January 26, 2017

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Making Poinsettia Magnets

Making Poinsettia MagnetsThese folded paper poinsettia magnets are fun to make seasonal decorations that can also be used on the fridge or other metal surfaces. This is a page about making poinsettia magnets.


Crochet Scarves for Barbie Doll

Making Crochet Scarves for Barbie DollsThis is a page about making crochet scarves for Barbie dolls. A quick crochet project that uses up yarn scrapes and will please a young doll owner.


4 additional bookmarks

Glitter Foam BookmarksGlittery sheet craft foam is a good choice for making decorative bookmarks. Vary them up with the accents you add. This is a page about glitter foam bookmarks.


Three different bookmarks made from wallpaper.

Wallpaper BookmarksLeftover wallpaper or pieces from a sample book can be made into beautiful bookmarks. This is a page about wallpaper bookmarks.


Beef Curry

Freezing Beef Curry?Curry leftovers can be saved for another meal by freezing. This is a page about freezing beef curry.


A plastic red container of ground coffee.

Finding Plastic Folger's Coffee Cans?Plastic contains can be used in many craft projects. This is a page about finding plastic Folger's coffee cans.


Turkey dinner on a plate.

Keeping Turkey Hot and Juicy After Cooking?Some foods, such as turkey, tend to dry out if not served quickly. This is a page about keeping turkey hot and juicy after cooking.


Stuffed Green Peppers

Stuffed Green PeppersStuffed peppers is a versatile recipe that is easy to make and inexpensive too. Changing up the stuffing routinely keeps them from being boring, unless you have a personal favorite. This is a page about stuffed green peppers.


A can of corned beef.

Freezing Canned Corned Beef?Freezing is a good way to preserve leftovers or extra food products for later use. This is a page about freezing canned corned beef.


A whimsical cow bookmark in black and white and pink with a rustic bow..

Cow Bookmark CraftStart with a craft stick and some paint and help the kids make this cute, funny cow bookmark. This is a page about cow bookmark craft.


Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas RecipeGarbanzo beans can be roasted for a delicious crunchy snack. This page contains roasted chickpeas recipe.


Identifying Cat Urine Stains on Hardwood Floor

Identifying Cat Urine Stains on Hardwood Floor?A black light comes in handy when trying to identify stains on hardwood flooring, as urine stains glow. This is a page about identifying cat urine stains on hardwood floor.


blue leather couch

Distinguishing Real Leather From FakeFake leather can look pretty authentic. Knowing what to look for will help you in distinguishing real leather from fake.


Driftwood Wall Hanging

Making a Driftwood Wall HangingLarge or small pieces of driftwood can be used to make lovely rustic wall hangings. You can add beads and other decorative items to tailor the hanging to complement your decor. This is a page about making a driftwood wall hanging.


yellowed keyboard

Making Yellowed Plastic White Again?Plastics can yellow over time and exposure to light. You may be able to whiten or paint it to restore a pleasing look. This is a page about making yellowed plastic white again.


Recycled Candle Wax Air Freshener - Air fresheners hanging from shower curtain rings.

Recycled Candle Wax Air FreshenerMake a pretty air freshener using leftover scented candle wax. It can be cut into fun shapes using a cookie cutter. This is a page about recycled candle wax air freshener.


A ladybug kids craft made from a paper plate.

Making a Paper Plate Lady BugPaper plates are a favorite craft supply for toddler and preschool craft projects. This is a page about making a paper plate lady bug.


finished singing angles, three pink and two blue

Making Singing Fingerprint AngelsThis cute fingerprint angel craft is fun to have your young children work on. Their artwork can then be displayed, or incorporated into cards, gift tags, and more. This is a page about making singing fingerprint angels.


A fused plastic heart for Valentine's Day

Fused Plastic Valentine's HeartThis recycled fused plastic heart bag is a great kid's craft for Valentine's Day. Learn how to make this heart craft in this step by step guide.


