspace. Also, when packed in a computer bag you want to make sure that they are rolled properly to prevent damage. Try the suggestion below to easily organize and store your laptop cables.


Displaying a computer tablet screen on a television.

Projecting a Computer onto a Television ScreenA HDMI cable will work to connect a tv to a computer. One end goes on the port on the TV and the other end goes on the port on the computer. This is a page about projecting a computer onto a television screen.


A woman using a laptop computer.

Using Your Computer as a DictonaryThere are a number of free software programs available to learn new words, and increase your vocabulary. This is a page about using your computer as a dictionary.



Woman Taking Computer Class

How to Find Free Computer ClassesNow that your have your new computer it is often helpful to take a class to familiarize yourself with the new hardware. Likewise, classes on the operating systems and software are a good idea. Some retailers such as Apple stores offer classes, likewise community centers, senior centers, and community colleges are other possible providers. This is a page about how to find free computer classes.


UPS Back-up Battery

Using a UPS to Protect Your Computer from Power SurgesA UPS, also known as an Uninterruptible Power Supply, can prevent power surges from damaging your computer. This is a page about using a UPS to protect your computer.


A computer screen showing how to use Window's Quick Launch options.

Using Windows Quick LaunchSave time on your computer by using the quick launch feature to open the Windows folders you commonly use. This is a page about using windows quick launch.


Handholding Wrist of mouse hand

Wrist Support Ideas For Using a MouseIf you use a mouse many hour a day it can be easy to develop wrist pain. Putting a cushion of some sort under your wrist while using the mouse may have relieve the pain you are experiencing. This is a page about wrist support ideas for using a mouse.


Computer screen showing settings for adjusting your mouse.

Cut Your Mouse Clicks In HalfCreating shortcuts to items you often use on your computer can be a great timesaver. This is a page about cut your mouse clicks in half.


A screen from a Windows computer showing instructions for making a shortcut.

Turn Computer Off With Desktop ShortcutThis tip is written for PC (Windows) users. Here is the quick and easy way to create a shortcut on your desktop to turn off your computer.


A person using a laptop computer.

Keeping Your Laptop CoolIf your laptop gets too warm you can buy a special cooling pad or get creative and make something yourself to help dissipate the heat. This is a page about keeping your laptop cool.


A family using a laptop computer on a couch.

Organizing a Shared Family ComputerSetting up a computer so that everyone can find their own files and games, as well as adding parental controls makes a family computer a workable option. This is a page about organizing a shared family computer.


A photo of a gift bag with snowmen.

Gift Bag as Wallpaper on PhoneI had an especially beautiful and crafty-looking gift bag this last year so I took a photo of it. It is my phone's background wallpaper and I am also using it as an inspiration for future crafts.



Converting Email Files?This is a page about converting email files. Email files are text documents that can easily be opened or copied and pasted into just about any other type of document or format.


computer keyboard with Facebook buttons

Creating A Facebook Support Group?This is a page about creating a Facebook support group. Make a page on this social media website so you can connect with others who understand your issues.



Starting a BlogThis is a page about starting a blog. When you have information, photos or commentary that you would like to share with others, a weblog may be the best way to communicate it.


Burning CD

Burning CDs?This is a page about burning CDs. Burning a CD may seem daunting, but it is not. Choose the software you want to use and get started.



Blog Name Ideas?This is a page about blog name ideas. Choosing a catchy name that expresses your personality and subject can be a real challenge.


newsletter graphic

Finding Printable Newsletter Templates?This is a page about finding printable newsletter templates. Locating the proper format for a newsletter can make it much easier to put together.



Laptop with Screensaver Running

Computer Screensavers or WallpaperThis is a page about computer screensavers or wallpaper. Endless possibilities of images can fill up the blank screen of your computer. Wallpaper and screensavers are primarily used for entertainment and security.


Fax by Email

Receiving Faxes by Email?This is a page about receiving faxes by email. There are now options to receiving a fax that don't depend on owning your own fax machine.


A person using a keyboard and a mouse on a computer.

