February 23, 2012

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Olive tapenade.

Tapenade RecipesThis page contains tapenade recipes. Tapenade is a that delicious olive spread served with pita or other types of bread.


Dirty Rice

Dirty Rice RecipesThis page contains dirty rice recipes. Dirty rice is a favorite Louisiana Cajun dish.


Blue anenome flower and bud.

Growing AnemoneThis is a page about growing anemone. These versatile bulbs will add color to your garden either in sun or light shade.


closeup of agrimony.

Growing AgrimonyThis is a page about growing agrimony. This short lived perennial herb with its light apricot scent makes a nice addition to your garden.


Sugar Snap Peas

Freezing Snow Peas (Sugar, Chinese, or Sugar...This is a page about freezing snow peas (sugar, Chinese, or sugar snap peas). Freezing is a good way to preserve the overflow of your garden pea crop.


Pumpkin pie with fall leaves and gords.

Freezing Pumpkin PiesThis is a page about freezing pumpkin pies. Making your own pumpkin pies ahead of time can make meal preparation easier.


picnic tips and tricks

Picnic Tips and TricksThis is a page about picnic tips and tricks. Whether it's an outing with the whole family or a romantic meal in the countryside, picnic are a fun frugal outing that everyone will enjoy.


Freezing Black-eyed Peas

Freezing Field Peas (Black-Eyed Peas)This is a page about freezing field peas (black-eyed peas). If your field pea crop was particularly bountiful, you probably will want to freeze some for future use.


Cheese Fondue Recipes, Cheese fondue.

Cheese Fondue RecipesGet out your fondue forks and visualize dipping chunks of crusty bread into warm gooey cheese fondue. This page contains cheese fondue recipes.


Freezing Corn

Freezing CornThis is a page about freezing corn. Whether you dealing with a bumper crop from your garden or there was a great deal at the super market, freezing your extra corn will ensure you have some to add to meals later when you need them.


Chocolate dipped banana.

Making Chocolate Covered BananasThis is a page about making chocolate covered bananas. Chocolate dipped fruit is a delicious indulgence that you can make at home.


Freezing Milk

Freezing MilkThis is a page about freezing milk. Milk prices fluctuate routinely, buying it on sale and freezing some can save you money.


Potato bead necklace.

Making Potato BeadsThis is a page about making potato beads. You can make some unique jewelry items for yourself, to give as gifts, or sell at craft fairs using potatoes.


Freezing Pies

Freezing PiesThis is a page about freezing pies. Whether they are leftover from a get together or big day of baking, save your extra pies for later by freezing them.


Potted Rosemary plant.

Keeping Track of Plant InformationThis is a page about keeping track of plant information. Through the seasons of the year it is important to keep track of which plants you have planted where and how successful they are under those conditions.


Lots of different types of bread.

Freezing BreadThis is a page about freezing bread. When baking bread it is sometimes easier to make multiple loaves and freeze some for later.


frozen mushrooms

Freezing MushroomsIf you have more mushrooms than you can use up right away, don't let them go to waste, freeze them so they are ready for your next mushroom dish.


Totes on shelves.

Organizing ShelvesThis is a page about organizing shelves. Shelves can be a perfect way to help keep your home clean and tidy. However, those shelves have to stay organized themselves or they aren't helping as much as they could.


Irish Soda Bread Recipes

Irish Soda Bread RecipesSoda bread is a simple and quick St. Patrick's day meal addition. This page contains Irish soda bread recipes.


Freezing Peas, Frozen Peas

Freezing PeasThis is a page about freezing peas. Peas can be preserved in a number of ways but freezing is the easiest and most popular method.


Red amaranth flowers.

Growing AmaranthThis is a page about growing amaranth. With its sage green leaves and stems and bright flowers, amaranth is pretty in either cut fresh or dried arrangements.


Zucchini Bread Recipes

Zucchini Bread RecipesZucchini seems to triple in size overnight, making bread with some of your crop may keep you ahead of this prolific squash. This page contains zucchini bread recipes.


Frozen Rhubarb

Freezing RhubarbThis is a page about freezing rhubarb. Preserve your rhubarb harvest for use later in the year by storing it in the freezer.


Fresh vegetables.

Saving Money on VegetablesThis is a page about saving money on vegetables. Fresh vegetables are often less expensive than buying their canned or otherwise processed counterparts. However, their cost can still add up if you don't look for good bargains.


Purple allium flower.

