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This page contains tips and advice about pest control in your garden.

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Bee on Hummingbird Feeder

Keeping Bees Out of a Hummingbird FeederBees and hummingbirds are often found in the same places in your garden. However, if you are putting out food for the hummingbirds it can attract an unwanted amount of bees. This is a page about keeping bees out of your hummingbird feeder.


Webworms on a Pecan Trees

Getting Rid of Webworms on Pecan Trees?Web worms are the larval stage of a small white moth. They typically appear on pecan and other trees in late summer and early fall. Sprays, both organic and chemical, can be used. Breaking the web and allowing birds to feast has worked for one reader. This is a page about getting rid of web worms on pecan trees.


Close up of red hibiscus.

Protecting My Hibiscus Plant From Little Green WormsThe caterpillar or larval stage of several insects enjoy munching on hibiscus plant leaves. This is a page about protecting my hibiscus plant from little green worms.


Ants herding aphids on a tree branch.

Keeping Ants Off Trees and ShrubsThis page is about keeping ants off trees and shrubs. These insects are responsible for farming aphids on many garden plants and trees.


What Is Eating My Pepper Plant Leaves?

Something Is Eating My Pepper PlantsMany insects and other critters enjoy the vegetables in our garden as much as we do. This is a page about something is eating my pepper plants.


Ant on a leaf.

Getting Rid of Ants in Outdoor Potted PlantsThis is a page about getting rid of ants in outdoor potted plants. Trying to safely get rid of ants in your outdoor potted plants can be frustrating.


Tomato Hornworms

Controlling Tomato HornwormsThis is a page about controlling tomato hornworms. The tomato hornworm is a common, destructive pest found in the garden ravaging not only tomato, but also, potato, pepper, eggplant, and tobacco plants.


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Keeping Squirrels from Eating Pecans?How do I get rid of pesky squirrels, other than killing them, so I can eat some of my pecans?


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Bugs Feeding on My Hibiscus?Some type of bug is chewing big holes in the leaves of my hibiscus plants. I have seen a few white flies, but I don't think that they are the culprit. This morning I saw the bug but have no idea what it is. It looks like a tiny mosquito. It has wings and maybe a green or yellow middle section. They fly very fast and about 5 to 10 were on some of the leaves. Please help. Thanks!


A hornworm pest to tomatoes.

Preventing Grubs From Eating Tomatoes?Grubs can attack tomatoes as the result of two situations. They may be the larvae of moths or could be entering fruit that has split from excess moisture. Differing solutions exist for each cause. This is a page about preventing grubs from eating tomatoes.


A pretty hibiscus flower.

Something is Eating My HibiscusFrom slugs to rodents, many animals like to feed off of flower shoots. This is a page about something is eating my hibiscus.


Leopard slug on hosta leaf.

Keeping Slugs Off HostasThis page is about keeping slugs off hostas. Slugs are a common pest to Hostas and can munch large holes in their leaves.



Bugs and beetles on Rose of Sharon bloom

Bug Eating My Rose of Sharon?This is a page about bug eating my rose of Sharon. Identifying the garden pests attacking your plants is the first step in getting rid of them.


Pink Canna Lilies

Something Is Eating the Leaves on Canna Lilies?Various garden insects can do damage to the leaves of your plants. Discovering the culprit can help you get rid of them. This is a page about something is eating the leaves on canna lilies.


Chicken in tomato plants

Animals Eating My Tomato PlantsThis is a page about animals eating my tomato plants. To stop the garden feasting, you will first want to identify the culprit.


head of cabbage

Using Tobacco Juice to Control Garden PestsThis is a page about using tobacco juice to control garden pests. Tobacco leaves or cut tobacco can be mixed with water and sprayed on veggies to control some garden pests.


Deer in a garden

Homemade Deer RepellentsThis page is about homemade deer repellents. Although proper fencing is the best way to deter deer, there are some things that fend them off.


