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This page contains craft projects you can make to decorate your garden. Many projects are made from recycled materials.



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Mold and Concrete Stepping Stone

Making Concrete Stepping StonesMaking your own stepping stones is a fun project and a way to create unique stones for your garden. This is a page about making concrete stepping stones.


Flower Pot People made from clay pots.

Making Flower Pot PeopleThis is a page about making flower pot people. Terra cotta pots can be used to make cute flower pot people for your garden.


Tweety Bird stepping stone

Making Cake Pan Stepping StonesThis is a page about making cake pan stepping stones. There are so many cute cake pans shaped like cartoon characters and other designs that can be used as the mold for homemade stepping stones.


Stone Ladybug Garden Ornaments - ladybug rocks in a planter

Making Stone Ladybug Garden OrnamentsPaint stones to look like cute little lady bugs to add to your garden or potted plants. Everything you need to know to make these sweeties is found in the tutorial below.


Garden Flag

Making Garden FlagsThis is a page about making garden flags. Garden flags are a bright and cheerful garden decoration. You don't have to spend a lot of money to add them to your garden decor; make some inexpensively.


Mosaic Stepping Stone - using blue and green pieces and the word "Success" in center

Making a Mosaic Stepping StoneThis is a page about making a mosaic stepping stone. A mosaic stepping stone is a fun easy craft that will look great in your garden and makes a perfect gift, too.


A homemade stepping stone with glass pieces and rocks placed in the cement.

Inexpensive Stepping StonesThis is a page about making inexpensive stepping stones. Making stepping stones doesn't have to be expensive. Stepping stones are a fun activity to do with your kids and are a great way to decorate your garden. They make wonderful gifts too!


Making A Patriotic Flag With Left Over Wood - flag decoration leaning against house on porch or deck

Making A Patriotic Flag With Left Over WoodSalvage a piece of scrap wood to create your own patriotic flag yard decoration for your garden or entryway. You will need paint, a brush, painter's tape, and an optional hanger.


Bead Flower Decor for Garden - two flowers in the garden

Bead Flower Decor for Your GardenThese cute craft bead garden flowers add a fun colorful bit of decor to your garden. The instructions include the supplies list, steps, and how to photos.


Ribbons decorating a flowering bush.

Using Ribbon In Your GardenAdd seasonal interest to your garden by decorating with ribbon. Add ribbon bows or fabric strips to your planters and more. This page has some suggestions to get you going.


A stepping stone that has a crumbling surface.

Problems with Homemade Stepping StonesIf you have decided to make your own personalized stepping stones for your garden or to give as a gift there may be issues that you need help with. This page addresses concerns about mix consistency, product choice, and even a name misspelling.


Decorative Outdoor Solar Sconces - lights on as twlight begins

Decorative Outdoor Solar SconcesAdd inexpensive solar path lights to wall candleholders to make decorative outdoor solar sconces. Learn how on this page.



Concrete Vase

Making a Concrete VaseThis unique concrete vase is perfect for a garden location or even for use at a cemetery site. It is easy to make using two vases and a bag of Quikrete.


Wooden Bunnies - paint faces and spray with clear coat then add bows

DIY Wooden Garden BunniesWith some pressure treated wood, you can make some cute yard decorations that will last a long time. This is a page about DIY wooden garden bunnies.


Painting Decorative Indoor/Outdoor Signs

Painting Decorative Indoor/Outdoor SignsBuying decorative garden or indoor metal signs can be not only expensive, but you may also not be able to find one with just the sentiment you are looking for. One solution is to make your own. This page offers a detailed project with photos for painting your own unique indoor/outdoor signs.


Welcome to my garden sign hanging on a gate.

Making Fun Yard SignsYou can make your own customized decorative yard signs using plain metal signs from your local craft store. This is a page about making fun yard signs.


A wreath with living air plants.

Making a Living Air Plant WreathAir plants can be attached to a grapevine wreath to create a lovely living wreath for your home. Spritz with water every week or so and you will have this living display for a long time. This is a page about making a living air plant wreath.


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Making Cat Face Shaped Stepping StonesWhat do you guys suggest for making molds for stepping stones in the shape of a cat's face? I would like to keep the shape of a cat, but even after using wire the ears still broke off. Also if I'm not planning on walking on them can I use plaster of Paris instead of concrete?


Broken garden path.

Repairing Stepping StonesThis is a page about repairing stepping stones. Decorations can sometimes fall off of stepping stone. An adhesive such as E6000 can be used to reattach these items.


Garden Hose Basket

Recycled Garden Hose BasketUse an old retired garden hose and some zip ties to make a useful garden basket. It could even be used as a planter. This is a page about making a recycled garden hose basket.


Hose Wreath for Your Deck or Balcony

How to Make a Hose WreathOld hoses can be recycled in a variety of creative ways. This page shows you how to make a hose wreath.


A collection of rocks painted to look like village buildings, overlooking the sea.

Paint a Village of RocksSelect rocks of various shapes and sizes. Paint them to create your own unique village to decorate your garden or home. This is a page about paint a village of rocks.


Thriftstore Glass Garden Tower

Making a Thriftstore Glass Garden TowerYou have probably seen these on craft sites and for sale on the internet. Several trips to the thriftstore can provide all the supplies you need to make your own unique version, except for the glue. This is a page about making a thriftstore glass garden tower.


Painting Light Bulbs

Painting Light BulbsThis is a page about painting light bulbs. Create a colorful lighted decorative atmosphere or your deck, patio, or in the garden by painting a string of light bulbs.


