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This page contains tips on keeping both the interior and exterior of your car clean.



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A man washing his car.

Removing House Paint on a CarThis is a page about removing house paint on a car. When removing any type of paint from your car's exterior you need to use care not to damage the vehicle's finish.


A car seat in a car.

Cleaning Sour Milk Smell in a CarWhen milk is accidentally spilt in the car, it can make for a persistent odor. This page is about cleaning sour milk smell in a car.


Black scuff marks on a car's bumper.

Removing Black Scuff Marks on a Car?This is a page about removing black scuff marks on a car. Scuffs from another car's bumper or tire can leave black marks on you car. There are some simple methods that should remove the scuffs.


Mildew Smell in Car

Getting Rid of Mildew Smell in a Car?Excess moisture can allow mold and mildew to develop inside a car. This page is about getting rid of mildew smell in a car.


Blue Kerosene Bottle

Cleaning Kerosene Spilled in a Car?This is a page about cleaning kerosene spilled in a car. The odor of spilled kerosene is very pervasive. When it is in you car, it is not only offensive but an unhealthy situation, that you will want to clear up quickly.


Cleaning a car door.

Removing Bike Tire Rubber Marks on a CarIf your bike tire has rubbed against the exterior of your vehicle, it may leave black marks on the paint. Removing bike tire rubber marks on a car can be a tough chore but isopropyl alcohol is often good place to start.


Man Cleaning Car

Removing Paint from a Car or Truck ExteriorOur cars spend time in the garage or driveway, both places where accidental spills or spraying while projecting can leave them with paint on their exterior. This is a page about removing paint from a car or truck exterior.


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Removing Dried Latex Paint from Car Upholstery?My boyfriend spilled latex paint on the back seat of my car. It dried up. I scrubbed it with nail polish remover, dish soap, and Goof Off. I got a lot out with many hours of scrubbing, unfortunately it still looks like crap. How can I remove the rest from my seat? The upholstery is polyester.


Christmas tree on top of an SUV.

Removing Tree Sap from a CarWhen tree sap gets on your car it can be tricky to remove. You'll want to remove the sap without doing damage to the wax below it. This is a page about removing tree sap from your car.



Washing a Car Windshield

Cleaning a Car WindshieldThis page is about cleaning a car windshield. Keeping your vehicle's windshield free of road film or foreign substances will help improve your driving vision.


Removing Cigarette Smoke Odors from a CarCigarette smoke permeates many materials of a car's interior, making it a challenge to remove the smell. This page is about removing cigarette smoke odor from a car.


Duct Tape

Removing Duct Tape From a CarDuct tape is useful for many things, but not always easy to remove all traces. This page is about removing duct tape residue on a car.


Two cars in a minor fender bender accident.

Removing Paint Transfer from a Car's FinishThis is a page about removing paint transfer from a car's finish. When you are involved in a minor fender bender or collision with your garage, paint often transfers to your car's finish.


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Cleaning Spit Buildup?I have, sinus drainage and I've been spitting it out my driver window not realizing the build up by the window where it goes up and down. How do I get it off without changing the color of the original color on the other door? Unfortunately, it's dry stained. Should I use a toothbrush?


Spray bottle with cleaner

Getting Pizza Sauce Off Your Upholstered Car SeatIt just happened! Bringing home two pizzas and a container of extra sauce, that ended up opening and dumping onto my new, light gray upholstered car seat! AUGH!! I had even used an over the counter upholstery protection spray previously on the seats, but it didn't seem to help at all!


Dirty and stained car carpet.

Cleaning Car Mats or CarpetThe mats and carpet in your car can take a beating, collecting stains from spills and materials tracked in on your shoes. This page offers some helpful advice for cleaning the mats and carpet in your vehicle.


A can of spilled paint on a white background.

Cleaning Paint Spilled Inside a Car?Paint spills happen. When it is in your car it can seem overwhelming, but with some research to discover the best cleaner for the type of paint you may be successful doing it yourself. Professional detailers are also an option.


A glass of wine spilled on a upholstered fabric couch.

