May 4, 2016

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Toddler yelling and splashing in bath

Teach a Toddler to Behave in the Bath?This page is about teach a toddler to behave in the bath. Being in the tub can be lots of fun, but you want to take care of the business of the washing up and keeping the water in the bath.


Round box decorated with buttons and pink ribbon.

Making a Button Gift BoxThis is a page about making a button gift box. Buttons can be used in so many crafts. Decorate a small box with buttons and other items, if desired, to make a unique gift box.


finished cat mat

Making Crocheted Cat MatsThis is a page about making crocheted cat mats. Your kitties will love these easy to make crocheted mats. Try putting one near a sunny window.


White bowls of tomato paste, tomato sauce, and salsa setting on a background of tomatoes and red and green peppers

Substituting Tomato Paste for Tomato SauceIf you run out of tomato sauce you can substitute paste if you have that on hand. This is a page about substituting tomato paste for tomato sauce.


Close-up of a bowl of coleslaw on a picnic table

Copycat Kentucky Fried Chicken ColeslawTrying to replicate a favorite restaurant recipe can be hit and miss. This is a page about copycat Kentucky Fried Chicken coleslaw.


Commercial Kitchen Stovetop and tile backsplash

Cleaning Grease Splatters Off WallsThis is a page about cleaning grease splatters off walls. Cooking grease is notorious for spattering all over the stove, walls, floor, and sometimes you.


Tin of canned chicken on a granite countertop

Recipes Using Canned ChickenAlthough the texture of canned chicken differs greatly from fresh cooked, there are still many recipes in which you can used canned chicken. This page contains recipes using canned chicken.


Rosemary Serviette (Napkin) Rings

Making Rosemary Napkin RingsThe aroma of fresh rosemary will tempt the taste buds of your dinner guests or family for the meal to come. This is a page about making rosemary napkin rings.


King Size Bed with Dust Ruffle

Making a Bed Skirt for a King Sized BedThis is a page about making a bed skirt for a king sized bed. When you just can't find just the right bedskirt for your bed an option is to make one yourself.


Pile of assorted pens on a wooden table

Removing Pen Ink on a Wood TableThis is a page about removing pen ink on a wood table. Finding the right way to remove ink from a wood table without doing damage can be frustrating.


Toddler boy sitting on potty chair holding a book

Potty Training a ToddlerThis is a page about potty training a toddler. When a youngster is making the transition to using the toilet, it needs to be a positive experience.


ants on a plant leaf

Getting Rid of Ants in HouseplantsThis is a page about getting rid of ants in houseplants. Getting rid of ants in your potted plants without damaging the plant can be a challenge.


Making Button Bobby Pins

Making Button Bobby PinsThis is a page about making button bobby pins. Create your own unique bobby pins by adding buttons of your choice.


Growing Tomato Slices

Growing Tomatoes From SlicesThis is a page about growing tomatoes from slices. Try this quick and easy way to plant tomato seeds from your store bought produce.


Ashtray on patio table next to metal chair with fabric seat cushion

Repairing a Burn Hole in an Outdoor Cushion?This is a page about repairing a burn hole in an outdoor cushion. Outdoor fires can send embers flying onto your patio or garden furniture leaving a burn hole in the fabric cushions.


Spray Bottle for Toddler Play

Toddler Water Play IdeasThis is a page about toddler water play ideas. Kids love to play in and with water.


Young bald girl smiling

Growing Hair After Chemotherapy?This is a page about growing hair after chemotherapy. Chemotherapy targets rapidly growing cells as it battles cancer. Unfortunately, hair cells also fall into this category, often resulting in partial or complete temporary hair loss.


Two German Shepherd type dogs fighting.

Keeping Your Dogs from FightingThis is a page about keeping your dogs from fighting. Even dogs that have lived together for a time can get into fights over things such as food, toys, or dominance issues.


Twin Bed with Dust Ruffle

Making a Bed Skirt for a Twin Size Bed?This is a page about making a bed skirt for a twin size bed. It is actually fairly easy to make your own bedskirts.


garden pond

Installing a Preformed Garden PondThis is a page about installing a preformed garden pond. A pond can be a beautiful focal point in your garden.