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Bugs Eating My Collards?Several unidentifiable 'somethings' were crawling up the stems of my collards and there were a number of holes in the leaves. I made sure the leaves weren't touching the ground. What to do now?


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Rose of Sharon Buds Being Chewed?Something is eating the tips of my rose of Sharon buds. I've sprayed with Sevin and pulled all the chewed buds off the bush. All the new buds that grow are being chewed and never bloom. The leaves are healthy and there's lots of new growth on the bush.


Egg Shells

Using Egg Shells for CutwormsSpreading crushed eggshells around your garden bed in the spring can help kill off cutworms. This is a page about using egg shells for cutworms.


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Worms Eating Cherry Tree Leaves?What are the little worms eating leaves on my flowering cherry tree - they also hang from the branches?


A tomato plant with yellow flowers.

Protecting Tomato Plants from AnimalsThis is a page about protecting tomato plants from animals. We are not the only ones who enjoy a delicious tomato. Deer and even squirrels will help themselves to your garden produce. Depending on who is nibbling, there are different measures you can take to discourage your unwelcome dinner guests.


Insect eggs on the back of a tomato leaf.

Identifying Insect Eggs on Tomato?Anyone know what insect eggs these are on my tomato plants?


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Vinegar Or Pepper For Rabbit RepellentTips for keeping rabbits out of your garden. Soak a cotton ball in white distilled vinegar and place it in a 35 mm film container. Poke a hole in the top and place in your garden. Rabbits hate the smell.


Several beetles eating the leaves of a potato plants.

Using Black Pepper for Garden PestsMany gardeners prefer to use natural remedies for common pests. This is a page about using black pepper for garden pests.


Grapes growing under a net to protect them from the birds.

Protecting Grapes from BirdsThis is a page about protecting grapes from birds.


Squash Bugs

Grey Bugs on Gourds and Squash?What are the little grey bugs all over my gourds and squash and the vines? My plants seem to be dyeing because of these bugs.



Spraying a houseplant with gnats.

Gnats on HouseplantsGnats are a nuisance, especially when your house plants are covered in them. Get tips on getting rid of gnats on houseplants in this page.


A deer eating some leaves off a branch.

Egg Deer Repellant RecipeDeer don't like eggs, by using this recipe you will be able to deter deer away from your garden. This page has recipes for egg deer repellants.


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Squash Bugs on Gourds?My birdhouse gourds have squash bugs everywhere. There are too many to spray. My gourds are starting to get eaten and have brown spots on them. Should I pick the gourds early to save them from the bugs?


A strawberry with ants on it.

Getting Rid of Ants on Strawberry Plants?This page is about getting rid of ants on strawberry plants. Some insects like your strawberries as much as you do.


green frog

Preventing Frogs from Laying Eggs in a Pool?This page is about preventing frogs from laying eggs in a pool. Unwelcome guests may find your pool a good place to reproduce.


Forks around growing vegetables.

Forks to Keep Critters Away in the GardenThese past two years have been a challenge in the garden because of rabbits. I spent a lot of time and money with commercial sprays and powders. They did not work, even though I reapplied after watering and rain.


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Ecological Ways to Drive Moles Out of the GardenAlthough moles don't eat plants, they can damage the roots of plants and lead to their decay by digging numerous canals in the ground. There are many natural ways you can drive moles out of your garden. These are some of them.


Something Is Eating the Leaves on My Lilies - white lily flowers

Something Is Eating the Leaves on My LiliesAre the leaves of your lilies being ravaged by some unidentified pests? Insecticidal soap may be one method to treat this issue. Read on for more information.


Pink and yellow Hibiscus flower.

Removing White Flies from HibiscusTo rid your hibiscus plant of white flies spray with a mixture of 1 gallon warm water that has 1 cup sour milk and 1 Tbsp. flour added. Spray both sides of the leaves. This is a page about removing white flies from hibiscus.