Desktop Computer Tips and TricksThis is a page about desktop computer tips and tricks. You can improve your computing experience, saving time and effort, by learning a few new tips and tricks, such as short cuts.


Baby wearing bib and sucking on her fingers.

Making a Photo Slideshow With Songs?My daughter has just celebrated her first year birthday and I have taken some precious photos of her to record this special memory. I want to make an animated photo slideshow video with music using these photos.


Learning to use a laptop computer.

Learning to Use a Computer?This page is about learning to use a computer. There are books, software and online educational sites where you can learn many things about computers.


A man teaching a computer class.

Teaching a Computer Class?This is a page about teaching a computer class. Teaching a computer class for an organization or your community can be very rewarding. Like any other class, your preparation will include defining the topics to be covered, dependent on the focus and scope of the class.


A girl learning to use a laptop computer.

Teaching Kids to Use a ComputerThis is a page about teaching kids to use a computer. Children are exposed to electronic toys at a very early age, preparing them for the logical transition to using computer.


Wine bottle with a blank label.

Finding Free Product Label Templates?This page is about finding free product label templates. It is amazing what you may discover on the internet to help you create labels.


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Downloads to a Tablet?Do downloads take up memory on a tablet? And if so, how do you delete them?


Hacker sitting streaming data

Warning Signs for Internet ScamsThis page concerns warning signs for internet scams. Recognizing illegitimate online businesses will save you a lot of headaches.


computer upgrade

Installing a TV Tuner Card?This is a page about installing a TV tuner card. You can watch TV on your computer by installing a tuner card.


downloading a file

Deleting a Downloaded File?This page is about deleting a downloaded file. When you get rid of a file on your computer, you want to make sure all of it is gone.


Computer Monitor

Adjusting the Resolution on a Computer Monitor?This is a page about adjusting the resolution on a computer monitor. Generally you will not need to change the resolution on your computer monitor. However, there may be an occasion when it is necessary to make an adjustment.


computer software

Removing Software From Your Computer?This is a page about removing software from your computer. It can be surprising difficult to remove some software programs from your computer.


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Laptop Keyboard Problem?I don't know how to make some of the keys on my laptop come up with numbers instead of letters.



Using Magic Jack

Using Magic JackThis page is about using Magic Jack. Using a computer phone service can present challenges.


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Making Labels on the Computer?I want to make some labels in the computer to place on the water bottle. How do I do this?


A woman who is working on the computer.

Spending Less Time on the ComputerThis is a page about spending less time on the computer. It is easy to lose track of time when working or playing on your computer.


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Sending a Fax By Computer?Is there a way I can send a fax using my computer? If so, how does that work?


Cleaning a Laptop Keyboard, Photo of a laptop keyboard.

Laptop Computer Tips and TricksThis page is about laptop computer tips and tricks. Laptop computers can be a challenge to use for all your computer needs.


Transferring Records to MP3 or CD

Transferring Records to MP3 or CD?This is a page about transferring records to MP3 or CD. Vinyl records have wonderful warm sound that cannot be replicated digitally. However, they don't travel well so if you are feeling nostalgic for you favorite record in the car, you will need to transfer it to digital media.


A group of external hard drives.

Backing Up Your Computer FilesThis is a page about backing up your computer files. Many people store irreplaceable information on their computer. Not having a backup of your computer files can be costly error.


Organizing Your Web Browser's Bookmarks, Bookmark menu on a computer.

Organizing Your Web Browser's BookmarksThis is a page about organizing your web browsers' bookmarks. When bookmarking pages on the internet, it can be helpful to organize them. Keeping them organized will help you find that website more easily the next time you need it.


A laptop computer with file folders on the keyboard.

Organizing Computer FilesThis is a page about organizing computer files. Keeping your files organized can be really helpful. You will be able to find things more quickly and it will help keep your computer's desktop less cluttered.


iPad screen showing apps.

Organizing Apps on Your iPadThis is a page about organizing apps on your iPad. As you purchase apps for your iPad it is helpful to organize them. Organizing your apps will make it easy to find the right one when you need it.


A thin keyboard, side view.