Crockpot Vegetarian Lasagna

Crockpot Vegetarian Lasagna RecipeUse your crockpot to conveniently make delicious vegetarian lasagna for dinner. This page contains a crockpot vegetarian lasagna recipe.


sewing scrubber

Making a Recycled Mesh Bag Pot ScrubberThis is a page about making a recycled mesh bag pot scrubber. Mesh produce bags can find a second calling as a pot scrubber.


Piggy Bank wearing Happy Birthday glasses and a party hat against a red background

Inexpensive Birthday IdeasThis is a page about inexpensive birthday ideas. Celebrating a birthday can be fun and frugal at the same time.


Whole and sliced Hedge Apples (Maclura pomifera) also known as Osage Oranges against a white background

Using Hedge Apples to Repel SpidersThis is a page about using hedge apples to repel spiders. Hedge apples have a long standing reputation as a spider repellent.


Old Measuring Cup

Determining the Value of an Old Measuring Cup?This is a page about determining the value of an old measuring cup. Vintage kitchen tools are interesting to collect or save if you were given one.


iron burn on carpet

Repairing a Burn Mark on CarpetThis is a page about repairing a burn mark on carpet. There are many ways to accidentally leave a burn mark on your carpet.


King Bed

Use Two Twin Blankets to Make a King Size...This is a page about use two twin blankets to make a king size blanket. Sometimes you can get a better price or selection on twin size blankets. Use two to make a cozy king size blanket for your bed.


Bouquet of Lily of the Valley with a card reading "Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary"

30th Wedding Anniversary IdeasCelebrating your 30th wedding anniversary should be a memorable event. This page contains ideas for celebrating a 30th Wedding Anniversary.


Close-up of the torso of a man wearing a dress shirt and tie bucking a seatbelt

Preventing Your Seatbelt From...This is a page about preventing your seatbelts from damaging your clothes. The webbed fabric that seatbelt are made from can actually cause damage to your clothing where it comes in contact with the belt.


Privet branch against a white background

Rooting Privet Hedge BranchesThis is a page about rooting privet hedge branches. Many hedges and shrubs can successfully be started by rooting clippings.


Huntsman spider against a white window frame

Keeping Spiders Out of Your HouseThis is a page about keeping spiders out of your house. Since finding a spider in your home is typically not a happy occurrence, finding a way to keep them out would be a great solution.


One full and one half bulb of garlic against a white background

Is Garlic Good or Bad for Dogs?This is a page about "Is garlic good or bad for dogs?". There is an ongoing debate among pet owners as to whether garlic is safe and beneficial to feed to your dog.


Mother soothing a toddler age girl.

Toddler With DiarrheaThis is a page about toddler with diarrhea. Diarrhea is common in children. Finding the cause and best treatment is necessary to prevent side effects such as dehydration.


Close up of a small hole in a grey t-shirt

Tiny Holes In ClothingThis is a page about tiny holes in clothing. Sometimes tiny unexplainable holes appear in our clothing, often near the waist. Determining the cause can help save the rest of your wardrobe.


Crochet Edge Around a Fleece Blanket

Adding a Crochet Edge to a Fleece BlanketThis is a page about adding a crochet edge to a fleece blanket. If you crochet, you can dress up the edge of a simple to make fleece blanket.


Queen Bed with Dust Ruffle

Making a Queen Size Bed Skirt?This is a page about making a queen size bed skirt. Making a bed shirt is an option to buying one that is either expensive or does not coordinate with your bed linens.


orange impatiens

Growing ImpatiensThis is a page about growing impatiens. These New Guinea natives are typically grown as annuals in temperate zones.


Young girl pulling on her hair

My Child's Hair is Not GrowingThis is a page about my child's hair is not growing. Almost everyone's hair grows at a similar rate. Sometimes there may be factors that effect this growth rate.


jar with ribbon cuff

Making a Mason Jar CozyThis is a page about making a mason jar cozy. These decorative cozies brighten up jars used to hold gift mixes or can be used to provide some insulation if the jar is used as a mug.


