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Product reviews and consumer information about cleaning products and appliances. Reviews include: cleansers, vacuums, laundry and more.

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Product Review: ArmorAll ProtectantArmorAll is a product sold for use on vehicles and I recommend it for that and much more. The labeling tells you this product will clean, protect, and shine rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces. It helps to block harmful UV rays and slow the aging process.


Bissell Little Green Machine Reviews

Bissell Little Green Machine ReviewsThis is a page about Bissell Little Green Machine reviews. This Bissell carpet cleaner is designed to be used as a spot cleaner.


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Holloway House Quick Shine Products Reviews?I am looking for opinions on Holloway House Quick Shine Products?


Screenshot of Odoban's website.

Odoban ReviewsThis is a page about Odoban reviews. Odoban is sold as a cleaner, disinfectant, deodorizer, and sanitizer.


A person putting soap in a dishwasher.

Dishwasher Soap ReviewsChoosing the best dishwasher soap for your machine and family usage may require not only on-line research, but some trial and error testing of multiple products. Some helpful ideas on this topic can be found below.


Hand holding up a Pledge Duster.

Pledge Duster ReviewsThis page contains Pledge duster reviews. The Pledge duster can make a dusty task much easier to manage. It does a great job on delicate items and tough to reach places. You can easily buy refills for the wand handle, when it gets too full of dust.



Spraying a spray bottle

Goo Gone ReviewsThis page contains Goo Gone reviews. Goo Gone is a good cleaner for getting off a variety of sticky messes, including sticker glue, gum, and more.


Closeup of blue foamy soap in a bottle.

Dawn Dishwashing Foam ReviewsThis is a page about Dawn dishwashing foam reviews. Dawn has a foaming version of their popular dishwashing product. It can be used for more than just your dishes.


Woman using steamer to clean countertop

Scunci Steamer ReviewsUsing these steamers for home cleaning has helped many people with stubborn cleaning jobs. This is a page offers Scunci steamer reviews.


Carpet Shampooer Being Used on Green Carpet

Carpet Shampooer RecommendationsThis page contains carpet shampooer recommendations. Are you looking to buy a carpet shampooer? Here is a bunch of great information to help you select the perfect one for the job.


Quantumatic Automatic Dishwasher Dispenser

Finish Quantumatic Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser ReviewThis dishwasher detergent dispenser, according to one consumer, seems to attempt to solve a non-existing problem, that of remembering to add the detergent to each load. The cost may also make it undesirable. This page contains a product review of the Finish Quantumatic automatic dishwasher detergent dispenser.


Product Review: The Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner

The Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner ReviewsWhen you have a good or bad experience with a cleaning tool, you can help others by sharing your opinion. This product can be used like a sponge and will not damage the seasoning on your cast iron. This is a page about the Ringer cast iron cleaner reviews.


Mop Reviews

Mop Reviews?When it's time to by a new mop, it can be helpful to hear other peoples experiences with their mops before making your purchase. This is a page about mop reviews.


Shout color catcher box.

Shout Color Catchers ReviewsThis is a page about Shout Color Catcher reviews. A common laundry disaster is the transfer of fabric dyes from one piece of clothing to another. There are products that are supposed to prevent this from occurring.


dark blue cleaning rag

Rags in a Bag ReviewsThis is a page about Rags in a Bag reviews. Finding a good cleaning cloth can be made more simple by reading product reviews.


Product Review: Breezecatcher Rotary Clothesline

Breezecatcher Rotary Clothesline ReviewsThis a page about Breezecatcher rotary clothesline reviews. An option to using a lot of energy to dry your clothes and linens is to install a good quality clothesline in your yard.


Congoleum Bright 'N Easy No Rinse Cleaner Reviews

Congoleum Bright 'N Easy No Rinse Cleaner...This is a page about congoleum bright 'n easy no rinse cleaner. Congoluem is a popular floor cleaner that cleans many types of surfaces.