Growing AlliumThis is a page about growing allium. These sun loving bulbs are deer resistant and attract butterflies.


Blue balloon flowers.

Growing Balloon Flowers (Chinese Bellflower)This is a page about growing balloon flowers (Chinese bellflower). These beautiful flowers are a delight even before they bloom with their balloon shaped unopened flower.


Shipping Fruit

Shipping FruitThis page is about shipping fruit. There's nothing quite as special as receiving fresh fruit from a far, but it can be a challenge to pack it correctly.


Chocolate fondue

Chocolate Fondue RecipesLooking for a sweet alternative to cheese fondue, melt some chocolate and begin chopping fruit, cake, and other tasty bites for a delicious dessert experience. This page contains chocolate fondue recipes.


Alternanthera bloom.

Growing AlternantheraThis is a page about growing alternanthera. These compact plants make a great filler for container plantings.


Seven layer dip.

Layered Mexican Dip RecipesA layered dip is a wonderful way to combine the flavors you like with your chips. This page contains layered Mexican dip recipes.


Baked apple.

Baked Apples RecipesBaked apples are a simple delectable dessert treat that everyone will love. This page contains baked apples recipes.


Sliced banana bread on a cutting board.

Freezing Banana BreadThis is a page about freezing banana bread. When next you bake some delicious banana bread make a few extra loaves and pop them in the freezer. This is a page about freezing banana bread.



Bruschetta RecipesTraditionally bruschetta is the crusty bread appetizer topped with tomatoes, spices, vinegar, and olive oil, that we enjoy at Italian restaurants. This page contains bruschetta recipes.


Freezing Spinach

Freezing SpinachThis is a page about freezing spinach. Spinach can be stored in a number of ways. Freezing your spinach will preserve it for use in later dishes.


Quick Soup Ideas

Quick Soup IdeasSoup can be a quick and easy meal at the end of a busy day. This is a page about quick soup ideas.


Painting Tips and Tricks

Painting Tips and TricksThis is a page about painting tips and tricks. Painting is a great way to spruce up your home, inside or out. However, if you aren't careful it can be much messier and more complicated than is necessary.


St. Patrick's Day Craft

St. Patrick's Day Crafts for KidsThis page contains St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids. Making holiday crafts with children is always a fun educational experience.


Freezing Bread Dough

Freezing Bread DoughThis is a page about freezing bread dough. To save time, bread dough can be made in advance and frozen to use later.


Freezing Green Onions

Freezing Green OnionsThis is a page about freezing green onions. Freezing green onions is a good way to always have some on hand when cooking.


Air Conditioner Repair

Hiring Someone to Repair an Air...This is a page about hiring someone to repair an air conditioner. Finding a tradesperson to repair your air conditioner can be quite an adventure.


Plastic Bottle Tripod

Making a Soda Bottle TripodThis is a page about making a soda bottle tripod. If you forgot your tripod or just need a quick substitute, a soda or water bottle filled with liquid works great after a quick fix on the cap.


Zucchini Bread

Freezing Zucchini Bread?This is a page about freezing zucchini bread. Zucchini bread like many of the quick fruit breads can be frozen for future enjoyment.


Fennel growing in a garden.

Growing FennelThis is a page about growing fennel. Fennel is a long time popular perennial herb, with a licorice flavor.



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Tortellini SaladI like the pasta, salad dressing mix, green pepper, and cheese in this recipe. Very tangy and good.


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Homemade Steak SauceThis is a tasty and easy recipe you can make with ingredients most likely already in your kitchen. Not only does this save money, but it has far less preservative chemicals than the store bought brands do.


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No Crust QuicheNever tried quiche? This is an easy recipe and you may really like it!



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Cleaning Eye GlassesTo remove hairspray and greasy perspiration, I use rubbing alcohol. It cleans the lenses really well and it can be used on either plastic or glass lenses.


Canning Boneless Chicken Breasts

Canning Boneless Chicken BreastsThis quick video will teach you how to save your excess chicken breasts by canning them.


Snowy Trees (Pelican Rapids, MN)

Snowy Trees (Pelican Rapids, MN)This beautiful tree was something I saw on my way to work one morning a couple weeks ago. I love how the snow and ice hold onto the branches. It was a day God had made and I think it is beautiful. I hope you enjoy looking at it.


Reusing Plastic Lids

Reusing Plastic LidsThey are perfect for painting projects from young to old! If you don't like the outcome, you can clean it off and start over! You can cut the lip from around it as well, to create crazy shapes with the lid, or to make hearts, etc. for any occasion.


