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Tracey a well loved kitty.

Tracey (Cat)Here's a photo of my beautiful 16-year-old Tracey. She looks as if she has eyeliner around her eyes and, at times, looks like a gorgeous, exotic woman. I almost lost her last year.


Identifying A Dog's Breed?

Identifying A Dog's Breed?Buddy was shot in the face with a .22 approximately. I had found him clinging to life 7 weeks ago underneath my front tree on an 90 degree day. He had all sorts of worms, ticks, a bad wound infection, 103 fever, and very malnourished. Some say I saved him however, I think we saved each other!


Lil Buddy (Cat)

Lil Buddy (Siamese)Last March from the SPCA adoptions.


A black cat sitting up on it's hind legs.

Leo Elliott (Cat)Started as a foster for the vet, but I fell in love.


Dog looking at the camera while laying on the floor.

Coffeshop DogThis sweetheart is a dog that likes to hang out with me when I visit the coffee shop near my new house here in Vietnam.


A dog sitting on the floor.

Jack (Mixed Breed)We live in a very remote area, and I found him on our porch. November 20th, 2022


A dog sitting on the grass.

Flair (Great Pyrenees/Australian Cattle Dog)I got Flair from a local rescue near my college back in February of 2020.


A small cat inside a potted plant.

Snow Angel (Cat)We got sister and brother when we moved in our new house for my awesome little girl's first pets


A dog sitting on the grass.

Willow (Mixed Breed)I got him at 5 weeks. My friend rescued him and 10 siblings. Their mother passed away when they were 2 weeks old. My friend handed him to me, I took him home for the night and fell in love.


A small white dog outside.

In Memory of Daisy (Shih Tzu)I got her 10 years ago, unfortunately she passed.


A small brown dog sitting on the ground.

Kiko (Sheprador)Adopted him from a shelter


A black cat.

WALL-E (Cat)He is a rescue from a local humane society. My oldest son and my bff/ caregiver of 20+ years got him for me about 3 weeks before Christmas 2021. I lost my older gray ESA cat, Chinook in January 2021! I had given up on life when due to my 5th back surgery that has left me paraplegic and no Chinook



A dog sitting on the floor.

Daisy May (King Charles Spaniel)Bought it from a breeder


A bobcat kitten being held.

Not Your Ordinary Kitten (Bobcat)My neighbor was clearing land in a remote area a mile off the road. When he pushed over some logs, two kittens came tumbling out. It was strange as there were no houses close by. It was the middle of July and hot so he put them in the shade and brought them home after he finished working.


An English bulldog on a chair.

Rocky (English Bulldog)My fiancé and I got him when he was a puppy in Colorado Springs a few months after I had my first miscarriage.


A sun conure eating a cracker.

Conure PhotosHere is a picture of Molly and Sammy. Molly is a 12 year old Dusky Conure. Sammy is a 13 year old Sun Conure. They love to play out of their cage. They want to eat whatever we are eating. They love spagehtti, ice cream, waffles, pancakes etc. There isn't much that they won't eat. They also talk and can be quite vocal at times!


Two black terriers sitting on the ground.

Terrier PhotosTerriers are arguably the most popular breed of dogs, with over 31 different breeds recognized by the AKA. The original dog breed is generally from England and were used for hunting and dog fighting in the past. The size of these dogs range from the small Yorkshire terrier all the way up to the large Airedale Terrier, which can be around 50 pounds.


A small dog in a stroller.

In Memory of Vodka (Bichon Frise/Chihuahua)She was born in my house from her mother who I also had. <3


A black dog in a field of daisies.

Cane Corso PhotosThe Cane Corso breed is a type of Italian mastiff. These dogs were bred to work livestock or as guard dogs but can make good pets as long as they are given lots of exercise and space.


A German Shepard licking his lips.

Bear (German Shepard) and Clara (Burmese)Bear I adopted, Clara from a breeder


A small dog sitting on grass and leaves.