Japanese Beetle

Saving My Plants from Japanese BeetlesIn addition to the pesticide sprays on the market you can use more natural solutions for getting rid of Japanese beetles in your garden. Try spraying a soap solution on the leaves. This is a page about saving my plants from Japanese beetles.


A picture of a blooming lilac bush.

Round Holes in Lilac Bushes?Round holes in your lilac bush's leaves may be the result of leaf cutter bees. These unaggressive pollinators cut circular or semicircular holes in leaves and use the material to line their nests. This is a page about what would eat round holes in lilac bushes.


Bugs stuck to tape.

Use Tape to Remove Bugs from PlantsA natural solution for a small bug infestation on your houseplants is to remove them using tape. No pesticides necessarily needed. This page is about how you can use tape to remove bugs from plants.


Organic Pesticides Being Sprayed on Rose

Organic Pesticide InformationYou don't have to use dangerous chemicals to control pests. There are many organic options to use as pesticides in your garden. This is a page about organic pesticide information.


Soda Bottles To Deter Cabbage Moth - upside down soda bottle over young cabbage plant

Soda Bottles To Deter Cabbage MothI was given a packet of cabbage seed. I planted them without reading the packet information. Later, I read that this Brunswick variety is best planted in the fall. My ag agent said they should do fine with some mulching. To protect the seedlings I used recycled plastic soda bottles.


Mylar Balloon

Using Mylar Ribbons as a Deer DeterrentDeers do not like shiny mylar ribbon. By tying it around your garden, you will be able to deter deer from nibbling on your plants. Learn more about using mylar ribbons as deer deterrent in this page.



A pumpkin vine with flowers.

Controlling Squash Vine Borers?This is a page about controlling squash vine borers. Prevent these pests from gaining access to the squash plants before they can destroy your whole crop.


Colorado Potato Beetle

Colorado Potato Beetle Spray RecipeThis is a page about Colorado potato beetle spray recipe. These potato pests can consume all the leaves of your crop. A spray can deter the beetles from your plants.


damage to chard leaf

Controlling Leaf MinersThis is a page about controlling leaf miners. Leaf miners do damage to leafy green crops. Preventing them will help you avoid losing your crops.


butterfly of an imported cabbage worm

Garden Insects: Imported Cabbage WormsThis is a page about garden insects: imported cabbage worms. The imported cabbage worm is one of the most common destructive pests that attack the cole crops (such as cabbage, kale, rutabaga) in your garden.


Bird Netting

Inexpensive Bird Netting?This page is about inexpensive bird netting. Protecting your garden fruits can be accomplished with netting, but it can get expensive and not last as long as you need it.


A grasshopper on a pink flower.

Grasshoppers Eating Flowers?Grasshoppers are a garden pest that enjoy eating plants. This page is about preventing grasshoppers from eating flowers.


growing tomatoes

Worms Eating Tomatoes?This is a page about worms eating tomatoes. Tomato plants are attractive to many different types of worms.


Strawberries growing.

Keeping Birds from Eating StrawberriesThis page is about keeping birds from eating strawberries. Protect your berries from thieves so you can enjoy them.



Grubs Eating MarigoldsThis is a page about grubs eating marigolds. The larval stage of certain beetles can attack the roots of your garden plants. There are several methods you can use to get rid of grubs and help save your flowers.


Locust on a plant.

Protecting Your Garden From Locusts?This is a page about protecting your garden from locusts. Locusts are a type of grasshopper. Swarms of them can descend on your garden and wreak havoc.


French marigolds growing in a garden.

Marigolds for Pest ControlThis is a page about marigolds for pest control. Marigolds are often used as companion plants in gardens because of their reputation for deterring certain garden pests.


Spiders in the garden.

Spiders for Pest Control in the GardenThis page is about spiders for pest control in the garden. These amazing creatures can help reduce the plant eating insects in the garden.


Plants That Repel Insects: Spearmint Plant

Plants That Repel InsectsThis is a page about plants that repel insects. Certain plants are known for their ability to repel some types of insects.