Spin Mop

Spin Mop Product ReviewsThis is a page about Spin Mop product reviews. Companies are always bringing out new variations of old products, such as the rag mop.


Laundry Detergent

Laundry Product ReviewsThis is a page about laundry product reviews. There are so many laundry products to choose from it can be very confusing.



Kleen-Glo ReviewsThis is a page about Kleen-Glo reviews. Kleen-Glo is an environmentally friendly cleaning product made in Canada.


Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum (Roomba) ReviewsThis is a page about robot vacuum (Romba) reviews. A vacuum that moves under its own power as it cleans floors, and returns to its charging station when low on power.



Laundry Drying Outside

Reviews of Wind Fresh Laundry Detergent?This is a page about reviews of Wind Fresh laundry detergent. Before using a product you are unfamiliar with, it can help to review other people's opinions.


Oven Cleaning

Cleaning Product ReviewsThis is a page about cleaning product reviews. Cleaning products can be expensive, and know what your getting and how well they work.


Odor Eliminator

Odor Eliminator Product Reviews?There are many products that take away odor. Some work better with with specific smells. This is a page about odor eliminating product reviews.


Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower...This page is about Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Cleaner reviews. Other people's opinion of a tool before you buy it, can help you know whether the it will work for you.


Cordless Stick Vacuums

Cordless Stick Vacuums Reviews?This is a page about cordless stick vacuums reviews. For some cleaning jobs a cordless stick vac is the perfect tool. Choosing the best one for the money will help ensure your satisfaction with your purchase.


cleaning a toilet

Toilet Cleaner Reviews?This is a page about toilet cleaner reviews. Doing a bit of research before buying yet another toilet cleaner, that does not live up to its claims, can save you money and frustration.



OxiClean ReviewsThis page contains OxiClean reviews. OxiClean is a product sold as a stain remover that can be used in the laundry and for other cleaning purposes.


Bathroom Cleaner

Zep Cleaner ReviewsThis page contains Zep cleaner reviews. Knowing whether a product will be useful is nice to know before you purchase it.



Sno-Bol Toilet Bowl Cleaner ReviewsThis page contains Sno-Bol toilet bowl cleaner reviews. Knowing whether a product will be effective is nice to know before you purchase it.



StarMop ReviewsThis is a page about StarMop reviews. The microfiber StarMop is an all purpose mop that can be used for many household cleaning jobs.


Screenshot of Kaboom's website.

Kaboom Bathroom Cleaner ReviewsThis page contains Kaboom bathroom cleaner reviews. Removing the bathroom's dirt, grim and soap scum can be a challenge.


"The Works" Toilet Bowl Cleaner

"The Works" Toilet Bowl Cleaner ReviewsThis page contains "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner reviews. The Works toilet bowl cleaner is often available at discount stores.


Dishwashing Liquid

Hand Dishwashing Liquid ReviewsThis page contains hand dishwashing liquid reviews. With so many different dish washing products on the market, you want to be using the best value.


Greased Lightning

Greased Lightning Reviews?This page contains Greased Lightening reviews. Greased Lightening is a popular degreaser and multipurpose cleaner.


Manual Carpet Sweeper Reviews

Manual Carpet Sweeper Reviews?This is a page about manual carpet sweeper reviews. Manual carpet sweepers can be used for quick cleaning jobs.



A roll of paper towels.

Paper Towel Reviews?This page contains paper towel reviews. There are a number of selling points advertised by paper towel manufacturers, making the choice easier and harder.


Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Reviews

Magic Erasers ReviewsThis page contains Magic Erasers reviews. Checking reviews of cleaning products is a great way to decide if they are worth trying.


Fabric Softener Reviews

Fabric Softener Reviews?This is a page containing fabric softener reviews. Choosing the best preforming fabric softener can be confusing.


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Review of Dryer Balls?I read about some blue dryer balls that look like they have some spiky things on them. I would like to know who has used them. I saw these balls at Staples and in a mail order catalog that comes to my house.


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Best Fabric Softener Sheet?What's the best brand of fabric softener sheet? I want to know which one has the best fabric softening and static control.Thanks!


