December 13, 2016

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A woman noticing dandruff in her dark hair.

Using White Vinegar for DandruffThis is a page about using white vinegar for dandruff. Instead of trying expensive medicated shampoos, try using vinegar instead.


rooted lantana cuttings

Growing Lantana from a CuttingThis is a page about growing lantana from a cutting. Try getting cuttings from the tips of the plant for the best success.


finished craft

Making a Red Floral Tin Can Teacher's GiftThis is a page about making a red floral tin can teacher's gift. Fill a decorated recycled tin can with fresh or paper flowers as a special gift for a favorite teacher.


Finished Blackboard Eraser Craft

Back-to-School Eraser Mini SignsThis is a page about back-to-school eraser mini signs. Using new or recycled chalkboard erasers to make this teacher gift is a project that you and your children and work on together.


wrapped package

Making Santa Gift Wrap Using NewsprintThis is a page about making Santa gift wrapping newsprint. With blank newspaper and stamps you can create your own special wrapping paper.


Mini Moss Covered Pots

Making Mini Moss Covered PotsThis is a page about making mini moss covered pots. It is fun and easy to make these cute mossy decorations.


finished example of card showing a gardenscape

Adult Coloring Page Enchanted Garden Birthday CardThis is a page about an adult coloring page enchanted garden birthday card. This lovely birthday card is made using an adult coloring page that you can complete yourself.


A glass of iced tea with stevia.

Homemade Stevia SweetenerIf you grow stevia in your garden at home, try making this easy homemade sweetener. This is a page about homemade stevia sweetener.


Candle vase filled with dried beans and peas.

Using Dried Beans as DecorationsThis is a page about using dried beans as decorations. Dried peas and beans can be incorporated into many craft projects.


7 Minute Icing

Seven Minute Icing RecipeThis page contains a 7 minute icing recipe. This icing recipe is easy to make, but it does require approximately 7 minutes of whipping or beating while cooking in a double boiler.


omelet on plate

Freezing Omelet FillingThis is a page about freezing omelet filling. Here is a great way to make quick and easy omelets in the morning.


various decorated pins

Making Paper-Covered ClothespinsThis is a page about making paper-covered clothespins. Decorating plain clothespins with fancy paper is a fun way to make fridge magnets and other useful clips.


Black bat with wings spread.

Halloween Bat CraftsThis is a page about Halloween bat crafts. Make these spooky bats with your kids to decorate for Halloween.


Halloween Candy Craft

Making a Halloween Candy CraftThis is a page about making a Halloween candy craft. A Halloween craft that also includes candy is certainly a treat rather than a trick.


An old chair all dressed up.

Dressing Up an Old ChairThis is a page about dressing up an old chair. There are many ways to embellish an old piece of furniture to give it an entirely different look.


wooden tray with religious saying

Making a Personalized Serving TrayThis is a page about making a personalized serving tray. Make a simple tray something that you and your family will treasure.


hand shaped paper fan

Making a Hand Shaped Paper FanThis is a page about making a hand shaped paper fan. This unique paper fan is made in the shape of your hand.


Refurbishing Goodwill Patio Chairs

Refurbishing Patio ChairsThis is a page about refurbishing goodwill patio chairs. Over time exposure to the elements can damage patio chairs. Refurbishing them is a great way to give new life to your patio chairs.


Easy Steamed Chocolate Cake

Steamed Chocolate Cake RecipeThis page contains a steamed chocolate cake recipe. Try this variation on traditional chocolate cake.


A company picnic with many people.

Giving Away Prizes at a Company Picnic?This is a page about giving away prizes at a company picnic. Creating activities where you give away prizes at a company picnic can be fun.


A woman painting white iodine on her nails to strengthen them.

Using White Iodine for Weak FingernailsThis is a page about white iodine for weak fingernails. Strengthen your fingernails safely with colorless iodine to bind the protein.


finished decoupage candle holder with ribbon and bells tied around neck

Making a Decoupage Candle HolderThis is a page about making a decoupage candle holder. An ordinary glass jar or cylinder can be decorated for any holiday or home decor using decoupage techniques.


Soap Scented Perfume Basket

Making a Soap Scented Perfume BasketThis is a page about making a soap scented perfume basket. This fragrant decorative craft begins with a bar of your favorite scented soap.


