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A stuffed teddy bear.

Identifying a Childhood Toy?
The image you posted looks just like a Build a bear. However, if it was a cat it probably would have pointed ears. You can probably find a similar one on ebay or pinterest.


A stuffed mouse

Identifying A Stuffed Mouse?
You can do a right click on the image and select search the web for image.


Wound on dog's side.

Treating a Wound on a Dog?
Check out the youtube videos on botfly removal from dogs. It could be a maggot that is growing under the skin from the bite of a fly.


The plastic seal in the lid of a cookie jar.

Finding a Replacement Plastic Seal?
Here are some suggestions. 1. Wrap rubber bands around the lid where the gasket would have gone. 2. Make your own gasket with flexible polymer clay. 3. Make your own gasket with flexible silicone caulk. 4. Replace the wooden lid with a glass lid which you can...


A spot on the top of a foot.

Itchy Spot On Foot?
It may be poison ivy. If you scratched a small bump you may have spread it. Ive been able to stop the itch of mosquito bites by dipping in hot water, as hot as you can take without burning yourself. Also try applying a bit of ammonia to stop the itch.


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Chicken Salad for 20 People?
If that is your main meat dish you would be safe to make the chicken salad with 20 chicken breasts.


Swollen fingers from an insect bite.

What's Biting Me?
Bed bugs will take three bites to fill up on. If you dont see three bites in a row, they are most likely flee bites. Flee bites itch even more when you scratch them.


A black bug on a white surface.

Could Someone Identify Unknown Bug?
They could be springtails. They like dampness. Cedar oil repels them. You can just vacuum them up.


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Using Clorox Tablets In Pool?
Clorox tablets in pools.


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Requesting Air Fryer Information
Size and cleaning an air fryer.


A large black bug on a wooden surface.

Identifying an Insect?
This looks like a springtail. They like dampness so if the ground youre on is damp, it might be them. If you look closely and see bands of different shades it would be Orchesella Cincta.



Small black bugs.

Identifying Bugs On a Dog?
Black stuff on dog skin.


An ornately carved wooden desk.

Identifying An Antique Desk?
I looks like it might be walnut or chestnut. They both were effected by a blight which lessened the availability for furniture making. Perhaps furniture made with these woods before the blight is more valuable now.


A bug on a white surface.

What Bug is This?
Wood boring insect or tick.


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Round Raw Branch Perches?
Size of perches.


Can you tell me anything about this mask?

Identifying A Wooden Mask?
It looks like an African painted wooden tribal mask. The paint has faded which may indicate age, and help identify its origin.


Small black bugs on a white painted surface.

Identifying Bugs?
Springtails. They are attracted to damp areas. You can vacuum them up and release away from your house. It looks like they are on a window sill. Cedar oil kills them, so if you place it outside below your window, they may not be able to survive enough to climb...


A blanket that has been left outside in the weather.

Repairing Childhood Blanket?
Kill the mold, then remove the stains.


A dog's ears turned inside out.

What Is Wrong With My Dog's Ears?
How to test for Ear mites.


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Finding a Book About Cooking Steak?
Take a look at the website for Omaha Steaks. They have instructions for all the ways to cook steak, including temperature, time and thickness of the steak.


A stuffed black bear.

Information About Stuffed Bear?
If their are no tags, it may be a handmade bear. Its adorable. It looks like a cub about to climb a tree.



A porcelain doll on a swing.

Can Someone Identify This Doll?
Here is the web site for the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. They may be able to direct you to where you can find your doll. I also did a search and found that similar dolls of designer Lee Capozzi are listed for...


A small puppy on a lawn.

What Breed Is My Dog?
Chihuahua Mixed Breeds: 20 Different Types of Chi-Pups Most of the mixes have long hair. Of the ones with short hair and floppy ears, your puppy looks most like a chihuahua beagle mix. This mix results in...


Can Someone Identify This Figure?

Can Someone Identify This Figure?
You could try an image search. Just do a right click on the image and then click on Search the web for image. When you find a similar but not exact image, click on it to get more images like that one. You may have to do this many times. Good luck. Its a cute...


A charcuterie grazing table.

Charcuterie Grazing Table
It looks inviting and delicious. It shows what a good host you must be.


A plant label in a tomato plant.

Laminated Plant Label
Good idea. You can also try wrapping the label with Gorilla tape or other strong clear tape. They should last for about two years. To make it strong enough to stay in the ground you could tape a few inexpensive wooden skewers to the back.


