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Child Buttoning Shirt

Child Refuses to Wear Underwear and Other Clothing ItemsThis is a page about a child refusing to wear underwear and other clothing items. There are numerous reasons that a child might refuse to wear certain types of clothing. It could be out of stubbornness, physical discomfort, or a range of psychological causes. Here is some advice if you are struggling with this issue.


5 year old boy with his hands in the air.

5 Year Old Having Accidents?This is a page about 5 year old having accidents. Occasionally an older child will suddenly begin to have accidents. Determining the cause is critical to helping the child change this behavior.


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Preserving Friendship when Kids Don't Get Along?How do I tell a dear friend that my child does not want to be friends with her child, and not ruin the friendship?


Close up of child that needs to go potty

Daytime Wetting in ChildrenThis is a page about daytime wetting in children. Sometimes older children will have an accident during the day. If not due to medical reasons then you have a different issue to resolve.


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Kids Not Wearing Underwear?I have a daughter; she is 10 years old. When it's summertime and hot weather outside I give her jeans/denim shorts to wear without underwear. Is that wrong or okay? Maybe not so good or maybe okay?


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Kids Constantly Fighting Over Xbox Controller?My kids fight over the Xbox game console all day long. I've taken it away, put them on restrictions, tried talking to them, but nothing works. I really want to do bad things to that Xbox. Should I?


Woman and Her Adult Daughter

Being a Parent to Adult Children?By the time your child has become an adult, they can become your friend. You want to be able to show your love, and be an ear for their important life decisions. This page is about being a parent to adult children.


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Daughter-In-Law Won't Accept Used Items?I need a little advice here. I have a daughter-in-law who is due with our first grandchild. She grew up more fortunate than our children. I bought several things in really good shape at a garage sale but was told by her that she only wants new stuff, she doesn't want anything used by someone else. How do i handle a situation like this?


A mother reading to her young daughter at bedtime.

Bedtime Tips and TricksThis is a page about bedtime tips and tricks. When it's time for bed, it can help to have a regular routine to relax and slow down that young person.


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Encouraging Children to Not Wear Shoes?Do any of you allow or even encourage your children not to wear shoes. For the last year my seven year old daughter has only worn shoes to school and the rest of the time she is barefoot.


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Mixing Cough Syrup with Milk?Will cough syrup still have an effect if you mix it with Stawberry milk or Chocolate milk?


A young man looking irritated with his parents, who are also frustrated.

Feeling Disconnected from ParentsAs we grow into adulthood, we develop our own ideas about the direction our lives should take. Our parents can often have different opinions. This can challenge the relationship.



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How to Talk to Kids about School Shootings?How do I talk to my kids about school shootings? I have been living abroad and my family and I just moved back to the United States. My kids grew up in a different country where firearms were illegal for citizens to own. My son just started 2nd grade today and I realized he probably doesn't know about school shootings.


Kids happy playing in the snow.

Keeping Kids Warm While Playing in the SnowChildren love playing in the snow, but need to be dressed well to protect them from both the cold and moisture. This is a page about keeping kids warm while playing in the snow.


Young child kissing a newborn.

Preparing Children for a New SiblingWhen expecting a new member in your family, it is important to make sure the older children know how important they are. This is a page about preparing children for new sibling.


Father helping his son washing dishes

Raising Boys to Become Responsible Husbands and FathersThis is a page about raising boys to become responsible husbands and fathers. Teaching boys to be successful, responsible husbands and fathers begins when they are young. Teach them to respect women and to be self sufficient, helpful, and to share responsibilities in their future relationships.


Children's Clothing

Frugal Tips for Children's ClothingWhether it's because the clothes are too small or they have been damaged, kids always need new clothes. This is a page about frugal tips for children's clothing.


Childs Feet Dangling While Sitting on Toilet

Potty Training an Older ChildThis is a page about potty training an older child. Potty training is not always an easy task. If you are trying to potty train an older child, here is some advice that you may find helpful.


Photo of a kid in a football uniform.

Should I Let My Son Quit Football?Sometimes team sports turn out out to not be as fun or engaging as a child may need. Teens and children quitting football due to the high danger of injuries, such as concussions, is becoming more and more common .


7 Year Old Picky Eater

7 Year Old Won't Eat Healthy Food?Young children can often be picky about certain foods. However, eating a healthy diet is an important lesson to learn even if it means a few tears are shed. This is a page about 7 year old won't eat healthy food.


