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Bathtub full of water.

Makeshift Bathtub and Sink Stopper IdeasSometimes you may need some help closing a drain outlet. This page contains makeshift bathtub and sink stopper ideas.


Woman Picking Vegetable from her  Garden

Lessons from the GardenThis is a page about lessons from the garden. Gardens need to be cared for, fed, watered, and cultivated to be healthy and are full of life lessons.


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Painter's Tape As Reusable AdhesiveKeep painter's tape in the kitchen. It works great for sealing bags and it re-sticks over and over. It is also good in the freezer.


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Keeping Beach Hat On?How to keep beach hat on? Can't use Bobby pins and there's no tie.


A phone in a glittery case.

Watch For Faulty Surge Protector When ChargingMy phone died a slow death. The battery melted the casing, and the battery was too old to be replaced. When I replaced it, the whole phone, darn it, and charged up the new phone, I realized it was blazing hot! Even the wall adapter was hot. At first, I thought it was the wall adapter, tossed it, was too cheap. No, it was the bad surge protector. It was free to me, which probably meant it wasn't supposed to be used in the first place, oops. Well, I was penny wise and dollar foolish. Check your adapters. If they're hot, check what's causing that. I had to buy a NEW phone, gosh! Yes, I also bought a new case for it. Sue me for free, lol.


A phone next to a computer mouse.

Good Use of Speaker PhoneMany times I make an important phone call and I'm put on hold. This can be very annoying and take up a lot of time. I'm probably the last person to realize this, however, I have started putting these calls on the speaker.


A larger hole punched into calendar pages.

Make Calendar Hanging EasierI take my calendar down a lot to write on and also to look back. The hole in the calendar for hanging is so small. This past year, using a hole punch, I punched a larger hole in it. With the larger hole, it makes taking it down and hanging it back up much easier. I have done the same with my 2023 calendar.


Buttons next to silicone earring backs.

Keep Pinback Buttons SecureUse a rubber or silicone earring back! When you pin the button onto your item, place one on the pinback, just ahead of where it closes. This way, the buttons can't slip off and stay secure!


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Alternatives for Lidless Pans?I seem to be very unlucky with my saucepan lids. I now have several lidless pans! I just thought I'd ask you clever people on here if you have any idea what I could use as a replacement? Thanks! xx


An outdoor faucet on a brick wall.

Righty Tighty, Lefty LooseyWhen you get old like me, I hope it's not unusual to have a senior moment and feel really stupid sometimes.


A woman reading in a hammock.

Relaxing PhotosSome photos elicit feelings of peace and contentment. Relaxing images of nature can allow the viewer to escape their everyday stresses.


A pair of glasses attached to a neck chain with rubber cement.

Keep Glasses from Slipping Off Neck ChainMy new glasses frames are thinner so they kept slipping out of the glasses necklace when I hung them on from my neck. I tried painting the sides of the frames with a little streak of rubber cement along the length. It's clear, so it's unseen and it won't distort nor damage the new frames but it gives the thin smooth frames some "grip" to restrict the chain necklace from slipping off and dropping my new glasses!



A box of markers with saved marker caps.

Save Marker Caps as ReplacementsIf you have kids in your house, you are probably all too familiar with the dilemma of markers with no caps and marker caps with no markers. I used to put plastic wrap on the markers, tied with a rubber band, to keep them from drying out. But, that was no real solution. One day, I got a little baggie and put the caps in it. Now, any time I find a marker with no cap, I go looking in my baggie and find a marker cap to put on the end. That way the marker doesn't dry out and I save some money!


An old fashioned typewriter's buttons.

Using a Typewriter?Although typewriters are not used by many people anymore, some people enjoy using them for art projects and correspondence. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your typewriter.


A toddler in an open refrigerator.

Propping a Refrigerator Door OpenIf your refrigerator door keeps closing on your head while you are trying to put groceries away or remove food for lunch, this page contains a tip for an inexpensive temporary fix.


Clip holding the plaque attached to the wall.

Use Binder Clips for Hanging ArtworkBinder clips are an easy way to hang artwork, especially small items. Once you attach it to the artwork, simply hang the clip on a pushpin or a nail.


A child holding a flower out to the viewer.

Focusing on GratitudeFinding people, circumstances, and things that you are grateful for will help you focus on gratitude. How we look at our situation, will determine our own happiness, and ability to live in the present moment.


Use Nail Varnish to Mark Keys

Using Nail Polish to Identify KeysIf you have keys that are difficult to tell apart, use nail polish to mark them. You can just add a dot in the middle or you can try to get fancy if you wish.


A box of clothing to be sold or given away.

Donating vs SellingIf you are purging things from your closets and garage, you need to decide whether or not to try to sell before donating. This page disucsses donating vs selling.


A phone dropped in the surf at the beach.

Keeping Your Cell Phone DryToday's smartphones are becoming more and more water resistant but it is still best to keep them dry to avoid damage. This is a page about keeping your cell phone dry.