Identifying Tiny Black Biting Bugs - long thin black bug

Identifying Tiny Black Biting Bugs?
It looks like a flea. You will need a white cloth and water.


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Rescue Dog Not Peeing or Pooping?
It could be serious if your dog has developed stones in his bladder. You will probably need a vet anyway to keep him up to date on his vaccines, so this might be a good time to find a vet. Good luck.


Lid Stuck in Glass - green orange juice jug lid stuck in tall glass

Lid Stuck in Glass?
Put soapy water into the glass to see if you can slip it out. If that doesnt work pour out the soapy water and drizzle oil around the rim of the lid and let it sit for a while. Gently tap the glass to let the oil get down. It should turn the lid sideways so...


Identifying a Bump on Dog's Head - Pit puppy with a bump on the top of its head

Identifying a Bump on Dog's Head?
Some dogs have a natural bony protuberance in the center of their heads called an occiput. If that is what it is it would have come on gradually as your dog grew, not as an overnight growth.


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Dog Urinating in Other People's Houses?
It sounds like she is marking her territory. Have you had her spayed? The humping may be a sign of dominance, boredom, excitement, stress or even play.


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Keeping Intact Dogs From Mating?
Consider having your male dog neutered. We have so many dogs who need homes already. Even if you plan on giving the puppies away, you will be lessening the homes available for shelter dogs which will inevitably result in dogs being euthanized when the shelter...


A colander of herbs in a car window.

Quickly Dry Herbs in Your Car
Thanks. I did this with apples. I sliced them, put them on cardboard in my car, closed the windows and parked in the sun. They came out great. Organic dried apples for free. The apples were drops from my apple tree so they dont look exactly like the picture...



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My Daughter Missed Mass on Holy Thursday?
No. Missing mass on Holy Thursday is not a sin.


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Dog Keeping Licking Me After Being Spayed?
She is probably licking you for salt.


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull? - brown brindle and white puppy

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?
Looks like a French Bulldog.


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Not Getting Power But Breaker Not Tripped?
Flip each breaker on and off. Sometimes the breaker has been tripped but it looks like it has not.


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Hatching Rescued Duck Eggs?
Make sure you turn them periodically and keep them damp.


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Getting Help After a House Fire?
Call the local Red Cross.


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Is Homemade Laundry Soap Safe for a Septic Tank?
Yes, it is safe. Make sure that the water is hot enough to dissolve the powder and the soap. If they do not get dissolved they may clog the pipe on the way to the septic tank. This can build up over time until it completely blocks the pipe. If that happens...


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Getting Dried Blood Stains Out of a Headliner?
You can get it out with plain water. Just wet the spot and keep on squeezing and blotting the blood as it dissolves. You can also use an enzyme product like the ones made for septic tanks or pet urine accidents. The bacteria in the product will consume the...


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Dropped DVD Case in Dog Urine?
Wash everything with water. If any smell remains wash everything again with a product like Rid X and water. Keep it moist to allow the good bacteria to break down any remaining urine. Keep it moist for a few days or until the smell is gone. The bacteria can...


Treating a Skin Rash on a English Mastiff  - small bumps

Treating a Skin Rash on a English Mastiff?
It may be a fungus called malassezia. My dog has the same thing. Youll need an ear wash with an antimicrobial and a biofilm treatment. I treated my dog for years with antifungals which worked for a few days. Then I came upon a youtube video about biofilms. The...


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Remedy for Itchy Scalp?
It may be a fungal infection called malassezia. Take a look on google. If it is that you can treat it with medicated over the counter shampoo. Good luck with it.


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Brother-in-law Is at My House Everyday?
For a lighter answer watch the show Everyone Loves Raymond. Sounds like a similar situation. Good luck with it.


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Removing Bird Poo Stain on Canvas Wall Art?
Its very easy. Just dab with plain water until its all gone. You dont need any chemicals or detergents. They may leave a stain. Just plain water worked for me many times.


Percolator Handle Dried Out and Gray Looking - handle no longer shiny black

Percolator Handle Dried Out and Gray Looking?
You can coat it with a thin layer of black polymer clay. You will have to bake it according to the instructions for the clay, but that should be no problem for a thin layer.


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Bread Dough Collapses After Baking?
Try adding potato flour or mashed potato to the dough.


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?
I had the same orange on the sink vanity in my bathroom. I painted the walls with a peach color which kept the vanity from sticking out.


