December 6, 2016

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Norwegian Butter Ring Cookies

Norwegian Butter Ring Cookie RecipeTry these decadent and flaky butter cookies for Christmas or anytime. This page contains a recipe for Norwegian butter ring cookies.


car with numerous paint splats

Removing Paint Ball Paint from a Car?This is a page about removing paint ball paint from a car. The oily goo of a paint ball can be a challenge to clean from a car's finish.


A white feather on a white background.

Angel Feather Christmas Poem CraftsThis is a page about finding an angel feather Christmas poem. This cute poem can be made into a nice Christmas decoration for your home.


A handwritten recipe in a bound cookbook.

Making a Heritage CookbookGathering all of your family's favorite recipes can make a great heritage cookbook. This is a page about making a heritage cookbook.


A box of old Christmas Ornaments

Cleaning Musty Odors on Christmas DecorationsThis is a page about cleaning musty odors on Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations are stored for 11 months a year. It can be easy for them to pick up musty odors.


Fabric Christmas Tree Ornament

Making a Fabric Christmas Tree OrnamentThis is a page about making fabric Christmas tree ornaments. Crafting fun and easy Christmas tree ornaments from fabric is a great craft for kids and adults alike.


Holiday Candle Holders

Making Painted Glass Jar Holiday Candle HoldersThis is a page about making painted glass jar holiday candle holders. If you like to make crafts that require painting, then these pretty candle holder jars are for you. They can be painted for use during any season.


Valentine Cookie House

Making a Valentine's Day Cookie HouseYou and your children can make a cute and delicious no bake cookie house for Valentine's Day. This is a page about making a Valentine's day cookie house.


Cleaning Paint Off Leather Furniture

Cleaning Paint Off Leather FurnitureThis is a page about cleaning paint off leather furniture. Sometimes a little ingenuity and elbow grease can renew leather covered furniture.


Crochet edged card.

Making a Crocheted Edge Valentine CardBy adding a nice crochet edge you can make a Valentine's Day card more personal and special. This is a page about making a crocheted edge Valentine card.


Twine wound around plain glass votives.

Winding Twine Around a Votive GlassThis is a page about winding twine around a votive glass. Personalize a plain glass votive with natural or colored twine and hot glue.


Crochet Beaded Valentine Bag

Making a Crochet Beaded Valentine BagThis is a page about making a crochet beaded Valentine bag. This pretty crochet bag uses Valentine's Day colors and embellishments.


tootsie pop butterfly

Making a Tootsie Pop Butterfly ValentineTootsie Pops are very versatile when it comes to making a cute seasonal treat. This is a page about making a Tootsie Pop butterfly Valentine.


Make Planters With Old Record Albums

Making Planters With Old Record AlbumsThis is a page about making planters with old record albums. Old record albums can be heated and molded into a variety of shapes.


finished paperweight

Making Colorful Garden Pebble PaperweightsThis is a page about making colorful garden pebble paperweights. Garden stones with pleasing shapes can be painted with seasonal motifs to make pretty, useful paperweights.


Safety pin lapel jewelry.

Making a Beaded 9-11 Lapel PinThis is a page about making a beaded 9-11 lapel pin. These little lapel pins are an easy craft for kids or seniors, in remembrance of the tragedies of September, 11, 2001.


Count-Up Calendar Box

Making a Count-Up Calendar BoxThis is a page about count-up calendar box. Similar to an Advent calendar, this box allows you to count the days to a special event.


A candy cane puzzle gag gift.

Candy Cane Puzzle Gag GiftThis is a page about candy cane puzzle gag gift. While putting the candy cane back together may be out of the question the candy bits will still taste great.


A tick being removed from a pet's skin.

Getting Rid of Ticks in Your HouseWhen pets pick up ticks outside they frequently leave them in your home, where they can become an infestation. This is a page about getting rid of ticks in your house.


DIY Envelope

Making a DIY EnvelopeThis is a page about making a DIY envelope. It's easy to use a piece of paper to make an envelope in a pinch.


Kitchen Mitt From Old Shirts

Making a Kitchen Mitt From Old ShirtsThis is a page about making a kitchen mitt from old shirts. Make a clever 5 fingered kitchen mitt by recycling old t-shirts.


A pink stain on a tshirt discovered when doing laundry.

Mysterious Stains on LaundryThis is a page about mysterious stains on laundry. Stains on laundry are frustrating to get out but can especially difficult if you don' know the source of the stain.


Angel pin in gold, silver, and pearl.

Making a Safety Pin AngelThis is a page about making a safety pin angel. These little angels are perfect to wear at Christmastime or to add to packages or ornaments on the tree.


Finished monkeys.

Making Valentine MonkeysSome felt, fun fur, stuffing, and your sewing skills are almost all that is needed to make these cheerful monkey Valentine's Day gifts. This is a page about making Valentine monkeys.


