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Ideas and advice for starting and running your own business. Tips include name ideas, cost estimates for supplies, services and more.

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A woman holding a stack of folded laundry

How Much To Charge For Cleaning and Laundry?Some homeowners like to have their cleaning service provider also do some laundry. This task is usually quoted as an additional charge. This is a page about how much to charge for cleaning and laundry.


A senior with a cane.

Name Ideas for Senior Home Care Business?Providing in home services to seniors and other housebound individuals is a popular small business. This is a page about name ideas for senior home care business.


Adult Day Care

Name Ideas for Adult Day Care Service?This page is about name ideas for adult day care service. One of the first things small business owners must decide upon is a good name.


A collection of jeweled hair clips.

Paparazzi Jewelry Business Name Ideas?Paparazzi jewelry businesses are based on a multilevel marketing model. Coming up with a name for your individual costume jewelry business can help you create interest and encourage others to join your team in a successful marketing endeavor.


A pair of handcrafted earrings.

Name Ideas for a Women's Jewelry and Accessories Business?Choosing a name for your new business is an important step as it can help attract future customers. This is a page about name ideas for a women's jewelry and accessories business.


Generic Body Products

Name Ideas for a Body Products BusinessThis is a page about name ideas for a body products business. Finding a catchy name for your personal products business is one of your important decisions.


A turquoise and silver bracelet.

Name Ideas for a Jewelry BusinessIf you are opening a jewelry business, picking the right name is an important step. Here are some great name ideas for a jewelry business.


Stacks of colorful boxes used for organizing.

Name Ideas for an Organizing BusinessThis is a page about name ideas for an organizing business. If you are planning to start a professional organizing business you will want a name that defines its scope and mission.


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End of Life Doula Specialist Business Name Ideas?My new business is very similar to a hospice and pretty new to the medical industry. I am a certified End of Life Doula Specialist. My work will be at the end of their journey. I focus on the emotional, spiritual, organizational, planning, grieving process of very end of life; working with families as well as the patient.



Cleaning checklist with cleaning supplies in the background.

How Much Does House Cleaning Cost?Whether you are looking for a cleaner or starting your own business, determining the average cleaning rates is a main consideration. This is a page about how much does house cleaning cost.


A professional woman with a headset working behind a large computer monitor.

Name Ideas for Concierge Service?A catchy descriptive name can help promote your personal services concierge business. This is a page about name ideas for concierge service.


A handmade wreath being assembled, with tools and materials.

Name Ideas for a Handmade Wreath Company?Choosing the right name for your handcrafted wreath company is an important part of your business startup process. This is a page about name ideas for a handmade wreath company.


Selling Pine Cones

Selling Pine ConesThis page is about selling pine cones. There can be people looking to buy these cones for their craft projects.


Fancy bath bombs and soap.

Name Ideas for a Bath Product Business?If you are starting a business selling bath products, picking the right name is an important step. Here are some name ideas for a bath product business.


Inside of Empty new home.

Rates for Cleaning New Construction HomesThis is a page about rates for cleaning new construction homes. Cleaning businesses often focus on specific types of cleaning jobs, such as private homes, businesses, or new construction.


Hand holding a cleaning supplies bucket.

Name Ideas for Cleaning Business Reflecting Military BackgroundSometimes new business owners like to incorporate something personal about themselves into the name for their business. This is a page about name ideas for a cleaning business reflecting a military background.


Making Handmade Jewelry

Name Ideas for a Handmade Jewelry Business?This is a page about name ideas for a handmade jewelry business. Choosing an eye catching name for your business can help make it more widely known and hopefully more successful.


Beauty products in glass bottles.

Natural Hair/Skin Care Products Business Name Ideas?When you are naming your business for natural hair and skin care products, you want the name to be catchy, easy to remember, and help describe what you have to offer.


Plates of baked goods on crates with cards in front listing names and prices

Selling Home Baked GoodsThis is a page about selling home baked goods. Turn your love for baking into a small business concern.


A group of friends drinking at a bar.

Ideas for Running and Promoting a BarPromoting a new business may require not only a good business plan, but the ability to be flexible with you ideas if some fail. This is a page about ideas for running and promoting a bar.


Making Cupcakes at Home

Name Ideas for a Homemade Food Business?Selling your homemade food items can be aided by an eye catching name for your business. Trying to decide on just the right one to entice customers can be difficult. This is a page about name ideas for a homemade food business.