Recycled jar garden vases by the house.

Making Recycled Jar Garden VasesThis is a page about recycled jar garden vases. Save and use recycled jars as vases for your flower garden.


A woman scratching her neck after being bit by tiny bugs.

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That BiteThis is a page about tiny, colorless bugs that bite. If you are having trouble with invisible insects, check out the advice here.


Multicolored crocheted purse.

Making a Crocheted Mini PurseThis is a page about making a crocheted mini purse.This simple crochet project is perfect for teens or someone who is just starting out.


finished salmon

Pistachio and Cream Salmon RecipeThe addition of cream and pistachios to this salmon dish really makes it special. This page contains a pistachio and cream salmon recipe.


fancy letters spelling Carl

Creating Fancy LettersThis is a page about creating fancy letters. Freehand fancy lettering can be incorporated into many crafts and projects.


A tray with a stamped "inlay" of leaves.

Making a Mock Wooden Inlay TrayThis is a page about making a mock wooden inlay tray. Make this pretty tray as a gift or for displaying in your own home.


Sugarbush (Protea) image as adult coloring page element

Sugarbush (Protea) Adult Coloring PageThis is a page about sugarbush (protea) adult coloring page. This famous South African flower is here for you, as a downloadable adult coloring page.


Vintage Rose Gift Bag

Making a Vintage Rose Gift BagThis is a page about making a vintage rose gift bag. Roses made from decorated egg carton cups are used to embellish a plain gift bag and make it unique and special.


A kayak being hung on the side of a chicken coop.

DIY Kayak HangerThis is a page about making a DIY kayak hanger. Kayaks are fun to have when you are at the water but are large and difficult to store when you are at home.


Word Search Puzzle Tips

Word Search Puzzle TipsThis page contains word search puzzle tips. Getting stuck when doing a word game or puzzle? Use these ideas to help make the most out of your game.


A coloring page with a hummingbird and flower.

Hummingbird on Flower Adult Coloring PageThis page contains a hummingbird on flower adult coloring page. Color this beautiful page with your favorite markers or colored pencils.


A row of empty beer bottles.

Reusing Soda Cans and Beer Bottles?This is a page about reusing soda cans and beer bottles. Recycle empty cans and bottles into creative craft projects instead of adding to the trash.


Crochet Keychain Mini-Coin Purse

Making a Crocheted Coin PurseThis is a page about making a crocheted coin purse. Keep all your change together in this sweet little coin purse.


canvas covered with paint circles

Paint Sample Wall ArtThis is a page about paint sample wall art. Don't throw out those little wall paint samples in the can. They can be used to create your own original artwork.


Turkey and pumpkin paper candy containers.

DIY Paper Turkey Treat ContainersThis is a page about DIY paper turkey treat containers. Make these simple turkey shaped containers for storing candy and other treats.


Fried Frozen Sweet Potatoes

Fried Frozen Sweet Potato RecipeFrozen sweet potato slices can be fried up quickly for a delicious side to your main dish. This page contains a fried frozen sweet potato recipe.


Finished shirt and tie gift package.

Making a Shirt and Tie Gift PocketThis is a page about making a shirt and tie gift pocket. Perfect wrapping idea for your favorite man.


A dish of mashed potatoes with ranch dressing.

Making Mashed Potatoes with Ranch DressingThis is a page about making mashed potatoes with ranch dressing. A delicious addition to mashed potatoes can be a creamy ranch dressing.


A glass of healthy egg cream soda

Healthy Egg Cream Soda RecipeThis page contains a healthy egg cream soda recipe. Enjoy the rich flavor you might find at an old fashioned soda fountain.


A plate of pizza dough empanadas

Making Pizza Dough EmpanadasMake easy empanadas by using ready made pizza dough from the grocery store. This is a page about making pizza dough empanadas.


A closeup of a wreath made from paper rosettes.

Making a Paper Rosette Wreath from Book PagesThis is a page about making a paper rosette wreath from book pages. If you have damaged books, this is the perfect craft to try.


A small red crocheted fan.

Making a Crocheted FanThis is a page about making a crocheted fan. You can use this same pattern to make a pin, or barrette by changing the size.


Designer kneeling and displaying finished rug.