Crocheted Valentine Envelope

Making a Crocheted Valentine EnvelopeMake several of these nice little crochet envelopes to stuff with goodies or cash and give to your special Valentines. This is a page about making a crocheted Valentine envelope.


Mopheart Rag Doll  - Finished Mopheard doll square version of photo.

Making a Mopheart Rag DollThis cute handmade doll utilizes a heart shape for many parts of the doll's body. This is a page about making a mopheart rag doll.


Banana Oatmeal Fingers

Banana Oatmeal FingersA healthy snack for little people can be made with no added sugar. This is a page about banana oatmeal fingers.


A package wrapped with Furoshiki, or Japanese wrapping cloths

Using Furoshiki (Japanese Wrapping Cloths)This is a page about Furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloths).Furoshiki can be a fun and functional way of wraps gifts for any occasion.


Pull-Apart Garlic Eggplant

Pull-Apart Garlic Eggplant RecipeThis side dish is a great substitution for carb conscious dieters. This is a page about pull-apart garlic eggplant.


A woman looking at a mysterious grease stain on her laundered clothing.

Mysterious Grease Stains on ClothingThis is a page about mysterious grease stains on clothing. Sometimes clothes come out of the washer with strange grease or oil-like stains on them that were not there before washing.


A Valentine's Day window card with candy hearts.

Making a Recycled Window Valentine CardConvex plastic packaging can be used to create this fun treat filled Valentine's Day card. This is a page about making a recycled window Valentine card.


Winterizing a Geranium Part One

Winterizing a Geranium PlantThis is a page about winterizing a geranium plant. These cheerful flowers can be easy to winterize and enjoy year after year.


Compleded puppy Valentine card.

Making a Puppy Dog Valentine CardThis is a page about making a puppy dog Valentine card. Paper heart shapes can be arranged together to create a cute puppy face for a Valentine's card.


Two kittens eating from a bowl of dry food.

Getting a Kitten to Eat Dry Cat Food?This is a page about getting a kitten to eat dry cat food. If your kitten doesn't like dry food, it may be difficult to get them to eat it.


Garlic Dijon Dump Chicken

Garlic Dijon Dump Chicken RecipesThis one pot baked dinner recipe can be a weeknight family favorite. This page contains garlic dijon dump chicken recipes.


Finished card.

Making a Heart Pocket CardThis is a page about making a heart pocket card. A fun way to share a Valentine treat is with a pocket card.


Finished card.

Making a 3D Valentine Heart Flower CardThis is a page about making a 3D Valentine heart flower card. The 3-D flower petals make this card even more charming.


finished pin cushion with pins

Making a Thread Spool Pin CushionUse an old spool to make these cute and handy pin cushions. This is a page about making a thread spool pin cushion.


add ring to jar

Making an Ombre M&Ms Candy JarUsing seasonal M&Ms you can make this tasty treat for Valentine's Day or any holiday. This is a page about making an ombre M&Ms candy jar.


A rolled up area rug.

Fixing Area Rugs that Bubble UpIf you have area rugs, they can sometimes develop bubbles that prevent the rug from laying flat. This page is about fixing bubbles in area rugs.


finished frosted jar decorated with paper trees

Making an "Oh Christmas Tree" Jar LightThis is a page about making an "Oh Christmas Tree" jar light. This cute jar light can be used to decorate your home and add some Christmas cheer.


Bethlehem Pin Figures

Making Bethlehem Clothespin FiguresThis is a page about making Bethlehem clothespin figures. Make sweet Nativity figures with clothespins to help celebrate Christmas.


A group of teens posing with photo props.

Games and Prizes For a Teen PartyThis is a page about games and prizes for a teen party. Teens love to have parties with their friends. Fun games and prizes can make the party memorable for the kids attending.


Atsara (Papaya Relish)

Atsara (Papaya Relish) RecipeThis page contains a recipe for atsara (papaya relish). This pickled condiment contains green papaya, carrots, ginger and green pepper.


Banana Cream Pie in a Jar

Banana Cream Pie in a Jar RecipeThis is a page about banana cream pie in a jar. A cute way to single serve this American traditional pie is in glass jars.


Expandable Garden Hose Review

Expandable Garden Hose Product ReviewThis page contains a product review about an expandable garden hose. These compact hoses can be useful in garden beds and for other watering needs.


Applesauce Raisin Cake with Butter Cream Icing

Applesauce Raisin Cake RecipeThis is a page about applesauce raisin cake with butter cream icing. Applesauce raisin cake is a delicious treat your whole family will enjoy.


completed phone hanger

Making a Crochet Cell Phone HangerThis easy to make hanger allows you to keep your phone and charger together, reducing those frantic searches for either one. This is a page about making a crochet cell phone hanger.