Bent N Dent Grocery Store

Starting a Bent N Dent Grocery StoreThis is a page about starting a bent n dent grocery store. Opening a salvage or bent n dent grocery store is a popular small business opportunity.


Baked good for sale at a flea market.

Selling Food at a Flea Market?This is a page about selling food at a flea market. If you are considering selling food at a flea market there are likely steps that must be taken to get a permit to do so. Additionally, a second step in your planning would be to research the types of foods that sell well in this venue.


Folding Laundry

Starting a Wash and Fold Laundry Business?This is a page about starting a wash and fold laundry business. A business service that can be in demand is doing other people's laundry.



Kids at After School Program

Name Ideas for an After School Program?Choosing a name for an after school program can help define the focus of the activities and attract participants. This is a page about name ideas for an after school program.


canning at home

Starting a Homemade Food BusinessThis page is about starting a homemade food business. With proper licensing, your own culinary creations can be developed and made in your own kitchen.


Photo of Craigslist's website homepage.

Selling Items on CraigslistThere are few or no fees when selling items on Craigslist, but there are other things you should keep in mind. This page is about selling items on Craigslist.


Two women with cleaning supplies in an apartment

Bidding on an Apartment Complex Cleaning Job?Cleaning an apartment complex is different than cleaning an individual home. This is a page about bidding on an apartment complex cleaning job.


Round colorful bath bombs.

Name Ideas for Bath Bomb Business?If you are starting a business selling bath bombs and other bath items, it's important you pick the right name to represent you to the public. This is a page about name ideas for bath bomb business.


Homemade Pet Treats

Name Ideas for Homemade Pet Treats Business?This page is about name ideas for homemade pet treats business. When choosing a name for your business you want it to be simple and easy to remember.


Scones and loaves of breads laid out with prices on a table

Selling Baked Goods at Flea Markets?This is a page about selling baked goods at flea markets. One way to expand the market for your small baked goods business is to sell your product at the local flea market.



Business Name Ideas for a Bakery or Ice Cream ShopThis is a page about business name ideas for a bakery or ice cream shop. Whether your are opening a bakery, ice cream shop, or a combination of the two, finding the right name for your business is one of your important business decisions.


Two girls in private school uniforms sitting on steps in front of brick building

Private School Name Ideas?This is a page about private school name ideas. When choosing a name for a private school, you may want it to not only reflect the mission of the school but also be one that attracts the attention of prospective students and their families.


Crochet hook and pink yard.

Crochet Business Name Ideas?This is a page about crochet business name ideas. Starting your own crochet business is exciting, you get to do what you love and make money at the same time. A catchy or memorable name can help draw customers.


Breads Ready to Sell

Pricing Baked Goods to Sell?This is a page about pricing to sell baked goods. It can be hard to price homemade treats, because you want to ensure that you make a profit beyond the cost of the ingredients. Here are some tips for pricing baked goods to sell at a bazaar or bake sale.



Slogan Ideas for a DaycareA slogan communicates your business philosophy to your clients. This is a page about slogan ideas for a daycare.


A child playing with a nanny.

Name Ideas for a Nanny Service?This is a page about name ideas for a nanny service. Starting your own nanny service is very exciting. You want to make a success of your business venture and one aspect of that is to decide on a name that people remember and respond favorably to.


painting furniture business

Name Ideas for a Furniture Painting Business?Many crafters buy old furniture and refurbish or update it with paint. This can be done in a variety of styles, from elegant to whimsical. These newly update pieces can then be sold.


A bucket of cleaning tools.

How to Set Rates for Move Out Apartment Cleaning Services?Setting the proper rate for you cleaning service business is an important first step. Here are some ideas about how to set rates for move out apartment cleaning services.



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Wholesale Source of Scratch and Dent Appliances?Where can I buy scratched and dented products? I want to open up a store and I would like to buy products for my business. I am looking for TVs, refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers.


Two profession cleaners.

Name Ideas for Cleaning and Personal Services Business?Combining personal services with your cleaning business is a good business model. Choosing a name to convey this multi-focused service will be important for obtaining new clients. This is a page about name ideas for cleaning and personal services business.


A nurse helping a disabled man from his bed to his wheelchair.

Name for a Home Care Business for Disabled Individuals?Choosing an easy to remember and descriptive business name is one of the most important decisions a business owner makes. When you are a special care provider you can make a big difference in disabled people their families lives.


Deep Cleaning

How to Set Rates for Deep Cleaning ServicesKnowing the right amount to charge for your time cleaning a home or office is important information to have. Learn how to set rates for deep cleaning services that you offer.