Using Alcohol to Clean Fabric Upholstery?Fabric upholstery is generally best cleaned with a commercial product. Greasy stains can sometimes be removed from microfiber material with alcohol.


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Pigment from Car Cover Stained the Paint?Recently I bought a car cover online for my white Elantra. I used the cover on my car and it rained that day, the next day I came and saw that the colour on the waterproof cover was stuck all over my car, like stripes of red and blue. I tried rubbing compound, Teflon, and actually buffed it, but it is not going off.


Spraying car upholstery.

How to Remove Flower Pollen Stains on Car Upholstery?This is a page about how to remove flower pollen stains on car upholstery. Flower pollen can be tough to remove. Here are some great tips to try if you are having trouble removing the pollen mess.


Closeup of vinyl car upholstery.

Removing Plastic Stains on Vinyl Car Upholstery?This is a page about removing plastic stains on vinyl car upholstery. Sometimes the extreme heat inside a car can cause color transfer on plastic type materials. Here are some suggestions to try, prior to seeking professional help.


Tips for Waxing Cars - woman's hand holding a microfiber cloth

Tips for Waxing CarsMy friend and I came up with this list after waxing his car and learning through trial and error (and success).


Car Wash Mitt from Knit Hat  - knit hat on bottle of car wash

Car Wash Mitt from Knit HatIf you need a car wash mitt then use an old winter knit hat. This would probably apply to snow and freezing areas, where residents have winter wear. I have also used an old sock, but this would work better. The hat rinses out very easily and doesn't scratch surfaces.


Family on Road Trip

Keeping Your Car Clean on a Road TripTypically on a road trip you and the kids will be eating and snacking on the go. One idea for keeping the seats clean is to cover them with a sheet that can be shaken out at stops. This is a page about keeping your car clean on a road trip.



Car windshield.

Cleaning Tree Sap on a WindshieldIf your car gets parked under a tree that is dripping sap, it may be difficult to get the sap removed from your windshield and paint. This is a page about cleaning tree sap on a windshield.


Vehicle Headlights

Removing Oxidation From Vehicle Headlights?Oxidation can make your headlights look foggy and less bright. This is a page about removing oxidation from vehicle headlights.


car with numerous paint splats

Removing Paint Ball Paint from a Car?This is a page about removing paint ball paint from a car. The oily goo of a paint ball can be a challenge to clean from a car's finish.


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Removing Dog Slobber from Car's Finish?Has anybody had an experience removing dried dog slobber from auto exterior finish?


Close up of a vacuum wand with upholstery attachment vacuuming a car seat.

How to Clean Your CarCleaning your car inside and out not only protects the finish and upholstery, but maintains its value and driving enjoyment. This page is about how to clean your car.


Splattered brown and white eggs against blue background

Cleaning Egg From Car PaintWhen eggs are dried on a car or truck, they can be difficult to remove and can damage the paint. This page is about cleaning egg from car paint.


Removing Lip Balm from Car Upholstery

Removing Lip Balm from Car Upholstery?This is a page about removing lip balm from car upholstery. Lip balm stains can be difficult to remove.


Baby skunks on a cement pad.

Removing Skunk Smell from a CarThis is a page about removing skunk smell from car. If a skunk sprays inside your auto or you've had to transport a smelly pet, it can permeate carpets and upholstery. The odor can be difficult to remove.


aby Car Seat

Cleaning Baby Car SeatsThis is a page about cleaning baby car seats. Snacks, beverages and other accidents can make a child's car seat very dirty.


Car Window With Condensation

Removing Condensation from Car WindowsThis page is about removing condensation from car windows. Your vision can be impaired when there is excess moisture on the inside of your truck or car windows.


Smoking in Car

Removing Nicotine Residue from a Car Interior?This is a page about removing nicotine residue from a car interior. Smoking in a car can leave a terrible buildup of nicotine residue that is unsightly and smells bad.


The interior of a brand new car.

Removing New Car Smell?This is a page about removing new car smell. While some prefer to savor the scent of their new car, others find it unpleasant and like to remove it as soon as possible. Use these tips to get rid of that chemical odor.


A large Ford pickup truck.