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Shredded Paper As Cat LitterI have a tip for recycling paper. I shred all my flyers and newspapers and use them as litter for my cat. It saves so much money and is not as heavy to take out to the garbage. It works great.


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Organizing Your PurseI use little zippered bags made for holding makeup in a purse. In one, I keep everything I need to have with me. I keep an extra set of keys in the inside zippered compartment of the purse itself.


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Get Student Loans Forgiven if DisabledMy daughter is on disability and had several thousand dollars in student loans from earning her degrees. Did you know that the loans will be forgiven when your doctor fills out the proper paper work?


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Quick and Healthy SoupFor a quick soup, pour V8 Seasoned Vegetable Juice (low sodium) into bowl. Place in microwave and heat on High for 2 1/2 minutes. Serve with wholegrain crackers or buns.


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Freeze Ground BeefI am not a person who enjoys cooking, so I spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. When I buy a large quantity of ground beef, I always brown it and divide it into quart size zipper bags then put it into the freezer for impromptu pots of chili or spaghetti sauce.


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Shipping FigsPack figs in egg cartons to protect and ship them. Use "peanuts" to stabilize the egg carton in the shipping box.


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Count Your BlessingsTry counting your blessings. Just start with the first thing you see or that pops in your mind, you can continue from there.


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Peeling Bell PeppersIt is easy to peel bell peppers if you use this simple method:


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Foaming Soap DispenserI have small children who usually use more soap than they need. I think that foaming soap dispensers help to reduce the soap consumption. I've found that the Bath and Body Works brand foaming handsoap dispensers work well for reuse.


Coco, a toy poodle, wearing a Halloween sweater and pink shoes.

Coco (Toy Poodle)Coco is a 6 year old Miniature (Toy) Poodle. She was given to me by a friend at about 6 weeks of age. Coco likes to run around the living room while we clap our hands for her.


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Caution When Using Bird Netting On GrapesBe very careful. A friend did that and killed 3 snakes the first night, good snakes! I just got my grapes started last year but would rather share with the birds. I think the cats will like that.


Creating "Canvas Art" Without a Canvas

Creating "Canvas Art" Without a CanvasIf you want to create incredible, long-lasting, vibrant, and ready-to-hang masterpiece but all you have around you are old throwaway materials such as Sheetrock, plywood, or some other sturdy but unremarkable surfaces...


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Saving Money on Groceries Without Running All Over TownDo not overlook the value of using stores that match their competitor's ads. This is seldom advertised so you have to ask. Because I live in a rural area it is not always practical nor do I have the time to do extreme couponing.


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Craft Uses For Mesh Produce BagsUse mesh produce bags, especially the colored ones, in place of lace for craft projects. It can be easily cut with scissors and adds texture without the expense of using lace.


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N.E.T. Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, and CuresN.E.T. (Not Enough Time) syndrome is the acronym I have given to those occasions when I feel like there simply isn't enough time in each day for me to do the things I either need to do or think I need to do.


Cardboard drink carrier holding napkins, plastic cutlery, and condiments

Using Drink Carrier for Cutlery and CondimentsUse an empty drink carrier when picnicking or in your back yard. Put forks, spoons, napkins, ketchup and mustard in each slot. It's easy to carry and keeps stuff organized.


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Differences in Green Bell PeppersThis is just a bit on info I am passing on. There is a difference in the bottoms of green bell peppers. If the bottom has 4 sections, it should be used in recipes, such as stuffed peppers.


small trees in pot

Growing Peaches from PitsIf you are trying to grow peaches from seed the first thing to know is that the new peach may not be the one you started with. The seed will be whatever they grafted to which sometimes is smaller but tasty.


roses growing on a trellis wall

Create a Living Privacy WallIf your deck or balcony is not very private, you can create a living privacy wall with a trellis and a fast growing vine such as climbing spinach, squash, or gourds.


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Homemade WipesI have been making this for over a year now and they are just as good as the name brand wipes. I read that they would "spoil" if you made the wipes up ahead, but I have had a container in the truck for over 6 months and they have yet to spoil even in the summer time.


Sweater Covered Hanger

Sweater Covered HangerIf you are like me you like to hang coats and nice blouses on fabric non slip hangers.


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Have Wastebaskets Handy When SewingWhen I am doing machine sewing, I set up 2 small wastebaskets - one on each side of my chair. That way I can drop scraps, thread, etc. with either hand. Saves a lot of time and waste motion.


