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Advice for saving money at Easter. Ideas for parties, decorations, traditions, Easter baskets, eggs, candy, recipes, crafts and more.

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ribbon easter cross

Plastic Canvas Cross CraftUsing plastic canvas and ribbon or yarn you can create a beautiful easy to make cross. This is a page about making a plastic canvas cross craft.


Crochet Jellybean Duck - little yellow crochet duck

Making a Crochet Jellybean DuckCrochet this cute little duck and add some jellybeans or other small candies to her drawstring pouch. This is a page about making a crochet jellybean duck.


Completed fabric Easter egg candy pouches.

Fabric Easter Egg Candy PouchI saw this idea in a magazine and decided to make one similar.


Easter Bunny Puppet from a Dishwashing Glove - other paw and back paws drawn in place - it is done

Easter Bunny Puppet from a Dishwashing GloveDark pink dishwashing gloves are remade into a cute Easter bunny hand puppet. The easy to follow instructions can be found below.


Making a Plastic Egg Garland - garland hung with the banner made earlier

Making a Plastic Egg GarlandBrightly colored plastic Easter eggs are strung into a festive garland with twine. It's a nice decoration for your door, window or mantle.


A man, woman and child with bunny ears on, decorating eggs.

Easter ActivitiesThis page contains Easter crafts, games, a coloring page, and more. Have fun.



Cheetos Carrots

Making Cheetos CarrotsYou can make these awesome carrot treats by filling triangular shaped treat bags with Cheetos and tying them off with green ribbon.


Making Bunny Bag Favors

Making Paper Bag Bunny FavorsTake plain paper lunch bags to create these cute favors. It's perfect for holding candy and eggs at Easter but could be for any party. This is a page about making bunny bag favors.


Marshmallow Peepsters - bunnies in a glass dish

Making Marshmallow PeepstersPeeps are a popular treat. But around Easter they often sell out at the market. If you can't find any, try making these cute substitutes. This is a page about making marshmallow peepsters.


Easter Card Notebook with Stickers

Making an Easter Card NotebookYou can make a cute Easter notebook by recycling an Easter greeting card and transforming it into a small notebook. Learn how to make one in this step by step guide.


Homemade sugar eggs.

Making Panoramic Sugar Easter EggsThese old fashioned decorative eggs are made with eggs whites, sugar and whatever small decorations you might wish to highlight. This page is about making panoramic sugar Easter eggs.


Easter Bunny Resealable Candy Pack - finished bunny with two rolls of Smarties

Making Easter Bunny Resealable Candy PacksThese handy candy pouches are made from soft felt wrapping paper and a few other basic supplies. They can be hidden in lieu of plastic Easter eggs or given as gifts. This page has instructions for making Easter Bunny resealable candy packs.


Paper Plate Bunny Mask -  red bunny with whiskers

Making Paper Plate Bunny MasksThe humble paper plate is a stay by crafting supply for children's projects. This page is about making paper plate bunny masks.


Easter Eggs and Cookie Cutter Paintings - finished page with bunnies, chick, and basket

Making Easter Eggs and Cookie Cutter PaintingsCookie cutters and plastic Easter eggs make great stamps to begin a painting project with young children. This project demonstrates ideas for making Easter egg and cookie cutter paintings.


Chocoholic Easter Bunny Card

Making a Chocoholic Easter Bunny CardMake this fun card showing the Easter Bunny holding a large pink paper wrapped chocolate candy Easter egg. This is a page about making a chocoholic Easter bunny card.


Decoupaged Easter eggs made from strips of paper.

Découpaged Easter EggsDécoupage is a traditional way to decorate all manner of items with paper cutout. It's perfect for making unique eggs for Easter. This is a page about découpaged easter eggs.


White wire birdcages filled with easter eggs and tulips.

Easter Day Church Event DecorationsDecorating ideas for an Easter church activity or event will be defined by the focus of the event. If it is tied to the religious observance then the color purple is a place to begin. This is a page about Easter day church event decorations.


Young Boy With Easter Egg Basket

Easter MemoriesEaster is a special time for many families, especially when children are young and expecting a basket from the Easter Bunny. This page contains Easter Memories.


A picture of variety of different types of Easter candy.

Saving Money on Easter CandyEaster candy is fun to give out to all the children in your life but it can add up. This Easter, check out some ways you can be saving money on easter candy.


Uses for a Felt Carrot Pocket

Uses for a Felt Carrot PocketThis cute felt carrot can be used in a variety of ways such as to hold a gift or as a utensil holder for an Easter dinner or garden party.