Finished Tie Rose Pin 1

Making a Men's Silk Tie Rose PinThis is a page about making a men's silk tie rose pin. Using a tie in your choice of color, you can make this lovely pin for your lapel or purse.


tote bag

Making a Drapery Sample Tote BagThis is a page about making a drapery sample tote bag. This durable bag made from recycled drapery samples is great for shopping or as a gift.


Blue Valentine wrist band

Making a Valentine's Bracelet PurseTuck some Valentine's Day goodies into this cute felt bracelet purse and gift it to a special child. This is a page about making a Valentine's bracelet purse.


A man who is holding his lower back due to pain.

Dealing With Back PainThis is a page about dealing with back pain. Back pain can be absolutely debilitating. Dealing with the pain is essential to getting through each day.


Polka dot owl Valentine card.

Making an Easy Owl ValentineThis cute owl shaped card with its heart shaped wings is a fun project for your children to make and give on Valentine's Day. This is a page about making an easy owl Valentine.


shrimp tacos

Shrimp Tacos RecipeThese tacos are reminiscent of street food you might find in a beach town in Mexico. This is a page about shrimp tacos.


finished parfait

Strawberry Shortcake Parfait RecipeThis page contains strawberry shortcake parfait recipe. A single serving shortcake can be made in a dessert bowl or even a mason jar.



Amber and Pearl two red rescue chickens

Amber and Pearl (Chickens)My daughter bought the chickens for us from a rescue centre a few weeks ago. These ladies are only just starting to learn how to have fun after being kept in tiny cages. They like to hide under bushes and come out to eat grass and scratch around in the autumn leaves.


adding red food coloring to sugar in Ziploc bag

Make Your Own Colored SugarsI never buy colored sugar anymore once I discovered that I could make it!


coloring page attached to gift bag

Christmas Wreath Coloring PageWith adult coloring being a hot trend at the moment, chances are you might have a colorist in your family. Here is a cute stocking filler idea for such a person.


mesh bag with small items on top dishwasher rack

Use a Mesh Laundry Bag on the Top Rack of DishwasherUse a small bag to hold small items such as lids and baby bottle lids and nipples. The items will be clean, and they won't be thrown around the dishwasher. I especially like this hint because I can use an item I already have, and don't have to purchase those plastic holders that they sell for this purpose.


examples of items to donate to food pantry such as paper goods

Food Pantries Need More than FoodIn addition to food, consider donating paper goods, toiletries, feminine products, school supplies, and over-the-counter medications. Food stamps do not cover these items, and they can eat up a good part of the budget. If you coupon, as I do, you can get these items for pennies on the dollar or even free.


small gray and white bunny being held

Treating Ear Mites in Rabbit EarsI have 5 rabbits that I have raised since they were babies. These adorable rabbits are my pets and I don't breed them for profit or to eat. So when one of them gets sick, I have to find a way to cure them.


masking tape covering rough spots

Protecting Scarves Stored on Shower Curtain RingsI used a terrific tip on this site about making a scarf holder with a hanger and shower curtain rings. However, I noticed that two scarves snagged on the rings. Upon closer examination of the rings I bought, I saw some rough edges. I covered them with masking tape and now the scarves don't snag anymore.


root damage from nematodes

Identifying and Controlling Root Knot NematodesThe first time I ran across the root knot nematode I had no idea what it was. All I knew was that it destroyed my crop of green beans within three weeks. The root knot nematode is a small microscopic worm that lives in the soil.


dried sliced onion

Homemade Dried and Caramelized OnionsWhen I find a great deal on onions, I buy a large amount and make these dried and caramelized onions. It ends up being a whole lot cheaper and more tasty than buying dried onions in bottles. You can make these in the oven, in a dehydrator, or even in the sun! To make onion powder, run the finished product in a processor.



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Powdered Metal Stains on Leather Jacket?I have a senior jacket that has leather sleeves. I work in a powdered metal factory and the leather now has stains on it and I have no idea how to get it off. Can I do something at home or do I have to find a dry cleaners?


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Herbs and Supplements to Heal a Wound?I've been looking up herbs and supplements to help my leg ulcer heal faster. So far I've found garlic, vitamin C, and tea bags. So if you know what other herbs and supplements would help, please let me know.


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Making Chocolate Bars with Wilton Candy Melts?I have a whole bunch of Wilton candy melts. I was wondering if you could use them to make chocolate bars? If so, do I need to add anything? If not, what is a basic recipe for chocolate bars.


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Treating an Ulcer with Tea Bags?I have a leg ulcer. I also have poor circulation in this leg and it takes sores or leg ulcers a long time to heal. I was wondering if I can use these tea bags, they are decaffeinated, that's what I drink. Can I use them on my leg ulcer for the infection in the leg and to help it heal faster and better?


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