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Homemake Gift Ideas Using Cinnamon?
You could make cinnamon sachets.


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Painting Walls to Cover Nail Polish Stains?
If a water based primer doesnt work you may need an oil based primer. I think Kilz makes one. Try the water based one first. Putting more of the paint will not work.


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Hygienic Thoughts
You can also sprinkle some Rid-X down the drain periodically. The bacteria in the Rid-X will eat all that gunk.


Adding salt to a cup of strong coffee.

Add Salt to Strong Coffee
I also put a pinch of baking soda in the coffee to make it less sour.


Ziggy (Siamese Mix) - Ziggy in a tent

Ziggy (Siamese Mix)
All of your cats may be able to be together as long as you keep their nails trimmed. Ive found that scratching one another is the biggest problem. Once I kept their nails trimmed my cats all got along, each finding their own special places when they wanted...


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Black Tar in Dog's Ear?
My dog makes excessive wax triggered by a fungal infection call malassezia. Ive treated it for years without success until I learned from a youtube video that a biofilm is protecting the infection from treatment. The biofilm needs to be broken up first. Im...


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Repairs with Duct Tape
Gorilla glue makes a clear tape that is strong enough to fix a tear in a plastic kiddy pool, and make it waterproof.


A package of dental floss.

Saving Money on Dental Visits
I just learned that xylitol will raise the ph of the mouth so that cavity producing bacteria cannot produce the acid that causes decay. I saw it on a youtube video. Mentos makes a gum which has xylitol as the first ingredient. There are also more expensive...


Finding the Cause of Pinkish Orange Stains on Laundry - very large light spot on t-shirt

Finding the Cause of Pinkish Orange Stains on Laundry?
It looks like rust stains. see if any of the enamel has worn off the inside surfaces of the washer or dryer.


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Invisible Bugs Biting Me at Night?
It may be bedbugs. see if your bites are three in a row. the bedbug comes out for a blood meal at night and makes three bites. look at your mattress and bedding closely. spritz some water on them and watch for liquified blood. If you dont see any signs of them...


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Using Wilting Leftover Salad Fixings?
you can add it to a soup.


Caring for a Dog's Weepy Eyes - tricolored dog

Caring for a Dog's Weepy Eyes?
I use contact lens cleaning liquid on my dog. It works well.


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Freezing or Drying Mint Leaves?
you can dry it in the microwave or the oven. an easy way to dry it is to hang it upside down in a breezy but protected place like inside a garage or on a porch. when it is dry put it in an airtight jar or tin.


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Removing Bird Droppings from Concrete?
Bird droppings only need water to dissolve. you can just spray with a hose to wet them. let them stay wet for about five minutes and then spray them away with the hose.


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Cat Started Scratching Her Neck?
Yes. It could be stress. you can use a product made for hot spots. that worked on my cat. good luck.


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Prognosis for a Dog with Parvo?
My dog had parvo when he was a puppy. Hes seven years old now. I adopted him from a shelter in Arkansas. He was severely sick with the parvo virus. the shelter treated him and I adopted him. He came up to Massachusetts on a large air conditioned van. I love...


Getting Rid of Tiny Flying Bugs Inside - tiny bug on lamp shade

Getting Rid of Tiny Flying Bugs Inside?
vacuum them up each time you see them. That will keep the population down. Keep an eye out for where you see flies in the house in the daytime. That may lead you to where they are coming from. Good luck.


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Making Red Hat Magnets from Soda Bottle Caps?
You will need rare earth magnets to glue inside. they are not expensive and they will be strong enough to exert their magnetism through the plastic cap. You could also just glue craft magnets to the top of the cap. Then use craft paint to paint them red. Good...


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Growing Daylilies?
I also have the orange ones. Mine only bloom once. Did you know that you can eat day lilies? You can put them in salads and you can sauté them and serve them alone or with other vegetables. They are nice inside an omelet.


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Murray Riding Lawn Mower Battery Will Not Hold a Charge?
It may be too old. I just had to replace my lawn mower battery too. I may have gotten another season out of it but I left it in the mower all winter. Ive since learned that you are supposed to take the battery inside for the winter.


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Tomato Plants Grow Tall But Don't Produce Much Fruit?
You may need a fertilizer with the correct mineral content. Some minerals enhance leaf growth while others enhance fruiting. Good luck.


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Plug Won't Stay in New Electrical Outlet'?
Spread the prongs apart a bit until they have enough tension to stay in the outlet.