A straw cowboy hat with Easter decorations.

Creative Easter Bonnet Ideas?Easter bonnets don't have to be simple, you can make yours as creatively as you like. This is a page about creative Easter bonnet ideas.



Children hunting for eggs after church on Easter.

Ideas for Celebrating Easter at ChurchChurch is a perfect place to celebrate Easter. Use these ideas to make your next Easter church gathering a success. This is a page about ideas for celebrating Easter at church.


A cheerleader's pom-pom.

Using Cheerleading Pompoms Instead of Easter GrassThis is a page about using cheerleading pompoms instead of Easter grass. To reduce the mess of cellophane grass, you can use a pompom in an Easter basket.


Felt Carrot Pencil Gift Pocket

Felt Carrot Pencil Gift PocketThis easy and fun to make felt carrot pocket is the perfect container for giving a non candy gift of pencils to your student. This is a page about felt carrot pencil gift pocket.


Felt Carrot Money Pocket - hand holding the finished pocket

Making a Felt Carrot Money HolderThese easy to make money holders make an excellent gift for Easter rather than more candy. This is a page about making a felt carrot money holder.


Cute Pompom Chick - Closeup.

Making a Yarn Pompom ChickWith the knowledge of a few craft basics, yarn, card rings and scissors you can create a cute pompom chick. This page is about making a yarn pompom chick craft.


A cute chick made from fabric yo-yos.

Yo Yo Chicks and BunniesThese sweet yoyo chicks and bunnies are the perfect non sugary addition to your child's basket. They are also fun and easy to make. This page contains instructions for making yo yo chicks and bunnies.


Finished card.

Making an Easter Egg Hunt CardThis cute greeting card features the Easter bunny with some of his eggs hiding in the grass. This is a page about making an Easter egg hunt card.


Fabric Easter Corsage

Making a Fabric Easter CorsageThis colorful Easter corsage would make a great gift. This is a page about making a fabric easter corsage.


Handmade Sock Easter Bunny

Making a Sock Easter BunnyTurn a common sock into this cute Easter Bunny. This is a page about making a sock Easter bunny.


Cadbury eggs in painted egg crate.

Cadbury Egg Carton GiftA clever way to gift Cadbury eggs is in a decorated egg crate. This is a page about Cadbury egg carton gift.


Rice Krispies Easter Eggs

Making Rice Krispy Treat EggsA fun Easter treat can easily be made with rice crispy cereal. This page is about making rice krispy treat eggs.


Rice Krispy Nests

Making Rice Krispy Treat NestsAnother cute Easter treat can be made using crispy rice cereal to create bird nests to hold jelly beans or other small candy eggs. This is a page about Rice Krispy treat nests.


Decorated Rice Krispy Bunnies

Making Rice Krispy Treat BunniesRice krispy treat mix can easily be shaped into cute bunnies for Easter or other occasions. This is a page about making rice krispy treat bunnies.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter EggsMaking your own candy Easter eggs prolongs the fun of the holiday. This is a page about chocolate peanut butter Easter eggs.


Craft: Buttered Lamb For Easter

Making a Butter LambMake a cute little lamb from butter to grace your Easter table or anytime you want to make the meal a bit more special. This is a page about making a butter lamb.



Bunny Tails

Making a Bunny TailYour little one will have great fun wearing his or her own bunny tail for Easter. This is a page about making a bunny tail.


Felt Bunny Mask

Felt Bunny MaskThis very simple bunny mask is made with three colors of felt, to look like a rabbit's teeth and nose. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Easter Egg Lunch

Easter Egg LunchThis is a page about Easter egg lunch. Repurpose plastic Easter eggs and use them as colorful containers for a fun lunch to take to school or work.


Felt Bunny Bottom Pin

Making a Felt Bunny Bottom PinThis cute pin will bring a smile to your face whenever you wear it. This is a page about making a felt bunny bottom pin.


Felt Carrot Pin

Making a Felt Carrot PinThis is a page about making a felt carrot pin. Make this cute little carrot pin to wear on Easter. You can make several to give as gifts or slip one into a plastic egg.


dipped bunnies with sprinkles

Making Chocolate Dipped PeepsFor those of us who love Peeps, try adding a chocolate coating for a special treat. This is a page about making chocolate dipped peeps.


finished bunny mask

Making a Felt Bunny MaskThis is a page about making Easter bunny masks. These easy to make masks are great for pretend play or as party favors for an Easter party.