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Product Review: FolexFolex is the best cleaner I have ever found for cleaning pet urine off of carpet. It is AMAZING!


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Reviews of E-Cloths?How "great" are the E-Cloth products? I have not purchased or used an E-Cloth yet, but would like to know which cloth others have tried and if they really wouldn't use another cloth to clean with.


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Product Review: Turtle Wax Bug and Tar RemoverUse this product to remove paint ball on car's finish. Just follow the directions which are very simple. Wash and dry area on car in which product is to be used.


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Product Review - Clorox Bleach PenMy husband picked up the new Clorox Bleach Pen one day while shopping. I followed the directions as listed and could not believe every coffee stain was gone, it looked good as new.


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Reviews of the Windshield Cleaner Wand?I'm thinking about purchasing the Windshield Cleaner Wand that has been advertised on TV. The inside of the windshield is very difficult to clean, at least for me.


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Product Review: Dryer BallsI have been using dryer balls for the past two years in my dryer. I found them in "Real Goods," a wonderful green catalog. These cut down drying time, keep clothes soft, and completely eliminate dryer sheets or liquid softener.


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Reviews of Bounce Dryer Bar?I am wondering if anyone has used the new Bounce Dryer Bar? This is the new Bounce product that you attach to the inside of the drum in the dryer and it's supposed to be good for three months.


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Product Review: Windshield WonderYes this thing really works! I couldn't believe it. Doesn't streak, easy to use, and took less then 2 minutes to do the windshield. We bought ours at Target for $9.99 + tax.


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Product Review: Instant Mold and Mildew Stain RemoverI was so frustrated due to the mold in my Maytag front loader. I found this website with so many others with the same complaint. I tried some of the suggestions and they did not work.


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Product Review: Black and Decker Power ScrubberI have a little tool that I have had for at least 8 years. It's a Black and Decker Model PKS150 Power Scrubber, but since I bought mine, they have come out with newer models. I only paid about $10-15 for mine.


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Reviews of Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaners?We want to purchase one of those steam cleaners for hardwood floors that are all over the TV lately. The ones with washable pads. We have done lots of research but can't find any feedback from people who have used them.


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Recommendations for Vacuums?I have a Eureka "The Boss" Smartvac, and I have had it about a year. I bought it for about $250 and now I just keep having problems with it. Before that I went through about 3 vacuums, buying them and returning them because they just all seem to have problem or things I didn't like.


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Product Review: Advantage Wonder Cleaner Degreaser (Citrus)Shining windows and mirrors are a cinch now for me. I purchased a product called Advanage new citrus cleaner degreaser, from a door to door salesman. It's amazing! I mixed up a capful with 32 oz. of water as directed and used a cotton only t-shirt and the windows have NO streaks.


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Reviews Of Shamwow Cloths?Has anyone bought the Shamwow cloths advertised on T.V.? Does it work as stated?


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Product Review: AmodexI got sharpie marker all over an expensive dress and did research on how to remove it safely. The sharpie website recommends a product by the name of AMODEX. I followed the instructions, which are really easy. Just place paper towels behind stain and apply cream. Brush it into stain and continue moving paper towels to clean area as it collects stains.


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Steam Shark Reviews?Does anyone have a Steam Shark? If so, how do you like it?


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Wet/Dry Mop Reviews?Has anyone had any luck with any of the new wet/dry mops. If so, what brand do you recommend? I have a swiffer sweep and vac (and I love it), but I need a quick wet mop to clean up after 2 messy boys. The rag mop and bucket just takes too long!


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Product Review: Dawn Simple Pleasures Dishwashing LiquidI found a new product called Dawn Simple Pleasures dishwashing liquid with air freshener beads attached to the bottom. My kitchen smells great! And when the detergent is gone, I drop the air freshener beads on the floor and vacuum them up. Every time I vacuum now, the whole house smells fresh and clean.