Mother and daughter blowing bubbles.

Frugal Fun With BubblesThis is a page about frugal fun with bubbles. Simple soap bubbles are inexpensive and can amuse all ages of children.


Girl arguing with her mother.  Mother is holding her hand out, girl has her fingers crossed behind her back

Consequences for Lying and Back TalkingThis is a page about consequences for lying and back talking. Trying to teach a child the consequences of their behavior is an important part of parenting.


mother and daughter planning school work

Household Routines for School Age ChildrenThis is a page about household routines for school age children. One way to help your children be successful in school and organized at home is to create routines.


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Are Mylar Balloons Safe for Children?How safe is the mylar/foil balloon for children?


Child Support Money

Paying Child SupportThis is a page about paying child support. Child support is an ongoing periodic payment ordered by the court for the financial benefit of children. It is typically paid by the absent or noncustodial parent.


Grandchild Giving Flowers to Grandmother Gratitude

Teaching Grandchildren GratitudeIt is important for young people to understand the need to show appreciation for gifts given to them. This is a page about teaching grandchildren gratitude.


Child with Collection of Shells

Collecting Ideas for ChildrenThis is a page about collecting ideas for children. There are many things that children can collect that aren't expensive, but are fun.



Girl Holding her Lost Tooth

Tooth Fairy IdeasThis is a page about tooth fairy ideas. As your child grows one by one those little teeth fall out. Playing the tooth fairy can be lots of fun.


Messy Kids

Containing Messy KidsThis is a page about containing messy kids. Little people can get very involved in their play, and get their toys spread all over the place.


little girl in pajamas on bed coloring

Entertaining a Sick ChildThis is a page about entertaining a sick child. When your child isn't well and needs to stay home from school, a different toy or art supplies can help take their mind off the illness.


Mom Teaching Child Personal Hygiene

Teaching Children Personal HygieneThis is a page about teaching children personal hygiene. Developing good cleaning habits early in life can help your child avoid germs and possible illness.


Child Taking a Nap

Getting Children to Take NapsThis is a page about getting children to take naps. An important break in a young child's day is a nap. Whether sleeping or just slowing down and resting, your child will be healthier in many ways.


Old Chest

Starting a Hope ChestThis is a page about starting a hope chest. Traditionally young girls began collecting items in their hope chest for their future wedding and married life. You can continue this practice and even update it to match contemporary practices.


Father and Daughter Working on Family Creativity

Jumpstarting Your Family's CreativityThis is a page about jumpstarting your family's creativity. Parents can help encourage creativity in their children and themselves by engaging in activities that are both fun and educational.


Mom and Baby

Parenting Tips and TricksThis page contains parenting tips and tricks. When raising your children, there is always something to learn to help them develop into responsible, motivated adults.


Mother Scolding Arguing Child

Stopping Children From ArguingIf your child argues with you often, it can be difficult to not argue back. This page is about stopping children from arguing.


Kids making crafts at Sunday school.

Teaching Children About Religion?This is a page about teaching children about religion. Religion can be a confusing topic for children. Giving your child accurate and current information about world religions will help them to learn what religion is best for them.


Important phone number written on a refrigerator.

Preparing for a BabysitterThis is a page about preparing for a baby sitter. There are some things you can do to prepare for your babysitter that will make her or his job easier and make you feel more comfortable leaving your children in their care.


Family Feet

Deciding When to Have ChildrenGrowing your family is a major decision that will affect many facets of your life. Whether adopting a child or getting pregnant, new life brings with it many wonderful changes. This page is about when to start having children.


Boy reading a dictionary.

Expanding a Child's VocabularyA well developed vocabulary makes for better communication and knowledge acquisition. Expanding your child's vocabulary is fun and engaging. This page is about expanding your child's vocabulary.


Writing in a notebook with a pencil.

Learning Using AcronymsThis page is about acronyms make learning easier. Creating memory tricks to help you remember can make learning fun.


Little girl with dirty hands.

Keeping Kids Hands Clean When Playing OutsideThis is a page about keeping kids hands clean when playing outside. When kids play outside they can get dirty.



A mom putting sunscreen on her child.

Applying Sunscreen to a Child?This page is about applying sunscreen to a child. Too much unprotected exposure to the sun is not good for anyone's skin.


A large family eating breakfast.