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Family Names as Middle NamesMy husband is a teacher so he was VERY particular about just what baby names would do - traditional, easy to spell, difficult to mock, wasn't the name of a difficult student he'd had, etc.


Lulu ( white Maltese dog) wearing a red dog coat.

Lulu (Maltese)Lulu is a 9 year-old Maltese. We got her nine years ago in Brooklyn. She likes to run round and around the dining room table. She just loves to snuggle.


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Cleaning Jewelry With Cigarette AshesUsing a dry toothbrush and some cigarette ashes, brush your jewelery with the cigarette ashes, then take a soft cloth and polish clean. The ashes are so fine they work as an abrasive cleanser.


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Take Photos Of Special ItemsIf you have things that are special to you because they were made by someone important to you, like knitted items or kids school projects, snap a photo of it and file it in a special album.


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Vinegar For Scars And Age SpotsI had a really bad dark, ugly scar after a C-section. Over the counter remedies didn't work. Then an old past beauty queen told me about vinegar.


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Reuse Carryout Containers For CraftsAbout once a week we have delivery meals. Most of the time we end up with 1-2 small clear containers with lids. I use these for pouring small amounts of paint, glue, water, and even smaller amounts of loose beads.


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Organizing Legos in TinsUse the popcorn tins you get a variety of popcorn in. You can throw items that they created and don't want to tear apart in these. Another thing you can do is use tackle box or divided craft boxes and separate each color or type into each section.


A cut apple that is held together with a rubberband to keep from browning.

Use Rubber Band To Keep Cut Apples FreshAfter cutting an apple, put it back together with an elastic ban. This will keep it from going brown in lunches.


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Family Baby NamesI can only share our experience with choosing a baby name. On my side of the family, my grandfather was a Wallace, my father had the middle name Wallace.


Children's Garden Gifts (The Path Garden)

Children's Garden Gifts (The Path Garden)Looks like someone has been busy decorating in the "Path Garden" again. Hubby found these last Saturday. He hung two of the bird houses in trees, put the smallest on a pole back in the garden, and placed the shells back where they were left.


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Ensuring That You Have Nice TowelsMy husband goes to visit other people's homes and finds their towels to be either rag like or thin. For years, at least once a month, he buys a medium sized towel when doing grocery shopping.


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Growing ClematisYears ago I was told by my mother to give my clematis 1 cup of lime and 1 cup of garden fertilizer each year. She grew everything well, and now I have beautiful long growing clematis.



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How To Freeze Grapefruit?What's the easiest way to freeze fresh grapefruit?


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Getting Rid of Honeysuckle on a Fence?Will rock salt work to kill honeysuckle vines? I have livestock fencing that I need to eradicate this from. I have read that salt will kill it. As this is a fence row, I am not concerned with planting it.


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Value of a Set of 1957 Universal Standard Encyclopedias?I have a set of 1957 Universal Standard encyclopedias and was wondering if anyone knew what their value might be?The set is complete and in good condition.


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Freezing Milk?How many months can you keep milk frozen?


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Cleaning a Suede Jacket at Home?Is there a home method for cleaning a suede jacket?


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Selling Used Books?I am looking to sell an entire library of books left behind in the house my husband and I purchased. How do I start the process and who might be interested in them? It is a very large variety, from antique encyclopedias to late novels.


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Dish Soap for Aphids?I am looking for a recipe for killing aphids with dish soap and water.


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Getting Rid of Skunk Odor in Apartment?I need your help. There are a family of skunks living under my front steps. The other night like 3 am, I was awakened by a disgusting skunk odor. Here it is three days later and inside the entire apartment still stinks of skunk odor. I have tried shampooing carpets with Nature's Miracle, and washing all curtains and furniture coverings. Nothing has helped. My clothes don't smell of it nor does my furniture, but I did what I was told to do to rid the apartment of the odor and it didn't work. I need more information that has been tested and is known.


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Cigarette Burn on Leather Couch?Someone dropped a cigarette on my leather couch, it didn't burn a hole in it, but it left burn marks. I want to get those marks off. It's an offwhite leather and they were very expensive. Please help.


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Name Ideas for an Interior Design Business?I am looking for name ideas for an interior design business.


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Cleaning Rhubarb?We made a batch of strawberry rhubarb jam. I washed it and cut off the ends. When I cut it in small pieces to cook, the red outside pulled off into strings. I went ahead and pulled the rest of it off. Should I have left it on?


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