Making a Kid's Fabric RugThis is a page about making a kid's fabric rug. Using fabric and felt your little craft designer can create their own decorative rug.


Compost bin made from pallets with door open

Making a Wood Pallet Compost BinPallets are often available for free and can be used for many wood building projects. This is a page about making a wood pallet compost bin.


front view of the finished project

Making a Spice Bottle AngelThis is a page about making a spice bottle angel. Small spice bottles can be decorated as angels. They are perfect for festive holiday decorations and gifts.


A spiral twirler for decoration, made from a paper plate.

Making a Paper Plate Wind TwirlerThis is a page about making a paper plate wind twirler. Try this easy kids' craft, made out of a simple paper plate.


Jack 'O Lantern and spider stick puppets

Making Cheese Spreader Stick PuppetsThis is a page about making cheese spreader stick puppets. Stick puppets are a popular child's craft. This one uses the little plastic sticks in cracker snacks rather than Popsicle sticks.


Sock Cupcake with Cherry on top

Making a Sock CupcakeThis is a page about making a sock cupcake. This is a cute way to give a gift of socks.


burning candle

Making a Cooking Oil CandleThis is a page about making a cooking oil candle. Using items from your kitchen you can quickly make this emergency oil candle.


Recycled plastic bottle labeled as the sharing jar.

Making a Sharing Jar for the ClassroomThis is a page about making a sharing jar for the classroom. A classroom sharing jar helps to organize the students' input and questions so that all of them can be addressed.


Remove crepe from pan.

Banana CrepesAdd banana to thin crepes for a wonderful flavor combination. This page contains recipes for banana crepes.


A woman taking a supplement pill.

Dr. Newton's Naturals Supplements Reviews?This is a page about Dr. Newton's Naturals supplements reviews. Many people take supplements to make sure they are getting the proper vitamins and minerals.


Completed eggs.

Making Fabric Easter EggsThe appearance of these stuffed fabric eggs can be altered by your choice of material and decorations. This is a page about making fabric Easter eggs.


Puffy Cotton Ball Ghost

Making a Puffy Cotton Ball GhostThis is a page about making a puffy cotton ball ghost. Here is a perfect spooky Halloween craft for young kids.


A makeshift shelf for the bathroom counter, covered in contact paper.

Makeshift Shelf IdeasThis is a page about makeshift shelf ideas. Often we need to set up temporary shelves. Using items around the house to assemble them is fast and frugal.


A rag rug made using a toothbrush.

Making a Toothbrush Rag RugThis is a page about making a toothbrush rag rug. Using an old toothbrush and leftover fabric, make this rag rug just like your grandmother might have used.


sewing machine on a table

Making a Pincushion for a Sewing MachineThis is a page about making a pincushion for a sewing machine. If you are into sewing, you always are looking for a pin or pincushion.


Finished rosebud on bootie.

Making a Tiny Crocheted RosebudThis is a page about making a tiny crocheted rosebud. Make this lovely addition to add to any crocheted craft project.


Start Tomato Plants from Stems

Starting Tomato Plants from CuttingsThis is a page about starting tomato plants from cuttings. Tomatoes are easy to grow from cuttings if you start early enough in the spring.


Cardboard Art Fountain

Making a Cardboard Art FountainThis is a page about making a cardboard art fountain. Pieces of recycled cardboard boxes are transformed into a decorative fountain.


Pink Cloud Pie

Pink Cloud Pie RecipeThis page contains a pink cloud pie recipe. This easy recipe uses Cool Whip, strawberries and yogurt to make this delicious pie.


Not-So Spanish Omelet

Not-So Spanish Omelet RecipeThis page contains a recipe for not-so Spanish omelet. This omelet is a simple and delicious breakfast or brunch meal that everyone will enjoy.


Back of crayon coverd wooden basket

Making a Pencil Box for a TeacherThis is a page about making a pencil box for a teacher. Painted wooden boxes decorated with pencils and crayons allows you to literally make a pencil box gift for your teacher.


Chicken with Chinese brown sauce in serving dish with green beans.

Chicken with Chinese Brown SauceThis is a page about chicken with Chinese brown sauce. This recipe is not only delicious it is easy to prepare and can be varied somewhat by you choice of vegetables added.


Garnished bowl of rice pudding.