Parenting a Large FamilyThis is a page about parenting a large family. Parenting a large family can be difficult and overwhelming at times. But by using some shortcuts, organizational tips, and strategies you can get things running smoothly, at least most of the time.


messy bedroom

Encouraging Children to Get Rid of Extra Belongings?This is a page about encouraging children to get rid of extra belongings. Getting rid of excess belongings is often very difficult for all of us, including children.


A girl who can't find her parents.

Teaching a Child What to Do if They are LostThis is a page about teaching a child what to do if they are lost. Being lost is terrifying for most children. Teaching them safe methods of dealing with the situation can help ensure a positive and quick resolution to this parental nightmare.


little girl sleeping

Helping Kids Find the Bathroom at NightThis is a page about helping kids find the bathroom at night. Sometimes when children need to get up to use the bathroom at night they might be groggy or uncomfortable in the dark.


A girl with special needs.

Parenting a Special Needs ChildThis is a page about parenting a special needs child. Parenting is an important, often challenging, job. This is even more true when you are parenting a special needs child who will also need you to be their advocate.


A young girl playing with a toy train.

Tips for Choosing Eco-Friendly ToysThis is a page about tips for choosing eco-friendly toys. There are many factors you can consider when trying to choose eco-friendly toys for your children, such as packaging, materials used in construction, and more.


boy with braces

Getting Your Child to Take Care of Their Braces?This is a page about getting your child to take care of their braces. Having your child get braces is very expensive, so it is very frustrating if you have to lecture them on caring for them properly.


5 year old dancing

Entertaining a 5 Year Old?This page is about entertaining a 5 year old. When you have lots of energy, it is fun to share time with these agile young people.


mother daughter discussing

Discussing Menstruation With Your DaughterThis page is about discussing menstruation with your daughter. It is important for young woman to to know that they are not alone, and their monthly cycle can begin at anytime.


kids fighting

Keeping Kids From FightingThis page is about keeping kids from fighting. Whether good or bad, attention is always given when children choose to bicker.


babysitter with two kids

Saving Money on BabysittingThis page is about saving money on babysitting. Hiring an experienced sitter can be expensive, but there are ways to reduce the cost.


Mom Walking on the Beach with Daughter

Creating Childhood MemoriesThis page is about creating childhood memories. There are many ways to share quality time and adventures with kids.


Raising Children

Good Advice for Raising ChildrenThis page contains good advice for raising children. Consistency and patience are important when parenting young people.


Teaching Your Children

Teaching Your ChildrenThis is a page about teaching your children. Parents teach their children about many things at home, starting even before they begin school.


Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities for KidsThis page is about rainy day activities for kids. When playing outside is not an option, finding fun things for kids to do inside can be a challenge.


kids abacus

Math Games for KidsThis is a page about math games for kids. Learning can be fun.


Labeling Children's Belongings

Labeling Children's BelongingsThis is a page about labeling children's belongings. Keeping track of your child's clothing and other belongings can be a major task. They seem to have a way of getting lost.


Bathtub Paint for Children

Bathtub Paint for ChildrenThis is a page about bathtub paint for children. Some kids love to take a bath and play things are just an extra, and then there are those you need to bribe; bathtub paint would be fun for both.


Saving Money on Bathtub Toys

Saving Money on Bathtub ToysThis is a page about saving money on bathtub toys. You don't have to spend a lot of money on tub toys.


Farmers Market

High Tech Kids in a Low Tech PlaceDuring a trip to the Saturday Market in Salem OR, I helped a little boy learn that not everything is high tech.


Child Who is Afraid of the Dark

Helping a Child Who is Afraid of the DarkThis page is about helping a child who is afraid of the dark. Parents are sometimes faced with assisting children who are spooked by darkness.


Boys Sparring in Taekwondo Class

Teaching Children About Personal SafetyThis page is about teaching children about personal safety. Helping your children be aware of possible dangers is important.


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Child Behaves Differently When Ex Spouse is Around?My ex tries so hard to turn our six year old son against me. I want to be positive and not allow it to affect me. I know he loves me and I'm going to do everything in my power to counter the negative, by loving my son more.


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Children of Varying Ages Sharing a Bedroom?I was just wondering if I should move my toddler into my tweens room. I am running out of room and will be having another baby soon. Is it OK to do this?


Daughters Horse Riding Daddy

Raising GirlsThis page is about raising girls. Although parenting girls and boys have many similarities, there are important differences to understand.