Nita (Terrier Mix)I got her right before Christmas. I placed an ad on Craigslist wanting a scruffy terrier. A wonderful lady replied and brought her to me. She's perfect!


A small brown dog curled up.

Charliebrown (Dog)My nephew gave her to me 6 years ago.


A husky mix on a white background.

Husky Pit Bull Cross Photos and InformationSiberian Husky and Pit Bull crosses are also known as "Pitsky." These dogs are high energy and do well in colder climates.


A girl near a cow in a grassy field.

Pet Cows (Cattle)Some lucky cows are considered members of the family. These large intelligent animals have their own personalities and quirks.


A grey cat sitting on a china cabinet.

Koneko (Grey Tabby)Meet Koneko! She is a delicate grey tabby that was rescued as a kitten. Koneko loves watching birds out the window, from her catio or on television.


A grey cat sitting on someone's lap.

Graycie (Russian Blue Mix)Meet Gracie! She is an adorable gray cat with some Russian Blue ancestry and a penchant for high places.


A group of young puppies.

Selling Puppies?Puppies need to be with their mothers until about 8 weeks old, but homes can be found while they are still weaning. It's important to screen owners carefully to ensure your puppies are going to a good home.



Dog Toy from Old Dish Towels  - dog pulling on towel toy

Dog Toy Made from Old Dish TowelsDogs can destroy store bought toys faster than you might expect. If you are spending a lot of money on dog toys, consider making your own out of old scraps and dish towels.


The Girls are Ganging Up - Fuzzy

The Girls are Ganging UpI think my two cats, Annie and Fuzzy have taught our pet chicken some bad habits. They regularly peek into the window and when I looked out the window today I see little Chicken Little has learned the trick too! We all had a good laugh!


Khole (Chihuahua) - tan dog lying on pillow in owners bed

Khole (Chihuahua)I got her in 2017. She loves to play fetch.


Skipper (Belgian Shepherd Groenendael) - large black dog

Skipper (Belgian Shepherd Groenendael)Skipper watches over my elderly mother and attracts my attention if he is concerned about her. She often drops her book or other objects, and he will pick them up from the floor and place the item gently back on her lap. He is a real asset to me and a constant companion, and as Mum lives with us he is without a doubt a very useful friend to have in her times of need.


A Jack Russell terrier catching a ball outside.

Jack Russell Terrier PhotosJack Russell Terriers are a cute and spunky breed of small dog. They were originally bred as fox hunters, but are now a popular family pet. This page contains Jack Russell Terrier photos.


A Jack Russell Terrier sitting on a rug.

In Memory of Hayley (Jack Russell Terrier)Hayley's owner shared her story over the course of years, including her passing. This page contains multiple pet submissions about Hatley (Jack Russell Terrier).


Shinook the Jack Russell Terrier looking at Jett the Crow

Shinook (Jack Russell Terrier)Enjoy watching Shinook as he grows through the years. This page contains multiple pet submissions about Shinook (Jack Russell).


A Jack Russell puppy with a white vignette.

Sproetjies (Jack Russell)Watch Sproetjies grow up through a series of photos. This page contains multiple pet submissions about Sproetjies (Jack Russell).


A Jack Russell Terrier sitting on grass.

Skippy (Jack Russell Terrier)Enjoy watching Skippy as he grows through the years. This page contains photos and stories about Skippy, a Jack Russell Terrier.


A Jack Russell Terrier lying on a colorful blanket.

Cookie (Jack Russell Terrier)Meet Cookie in all her moods. This page contains multiple pet submissions about Cookie (Jack Russell Terrier).


A small black and white dog in a laundry basket.

Rocky (Jack Russell Terrier)Rocky's owner has shared more than one photo of his cute black and white dog. This page contains multiple pet submissions about Rocky (Jack Russell Terrier).