An angel pinecone Christmas ornament

Pinecone Angel OrnamentsGather some pinecones and make these little angel ornaments as a family project. This is a page about pinecone angel ornaments.


Macaroni and cheese on a plate

Making Better Boxed Macaroni and CheeseThis is a page about making better boxed macaroni and cheese. You can add a variety of other foods to mac and cheese to make it a delicious main dish.


Mopping a hardwood floor.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors With Murphy's Oil Soap?Using Murphy's oil soap on hardwood floors can have mixed results. This is a page about cleaning hardwood floors with Murphy's oil soap.


Bowl of cream of chicken soup.

Make Your Own Condensed SoupIt is easy to make your own fresh condensed soup to use in recipes that call for this as an ingredient. This is a page about make your own condensed soup.


A couple with a computer and a bag of groceries.

Using a Computer to Organize Your Shopping ListThis is a page about using your computer to organize your shopping list. Having a convenient list of the items you need will help you stay within your budget and save time.


pink crochet rose

Making Crocheted RosesThese pretty crochet roses will last long past fresh ones, making them a perfect gift or addition to your home decor. This is a page about making crocheted roses.


Fudgy Whole Wheat Pumpkin Cake Brownies - baked brownies

Fudgy Whole Wheat Pumpkin Cake Brownie RecipeThis page contains fudgy whole wheat pumpkin cake brownie recipe. Chocolate lovers will enjoy this rich, healthy pumpkin dessert.


How to Wash a Cashmere Sweater - soak in lukewarm water with a few drops of baby shampoo

How to Wash a Cashmere SweaterCashmere sweaters are lovely, soft, elegant, and often dry clean only clothing items. This is a page about how to wash a cashmere sweater.


A recycled CD as a floral wall hanging.

CD Wall HangingA CD, some lace, and a faux flower are used to create this pretty wall hanging. This is a page about CD wall hanging.


A cabinet with several types of dishes.

Using Mismatched DishwareYou can set a beautiful unique table using mismatched dinnerware. The many colors and patterns can be very attractive and personalized. This is a page about using mismatched dishware.


Leftover Mashed Potato Soup

Leftover Mashed Potato SoupTry making this delicious soup using those leftover mashed potatoes. It is a certain family pleaser. This is a page about leftover mashed potato soup.


A sewing machine.

Feed Dogs Not Advancing Fabric?You can't use your machine when the feed dogs malfunction and don't move the fabric forward. This is a page about feed dogs not advancing fabric.


Healthy Breakfast Burritos

Healthy Breakfast Burrito RecipeBy building your own breakfast burrito, you can improve its flavor and nutritional value. This page contains a healthy breakfast burrito recipe.


A plate of crunchy spaghetti with cheese.

Crunchy Spaghetti with CheeseThis impromptu crunchy cheesy snack is simple to make from ingredients you probably have on hand. This is a page about crunchy spaghetti with cheese.


Stuffed Yellow PeppersThe yellow bell pepper is somewhat sweeter than the green, but just as good a choice for making your favorite stuffed pepper recipe. This is a page about stuffed yellow peppers.


Red and white heart wall hanging.

Hearts and Ribbon Wall HangingPainted wooden hearts and ribbon are used to create this pretty wall hanging. It is perfect for Valentine's Day and all year long. This is a page about hearts and ribbon wall hanging.


Finished hearts - 3.

3D Valentine HeartsMaking paper strip hearts is a fun craft for creating Valentine's Day decorations. This is a page about 3d Valentine hearts.


Clipped to the page of a book.

Simple Paperclip BookmarksPaperclip bookmarks are quite functional, and additionally, they are easy enough for children to make. This is a page about simple paperclip bookmarks.