Cleaning a Truck Bed Liner?This page is about cleaning a truck bed liner. Keeping the bed of your truck clean makes it easier to carry anything.


An old car with open windows.

Removing Odors from a Car?Unpleasant smells that linger can be a challenge to get rid of. This page is about removing odors from a car.


Car Vent

Smells Coming From Car Vents?This page is about smells coming from car vents. Small rodents can find their way into a car ventilation system.



Seats in a car

Cleaning Urine on Car Upholstery?This page is about cleaning urine on car upholstery. Accidents can allow stains and odors to end up in the car.


Cleaning Auto Glass

Cleaning Auto GlassThis is a page about cleaning auto glass. Right up there with windows, cleaning auto glass is a necessary, if not particularly fun project.


A man cleaning his car windows.

Removing Road Salt From Auto Glass?This page is about removing road salt from auto glass. Salt used on roads in the winter can take some elbow grease to remove from glass.


Light brown leather car seats.

Softening Leather Car Upholstery?This page is about softening leather car upholstery. When leather is used to cover auto seating, it can dry out from the sun and general usage.


A car parked on a sunny day.

Removing Melted Plastic on Car Upholstery?This is a page about removing melted plastic on car upholstery. We know that the inside of a closed car can get very hot on summer days. If you inadvertently leave certain types of plastic items in your car you may come back to a melted mess.


Bird Droppings on a Car

Removing Bird Droppings from a CarThis page is about removing bird droppings from a car. When parking under trees or power lines you can end up with a dirty car.


cleaning a windshield

Cleaning a Windshield?This page is about cleaning a windshield. A clean windshield reduces glare during night driving and improves visibility overall.


Jeep Soft Top

Cleaning a Jeep Soft TopThis is a page about cleaning a Jeep soft top. If you used your Jeep for offroading the soft top is going to need periodic cleaning.


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Removing Rain-X From Car Windshield?This page is about removing Rain-X from car windshield. This product can be beneficial, but for some it does not improve windshield visibility.


A woman cleaning out the interior of her car.

Cleaning Car UpholsteryThis is a page about cleaning car upholstery. Car upholstery can get really dirty from daily use.


A dog riding in a car.

Removing Pet Hair From Car Upholstery?This is a page about removing pet hair from car upholstery. Pets can leave a veritable carpet of hair on your car upholstery.


Hazy Headlights on VW Rabbit

Cleaning Foggy or Hazy HeadlightsHeadlight covers over time can become yellowed or hazy. This is a page about cleaning foggy or hazy headlights.


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Removing Dry Cat Litter from Interior of Car Door?How can I remove dried clay cat litter from the plastic kick panel on my car? It was stuck to the bottom of my friend's shoe and she got it on my car.


Photo of melted yellow crayon on a car seat.

Cleaning Melted Crayons Off a Car SeatMelted crayon wax in the car can be a challenge to remove. This page is about cleaning melted crayons off a car seat.


Washing a Blue Car

Car Washing Tips and TricksThis is a page containing car washing tips and tricks. When washing your own car there are some things to keep in mind to ensure a good result.


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Removing Mildew Spots from Convertible Top?The white top on my Mustang convertible has become really dirty from being parked outside. It has bunches of little black dirty specks. Could this be mold? How can I whiten it up again?


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Cleaning a Car Damaged By Fire?The inside of my van caught fire, which has left smoke damage. What cleaning materials can I use to remove it?


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Removing Water Stain From Car Upholstery?How can I get a water stain out of the inside of my car?


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How Do I Get Rid of This Mildew?I was recently given some exercise equipment. The bench has mildew all over it. How do I get rid of the mildew?


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Cleaning Fuel Oil from Upholstery Fabric?My husband got fuel oil on the cloth seat of his truck. What can I use to clean, and get the smell out of it? Also what can I do to get fuel oil smell out of his clothes?


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Rain Spots on Car Upholstery?I left the sunroof open on my car on a night that it rained. Now the seat has water spots on it. Any ideas how to get rid of them?


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Balsamic Vinegar Stain on Upholstery?I have a balsamic vinegar stain on light gray upholstery in my car. What should I use to clean it up?