Product Review: Logitech Back Lit KeyboardEven if it was a regular keyboard with no lighting, I would still love it because of how ulta-thin it is. It also has rubber pads on the bottom and doesn't slide all over my desk. I also really like the way the keys feel. It is by far the best keyboard I've ever had and I enjoy using it.


Old Desktop Computer

Getting Rid of Old ComputersThis is a page to getting rid of old computers. With new technology coming out everyday, computers can seem to become outdated quickly. When it comes time to get rid of an old computer, it is important properly dispose of it.


Avoiding Keyboard Spills, Coffee spill on a computer keyboard.

Avoiding Keyboard SpillsThis is a page about avoiding keyboard spills. Keyboard spills can mean the death of your keyboard. Even though you can sometimes salvage it after a spill, it is best to avoid spills altogether.


An oatmeal lid used to hold a burned CD.

Use Oatmeal Lid As Handy CD "PlaceMarker"I often work with CDs that I have saved documents and crafts on. When adding to them, it's often confusing as to which one I just did or which one comes next.


Flatbed computer scanner.

Scanning Photos Into Your ComputerThis is a page about scanning photos into your computer. We all have photos that were taken without a digital camera. A great way to preserve photos taken with a standard camera is to scan them into your computer.


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Converting VHS Tapes to Digital on Computer?How can I cheaply convert my old VHS tapes to digital on my PC? Can I hook up a VCR to a USB port or something and record from there?


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Computer Tip for Degree Symbol?How can I get a degree symbol on my Logitech Dinova wireless keyboard? My keyboard has no right hand number board or


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Searching Documents for Word or Phrase You can eliminate wasting time proofing a document looking for a particular phrase or word (i.e., if you opened a 120 page document and you were searching for something related to "Vitamin A"), by doing the following:


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Deleting Favorites From Homepage?This may sound dumb, especially if you are computer savvy which I am not. Anyway, I would like to know how you remove something from your "favorites list" on your toolbar. I put something there by accident and I don't know how to remove it. Thanks for any help!


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Connecting Laptop to Desktop Computer?How can you hookup your lap top with your desk top?


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Wireless Connection Between Laptop and Printer?How would I hook up my printer to my laptop wirelessly?


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Using Computer to Watch Video on TV Monitor?How do I reduce the screen size so that I can read the information bar on the bottom of the screen? I want to use my computer to watch TV on my TV screen.


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Deleting Temporary Files On Your ComputerComputer slowing down? If you've run Spyware/Trojan programs and cleaned out your 'Cookies, History and Temps' via the Internet Options under Tools in your browser, you might want to verify that the Temp files have been removed.


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Transferring Photos to Another Computer?How do I get pictures that were sent to my email on a different computer?


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Tips for Using an iMac?I just received an iMac as a gift and I am a little lost. I'd prefer not to have to buy Microsoft Office and Adobe to put on this new computer, but I don't know if I can do what I want to without them. I have been using Thinkfree Office for Write, and Show but miss MS publisher.


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Hiding Computer Cords?What is an inexpensive way to cover and hide all the computer cords?


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Mark Keyboard With Glue to Find Commonly Used KeysI have been typing for many years, but I still find I have to look for some keys. For instance, F11 is a great key to maximize a page, but I always have to look for it, until now!


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Loading Songs onto an iPod Nano?I got an iPod Nano for Christmas and I haven't a clue about how to download songs from the internet. Can somebody walk me through it? In case you need to know, my computer has a 1.10 GHz processor with 512 MB of Ram and I'm running Windows XP, version 2002, Service Pack 2 with a Dial Up modem. Hopefully the dial-up won't be a problem! The Nano supposedly comes with 8 Gigs of total space. Thank you in advance for your help!


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Identifying Phishing Emails?I have received an email thanking me for my donation to punch servers? Is that a phishing email?


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Use Greeting Card Back for Photo PaperOut of photo paper for printer? Try using a back of a greeting card that is all white and not overly glossy. In your printer set up, choose heavy duty ink jet paper. This worked fine for me, until I got more photo paper.


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Be Sure Your Home Computer Is Password ProtectedMost people keep password on their work computer, but few keep passwords on their home computers. However, one should keep passwords on their home computer as well...