How to Make Cross Silhouettes - finished  poster paint cross

How to Make Cross SilhouettesMaking silhouettes with paints and other art supplies is easy and can be used to create a variety of works. This is a page about how to make cross silhouettes.


filled peppers

Brown Rice Stuffed PeppersThis meatless stuffed pepper recipe uses seasoned brown rice as the stuffing. It is a delicious alternative to meat based recipes. This is a page about brown rice stuffed peppers.


A woven felt sachet in the shape of a heart.

Woven Felt Sachet HeartRibbon woven through a felt heart helps you create these beautiful handmade sachets. This is a page about woven felt sachet heart.


A child holding hands with a young adult.

Rights and Responsibilities of Unwed Parents?There can be certain legal challenges that arise for unwed parents when it comes to issues of custody, visitation, support, and other concerns regarding their relationship with their children. This is a page about rights and responsibilities of unwed parents.


Couple making pizza together at home.

How to Make Homemade PizzaMaking your own pizza is fun, inexpensive and delicious. Learn how to make homemade pizza in this page.


Abundant Hearts Valentine's Day Card - add self adhesive foam squares to back of beaded heart  and stick to card

Abundant Hearts Valentine's Day CardMultiple heart motifs and elements make this lovely card sure to please your Valentine. This is a page about how to make an abundant hearts Valentine's Day card.


Bead and Fabric Necklace - finished necklace with ends tied

Bead and Fabric NecklaceA fabric tube and your choice of beads with larger holes are what you will need to make this unique necklace. This is a page about bead and fabric necklace.


Seasonal Refrigerator Magnets

Making Seasonal Refrigerator MagnetsEven the front of your fridge can reflect the changing seasons and current holidays, when decorated with homemade magnets. This is a page about making seasonal refrigerator magnets.


A fountain pen on a wood surface.

Removing an Ink Stain on Wood Furniture?Care needs to always be taken when removing stains from wood furniture. The products used could damage the finish; pretest solutions in an inconspicous location. This is a page about how to remove an ink stain on wood furniture.


Classic Mayonnaise

Classic MayonnaiseYou can make your own mayo with simple ingredients from your pantry. Get this classic mayonnaise recipe in this page.


Sorting Construction Paper by Color - file box filled with labeled folders

Storing Construction Paper by ColorOrganizing your construction paper supply by color not only makes it easy to find the color you need, but alerts you when it is time to replenish certain colors. This is a page about storing construction paper by color.


seed in soil of carton sections

Egg Carton GardeningThe cavities in egg crates are just the right size for starting many types of seeds. An added advantage to the paper style is that it can be cut apart and the seedling planted in the soil container and all. This is a page about egg carton gardening.


Unsealed Wooden Floors

Cleaning Unsealed Wooden FloorsUnsealed wood flooring can be kept looking good by using an oil or wax finish. Then just use the best cleaning method for the finish you choose. This is a page about cleaning unsealed wooden floors.


finished multiple doily door decoration

Doily Heart DecorationColored paper backed heart shaped doilies can be made into pretty Valentine's Day door decorations. This is a page about doily heart decoration.



Chicha (Cat) - closeup of white cat with green eyes

Chicha (Cat)My aunt found her in the street when she was around 1 month old. Then my aunt gave her to my mom, and we tried to give her out in adoption, but after some months we decided to adopt her ourselves.


canola oil bottle

Oil as Substitute for Butter in BakingButter is a type of shortening that helps create good volume, texture and forms emulsion in cakes. When you start baking and you run out of butter you can still substitute it with oil. Oil is also a type of shortening but the difference is that oil is liquid and butter is solid, but they have the same effect.


Watches stored on an empty bottle.

Empty Bottles for Displaying Watches or BraceletsI've always had a spray bottles, foam bottles for my hair, and colognes. Every time those bottles get emptied, I always keep thinking how to use it again or how it can help inside my home. I had this idea to used it as a watch organizer or a bangle organizer. That made things looks neat and arranged.


The sun glimmering through tall trees.

The Sun GlitzIt was a hot sunny day and I was walking under the cold big pine trees, when I noticed the sun glimmers on those trees. It was perfectly beautiful, how nature made each other a magical way combining art, landscape, and gift.