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Product Review: Bring It ON! It Really Works! Water Spot RemoverWe bought our house 3 years ago from an older couple so the maintenance was lacking, especially on the windows, window sills and sliding glass doors. They had the sprinkler system set up so every time the grass got watered so did the windows! (I don't think they ever cleaned the windows)


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Product Review: Swiffer WetJetFor as long as I've been married, (22 years) I've hated mopping my floors! It was always such a useless chore, because the minute I got it all mopped, someone tracked in more dirt.


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Dryer Sheet Reviews?I was washing clothes and I put them in the dryer with the dryer sheet thingys but when I took them out they felt all waxy. Does anyone know of a different brand that can use so it won't leave my clothes like that it feels disgusting!?


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Product Review: Arm and Hammer Shower CleanFinally! I found the best stuff to clean the shower and glass door. I was using bleach to get rid of the mildew that built up but I had to constantly work at it to keep it under control and the toxin from the bleach I knew was not good for me to breathe.


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What is the Best Mop?What is the best mop you have used, for convenience and a thorough cleaning?


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Product Review: OxycleanI couldn't live without this stuff! It has gotten all kinds of stains out of my two kids clothes, including poopy stains, spit-up stains, tomato sauce stains, grass stains, etc.


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What Cleaning Products Do You Use?I would love to know what brand cleaning products you all use in the kitchen and bathroom. For instance, what cuts grease and kills germs in the kitchen and is safe to use on metal, plastic (inside of refrigerator and microwave) and everything that most people have in their kitchen.


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Spot-X Glass Restorer Reviews?Has anyone out there tried the spot-x glass restorer for removing very stubborn calcium build up on shower doors?


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Product Review - Oops Multi-Purpose RemoverWe discovered a product called "Oops Multi-Purpose Remover" in the hardware department of our local WalMart store, which has successfully removed most stains we have come across, even bubble-gum on clothing.


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Air Purifier Reviews?Air Purifier Reviews. I am looking for a good air purifier for my home, and all I have read is very confusing about which brands are good and which don't really work.


Cascade 2in1 ActionPacs ReviewsCascade 2 in 1 Dawn dishwasher tabs are the best I ever used. I have had seven dishwashers in my married years.


Awesome Cleaner from the Dollar Store - spray bottle of cleaner on porch

Awesome Cleaner from the Dollar StoreMy neighbor told me about Awesome for cleaning vinyl siding. She really liked it, so last year, when I was in Dollar General, I picked up a 32 ounce bottle of it for $1.00. I had not used it until this week when cleaning the porch, getting the wood ready for painting and new screen wire.


Breezecatcher Rotary Clothesline

Product Review: Breezecatcher Rotary ClotheslineAccording to the Consumer Energy Center, your home clothing dryer can be one of the most expensive home appliances to operate at 6% of your total electrical usage. If you have the space and no pesky homeowner association restrictions, a much less expensive alternative is a clothesline.


dark blue cleaning rag

Product Review: Rags in a makes them. They are $11.95 for 3, and they come in their own laundry bag to wash. They recently had a sale, and I got another bag free, so the cost was halved. They are wonderful for mirrors, windows, and to wipe down counters. They are large and lint-free.



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Reviews of Kirkland Dishwasher Soap Pods?What is the quality of Kirkland brand dishwasher soap pods?


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Reviews of Carpet Steam Cleaners?What is the best carpet steam cleaner?


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Hurricane Spin Mop Reviews?I am thinking about buying a Hurricane Mop, but first would like to know if this product really works. Does anyone own one?


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Reviews of Cordless Stick Vacuums?I'm looking for an easier way to clean my laminate wood floors. It's tiring bending over sweeping pet hairs, dust, and crumbs and collecting them in a dust pan. This is my first house with this type floor and it shows ever hair, crumb, and blade of grass walked in.


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Dr.Ho's Muscle Therapy and Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier?Has any one ever used either product and what did you think of them? Are they a good product? Are they worth the money? Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


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Reviews of Haan Steam Cleaner for Floors?Which Haan model steam mop do you like? How about the handheld steamer?


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