A woman hanging pictures on a wall.

Name Ideas for Handmade Home Decor BusinessThis is a page about name ideas for handmade home decor business. Finding the best name for your handmade home decor business can be fun if not a bit frustrating too.


Kitchen accessories spread out on a table.

Name Ideas for Kitchen Accessories Business?Kitchen accessories can make cooking and baking easier and even more fun. For that reason they are very popular to purchase and even collect. Here are some name ideas for a kitchen accessories business.


Preschool classroom.

Montessori Preschool Name Ideas?You want the name to be easy to remember and a positive expression of your theme, when choosing one for your preschool. This page is about Montessori preschool name ideas.


Colorful cleaning supplies.

How to Set Rates for Move Out House Cleaning Services?Some house cleaners like to focus on specific job categories, such as move in or move out cleanings. Determining a fair and profitable rate can sometimes seem confusing. This is a page about how to set rates for move out house cleaning services.


Two people cleaning a house

How to Determine a Cleaning Fee for a House That Has Been Closed Up for Years?This is a page about how to determine a cleaning fee for a house that has been closed up for years. It can be hard to figure out what to charge for unique cleaning jobs. When a house needs more work than normal, it can be helpful to seek out advice from other people that may have done similar cleaning jobs.


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Names for a Mother/Daughter Cleaning Business?I need a business name for a cleaning business for my daughters and myself.


Opened wrapped gift box with tissue

Name Ideas for a Personalized Gift...This is a page about name ideas for personalized frame business. Finding a distinctive name for your business is one of your most important decisions.


Young Boy at Daycare

Name Ideas for a Childcare BusinessFinding a catchy name that people will remember is important when choosing a name for your daycare. This page contains name ideas for a childcare business.


A handyman working on a wood floor.

Name Ideas for a Home Renovation Business?This page contains name ideas for a home renovation business. When planning your new business you want to choose an catchy, easy to remember name.


Photo of silver jewelry.

Name Ideas for an Online Jewelry Business?Setting up an online jewelry business can be very exciting. Choosing the best name for your shop is an important first step. This is a page about name ideas for an online jewelry business.


A woman making homemade greeting cards.

Selling Homemade Greeting Cards?Whether you are selling retail or wholesale, you need to determine how much it costs you to make your cards. This is a page about selling homemade greeting cards.


A jewelry display showing a beaded necklace and earrings.

Name Ideas for a Business Selling Beaded Jewelry?This page contains name ideas for a business selling beaded jewelry. If you have a business that sells handmade beaded jewelry, here are some great business name ideas.


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Looking for a Daycare Slogan?I am opening a daycare called Mamma Bears Daycare but I can't find a slogan that I can use?


Two dogs outside.

Name for a New Pet Non ProfitI am looking to start a pet food pantry to assist families who struggle to feed their 'Best Friends'. I have a retired Police K9 named Echo and a Rescue Lab named Harley. I would use either name in the Pet Pantry Name. Looking for suggestions.


A few business people meeting.

Business Networking IdeasNetworking is a key to meeting the right people to help your business grow. Meetings and conventions can connect you with your competitors, supplies and potential clients whereas small meetings can have more direct influence.


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Food-Porn Page Name?My friend, whose name is Mahroo, wants to start a food-porn page with her name in it. Like, Mahroo's Kitchen. However, the names we're thinking of are very cliche and common. The vibe she's going for is a bit homely and casual but we're open to all ideas. Hope you guys can help.


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Body Contouring/Sculpting Business Name?I am retired and have decided to start a new business. Non invasive body contouring/sculpting. Laser lipo skin tightening wood therapy foot detox v steam cellulite reduction, etc. and spray tan for the finishing touch. I need help with a catchy but organic' high end name and logo. I must succeed. Can you please help?


An open sign on a business.

Choosing a Slogan for Your BusinessAfter you choose a business name, it's time to think about your slogan. This should contain more information about your services or products in a short, easy to remember phrase or sentence.


A teacher working with a young student.

Starting a Montessori School?I'm trying to start up a Montessori School at home 3/5 children. Do I need to register a company and is there a license requirement?


Slogan for Doggy Daycare and Boarding Business? - woman surrounded by dogs

Slogan for Doggie Daycare and BoardingI have opened a doggy daycare and boarding business because of my own two dogs, who have unique concerns. I'm looking for a tagline/slogan that makes my place stand out, as you always see happy dogs playing. But what about dogs that have trouble fitting in at other daycares or boarding facilities?