Rice Flour and Almond Pudding RecipeThis page contains a rice flour and almond pudding recipe. Substituting rice flour for cooked rice gives this pudding a smooth creamy texture while keeping all of the flavor of traditional rice pudding.


A variety of paper photo frame shaped paper clip bookmarks.

Making Paper Clip Photo Frame BookmarksThese tiny paper photo frames on a paper clip make simple, but unique bookmarks. This is a page about making paper clip photo frame bookmarks.


Cute long snouted creature made from a gray, black, and white striped sock. It has a spiky tail and a red bottle cap hanging around its neck.

Making a Sock DinosaurThis is a page about making a sock dinosaur. Old socks are very useful in making soft sculpted toys.


A safety pin with beads in a flag pattern.

Making a Flag Lapel Pin (Safety Pins and Beads)This is a page about making a flag lapel pin with safety pins and beads. Show your patriotic spirit with these easy flag themed pins.


DIY Vintage Medicine Cabinet

Making a Vintage Medicine CabinetThis is a page about making a vintage medicine cabinet. Recycled materials help give this handmade medicine cabinet a rustic, vintage look.


Cut up zucchini to use in place of fruit.

Using Zucchini Instead of Apple or Pineapple When BakingThis is a page about using zucchini instead of apple or pineapple when baking. Try using this versatile squash instead of fruit in your next baking.


Mason Jar Layered Banana Pudding

Mason Jar Layered Banana Pudding RecipeThis page contains Mason jar layered banana pudding recipe. Vanilla wafers, pudding and bananas combined in a jar make a yummy dessert.



branch tree with lights against a pink wall

Gold Painted Branch Christmas TreeI love Christmas, everybody loves Christmas, but I don't always want to spend a lot for decorations especially with the Christmas tree. I don't want to buy the big ones that end up getting thrown away, since our place gets flooded every year and it feels like I have thrown away my money then.


An adult coloring page of tree branches with a heart shaped ornament and a globe with Santa's image.

Christmas Joy Adult Coloring PageChristmas is a time of joy and happiness, a time to make new memories. What can be more fun than to color an adult coloring page with a Christmas bauble, featuring a jolly Santa? This page is perfect to get yourself in a festive mood.


Soft Pumpkin Granola Bar

Soft Pumpkin Granola BarsI'm trying out so many recipes and using up the pumpkin I found on the curb, that I baked and pureed. This recipe is not sweet, but you can add more sweetener than called for. It is also versatile, and you can use ingredients you already have in your pantry.


Cupcakes that look like hamburgers with toppings.

Hamburger Party CupcakesIf you are serving up hamburgers at your get together or celebration, here's a fun idea for dessert. Make cupcakes with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. You can then make them up to look like burgers in a bun.


An egg on a red background

Egg White as Burn ReliefEgg white, applied instantly to a second degree burn, provides instant pain relief and creates an antimicrobial "second skin" that aids in healing.



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Cat With Fleas Lethargic?So my cat was totally fine before a two days ago. He suddenly became lazy and mopey. We soon found out that he had a lot of fleas on him. We picked most of them off, but he is still lazy and mopey. I was wondering if this is a case of anemia or something.


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Flea Treating a Dog With Puppies?My German Shepherd dog just had puppies and she has fleas. I would like to know what can I give her so she won't be passing them to the puppies?


plant with dark and lighter green patterned round leaves

What Is This Houseplant?A friend and neighbor who has since passed away gave me a start from her plant years ago. It wasn't doing very well in the last year, but is making a comeback! Can you tell me what type of plant it is so I can find out how to better care for it?


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Homemade V-8 Juice?I want to make home made V-8 juice using frozen tomatoes from last summer's garden. Anyone know how? If I make a lot of juice, can I then freeze some of it until I am ready to drink it?


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Truck Intermittently Blows Heat?I have a 2008 Silverado and yesterday I went to start it after only being parked an hour and heard a grinding noise, which stopped after 4-5 seconds. Then no air flow at all. I checked the blower motor, resistor, and wires, but it all is fine.


doll in dark dress with matching hat in box

Value of Hillview Lane Porcelain Doll?I have a limited edition Hill View Lane porcelain doll with authentication paper, but know nothing about it. It says it's limited to 400 pieces, but I can't find anything on it. It is in the original box.


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