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Using Old Inkjet Printer Ink for Crafts?
Yes, I use them all the time. I use them on hand blown eggs. You can use them on white or brown blown eggs. I just soak a cotton rag with a small bit of the ink and rub it on the egg. You can put several colors on an egg and you can put one color over another...


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Lightening the Color of Sheer Curtains?
You could start with a very mild bleach and water solution. Add more bleach until you get the result you like.


Pillow and Throw Business Name Ideas

Pillow and Throw Business Name Ideas?
Belles Originals for the name. then list your products beneath the name in smaller print. Your products look great. Nice picture.


Pillow and Throw Business Name Ideas

Pillow and Throw Business Name Ideas?
You could use them as vases, candle holders, beverage holders, or for small craft items. there is a website called Mason Jar Lifestyle. they have a lot of accessories for mason jars and ways to use them. They offer wright on vinyl labels which look great on...


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Hiding a Spare Key on Your Car?
Caution - if you need to release the hood from the inside of the car, hiding the key under the hood is useless. You could try using gorilla tape to tape the key anywhere under the car or behind the license plate. That would provide a very low profile and you...


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Suggestions for Serving Cold Sautéed Salmon?
If the fish is still in one piece you may be able to remove the fishy smell by carving off the outside surfaces, or grating them off with a cheese grater. When oxygen comes in contact with the fish, it oxidizes the oils, causing a reaction that creates the...


Getting Rid of Tiny Orange Flying Biting Bugs Outside

Getting Rid of Tiny Orange Flying Biting Bugs Outside?
Capture some of the bugs with a fan and mesh material.


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Introducing New Kitten to Resident Kitten?
Help them make friends with one another.


Unidentified Eggs On a Lily Plant - tiny white eggs on plant

Unidentified Eggs On a Lily Plant?
Take them to a garden shop to have them identified. Perhaps they are butterfly eggs, or some other beneficial insect. Enjoy


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Gaining Trust of a Stray Mama Cat?
To find her kittens you will have to follow her to see where she has hidden them. Be aware that she may move them several times. Get in touch with a spay/neuter group in your area to attend to your neighbors colony of cats. Once the kittens are weaned from...


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Treating a Kitten for Worms?
To control the fleas follow these steps.


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Low Cost or Free Vet Care?
Go to the petfinder web site for animal welfare groups in your area. Call several for advice. Their staff will be able to tell you about free or low cost vet services nearby. Good luck with your pup.


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Keeping Flies Out of Cat Food Outside?
Vacuum the flies before feeding. This may allow enough time for the cats to eat. Dont leave the food out. Feed only once or twice a day. Clean up any leftover food after each feeding. The cats may also be losing weight from anemia if they have flea infestations...


What Breed Is My Cat? - short haired tabby colored cat

What Breed Is My Cat?
American Domestic is the breed of your cat.


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Roots of Weeping Willow Too Close to House?
When the roots are too close to the house you may have problems. They are looking for water and may find their way into your plumbing pipes and cause a blockage. I would suggest that you trim the roots back away from the house instead of trying to repair them...


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Preventing Condensation Inside a Metal Mobile Home?
Keep the air circulating by placing a fan in the window to pull the air from the inside out. Or use a dehumidifier but this is expensive. Line the inside of the roof with bubble wrap. That will prevent the inside air from condensing on the cooler roof. Good...


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Avocado Tree Has Two Main Stems?
Either way. If the two stems reach out too far sideways you can string them together or to a central pole. There is no problem leaving both stems grow as long as they get enough fertilizer.


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Composting Pine Sawdust?
Yes you can compost pine sawdust. it is considered a brown addition. You can also consider making some pine sachets to put in your closet or dresser drawers, or shoes. Make them fancy by sewing with pretty fabric, or make them fast and functional by stuffing...


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Finding Free Furniture?
If you have a college in your area you probably have off campus housing areas. Students are often getting rid of furniture at the end of each semester because they are moving out of apartments. You could put up notices or leaflets in those areas. Also, get...


Discontinued Imperial Wallpaper Border - sun and moon motif

Discontinued Imperial Wallpaper?
You could go to a copy center. A good copy center will have several types of paper that may be suitable for use. They can copy the design in the amount you need. Good luck.


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Storing an Artificial Christmas Tree?
You can go to an appliance store and ask them to save you a box. After they deliver and install an appliance they take the box back to the store to recycle. If you get a box from a refrigerator you can cut it down to size and make a top out of the excess.


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