A business card holder being used as a phone stand.

Business Card Holder as a Phone StandThis is a handy trick for the office or a nightstand and can be much cheaper than an expensive phone stand. This page is about using a business card holder as a phone stand.


White votive candle recently extinguished.

Extinguish Candle Into Melted Wax to Avoid SmokeWhen its time to blow out the candles dip the wick into the wax to stop it from smoking. This is a page about extinguish candle into melted wax to avoid smoke.


Small nail file on white background

Uses for a Nail FileNail files are a useful tool to have on hand, having a sharp pointy end and a gently abrasive surface. This is a page about uses for a nail file.


A blue fidget spinner being held between fingers.

Fidget Spinner for RelaxationI have seen everyone with their fidget spinners. These are toys which relax the mind, when a person is thinking of too much at one time. I bought my fidget spinner at Walmart, and it was about 4 dollars. It has been very relaxing.


Using a long pool noodle to fill a bucket from a kitchen sink.

Pool Noodle to Fill A BucketMost buckets I buy do not fit in the sink. Take a pool noodle and attach to the tap. Put the bucket on the floor and the other end of the noodle into the bucket and fill it up.


Two rubber bands holding a bar of soap over a soap dish.

Use Rubber Bands on Soap DishHere is a simple tip when putting your soap in a soap dish. Every time we use our soap when bathing or washing our hands, the soap gets wet and messy and starts to melt.



Proper Way to Sharpen Scissors

How to Sharpen Scissors Using a Ceramic MugSharpen your own scissors at home with only a ceramic mug. This is a page about proper way to sharpen scissors.


Socks and boots on a leg.

Preventing Slouching Socks in BootsIf your socks keep slipping down when you wear boots, it can be annoying and even uncomfortable. This is a page about preventing slouching socks in boots.


DIY Envelope

Making a DIY EnvelopeThis is a page about making a DIY envelope. It's easy to use a piece of paper to make an envelope in a pinch.


Colorful bungee cords on white background

Uses for Bungee CordsThis is a page about uses for bungee cords. Generally used to help secure a load, these elastic cords can be helpful in many creative ways.


Flathead Screwdriver

Emergency Screwdriver IdeasThis is a page about emergency screwdriver ideas. When the tool you need is not available, sometimes you have to be creative to finish a repair.


white and red chip clips

Uses For Chip ClipsThis is a page about uses for chip clips. These clips help keep open food bags fresh. They can also be used for organizing a variety of things.


Wooden Back Scratcher

Alternate Uses for Back ScratchersThis is a page about alternate uses for back scratchers. Your back scratcher, with that nice curved end and long handle, can be perfect for other uses around your house.


Applying Skin So Soft Under Eyes

Uses for Avon Skin So SoftA popular beauty product that can be helpful for a variety of personal and household uses. This page contains uses for Avon Skin So Soft.


Pressing Elevator Button

Elevator Tips and TricksThis page contains elevator tips and tricks. When riding elevators regularly there are times when you need some help getting to your floor quickly.


Plastic Bag

Opening Plastic BagsThis page is about opening plastic bags. Frustration can be avoided by moistening your fingers when opening these bags.


Mail Tips

Mail Tips and TricksThis page contains mail tips and tricks. There are ways to make mailing easier and faster.


Uses for Sugar Dispensers

Uses for Sugar DispensersThis is a page about uses for sugar dispensers. Restaurant style sugar dispensers can be purchased inexpensively and put to many uses other than just serving sugar.


Lost Keys on Beach

Finding Lost ItemsThis is a page about finding lost items. Losing something can be very frustrating, but there are strategies you can use in varying situations to find your missing item.


Brown Paper Package Tied With String

Tying PackagesThis is a page about tying packages. Sometimes trying to tie string around a package can be frustrating, as it slips and loosens up.


yellow post it note

Uses for Post-It NotesThis page is about uses for post-it notes. Sticky notes can be handy in many ways around the home and office.



Socks the Sock Monkey

Socks the Sock MonkeyMy sock monkey arrived as a birthday gift in August - that's 8 months ago. He likes to hang out on my bed, tumble onto the floor occasionally, and hide under the covers.


Small open perfume bottle on sink counter.

Use New Perfume Bottle for Other LiquidsI often find these brand new perfume spray containers that fit in your purse. They are new, so safe to use. The bottle unscrews and you can fill it with liquid that is not perfume.


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Sort Junk Mail At The MailboxThe quickest way to get rid of junk mail is to have a wastebin (waste basket) somewhere near where you pick up the mail. Don't let the junk mail get any further. Drop it in the wastebin right there and then and you will have no worries about junk mail clutter.


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Removing A Knot From A Tied Trash BagI have a group that gives things to people in financial difficulties and we get quite a few donations of things in plastic bags with the ties tied in a hard knot.