Grasshopper on Rock

Getting Rid of Grasshoppers NaturallyThis page is about getting rid of grasshoppers naturally. Too many of these insects can cause a lot of damage in the garden.


White Flies in the Garden

Getting Rid of White Flies in the Garden?This page is about getting rid of white flies in the garden. Finding the best way to reduce the number of insect pests is every gardener's goal.


Photo of radishes growing in a vegetable gardening.

Controlling Insects in Your Vegetable GardenThis page is about controlling insects in your vegetable garden. Knowing what insects benefit your garden plants, helps you identify the ones you don't want.


A photo fo a carrot growing in a vegetable garden.

Keeping Animals Out of Your GardenThis is a page about keeping animals out of your garden. Whether it is your neighbor's pet or some form of wildlife, keeping animals out of the garden can be difficult.


Antsin a Vegetable Garden

Getting Rid of Ants in a Vegetable Garden?This page is about getting rid of ants in a vegetable garden. Ants eat some plants and are notorious for farming aphids in the garden.


A garden fence to keep pets out

Keeping Pets Out of the GardenThis is a page about keeping pets out of the garden. The soft, nicely turned earth of your gardens is good for your flowers, but it is also unfortunately quite attractive to your and the neighbor's pets.


Squash Bugs

Protecting Your Garden From PestsThis is a page about protecting your garden from pests. Your beautiful flower or vegetable garden can come under attack from a wide variety of pests from insects to cute little furry wildlife.


Toad in a garden.

Attracting Toads to Your GardenThis is a page about attracting toads to your garden. Tried of having your flowers and vegetables serve as a smorgasbord for all kinds of garden pest. The toad is a great natural pest control solution.


Yellow bugs on plant stalks.

What Are These Bugs?I have never seen these funny yellow gold bugs before. They are smaller than a tomato seed. They appeared on a plant from a bulb DD ordered for me. The plant has not had a flower yet. This is the tallest of the plants out of 5 bulbs. The others have not bloomed and are only about 4 inches tall. They are either Grecian Rose or Asclepias mixture, which never grew at all.


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Animal or Bird Biting Off Top of Plants?What is biting my plants in half? They are biting the stem so the top of the plant is broken off, but not eating the greens just ruining the plant?


Getting Rid of Stink Bugs

Getting Rid of Stink BugsThis page is about getting rid of stink bugs. Stink bugs are an irritating pest that can cause a lot of damage to plants.


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Getting Rid of Garden Pests?I live in AZ and my hydrangea plants continually get infested by bugs along with some of my geranium plants. I have tried store bought insecticide and squirt of dishwashing soap/water solution in a spray bottle.


Organic Pest Control in the Garden

Organic Pest Control in the GardenThis is a page about organic pest control in the garden. Using organic pest control methods is a great alternative to the use of harmful pesticides.


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What is Eating My Plants?Something is eating certain leaves in my garden. I just potted a coleus plant on Sunday and something is eating that one already. I also have a sweet potato vine growing right near this and a full pot of basil, which are not touched at all.


Long legged spider on deck wood.

Getting Rid of Spiders in the Garden?I have an infestation of "harvestman" spiders in my garden, I need help! They suck the juice out of the leaves of the plant. If I spray a hosta plant there will be at least 100 of them running on our deck. They are everywhere, in every plant.


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Controlling Aphids on My Flowering Plums?I have flowering plums lining my driveway, and usually when I spray Ivory liquid in my sprayer, it controls the aphids, but not so this year. Is there a root treatment I can use?


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Protecting Plants from Potato Beetles?What can you do to protect your potato plants from beetles?


unidentifible grey mass on driveway

What Kind of Worms are These?My dad took this picture of thousands of worms headed for his flower bed in NC. Is anyone familiar? We have never seen such a thing!


Getting Rid of Pests on Onion Plants?How do I get rid of all the pests on my onion plants?