Tobias Nadler (Chipin) - brown and tan dog

Tobias Nadler (Chipin)I was at the bank and noticed a puppy walk in, thinking I would get to pet a puppy I turned to finish my banking. Then from behind me I heard the fateful words, "He is looking for a home". I hurried and got done and met up with them. He came home with me that day. One of the best withdrawals I ever made from the bank.


Baby (Cornish Rex and Tabby) - Baby paw drinking

Baby (Cornish Rex and Tabby)My husband adopted our cat 'Baby' a few years before we met. After his marriage ended he wanted someone to keep him company, but most of all he wanted to feel needed and loved again. As you can see from the photo, Baby is a paw drinker.


BayLee Boo Boo (Golden Corgi) - beautiful short legged reddish gold dog

BayLee Boo Boo (Golden Corgi)I adopted this sweet girl at our local shelter on April 15, 2016. I asked the shelter what they could tell me about her, and they told me she had been dumped out of a car and the owner took off. She had been at the shelter a while due to her age. I took one look at her and my heart melted.


Lily Marie Seeley (Pekingese and Chihuahua) - cream colored dog on couch

Lily Marie Seeley (Pekingese and Chihuahua)She is a rescue pup - 12 years ago our Jack Russell, Dicey, was lonely and the vet said I can give her anti-anxiety medication or you can get Dicey a sister. Within a week we found someone giving puppies away for free.



Paddlesocks and Rosie (Aylesbury Ducks) - brown duck and white duck near stump

Paddlesocks and Rosie (Aylesbury Ducks)We bought Rosie from a local farm and bred Paddlesocks ourselves by putting one of our eggs (which we would normally eat) in an incubator.


larger black terrier mix

Meesha (Mixed Breed Terrier)Meesha is not only physically beautiful, but she is incredibly intelligent and has the heart of a saint! To me, the most amazing thing about her is her desire to play the ' peacemaker'. If another dog gets fussed at, she'll come to lick your hand, as if to say: "everything's Ok, don't be upset".


A Rottweiler dog with his tongue out.

Rebel (Rottweiler)I got him last year because my brother couldn't take care of him. He loves the outdoors and playing with his toys.


Daisy with a toy

Daisy (Rat Terrier and Schipperke Mix)We got Daisy after our family dog passed away. She was part of a litter that the owner were going to keep, but decided at 3 months they didn't want her. Always having dogs in our family, we couldn't pass her up.


Redneck  closeup

Redneck (Texas Heeler)My mom had cancer and wanted me to have him when she was gone. So my daughter and I chose him "for her" at the pound. That was March, 2012.


Girl (Rottweiler)

Girl (Rottweiler)A military guy was deploying and couldn't take Girl with him. He came over for our dogs to play together and told me he wasn't able to keep her. He asked if I knew anyone that would want her. I told him our family would love to have her! That was 7 years ago and she is our baby. =)


yellow Lab puppy

Marley (Labrador)I got him on February 14, 2016. He likes to roll in the grass.


Preaux  (Mixed Breed)

Preaux (Mixed Breed)I was walking my service dog to the park a few weeks ago and found him curled up in the ditch in a Walmart sack.


squirrel eating from hand

Pet Squirrel PhotosDepending on the wildlife laws in your location, squirrels can be interesting pets. This page contains pet squirrel photos.


Brookie in sunglasses

Brookie (Rottweiler)Brookie was my husband's dog when we got married (he loves to tell the story of how he picked her out of the box, she was the chubbiest and hyper-est!).


Two black and white dogs.

Baa-boo (Border Collie/Great Pyrenees)...We had just lost our beloved Border Collie, Petunia. Our house seemed so empty without her, we couldn't stand it any longer and drove all day to a goat farm to get Baa-boo. Dolly her buddy, came from a horse ranch and was the last puppy from the litter.


Closeup of Jack.

Jack (Corgi/Feist/Lab Mix)We have had Jack since he was a puppy, and he is our daughter's dog and very good friend. The name "Jack" comes from the brindled bulldog in the "Little House" series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We had been reading them aloud as a family when Jack came along, and the name seemed to fit.