Making a Button Tree

Making a Button TreeThis is a page about making a button tree. Make a pretty decoration for your home or to give as a gift, with a Styrofoam or paper cone and your choice of buttons and other decorative bits.


Pair of black boots and tennis shoes on a vinyl floor

Cleaning Black Rubber Marks on Laminate...This is a page about cleaning black rubber marks on laminate flooring. Black scuff marks from shoes and other items can mar the appearance of your flooring.


Woman with too large a Pair of Jeans

Shrinking ClothingThis is a page about shrinking clothing. Sometimes you may actually want to intentionally shrink a piece of clothing.


Sick kitten looking up from inside litterbox

Remedies for a Kitten With DiarrheaThis is a page about remedies for a kitten with diarrhea. Consulting with your veterinarian is advisable when you have concerns about your pet's health.


Growing Pea Shoots

Growing Pea ShootsThis is a page about growing pea shoots. Pea shoots make for a tasty salad topping and the best part is that they are easy to grow yourself.


Cat laying on leather couch with claws extended toward camera

Repairing Cat Scratches on Leather FurnitureThis is a page about repairing cat scratches on leather furniture. Cats like to scratch, particularly when grooming their nails. If you have leather furniture it may have been damaged by your kitty.


Whole fresh pineapple laying on it's size with fresh pineapple slices

Pineapple Diet AdviceThis is a page about pineapple diet advice. Finding the best way to lose weight is always a challenge.


Finished button dish.

Making a Dish Out of ButtonsThis is a page about making a dish out of buttons. This button dish is fun to make and display.


Picky toddler refusing to eat.

Adding Calories to Your Toddler's DietThis is a page about adding calories to your toddler's diet. Toddler's can be very inconsistent and picky eaters. If your doctor recommends increasing their caloric intake you may need to get creative.


Woman checking prices on rolls of plush and fleece fabrics

Saving Money on Fleece Fabric?This is a page about saving money on fleece fabric. Fleece is a very popular fabric for making a variety of craft projects.



white fabric bow with black polka dots

Cute BowThis bow is not that hard to make and it is a cute hair accessory that you can match with anything as long as you have the right colors. It would be perfect for kids' outfits after being attached to a clip.


gloved hand washing siding

Hand Washing Vinyl SidingThe weather has been humid and rainy for the past several days. This morning, while checking the gutter for pecan blooms, I noticed that I could wipe the mildew off the vinyl siding with my finger making it just right for cleaning and not having to wet it down. I decided to give it a try.



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Puppy Won't Come Back When Playing?I've recently got a 6 month old boy Dachshund. I got him when he was about 3 months old. He is a very hyper dog, but a very good dog. He has a great personality, is very loving and has to be everywhere I am. My concern is that he will not stay in the yard when we go outside to play.


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Sewing Machine Needle Won't Move Using Pedal?I have a Kenmore 8 sewing machine. The needle will move up and down with the handwheel on the right, but not with the pedal. The machine zooms like it's working, but the needle is still. Any ideas?


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Creating and Selling Plywood Yard Art?Years ago I made a Charlie Brown Christmas plywood scene and I had a lot of fun doing it. Well times are getting tougher as I am getting older and supplementing our income is getting to be an important issue. Is anyone out there doing this type of work and is it remotely lucrative?


Duck Eggs Moved Out of Nest

Duck Eggs Moved Out of Nest?I had several duck eggs laid about two weeks ago, 12 in total. I noticed two days ago one egg was out of the nest about two feet away. Today 4 more seemingly were kicked out again all about two feet away. I see ducks over there every day. Are these eggs not good or what could have happened?


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Using a Bias Tape Maker?I would like to know how to use a bias tape maker.


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Washing a Handmade Texas Quilt?My son's mom-in-law recently gave me a hand made Texas quilt for my 50th birthday. I am looking for some advice about what to do, as this will be the first wash it's had. What can I do to keep the red, white, and blue from running.


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