Peeps Headband

Making a Peeps HeadbandPeeps are a traditional Easter treat. Making your child a Peeps inspired headband is a fun project. This is a page about making a Peeps headband.


Peeps Easter basket

Fun Easter CraftsHere are some fun and easy crafts and Easter gift ideas!


Draping an Easter Cross

Draping an Easter Cross?The draping of a cross around the time of Easter is a Christian tradition commemorating the death of Christ. This is a page about draping an Easter cross.


Easter Bunny

Free Letters from the Easter BunnyMany parents like to arrange for a letter from the Easter Bunny to arrive in the mail for their children. This is a page about free letters from the Easter Bunny.


Easter Candy Bouquet

Easter Candy Bouquet IdeasA candy bouquet is a creative alternative to the traditional Easter basket. This is a page about Easter candy bouquet ideas.


Chocolate Bunny in a Jar

Chocolate Bunny in a JarFor a slightly different take on the traditional Easter basket, try making this cute treat. This is a page about making a chocolate bunny in a jar.


Easter Pin Ideas

Easter Pin IdeasA fun addition to an Easter outfit is a decorative pin. This page contains Easter pin ideas.


Easter Recipe

Traditional Easter RecipesMany cultures and families have recipes that have become traditional for Easter meals. This page contains traditional Easter recipes.


Easter Basket

Saving Money on EasterThe cost of celebrating the holidays, including Easter, can be expensive. This is a page about saving money on Easter.


Peanut, an orange cat with plastic Easter eggs.

Peanut With His First Easter EggsPeanut in his Easter Picture. I put some brightly colored eggs by him so he could have a seaonal photo.


Baked Easter Ham

Easter Ham RecipesHam is a traditional Easter meal. This page contains Easter ham recipes.


Easter Gift Box With Chocolate Eggs Inside

Easter Gift IdeasSometimes choosing just the right gift for someone at Easter can be difficult. This is a page about Easter gift ideas.


Traditional Easter Cake

Easter Cake RecipesMaking an Easter cake is a fun family tradition. This page contains Easter cake recipes.


Candy eggs for Easter

Homemade Candy Easter EggsTry something different this Easter and make some of your own candy Easter eggs. This is a page about homemade candy Easter eggs.


Crochet beaded Easter bag in yellow with pastel beads and egg shapes on ends of drawstrings.

Crochet Easter CraftsIf you are looking for Easter gifts or decorations, think about crochet items. This is a page about crochet Easter crafts.


Saving Money on Easter Baskets

Saving Money on Easter BasketsThere are a lot of ways to save money on Easter baskets. This is a page about saving money on Easter baskets.


Decorated Easter Eggs in Grass

Easter Egg Hunt IdeasIf you are planning to have your own Easter egg hunt or are planning on for an organization you belong to, coming up with fun ideas can be a challenge. This is a page containing Easter egg hunt ideas.


hand print lily

Handprint LilyTry making this Easter variation of using children's handprints for crafts. This is a page about making a handprint lily.


Easter Egg Dye Recipes

Easter Egg Dye RecipesYou can make your own custom colored Easter egg dye at home. This page contains Easter egg dye recipes.


Easter Cupcakes

Easter Treat RecipesEaster is a holiday with many traditions, one of those is making treats. This page contains Easter treat recipes.


Hot Cross Buns on Wood Board

Hot Cross Buns RecipesTry making this traditional Easter treat. "Hot cross buns, one ha' penny, two ha' penny, hot cross buns." This page contains hot cross buns recipes.


Eggs and Ham Set Out for Breakfast

Easter Breakfast RecipesOn Easter morning breakfast can be a festive and fun. This page contains Easter breakfast recipes.


Canape with Egg and Vegetables

Easter Brunch IdeasPlanning an Easter brunch sometimes means looking for new ideas. This page contains Easter brunch ideas.


Decorated Easter Eggs in Basket

Decorating and Dyeing Easter EggsThere are so many different ways to create beautiful decorated Easter eggs. This is a page about decorating and dyeing Easter eggs.


Three dimensional bunny card.

Homemade Easter CardsHomemade cards add an extra level of sentiment for the receiver. This is a page about homemade Easter cards.


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Free Wine Barrels for Easter Play?Does anyone know where I can get free or really cheap wine barrels? We're putting on a Easter play and the scene where Jesus turns water into wine is requiring barrels. All the ones I've seen on line are really expensive and I need 3 of them.


Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter Crafts for KidsKids love to make bunnies, chicks, and other Easter craft projects. This is a page about Easter crafts for kids.