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Children and Sports?My sons want to join the local footy team, but from what I have seen I don't know if I should let them. It looks pretty dangerous and they have never played a game of footy in their life. Should I let them or not?


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Setting Bedtime for Children?What time should I be putting my kids to bed? I put my youngest 4 (2-6) to bed a 7:30 on school days and 7:50 on weekends and my oldest 6 (8-16) go to bed at 8:30 on school days and 9 on weekends. Is this an OK bedtime or is it too late or early?


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Parental Consistency?Is it harmful that my husband encourages our 10 year old to not tell me about things that they've purchased at the store that I've already said no to? My husband thinks it's cute and I am really upset that he is teaching my son to deceive me.


A child blowing bubbles

Keeping Kids Entertained During Summer BreakThis is a page about keeping kids entertained during summer break. Summer is coming and the kids will be looking for things to keep them busy.


Child Coloring in a Coloring Book

Saving Money On Coloring BooksThis is a page about saving money on coloring books. Coloring books are a great pastime for children and adults alike.


Making a Chore Chart for Children

Making a Chore Chart for ChildrenThis is a page about making a chore chart for children. Empowering your children by including them in the family chores is a good step in teaching them responsibility.


Teaching a Child to Be Thoughtful

Teaching a Child to Be ThoughtfulThis is a page about teaching a child to be thoughtful. By providing children with examples and opportunities to practice thoughtful behavior we instill this valuable attitude into their social skills set.


Teaching a Child to Be Thoughtful

Teaching a Child to Be RespectfulThis page is about teaching a child to be respectful. Showing children respect is a good start to teaching them to respect others.


Limiting Fights Over the TV

Limiting Fights Over the TVThis is a page about limiting fights over the TV. Frequently every family experiences arguments and bickering over what to watch on TV.


College Students Studying Outside

Parenting Tips for College Age ChildrenThis page is about parenting tips for college age children. Preparing and caring for young people attending college can often be a challenge.


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Names for a Kid's Book Club?I would like to know what are good names for a book club for kids! The more creative the better!


Infant car seat.

Car Seat SafetyThis is a page about car seat safety. Child car seats can save lives.


kid wearing a jacket

Marking Jackets for SchoolChildren have a habit of losing their jackets at school. This is a page about marking jackets for school.


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Good Parenting Starts With PlanningRandom personal thoughts on pregnancies and parenting. Long but worth a read if you plan on having a child. This is only meant for those who take raising a child VERY seriously. I hate the way most parents I see these days are.


A child not listening by covering his ears.

Getting Your Kids to ListenGetting kids to listen can be difficult at times and really test your patience. Try these tips and see which works best for you. This is a page about getting your kids to listen.


"Let's Make Something Together" Craft Box full of craft supplies

"Let's Make Something Together" Craft BoxEver hear this from a couple of energetic grandkids, at eight in the morning, "What can we do now, Grandma?" My five grandchildren are all at the age where they want to be busy all the time. And they want me right in the middle of it.


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Helping a Child Overcome a Fear of Dogs?My daughter is very much frightened of dogs. What should I do?


Parenting an Autistic Child, Diamond shaped traffic sign warning, autistic child area.

Parenting an Autistic ChildThis is a page about parenting an autistic child. Autism can rob a child of their childhood. The happy outgoing child now must deal with the effects of this developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills.


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Getting Babies Vaccinated?I would like to hear what all of your ideas and comments are about vaccinations for babies and what you think of the media. Do you think they are harmful?


Bored Kid at a Restaurant

Keep Children Entertained When Eating Out This is a page about keeping children entertained when eating out. As many parents know, eating out with children can be a challenge. To ensure that you will be able to enjoy your meal use these tips for keeping kids entertained.


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Child and Dog Are Very Attached?It is hard to separate my dog and my 3 year old. The 3 year old doesn't want to go out without the dog. What can I do?


An adult and a child using dusting clothes.

Getting Kids to Help With ChoresThis is a page about getting kids to help with chores. It can be difficult to get kids to help with chores. However, it is much easier to share the chores amongst the whole family.


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Having Poison Control Information in Your Home?What can my baby have if he drinks a chemical product in my house? What antidote should I keep right in my house?


A boy making a mean face and sticking out his tongue.

Teaching Children Good Manners?This is a page about teaching children good manners. Ill-mannered children can make everything from life at home to running errands very difficult. Teaching them good manners will not only make you happy, they will be happier too.