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Use A T-shirt As A Pillow CaseYou can use a large t-shirt to cover a pillow in a pinch. Works great as a pillowcase.


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Separating Trash BagsEver buy the inexpensive generic trash bags that come in a roll then struggle with getting them to initially open? Wet your finger tips and rub the edge of the bag between them. The bag will separate easily, so you can put it in your trash can.


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Make Funnel From Envelope CornerA corner cut from an envelope and pierced at the point makes a good funnel for filling salt and pepper shakers.


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Clothespin for Rolling Up TubesAn old fashioned slip-on clothespin or a giant cotter pin makes an ideal "key" for rolling up a tube of glue, toothpaste, etc. Nothing fancy here, but it sure does help you neatly and precisely squeeze every last bit of material out of the container.


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Fixing the Time on Difficult AppliancesWe have a great deal of difficulty programming the correct time on our kitchen stove's display. The attempt to simply set the time is often interpreted by the stove's microprocessor as a request to set up timed cooking.


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Unsealing An EnvelopeIf you seal up a envelope then realize you forgot to put something in it, place it in the freezer for about one hour. It will then unseal easily. Just put tape over the envelope or close up with a pretty sticker or one of your address label.


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Old Fashioned Dish ScrubberI love the idea of having a dish scrubber patterned after the old ones the women made in frontier days; just laying it around for decoration would be great in and of itself.


Fifteen Feel Good Freebies

Fifteen Feel Good FreebiesWant to feel good over the holiday season without paying a fortune? There are plenty of ways to get the warm and cozy feeling that makes us feel good about ourselves. Sometimes they make others feel good, too.


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Rubbermaid Boxes for Storage and FurnitureI use 13 gallon Rubbermaid boxes for all my storage. I stack my Rubbermaids two high, and cover with a pretty sheet and the colorful Mexican serapes. They look like a long covered table, and I place books or magazines on top.


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Use Broom Handle for ExtensionA small nail tacked into the top of a broom handle can serve numerous purposes over time. I have used a 1 inch brad in my broom handle to hang light items from nails up high on the porch, etc.


How to Go on a No TV DietWant to see if you can live without TV? Taking a break from the habit may give you an idea of how your time could be more profitably spent. Whether you want more leisure to read, pursue a hobby, hit the gym or just bond with friends and family, try these ideas to cold turkey TV from your life.


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Big List of Useful TipsRead a big list of useful tips sent in by Mary Kaye.


homemade can table risers

Homemade Table RisersMy roommate is in a battery powered scooter. While she tries to keep active, often her scooter has a mind of it's own.


Man in Wheelchair Washing Dishes

Organizing for a DisabilityHi all, I am disabled and it took a long time to get used to it, that areas will be limited and some things are out of being part of my life. Yes, I had to change the thinking first, then the home.


Save Over 15 Days of Time

Save Over 15 Days of TimeWhat would you do with an extra 15.2 days a year? That is longer than most vacations. You could drive across the USA and back and still have time to see the Grand Canyon. You could donate your time to a charity. You could take a cruise. You could build a tiny home and move in.


Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Don't Sweat the Small StuffWhen stress, work, and worry build up, don't rely on expensive spa treatments for relief. There are many inexpensive, even free, ways to relieve daily tensions and add an extra bounce to your step.


A crisply ironed white shirt.

How Not To Iron A ShirtWay back in the last century, around the 50's and 60's, most clothing was pure cotton. Polyester, blends and permanent press were practically unheard of. As a young adult, I hand washed my shirts, paying particular attention to the collar. It was scrubbed, vigorously. I checked for loose buttons or specks of lint in the pocket.


Saving Time is Like Saving MoneyTime is money, or so goes the cliche. There's merit to that well-known phrase and many others. A person can't buy time, another cliche, so why not save it as the greatest resource? After all, if you worry about the business at hand, in due time you'll have time to waste.



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Alternatives for Lidless Pans?I seem to be very unlucky with my saucepan lids. I now have several lidless pans! I just thought I'd ask you clever people on here if you have any idea what I could use as a replacement? Thanks! xx


A long metal item on the grass.

Identifying a Metal Item?Can anyone tell me what this was?


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Can You Eat Celandine Tubers?I was watching a video on bushcraft/survival and the host cooked and ate the tubers of something he called "Celandine". It was a low, ground-level plant with small, yellow flowers if I recall correctly. It grew in a sort of marshy area (think peat bog) in England. It didn't grow above the knee.


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Cart for Hauling Laundry to the Laundromat When Disabled?My problem is that I can not carry in my baskets into the laundrymat so I pull them in using my cane. Which it gets really hard to do since I need to use the cane to walk. I have tied a belt to them but the basket ends up breaking up.


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Buying Land to Homestead?If I wanted to buy land what government office do I go to? Is there an 800# I can call for information? I'm thinking of homesteading and need to know what steps I need to take for buying land. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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