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Crazy Glue on Dashboard?How do I remove Crazy Glue droplets from dash of car? Thank my 4 yr. old son for this request!


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Smoke Damage in a Van?I need suggestions on how to remove smoke damage. My son is going to Welding school, he uses our old mini van for transportation. He carries all his welding supplies in the back of the van, some of it in a big plastic bucket.


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House Paint on Car Seats?Anyone know how to get house paint off of the seats of my car? Its a Dodge Neon and the seats are not leather?


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Fruit Punch Stain in Gray Vehicle Carpet?I am getting ready to return my leased vehicle in a few days, but there is a Fruit Punch Stain on the beige carpet in the back. Someone left a cup of punch in the cup holder back there without me realizing, and it leaked.


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Golf Clubs Scuffed My Leather Seat?I got rubber scuffs from my golf club grips on leather back seat; and its impossible to get off.


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Soda Stains on Car Upholstery?What can I use to get dried soda stains out of my car upholstery, and from the carpet?


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Hawaiian Punch on Car Upholstery?Would the towel and iron trick work for Hawaiian punch on car upholstery? It is a set in stain that has been there for quite a while. I have tried just about everything.


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Car Paint on Leather?How do I remove car paint from my leather car seat?


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Cola Stain on Car Upholstery?Need to clean a pepsi stain on the ceiling upholstery in the car. I'm hoping someone out there has a solution!


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Burn Mark On The Inside of a Car Door?I have a yellow burn mark on our driver's side car door. It's a 2006 Chevy Trail Blazer. I don't know how it got there. We don't smoke in this vehicle. How can we remove it?


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Sharpie on Our Vinyl Car Console?We have an Explorer and yesterday my 5 year old decided to write on a piece of tissue and the sharpie bled through onto the middle console. It is vinyl and I tried Goof-off, Mr. Clean erasers, and rubbing alcohol with no luck.


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Removing Coffee Stains From Car Seats?I looking for advice about removing coffee stains on fabric car seats.


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How do I remove sap from my car without damaging the paint?How do I remove sap from my car without damaging the paint?


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Rotten Egg Smell in a CarI had someone throw an egg in my convertible. I have leather seats but some of the egg has seeped into the cracks. The car is brand new and has now lost its brand new car smell.


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How Do I Get Duct Tape Off A Car?How do i get duct tape off a car?


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Sharpie on Cloth Car Seats?Sharpie on Cloth Car Seats. How can I get Sharpie marker off cloth car seats. . .


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Removing Lettering From a Van?Removing Lettering From a Van. How do you remove sign writing from a van (self adhesive lettering). . .


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Throw Up on a Car Seat?My daughter had a stomach flu and threw up all over her car seat. The padding was washable and smells fine but the actual straps that hold her in smell terrible.


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Plastic Bag Stain on Leather?I have leather interior in my car and somehow the ink off a plastic grocery bag bled on to the leather. Anybody know any great tricks?


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Stains on My Leather Steering Wheel?I bought a steering wheel cover a couple of months ago and decided this week to take it off. The only problem is that somehow it stained my leather steeringwheel cover! How can I get it off without messing up my wheel?


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Cigarette Odor in an Air Conditioner?Is there any simple, cheap way to get cigarette odor out of a car air conditioner system? I have already tried spraying air deodorizers into the system while it is running.


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Stain on My Floor Mat?I have stain on the carpet floor mat in my 2006 SUV. It was caused by a small bottle of air freshener which leaked and left a red stain, I think it must have been a red dye used to color this liquid. Is there any way to remove this stain or should I just replace the mat for $110? Hoping there is a cheaper solution.


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Motor Oil Stains in Truck?My son-in-law purchased a used truck. It has a large stain on the floor board, and we think it is motor oil. It has the odor of oil, and we don't know how to get rid of the odor. Does anyone have a good idea how to reduce or get rid of the odor?


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Gas Smell on Car Seat?Looking for ways to eliminate gasoline odor from a car seat. not sure how much gas spilled on the seat but any help is appreciated. Last resort will be to replace the seat.