Whiskers (Cat)

Whiskers (Cat)Whiskers was adopted from a good friend on Roan Mountain when they found she needed a home.


Lily (Dog)

Lily (Dog)She loves this little boy more than anything!


Closeup of reddish brown and white puppy.

Diesel (Mixed Breed)I found him abandoned and scared a couple of weeks ago. Now he has a home and is happy.


Duckling in water near person's hand.

Paddlesocks (Khaki/Aylesbury Mix Duck)We bred Paddlesocks last spring. Her father is an Aylesbury and her mother a Khaki Campbell.


Dogs on the stairs.

Lulu and Kobe (Terrier Mix and Jack Russel)We've had Kobe (Jack Russell) since 10 weeks old. Lulu (Terrier mix rescue) since 4 months old.


Two orange tabby colored cats sleeping together, with ear tips flipped back.

Quinn and Kellin (Domestic Shorthair)We foster kittens at our local Humane Society, and these are 2 of our favorite kittens.


Dog standing on tile floor looking up at camera.

"The Pig" (Dachshund/Basset Hound)The Pig came to us in a very sad state. She was rescued from a barn full of dogs where she had to fight for survival. She came to live with us when she was four and with loads of love and attention "The Pig" began to thrive.


Max on dry creekbed like area.

Max-A-Million aka Max, or Maxie Moo Moo (Cojack)My daughter bought him from a breeder then went off to college. The ironic thing is I was in college too, but had a place in the city and the country. He became my baby.


Dog sitting int the car.

Cadence (Dog)We adopted Cadence after babysitting him for a friend.


White dog with curly fur.

Reign (Toy Poodle)This is Reign. She thinks she's a princess, but maybe that is because she's spoiled and loved like one lol.


Chewee (Dog)

Chewee (Dog)Mattie and Chewee are best frends. They love just hanging out together.


Black cat.

Baxter (Cat)Rescued from shelter.


Dog under blankets.

Hope (Pomeranian)I got Hope after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis to keep me from depression.


Max on a small blue chair.

Maxwell (Pom\Chi Cross)I got Max at 8 weeks old. I purchased him from a family friend.


Fluffy white dog sitting on bottom with paws up.

Solo Awesome (Pom Chi Mix)Solo is the son of my dog Maxwell and best friend's dog Sarah.


Oscar (Cat)Oscar likes to eat and cuddle and eat and that's about it. He's the most laid-back cat I've ever known, but having been on the street a while before I got him, he's never sure where his next meal is coming from.


Rocky and Barry (Chickens)

Rocky and Barry (Chickens)We have two little chickens which someone on here suggested the names of Rocky and Barry. So they are named that along with their nicknames of Lizzy and Izzy.


Buddy (Pomeranian)

Buddy (Pomeranian)Buddy is a miracle, he came to me as an answered prayer. He got stolen on May 19, 2013.


Cat in a basket on top of armoire.

Peek a Boo!My little kitty has been disappearing due to the heat, but I didn't know where she was, until today, while opening the armoire.


Closeup of Callie by fishtank.

In Memory of Callie (Pretty Mama)These are the last pictures I took of Callie at Christmas.


Chow Chow Mix

Chow Chow Mix PhotosThis page contains chow chow mix photos. These wonderful mixed bred dogs can be a great companions.


Mac (Westie-Poo)

Mac (Westie-Poo)I've been searching for a Westie-poo for about a year and finally found one. Our dog Chica that we had about 20 years ago was a Westie-poo and she was one of our favorites so I wanted another one.


Next to man in chair.

Barli (St. Bernard/Lab Mix)Barli is 1/2 St. Bernard and 1/2 Lab. He is the sweetest and smartest dog I ever owned, and everyone that has ever met him agrees. He rarely meets a stranger, loves babies and smaller animals.


Cat in bird feeder.

Waiting for the Spring Birds to ArriveI caught my kitty, Fuzzy in my bird feeder (6' off the ground on a pole) yesterday.