Easy Transfer Of Seedlings And Rootings - seeding with strip still up both sides

Easy Transfer Of Seedlings And RootingsThe majority of seedlings and cuttings I start indoors are in homemade paper pots. The advantages of these pots are that they are free and you can plant the whole pot, paper and all. I also use cell packs.


A heart shaped butterscotch pudding dessert, on a plate.

Valentine's Day on a Shoestring BudgetDue to unforeseen circumstances, my budget for this year's Valentine's Day will be very small. I will not be able to afford expensive food or a lavish dessert, but that does not mean that I want to skimp on the celebrations.


A few vintage tins being reused to store food in the kitchen.

Vintage Tins for Storing FoodstuffsKeep flour, sugar, and any other imaginable dry goods in these attractive collectible tins. They can be found at yard sales, Goodwill, and eBay.


Cut piece of pineapple dessert

Light and Fluffy Pineapple DessertWhen you taste this fluffy dessert, you will be amazed at the delightful flavor. It looks so rich, but is light and easy for after a dinner. It contains jello, whipped cream cheese, Cool Whip and pineapple. You will love how it looks and tastes.


A flowerbed around a large tree trunk.

Shower Pan Liner For Flower BedsHere is a picture of flower beds lined with shower pan liner. The liner protects the tree trunk and makes maintenance so easy. It helps keep weeds and tree roots out. I ran across it while deleting emails and thought it would be enjoyed by others who are waiting for spring, just as I am.



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Treating a Dog's Itchy Ears?We have a Lab/Husky mix. Our baby is 1 and half years old and recently has started scratching her left ear. We just thought it was the seasons, our Pit/mix does the same. The other day we noticed that the hair on the outer ear was getting thin.


Curtain Color Advice

Curtain Color Advice?I have a new house with Sherwood paint keratin on all walls. The living room and dining room are like a L shape. There is one big window in front, with 3 windows close together. Should I keep all curtain colors the same? I want to hang curtains and blinds. Can you please give me so ideas?


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Value of 10" Opal Rose Porcelain Doll?I have a 10" Opal Rose porcelain doll in its original box, even with the bubble wrap. It has the certificate of authenticity. She is #848 made of 5000. How much do you think she is worth?


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Dimmer Switch Affects Wall Outlets?I installed a dimmer switch to control my overhead ceiling lights, but I did not anticipate that the wall outlets would be controlled by the dimmer switch too. Is there a simple way to separate them so the wall outlet receives the full volume of electrical output while the ceiling lights are dimmed?


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Rooting a Piece of a Texas Sage Plant?Some repair guys went through my backyard and actually broke one of my Texas sage plants. The base is still okay; the top part broke off. I was wondering if I could still save that broken off part somehow or is it gone for good?


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13 Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is on March 26th, but we are away then so we are celebrating in late February, early March. I am inviting 17 friends, ages 12-14. I don't want to do a typical movie party. My budget is 100-200 dollars, not including food or goodie bags, it is just for the activities.


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Banana Pudding for 150 People?How do I figure banana pudding for 150 people?


Identifying a Houseplant - plant with large dark green leaves and clusters of small white flowers

Identifying a Houseplant?I got a planter with mixed plants for Christmas and have separated them. They didn't appear to be enjoying their time together, but I need to identify 2 of them. Any ideas?


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Buying a Bagless Vacuum?What is a good brand of bagless vacuum cleaner with a powerhead?


Is My Dog a Pit Bull?

Is My Dog a Pit Bull?I was wondering if you think that Doobie is a Pit? He is the black one.


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Getting Free Furniture?How do I get help finding free furniture?


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Name for Organizing Business?I want to start a business to keep financial records and personal organizing. My name is Salley Talley. So maybe with the initials ST. Or I would like to incorporate the name Zetta or the letter Z. Any ideas?


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