Picture of a child reading a book on the grass.

Getting Children to Read for FunThis page is about ways to encourage children to read for fun. Being a strong reader helps kids do better in school. Making sure that reading, is a fun activity not something only associated with homework, is very important.


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Keeping Kids Occupied at DoctorWhen going to the doctor with my now 2 and 4 year olds, I've many times found myself with 2 wild kids, a long wait, and nothing for them to do. I finally realized I could simply use what I had on hand.


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Teach Children That Abuse Is Not A Sign Of LoveI am sure you will be able to picture this scene quite easily: Little Anna is playing with her friends during recess at school. Little Billy runs up to her and pushes her, and runs off laughing.


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Entering Toddlers in Beauty Pageants?How much does is cost to get started with beauty pageants for a 16 month old?


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How Can I Help My Child Swallow Big Pills?Does anyone have advice on how to help children swallow big pills?


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Child Stopped Using the Toilet to Poop After Painful Experience?My son had a poop that hurt his bottom from holding it too long. Now he won't go at all and has messes in his pants, has a sour stomach, and resorted to even dragging his bottom on the floor like a dog! We had no problems until just recently and he was doing fine. He's 5.


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Plan Craft Activities Instead of Christmas GiftsOur children are grown and most have children of their own. Due to locations, the kids don't see their nieces and nephews often enough to know what sizes they wear or what new fad they are crazy about, so buying gifts for them is somewhat difficult.


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Pet Supply Magazines for KidsI ordered this catalog of pet supplies. The pictures are so precious and so adorable and they have catalogs for each kind of pet type that a person might have.


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Halloween: Home Party for Sick KidsYears ago at Halloween I had two children who were not feeling well, so I did a rush job of planning a "party". We lived in a large, two story house, so here is what I did.


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Share Your Children's InterestsAs my children were growing up, I often read the books and watched the programs they enjoyed. Then I could discuss what they'd watched or read from a more knowledgeable position. This was a great way to keep our mother-child bond strong.


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Child's Learning

Enhance a Child's Learning Without a TutorTutors can cost $20 or more per hour, but often with younger students it's the mindset of learning that can add to their educational success. At home, try to piggy-back on what information is delivered in school.


Boy sitting on couch.

Use a Handkerchief as a BibI use handkerchiefs as a bib for my baby. I have bought lots of them in different colors and like to coordinate them with his outfit.


kids with a babysitter

Saving Money on BabysittingTips and advice for Saving Money on Babysitting as suggested by the ThriftyFun community.


Jumpstarting Your Family's Creativity

Jumpstarting Your Family's CreativityAs parents, we are always looking for fun ways to spend time with each other. Here are some great ideas that don't cost a lot of money, but are big on the fun factor and just might teach your children something. You may not believe that you are creative, but you might be surprised at how creative you can be.


Outdoor Play Equipment

Keeping Outdoor Play Equipment Clean and...If you have children, one of the most essential (and often overlooked) spring yard chores is probably sitting right in your own back yard: cleaning and inspecting your children's outdoor play equipment.



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Finding Help After the Loss of a Child?I lost my only child. I am having trouble coping. Although he was an adult, he really was all I had. Is there anyone else going through this pain?


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Grandchild Not Grateful for Birthday Gift?I sent my new college freshman grandson $50 on his birthday for his on-campus account last week. I know he knows I did so, because my son told me he had let my grandson know I did. Knowing my grandson responds to text messages, here's the one I just composed to him:


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Job Ideas for a 12 Year Old?My daughter is 12 years old and she really wants to earn money fast. I don't know what she can do. She wants to work for money, and I don't know what.


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Adult Child Distancing Himself from Mother?I have a very loving relationship with my adult son. However there are times when he distances himself from me for no apparent reason. He doesn't answer my calls or texts even after I've tried him several times. This makes my heart heavy.


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Adult Daughter Is a Mess?My adult daughter has been going in a downhill spiral for a long time now. She has been in a loveless marriage for at least ten years. She has been in and out of alcohol treatment for at least that long. She has had several jobs and has been let go from the last three due to her alcoholism.


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Mending a Broken Relationship with an Adult Daughter?My daughter drinks heavily, says she's bipolar, and is in a second marriage that's going sour. She left her first husband and kids for another man 12 years older who treats her like a child. Every couple of months she leaves him to come to my house putting her job in jeopardy.


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