Closeup of Oliver.

Oliver (Maltese/Shih Tzu)A friend of mine, her mother had a Maltese that was getting ready to have puppies. After they were born, I saw one that was gray and white and the rest of the puppies were white.


Whiskers yawning.

Whiskers (Cat)Last summer we adopted her when a friend had a litter of kittens she needed to find homes for.


Black cats on patio chairs.

Magic and MerlinThey are siblings, but have very different personalities.


Ava (DSH Cat)Ava was a foster kitten that our daughter just could not part with. Her life was changed 3 years ago when she and her two siblings were found alone, helpless, and dehydrated at the age of 4 weeks.


Shih-Tzu/Poodle on table.

Casey (Shih-Tzu/Poodle)I have had Casey since she was 2 months old.


Closeup of Joli.

Joli (American Eskimo and Papillon)My fiancé's sister was moving and couldn't take Joli. His sister and niece didn't want any one else to have Joli except for Gary and I, because she loves us so much. We received her on January 14, 2013.


Cat stretching.

Peanut the CatPeanut is a rescue from our local shelter. He has been neutered and he loves to stretch and he so enjoys himself.


Dog and cat nose to nose.

Pluto and MikeyPluto (the dog) is now 4 years old, we got him as a puppy. He's a big boy, but he does have a tender side. Mikey (the cat) was adopted and has now been with us for 3 years.


Lexy (Sheltie/Cocker Spaniel)

Lexy (Sheltie/Cocker Spaniel)Lexy is 7 years old and a Sheltie/Cocker Spaniel mix. She is my sweet baby girl. She loves chasing anything that moves. She is loyal and loving.


Yellow Lab mix wearing sun glasses.

Sugar (Great Dane Labrador Mix)We got Sugar when she was 3 months old from a local animal shelter. When we got her she was deathly sick. We nursed her back to health and now she's a bundle of joy


Closeup of cat's face.

Mickey (Cat)Mickey likes to come and get on my lap. He smiles really big and then he falls asleep.


Carina the cat sunning herself by the window

Carina (Cat)Carina is about 4 years old. My aunt found Carina and her brothers as kittens on the side of a road in Ohio with no food and water. Carina came home with me and grew into a happy, healthy cat.


Tan tabby cat lying on box in front of Christmas tree.

Nutmeg (Cat)Nutmeg, he is so cute and affectionate, and laid back. He is on my Christmas present and is patiently waiting for me to fill the aquarium with water and fish! I hope he will enjoy looking at the fish as much as I will.


Lexi in her Santa suit.

Lexy (Sheltie/Cocker Spaniel)Lexy is a Sheltie Cocker Spaniel mix I got in April 2005 from a litter of 3 pups.


Lying in the grass.

London (Border Collie/Aussie/Coyote?)London is a very active Border Collie, Aussie, and possibly Coyote mix


Cat under the tree.

Nemo (Cat)My cat Nemo enjoying our new Christmas tree skirt!


Hippie (Mini Wirehaired Dachshund)

Hippie (Mini Wirehaired Dachshund)Hippie is 4 years old and a mini Wirehaired Dachshund. I picked Hippie as a gift for my husband from a wonderful family from Stone Valley.


Dog looking at camera.

Lyra (Dog)My brother, Michael, who has a soft heart for all animals, knew a girl who moved out of town and left the litter of puppies her dog had behind, starving and alone. Michael worked to find homes for all of them which was no small task in a town with no vet and, therefore, a lot of unwanted puppies.


Dog and rooster on patio.

Bruno and Phoenix on the PatioBruno the dog and Phoenix the rooster share a moment looking out on a fall day. This is about as close as Bruno will get to Phoenix the rooster.


Karma lying on back waiting for more tummy rubs.

Fluffer McStuffins (aka Karma)My mom's cat Karma is one of the fluffiest cats I have even encountered! I took this photo on a recent visit and had to share it. There is not a tangle or a mat on him, he is just soft and silky. He absolutely loves his belly rubs..and how could you turn down that big fuzzy belly!