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Free Desktop Icons?Where can I find cute, free desk top icons?


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Computer Wallpaper from National GeographicIf you want hassle-free wall paper or screen savers for your computer that are gorgeous - go to and go to photos to download some of their fabulous nature pix!


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Keeping MS Word Formatting Box Out of the Way?In MS Word, when I am typing a document and the formatting is getting in the way, I'd like to turn it off - but I would still like to be able to change the font and add bold - how do I do this?


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Surge Protector vs. Power StripsIt's a good idea to plug your computer into a power strip that has a surge protector in it. Not all power strips have this feature.


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Spam Attack to HotmailTo those of you who are coming here to unsubscribe from a spam email you received, it is not from us and you don't need to unsubscribe. Someone "janelle25" is sending email saying "hi Come Join Me" with some of today's recipe newsletter text. It is NOT from us.


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Take A Digital Picture Of Computer HookupsIf you ever have to move a TV, computer, or any other electronic item that has a lot of hookups and cables, always take a digital photo of the back so you can refer to what gets connected where.


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Deleting Auto-Fill Information On My Computer?I would like to know how to delete the information that you type in when filling out forms and such on my computer. For example, when asking for address you type first letter and the rest shows up.


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Saving Favorites When You Get a New Computer?We are getting a new computer and I need to know if anyone knows how to save favorites without having to email each link to myself? I have a lot of them and need some suggestions.


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Save Money on PrintingSave Money on Printing Tip. I have started using the draft mode on my home computer's printer, you can too, and this will save ink "in some programs." You can change your preferences and settings so you print in draft mode for all programs, and then you don't have to change it every time you print. . .


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How do I change my e-mail address?How do I change my e-mail address?


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Remembering My Login?Every time I want to post on here I can't remember my name or password. Is there a way of keeping these somewhere on my PC but safe from hackers? Please don't tell me just to write them on a paper. I have started several times and never can find it when I want it.


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Attention Juno SubscribersTo all Juno subscribers who haven't been receiving your newsletters: For some reason for the last week or so they have been blocking our mail so I am unable to write to you to explain why you haven't been getting your newsletters. All emails to Juno are bouncing . . .


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Adding Password Protection to a Computer?We have a need to block access to the computer and are trying to avoid having to hide parts or buy software. Can we configure it to have the whole machine password protected? We have an HP Pavilion desktop that runs Windows XP.


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Free Downloads Can Freeze Up Your ComputerI get so tired of "ctrl-alt-delete" when my computer freezes up on me, like five times a day. My buddy, the computer nerd, reminded me that downloading too many cutsie things and free stuff can have that effect.


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Phone Tied up While Online?We recently purchased a new computer. While this has been like a new toy to us, it has tied up our phone line and we've missed all kinds of calls.


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Missing Your Newsletter or Happy Garden Posts?Our apologies to all newsletter and list subscribers. Due to changes in our web server, the list server has not been serving the lists. (I may rename it the "list nonserver".



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Using Camera in Laptop?I have a camera in my laptop, and I don't know how to use it. What should I do?


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Cleaning Up the Hard Drive on a PC?I have 64 bit touch screen PC made by MSI, Micro Star International. It has Windows 7 Home Premium OA. My problem is that the C drive is filled to capacity. The PC was given to me by a friend.


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Phone Does Not Ring Using a Magic Jack Go Device?I have a new Magic Jack Go for my landline phone I have my number ported to it and it is ready to use. My problem is I can make outgoing calls, but when I get a incoming call, the phone does not ring. The caller gets a message that I am not available.


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Uploading Photos to Computer?I have a computer and I want to upload a picture, but there is no option in the list for computer screen size.


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Transferring Data from Old to New Computer?How does one go about transferring data from an old desk top computer to a new laptop computer?


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Speeding Up an Old iPad?I am old, but hoping I can get my iPad functioning properly. I have close to 8000 emails on it, and stuff I haven't finished with. But I need to know what to do to clean it up so I can use it some more, I tried to trash the emails, but they don't really go away. It is getting slow, like me, but I keep it like a good friend. Any help in that direction?


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