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Diesel Stains on a Trailer?I pull an enclosed white trailer behind a diesel van, This weekend I ran out of gas and it blew black junk all over the trailer. What can I use to to get the diesel stains off of the trailer?


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Armour All Build Up on Clear Plastic?The plastic covering over the instruments in my vehicle has gotten a glaze over it and I think that it is from Armour All. What can I use to remove this film? I know that it is plexi-glass of some sort.


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Soft Drink Stains In Car?I have been told that shaving cream works on carpet to get up some stains. I have spilled soft drinks in my car over the years. The carpet is in very good shape except for these spills. There are also some on the passenger seat which is fabric. Will shaving cream work on these also?


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Rotten Milk in Car?I hope someone can help me. About 3 days ago my son and I went and got groceries and he brought the groceries in but he did not bring in the milk. So yesterday I am going to lunch with a friend from work, still had no clue this was in my car, when I got home after wondering what the stink was I opened the trunk and there it is.


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Carpet Cleaner for a Car?Can anyone suggest the very, very best carpet cleaner for a van (that has been destroyed by children) for six years, other than having a commercial detail cleaning?


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New Car with Bad Smell?I just got new car, which had mice in it. The mice are out, but they used mothballs to get the mousey smell out. I had it professionally cleaned. The cleaner seemed to get the mothball scent out at first, but now that I've driven it, I can smell mothballs and the cleaner. I've tried Febreeze, and air fresheners, and I don't know what else to do!


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Keeping a Dust Cloth HandyKeep a Swiffer cloth or other dusting cloth in a ziplock bag in your car. Whenever you're stuck at a long light or waiting for someone in a parking lot, you can dust the dash or other dusty surfaces quickly.


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Removing Thompson's Water Seal from Car?I was spraying my cedar fence with water seal and a burst of wind blew over spray onto my car. Anyone know how to remove this stuff. I washed it and it is still on.


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Permanent Marker on Plastic Bumper?Some kids on my street decided to get a permanent marker and have some fun on my plastic bumper. Anyone know how to get it off without ruining my brand new custom paint job?


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Mold and Mildew In Vehicle Seat?I need help getting rid of mold and mildew from the foam rubber in the seat of a truck. I have tried ammonia water, sunshine, and Febreze. I can't drive truck, the smell makes us sick. Judi


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Cigarette Odors in CarThis is an old used car dealers trick. Take a 2 lb can of any type ground coffee and cut up two onions in big chunks, mix this with water in a large metal boiling pot, like the kind you cook pasta or corn on the cob. Put it in the back seat and roll up the windows and let it bake in the sun for 1 day.


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Melted Caramel on Car Seat?My three year old had a bag of caramel candy. She left it in my car on one of our hot days and it melted on my seat. How do I get this sticky mess up? Catina Chavous


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Dead mice in my new car!I would really appreciate any help that you can give me. we just purchased a new (to us) minivan. We got it from a family that lived on a farm, and when we went to look at it and brought it home, the windows were down, so we really didn't think anything of the smell, as it wasn't that bad and we were on a farm.



Removing a Stain on a Car's Finish - very small yellow stain

Removing a Stain on a Car's Finish?There is a yellow stain on my new car as a result of cleaning off a dark color small dropping.


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Removing Plastic Handle Stain on Vinyl Car Upholstery?I placed an umbrella in my car. We live in Florida where it gets really hot. The blue on the plastic handle of the umbrella faded into the beige vinyl of the console of my brand new car! I tried Magic Eraser, Goo Gone, blue Dawn detergent, and ink stain remover.


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Removing Lipstick on the Exterior of a Car Door?How do I remove lipstick from the exterior of a car door?


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Cleaning Tinted Automobile Windows?Can I use rubbing alcohol to clean tinted automobile windows? I am worried about the tint film.


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Removing a Chemical Smell in a Car?When it gets warm/hot outside the inside of my car has a weird chemical smell and when I get out my hair and clothes smell like I have been riding on a go cart or something. It's gross and I can't figure out how to get rid of it!


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Cleaning Dingy Car Headlights?What do you recommend for cleaning dingy auto headlights?


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