A building with a "Your Name Here" banner on the front.

Using Last Name as Business NameI HIGHLY recommend to all of you that are looking to name your business using your last name, reconsider it if it is your husband's last name.


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Early Learning Center Hashtag Suggestions?Can you suggest a few hashtags for my early learning centre?


Name for Homemade Face and Body Products Business? - scenery of unknown relevance

Name for Homemade Face and Body Products Business?I need help with a catchy name for my homemade products. I have been making my body products for over 10 yrs. I make lotions, deodorants, liquid and bar soaps, scrubs, and serum. I like to make it natural and as healthy as possible for the face and body. I have always loved to make everything from scratch.


A very organized closet

Starting an Organizing BusinessStarting an organizing business can be a good self employment option. Many people would love to be able to utilize such a service. There are a variety of resources to help get you started, including contacting people in your area who also run this kind of business. This page contains tips and links that can also help.


A person selecting a bottle of wine.

Name for a Bookstore/Wine Bar?Combining a bookstore and wine bar creates the need for a business name that incorporates both services. Some suggestions for such a business name follow.


A woman receiving an ice cream cone from a truck.

Ice Cream Truck Name IdeasStarting a new ice cream truck business is exciting. Finding the perfect name that not only attracts customers, highlights your specialties, and sticks in their minds is an important business decision. Following are some name suggestions to choose from or to get your mind working creatively.


A group of teens in a circle.

Business Names For Teen Group Homes?Choosing a name for your teen group home can help convey the focus of the business. This page contains some name ideas for teen group homes.


Two girls chewing gum.

Chewing Gum Name Suggestions?Launching a new product includes coming up with a great name that will help to sell it. This page offers some name suggestions for a new stick style chewing gum product.


A couple shopping for home decor after moving.

Name Ideas for an Online Home Decor Business?Establishing a successful online home decor business is helped by choosing an attention getting name that says something notable about your business.


A classroom of students.

Montessori School Name IdeasChoosing a name for your Montessori school is an important step in setting up your educational business. You will want something that speaks to your philosophy, is catchy, memorable, and unique.


A couple looking at a computer screen, showing a healthcare website.

Name Ideas for a Home Healthcare Website?Choosing a name for your health website should evoke your mission to anyone viewing it. Many website names are already taken so creativity in spelling and word choices are usually necessary.


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Name Ideas for a Natural Skin Care Products Business?I'm in love with all the creative ideas and names members proposed in the past so I'm encouraged to have your opinion. I'm starting my homemade natural skin care products business, including scrubs, oils, gift sets, etc. I'm looking for a catchy, sexy name. Get creative and let's have fun. '


A table of catered food, for a party.

Name Ideas for a Catering Business?Choosing the best name for your business is a very important part of the process. The name you choose will define your goals and services, as well as make potential customers want to choose your company. An exciting name can help your catering business stand out from the competition.


An American flag made of wood.

Name Ideas for a Wooden Flag Company?Wooden American flags are popular throughout the U.S. and can be manufactured and sold using basic equipment. Names for companies that sell these crafts should evoke the American spirit and pride in the red, white and blue.


A man and a woman discussing a business.

Name Ideas for an Image Consulting Business?Businesses sometimes need help with crafting the image that the public sees, for better sales and marketing. Here are name ideas for an image consulting business.


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Name Ideas for a Handmade Lollipop Business?I need some name suggestions for a business selling lollipops.


A man holding two bags of trash.

Starting a Valet Trash Service?If you are thinking of starting up a valet trash service you will need to step up a business plan. There are several aspects of this type of service that will will require agreements with the housing complex management and the residents.


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Starting an In-Home Senior Care Business?I want to start an in home senior non-medical care service. Do I need a license?


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Staging Business Name Ideas?I'm trying to start a staging business and I am looking for a catchy name. My name is Layana Charise T.


A couple next to an "Open" sign on a business.

Choosing the Right Name for Your BusinessChoosing the best name for your small business is an important step in the process of beginning this new adventure. The right name can help with advertising, as well as, product and service recognition.


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Business Name for Bed & Breakfast With Great Food?I am from deep east Texas and have been making Southern style cooking all my life. I am of American Indian and Greek decent. I am looking for a unique name for my food. I want to own a Bed & Breakfast so I can cook different styles depending on the clients staying with me. So I need a good name!


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Daycare Business Name Ideas?What's a good in home childcare name?


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Name Ideas for a Discount General Store?What's a good name for a discount store? I will be selling school supplies, house supplies, clothing, and food.