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Homemade Insect Protection for Apple Trees?Is there a recipe for home-made insect protection of apple trees?


What Are These Insect Towers?These insect towers have started to show up on my driveway. When I collapse them depending on the stage of development, I see either white crawling multipeds or flies with long oval wings. I wonder if they're a danger to my plants. I can't find any insects resembling them anywhere.


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Small Black Caterpillars Eating Leaves on Weeping Cherry?I have a little black caterpillars eating all the leaves on my new weeping cherry. How can I get rid of them?


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How to Get Rid of Snakes?Is there a particular plant that will discourage snakes from coming onto my property?


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Green Stink Bug Looking Insect Attacking Flowers and Tomatoes?I have bugs attacking my sunflowers, dahlias, roses, and tomatoes. It looks like a stink bug that is green, but how do I get rid of them in a natural way?


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Something is Eating the Tops Off of My Tomatoes and Peppers?Something is eating the top off of my tomatoes and peppers. I noticed it just in the last 2 days. What could it be?


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Bugs on Potato Plants?Does anyone know what I can use to keep the bugs off my potato plants without using chemicals?


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Something is Eating My Tiger Lilies?What could be eating my tiger lily blooms? Just after they begin to bloom, they are snipped off just below the blooms.


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Getting Rid of Blackbirds?Black birds are eating our suet and so the woodpeckers are staying away. The blackbirds eat a cake of suet in a day! Is there anyway to discourage them, actually send them on their way? We have so many other birds we'd rather be feeding. Thanks.


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Removing Aphids Organically?I need an organic way to get rid of the aphids on my squash plants.


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Keeping Insects Out of Bird Food Bags?Does anyone have a method to get rid of the moths that that develop in bird seed? We do not buy by bulk, we buy packaged seed like Kaytee. I use the little fly traps, recommended in the pet catalogs, but it does not take care of them all.


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Can I Use Dish Soap to Get Rid of Garden Pests?I heard that you can use a mild mixture of dishsoap and water to spray on your garden plants to prevent bugs. Is this true? My beans are being eaten severely.


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Rabbits and Squirrels Eating Garden Plants?How can you keep rabbits and squirrels from eating your garden plants?


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Getting Rid of Frog in My Yard?Does anyone know how to rid toads/frogs from your garden? They "talk" all night and it is impossible to get a nights rest.


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Getting Rid of Pests on Potatoes?How do you get rid of garden pests on potatoes? In the past we would use potato dust, but it is not available anymore. Thanks in advance.


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Keeping Flies Off of Shrubs?How do you keep flies off of shrubbery? It is a green shrub with green and white leaves and sometimes green and yellow leaves.


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Organic Treatment for Plum Curculio Beetles?My fruit trees have insects called curculio that destroy all the fruit when it is about an inch long. The agricultural department says the only thing you can use to kill this long nose insect is serious poisons. Does anyone know of a homemade organic way of getting rid of these little creatures?


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Little Green Worms on Zucchini Leaves?I found little green worms on my Zucchini plants. They are under the leaves. Some of them are in a web like material. How do I get rid of them and keep them from coming back?


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Aphids on Dill Plants?Aphids are taking over my dill, what do I do?


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Gnats on PlantsI recently repotted an indoor plant, put it back in my bathroom, and holy mackrel, hundreds of those little black bugs hatched over three weeks. I bug bombed the bathroom and it worked great.


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Will Vicks on the Fence Keep Raccoons Out?Will using Vicks on top of my fence keep raccoons out?


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Squirrel Eating Tree Bark?I have a problem with squirrels eating the bark on our red bud tree. Does anyone know where I can buy a tree baffle or how to make one? I have a baffle on our bird feeder, but that is too small for a tree.


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Seal Pruned Roses With GlueTo keep Rose Bores from burrowing into the pruned ends of Rose bushes, my mother always put a dab of white school glue, like Elmers, on the pruned end. I've been doing that for years and it works great.


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Voles in the Garden?How do I keep a voles out of the garden?