Garden Sphere Out Of Hanging Baskets

Garden Sphere Out Of Hanging BasketsI have a few of hanging baskets in storage that I wanted to transform into a garden sphere. Because they are a little pricey, I thought I could recreate them with 2 planter hanging baskets joined together. This is super easy and adds a subtle look to your garden.


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Plastic Letters for Imprinting ConcreteWhere can I purchase plastic numbers and letters to imprint in wet concrete?



Making a Simple Weather VaneThis page is about making a simple weather vane. It's nice to know which way the wind is blowing before you go outside.



outdoor pumpkin decoration

Outdoor Fall DecorationsThis is a page about outdoor fall decorations. Fall is a fun and colorful season for putting up outdoor decorations.


Garden Bench

Making a Garden BenchThis page is about making a garden bench. There are many interesting ways to make a place to sit and enjoy a garden.


Homemade Windsocks

Homemade WindsocksThis is a page about homemade windsocks. If you live in an area with a reliable breeze, making a decorative windsock for your home or garden is a fun project.


Mirrored Gazing Ball

Making a Gazing BallThis is a page about making a gazing ball. Make a decorative gazing ball to add interest to your garden.


Making Concrete Patio Blocks

Making Concrete Patio BlocksThis page is about making concrete patio blocks. Using a variety of forms you can make your own stepping stones and patio blocks.


Making a Clay Pot Frog

Making a Clay Pot FrogThis is a page about making a clay pot frog. Clay pots are a fun craft supply that can be used to make a wide variety of whimsical decorations.


Recycled Metal Garden Decorations

Homemade Garden DecorationsThis is a page about homemade garden decorations. Dress up your garden with elegant or whimsical homemade garden decorations.


Craft: Paint A Stone "Building"This is a painting I did on a stone of a local shop, using acrylic paint.


Pelican Yard Ornament

Garden: Pelican Yard OrnamentLiving on a lake we have a lot of white pelicans and they have become my favorite bird. They glide with such grace. Deciding they wouldn't make a very good pet, I made one from scrap wood and gave him rebar legs.


Hand tools decorated as people.

Garden Tool PeopleHere are a couple garden people made from garden tools.


A sun ornament made from bottle caps.

Bottle Cap SunBless your garden with the warmth and good cheer of a benevolent sun.


Wooden Bunnies - ready to place in garden

Wooden BunniesI wanted to make a couple of indoor/outdoor bunnies. By using pressure treated wood, these cute friends can be used in various areas, adding a welcoming look to your home and garden for a very minimal amount of money and can be used seasonally and then put into storage after.


Adding Ribbon Flair To Planters - tan and white ribbon on pot of red mums sitting on a white plant stand

Adding Ribbon Flair To PlantersI love using ribbon or fabric strips to dress up planters and pots.The ribbon with wire holds up the best and if outside in the elements, it keeps its shape and color. This look gives any basic pot, planter, or even a window box, that final jewelry accessory to your planting outfit.


Painting Decorative Indoor/Outdoor Signs - sign in the garden

Painting Decorative Indoor/Outdoor SignsI found these very nice metal/tin signs to upscale for my home and outdoor garden. I looked at the decorated metal signs, that are to pricey for my taste. So here is my take on a decorative spin on them.


Making a Welcome Stepping Stone - finished stepping stone, painted and sealed

Making a Welcome Stepping StoneI have been carving and casting stepping stones for almost 20 years and this is how I do it. Hope that this will help someone with their project. The mold used is a purchased ABS plastic stepping stone mold.


Making A Patriotic Flag With Left Over Wood - flag decoration leaning against house on porch or deck

Making A Patriotic Flag With Left Over WoodWe do a lot of projects using wood. We do not waste even the smallest pieces. For this project I wanted to make a patriotic flag for my porch. This is a simple project and can be used year around. Here is how!


Bead Flower Decor for Garden - two flowers in the garden

Bead Flower Decor for GardenAdd some flower cuteness to your garden with this simple project! There is little to no cost to make one. All you will need are some assorted beads, a glass dome bead, wire, and hot glue.


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Gnome Garden

Gnome GardenThis little garden built for a gnome is a fun garden accent, perfect for the front porch. Lean how we made ours in this short video.


Clay Pot Lighthouse

Clay Pot LighthouseMake a cute terra cotta pot lighthouse for you garden. Check out this video and learn how easy they are to make!



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Gluing Glass To GlassI want to make a glass birdbath from clear and colored glassware. These pieces may be heavy and I want to know what glue would be heavy duty enough to hold them together?


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Making a Clay Pot LighthouseWhat size clay pots are used to make the large terra cotta light house -using 5 pots?


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Clay Pot LighthousesWhat do you use for the base of the 5 pot lighthouse please?



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Using Terra Cotta Lighthouse as Well CapHas anyone ever cut the bottom of the pot out so the "lighthouse" can fit over a well cap?


Sealant for Outdoor Acrylic Art Project  - painted barn on a mailbox

Sealant for Outdoor Acrylic Art ProjectWhat type of clear coat would I use? I painted a rural scene on a metal mailbox with acrylics with two coats of clear polycrylic satin finish. Do I also need to find a sealer suitable for outdoors/weather? Now I'm reading the polycrylic will not protect the painting outdoors?


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Making a Terra Cotta Pot LighthouseWhat kind of lantern did you attach to the light house?


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