Hand Painted Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Without DyeDecorating eggs without dye can be a fun challenge. This page is about Easter egg decorating ideas without dye.


Easter basket ideas

Easter Basket IdeasThis is a page about Easter basket ideas. Instead of buying a traditional Easter basket, get creative.


Easter Ideas for Teens

Easter Ideas for TeensAs children get older we look for new Easter gifts and traditions. This is a page about Easter ideas for teens.


Easter Ideas for Toddlers

Easter Ideas for ToddlersEnjoying the Easter holiday with little children can be fun, and educational. This page contains Easter ideas for toddlers.


easter cake

Easter Bunny Cake IdeasMaking a special cake for an Easter gathering can be a lot of fun. This page is about Easter bunny cake ideas.


Colorful Easter egg cookies.

Easter Cookie RecipesMake special cookies for your Easter gathering to spoil your family and friends. This page contains Easter cookie recipes.


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Thrifty Easter Ideas?We had a terrible flood last summer and I lost all of my Easter decorations, baskets I used for my kids year after year and other miscellaneous items. I am in dire financial straits this year and need frugal Easter ideas for kids and grandma as well.


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Coffee Can Bunny Rabbit?Has anyone made a bunny rabbit out of a empty coffee can? I want to paint the face on the can.


Which Came First?This Sunday, homes will once again be filled with Easter dresses, Easter baskets, painted eggs, stuffed chicks and bunnies, and candy as we celebrate "Ishtar". If you"re like me, you always wondered what any of this had to do with Jesus rising three days after His death. I learned recently that the answer really is "absolutely nothing."


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Sock Bunnies?I am looking for directions for making stuffed animal bunnies out of infant/toddler children's socks. I lost the directions.


Marshmallow Peepsters - bunnies in a glass dish

Marshmallow PeepstersToday was the day before Easter and the store was out of Peeps, of course. I got a big bag of marshmallows instead and used some ingredients on hand to make these to cheer up my dad. (He really, really, likes his Peeps.)


Making Marbled Eggs

Making Marbled EggsThis project is fun and unique. You will never get the same look twice by using artificial eggs. These take only minutes to make plus drying time.


Peeps Racers - two race car bunnies

Peeps RacersThis is a cute edible craft for all ages using Peeps bunnies and Twinkies. You can decorate your cars however you like, I went with a bit of a classic race car look. To make this 100% edible, replace the toothpicks with thin pretzel rods.


Bunny Card - finished card front

Bunny CardThis bunny card adds a cute touch to any Easter basket for a neighbor, family, friend, co-worker, etc.


Happy Easter Carrot Card - front of the finished card

Happy Easter Carrot CardEaster is around the corner. You can make this adorable Easter card with a touch of cuteness (child's hand).


Easter Bunny Puppet from a Dishwashing Glove - other paw and back paws drawn in place - it is done

Easter Bunny Puppet from a Dishwashing GloveThis is a way to turn a dishwashing glove into an Easter bunny rabbit puppet.


More Featured


Felt Bunny Bottom Pin

Felt Bunny Bottom PinThis adorable felt pin is perfect for Easter. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Chocolate Dipped Peeps

Chocolate Dipped PeepsThese chocolate dipped peeps are adorable and your kids will love them. Check out this video and learn how simple they are to make.


Fruity Pebbles Easter Eggs

Fruity Pebbles Easter EggsShape Fruity Pebbles into an egg shape to make this Easter version of Rice Krispie Treats. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Bunny in a JarMake your Easter basket more special by putting together this chocolate bunny in a jar.


Easter Egg Countdown Calendar

Easter Egg Countdown CalendarKids love to anticipate the next major holiday. This calendar is a great way to count down to the Easter bunny. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Mason Jar Jellybean Dispenser

Mason Jar Jellybean DispenserLearn how to make a quick and easy candy dispenser with this short video.


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Easter Gift Ideas?What should I give my sister for Easter, she is very picky.


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Draping the Easter Cross?How long do you leave the white pall on the cross after Easter?


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Substituting Marshmallow Creme in Rice Krispies Egg Surprise?In making the Rice Krispies egg surprise with creme how much of a 12oz. jar would you use? Do I need to heat it as well? Thank you.


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Homemade Easter Egg Dyes?I read a recipe for making Easter egg dyes using jello. I can't find it. Can you help?


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Why is the Crucifixion Cross Draped?Why is the Crucifixion Cross draped?


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Draping the Cross for Easter?Do you drape the cross that is placed over the baptistery with a cloth at Easter?


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