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Brown Bugs Eating My Flowers?I have these strange bugs attacking my flowers petunias, marigolds, etc. They are like a large ladybug, only brown rather than orange. They fly when disturbed.


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Rodents Eating My Tomatoes?We have a tomato plant on our deck, hanging in an upside down plant hanger. Something has been ravaging it during the night. The leaves are curled and some are chewed with holes. Some are missing altogether.


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Red Pepper as a Pest DeterrentTwo years ago I planted quite a few annuals, particularly impatiens, which I love. Within 10 days, nearly all of them had been munched right down to the ground. GRRR!


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Wrap Tree Trunk With Clear Plastic to Prevent Squirrel DamageSquirrels have been eating the bark off our red bud tree and have damaged it considerably. After trying almost every suggestion on the internet, we came upon a solution.


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Reducing Grubs In Lawn And Garden

Reducing Grubs In Lawn And GardenIn my mulch pile and in a fifty foot area surrounding it, are thousands of grub holes and their makers.


Ecological Ways to Drive Moles Out of the Garden

Ecological Ways to Drive Moles Out of the GardenAlthough moles don't eat plants, they can damage the roots of plants and lead to their decay by digging numerous canals in the ground. There are many natural ways you can drive moles out of your garden. These are some of them.


Marigolds to Repel Mosquitoes

Marigolds to Repel MosquitoesAt least in my part of the world, this seems to be a particularly bad summer for mosquitoes. Lots of different flowers and herbs are said to repel mosquitoes and other insects by their strong smell.


Hairnets To Protect Small Plants - plants covered with hair nets

Hairnets To Protect Small PlantsThis past spring, I had access to 3 two inch gardenia pieces. Just the very tips, mind you. I brought them home and rooted them. Now, I find there are other creatures that love the gardenia just as much as I do.


Cabbage Butterfly (Pireis rapae)

Stop The Cabbage Butterfly (Pireis rapae)Actually, my fall gardening tip it is more of a plea. In many areas of the country, fall is the time to grow cool season crops such as cabbage, kale, radish, broccoli, collards, and others. All these plants have something in common. They all are host to the cabbage butterfly, Pireis rapae.


Rubbing Alcohol for Mealy Bugs in a Succulent Garden - rosette succulent

Rubbing Alcohol for Mealy Bugs in a Succulent GardenKeeping a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol is convenient and can be used to get rid of mealy bugs on succulent plants! Rubbing alcohol is inexpensive and succulent safe while also getting the job done by getting rid of mealy bugs!


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A brown cocoon or egg on a leaf.

Is This an Egg or Cocoon?Does anyone know what type of critter likely built this?


Identifying What Is Eating My Tomato Plants - partially eaten green tomato

Identifying What Is Eating My Tomato Plants?Something has been in my garden eating green tomatoes and some leaves and leaving a green scat that kinda looks like miniature corn on the cob or pine cones.


A hoya with aphids.

Are These Aphids on My Hoya?I took my hoya indoors a month or two ago because of the cold and now I am noticing this residue over many of the leaves and stems. I'm wondering if this is aphid residue and what I could use to spray on it. I have tried a DIY spray that I have been putting on it weekly consisting of water, dish soap, and real lemon juice, but there continues to be this problem.


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Getting Rid of Webworms on Pecan Trees?Will high water pressure break the nest so birds can get to them?


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Keeping Grubs Out of Tomatoes in the Garden?How do I stop grubs from attacking my tomatoes while they are growing on the vine?


Banana Pepper Plant Leaves Damaged - heavily damaged/eaten pepper plant leaves

Banana Pepper Plant Leaves Damaged?I have a young banana pepper plant growing in a pot on a patio garden. However, almost all the leaves have some damage from something (I am guessing a pets/insect of some sort). My other plants, including a tomato, are unaffected. I have treated it with the recommended pest control, but I am wondering if I should prune the damaged leaves/stems or leave them alone.


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