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Food Products Business Name Ideas?Padmasri is our brand name and and we are launching a food product division like masala products like MTR's powdered spices. Please suggest a fancy name starting with our brand name, Padmasri.


Neatly stored tools on a garage wall.

Garage Wall Storage Business Name Ideas?When you have a great idea to offer organizing garage solutions, you want to chose a brand name that is catchy and easy to remember.


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Homemade Soap and Bath Salts Business Name Ideas?I was looking for some good names for a soap and bath salts business.


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Name Ideas for a String/Line Art Home Decor Business?I am starting a new business selling string or line art home decor. I'm totally stumped for a name. Any suggestions?


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Name Ideas for a Positive Parenting Business?Need help naming my Positive Parenting business, but need a good name that is not taken. The focus will be on redirecting children's behavior.


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Name for a Shop Selling Bath and Kitchen Fixtures and Accessories?I am planning to set up a shop of sanitary ware (sinks, toilet bowls, etc.), tiles, and will hopefully add modular kitchens. How do I name it?


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Catchy Line for a Teaser Advertisement for a Preschool?We are launching a new preschool - Kinder World. Its motto is - Together we nurture. We need a catchy line for a teaser ad campaign before the main launch.


A collection of eye makeup.

Name Ideas for a Beauty and Cosmetics Business?Finding the right name for your makeup business will help make it successful. This page has ideas to help you name your new business.


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Name for a Handmade Baby Accessories Shop?I create baby products like pacifier holders, bibs, and necklaces. Everything is handmade. I need to give a name to my brand'so I can be easily recognisable.


A woman cleaning a countertop.

Advertising Your Cleaning Company?Writing your own ad copy will help you honestly present your available services and can save you money. This is a page about advertising your cleaning company.


A furniture store with lots of furniture.

Name Ideas for a Furniture StoreYou want your name choice to be easy to remember and describe your furniture service. This is a page about name ideas for a furniture store.


Weeding Pulling
Business Name Ideas - woman in field wearing a sun hat and carrying a plastic bag

Weeding Pulling Business Name Ideas?I work with a landscaping company that does it all except weed pulling from the flower gardens. I want to expand into weed pulling in flower gardens on the side. I need an awesome name!


Name for a Repackaged Farm Produce and Homemade Yogurt Shopt - plastic bag of beans

Name for a Repackaged Farm Produce and Homemade Yogurt Shop?I am repackaging different types of first grade local farm food stuff at affordable market prices in a store for easy shopping and also making home made yogurt for sale. I'm looking for a suitable catchy name for my business please.


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Cleaning Rate for an Empty House?I just cleaned a house and told them $250. Was that too much? It was a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, living room, dining room, office, and a wash room. It didn't have furniture, but I did clean all of the windows, swept, and mopped it. I started at 10:30 and didn't get done till 6. So was 250 a fair price?


Businessman is shopping online to choose a home property to buy about internet of thing concept, investment business background.

Name Ideas for Real Estate Virtual Assistant Business?There are many ways for real estate agents to use virtual assistants instead of hiring an assistant to come to the office. This is a page about name ideas for a real estate virtual assistant business.


A man painting a wooden board with a paintbrush.

Wooden Sign Painting Business Names?Finding the perfect name for your business that is easy to remember and explains your services, can be a challenge. This is a page about choosing wooden sign painting business names.


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Father and Daughter Cleaning Business Name?What are some good business names for a father and daughter cleaning business? My dad is retired and I am a single mom. We both love to clean and spend time together.


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Starting a Home Care Business for Seniors?Hello, my name is Jacqueline. I have been working as a PSW caring for seniors in their homes for over 22 years, and want to open my own business. I was planning to name it "My Home My Castle Home care Services." What do you think, or what should I name my business.


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Help With Automotive Detailing Slogan?I have business in automotive detailing. My business name is Pristine Detailing. I need help coming up with a catchy but simple and professional slogan to the business?


Tagline for a Real Estate Business?

Tagline for a Real Estate Business?I need a catchy, not too cheesy, tagline for my real estate business. My name is Adriana last name Ellen and I am a realtor.


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Organic Skincare Brand Name?Please can you guys help me with an organic skincare brand name. Something simple but tells luxury, eye catchy and self explanatory.


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Online Store Name IdeasHello! I need help! I don't know what to name my online store. I will be making customized bling Starbucks cups, but will also sell accessories for women like makeup and jewelry. Can someone give me tips on what I should name my online store?


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