Shyaneene (Tortoiseshell) and Skeeter (Black...Shyanne is on the left and Skeeter on the right. They are 8 and 5 respectively. Both are short hairs. I adopted Shyanne when I felt she was danger.


Dog with blanket on his head.

FoleyFoley is a 15 month old rescue pup. He belongs to my daughter and son-in-law, they adopted him, he was needing rescued. He likes to run, chase toys, chew toys, and sleep.


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Abby (Terra-Poo) - black curly haired dog

Abby (Terra-Poo)When she was 6 months old, we adopted her from a private rescue shelter. She picked us! She likes to go for long walks. We walk a mile a day, and she always finds something interesting to smell. She loves playing with the our cat too.


Paco (Poodle-Bichon-Mix) - white dog with a Santa hat on

Paco (Poodle-Bichon-Mix)My 16 year old son went to El Salvador and very excitedly told me he was bringing back a dog from San Salvador. I told him no way! I'm not a dog person.' Then I saw his photo and I fell in love instantly. Of course Paco is now my dog, my little 25 pound angel, who has rescued me (not the other way!). I can't even imagine life without him. He has truly saved my life.


Gaia (Tabby) - kitten in a beer glass

Gaia (Tabby)I am kitten-sitting for my son. He got her and her brother from a friend who rescues strays. She likes to play, sleep, eat, play with her brother and sister dogs, and twin brother kitten, Atlas.


Jax (Pit Bull) - Pit sitting in the car with a seatbelt over his shoulder

Jax (Pit Bull)He is a rescue. I have to take time for a ride around the block or he will sit in the truck and won't get out. He put himself there in the picture.


Olivia (Siamese Mix) - closeup of a Siamese mix

Olivia (Siamese Mix)I adopted Olivia and her sister, Emmie, in 2008 from Volunteer Service for Animals (VSA) in Naples. Their website is a great way to find your new "best friend"! Bringing two into your home provides them comfort and companionship.


Kisses (Guinea Pig) - tri-color Guinea pig in the grass

Kisses (Guinea Pig)We adopted Kisses from a shelter in 2012 with her mate Ginger. Ginger sadly passed away a few years ago, so we got her a friend named Lady. She loves free ranging, playing with her best friend Lady, eating grass at the park, jumping on top her house, and eating lettuce.


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What Breed Is My Dog?This is Bruce! We've had him since he was 6 weeks old. His mother looked purebred Lab to me, but it is possible she was a mix. We will never know for sure who the father is, but we believe he had to have at least some German Shorthaired Pointer if not pure breed. My husband says he sees either Pit Bull or Boxer in him, but I personally don't see it. When we took him in at 7 weeks to the vet he weighed 11 pounds.


Young woman holding a yellow dog.

What Breed is My Dog?I adopted Grady when she was 8 weeks old. Her mother was there and looked just like a Lab/Golden Retriever mix and is what they claimed her to be. I think Grady is has some sort of Pit in her? Maybe?


A small dog asleep on a bed.

Is My Dog a Pitbull?I'm not sure whether my dog is a pure Pit Bull or not. The breeder who gave him to me told me both parents were Pits. But didn't anything like him. Also I couldn't find pictures of Pit Bulls looking like him without being possibly mixed with something else. I am just curious.


Closeup of face.

What Breed Is My Dog?I got my pup when he was about 3-4 months old. He's now almost 2 yrs old (April 30). I was told he's a "reverse blue brindle".


Dog standing on carpet in middle of room.

What Breed is My Dog?I had gotten my puppy at a pet store and was told he is all Papillion. He is about 15 pounds and he has little black specks all over his body. He is very hyper and can jump very high.


tan and cream Shepherd looking dog

What Breed Is My Dog?He's 2 years old and full grown at 48 pounds. I know he is a German Shepherd mix, but I don't know what he could be mixed with. Border Collie or Golden Retriever perhaps?


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