March 16, 2017

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Stickily side table

Selling Antique Stickely Furniture?Antique furniture can vary widely in value, depending on the condition and rarity of the piece. Stickely is a well made and collectable brand of furniture. This is a page about selling antique stickely furniture.


A bowl of caramel corn.

Microwave Caramel CornIf you love the flavor of caramel corn, then try making some at home anytime. This is a page about microwave caramel corn.


Frugal Tips for Prom

Frugal Tips for PromProm can be lots of fun, even without breaking the bank. This is a page about prom-tastic fashion for less.


Apple Pie Coffee Cake

Apple Pie Coffee Cake RecipeCoffee cake and apple pie make a wonderful combination that just about anyone will love. This page contains apple pie coffee cake.


Caramel Cocoa Recipe

Caramel Cocoa RecipeHere is a delicious drink to warm you up on a cold winter day. This page contains caramel cocoa recipe.


Finding a Lost Parent

Finding a Lost Parent?If you were not raised by your biological parent it would be a difficult and emotional process to locate your lost parent. This is a page about finding a lost parent.


A mint container and a package of bobby pins.

Uses for Plastic Mint ContainersIn our search to find ways to reuse plastic containers, here is an example of uses for mint containers. This is a page about uses for plastic mint containers.


A pot of soup in a slow cooker.

Recipe Ideas for Ulcerative Colitis?If you or a loved one has Ulcerative Colitis, your diet will most likely be very restricted. This page contains recipe ideas for ulcerative colitis.


Mop Reviews

Mop Reviews?When it's time to by a new mop, it can be helpful to hear other peoples experiences with their mops before making your purchase. This is a page about mop reviews.



Freezing Bananas in the PeelA common way to freeze bananas for use later is to simply freeze them with the peel still intact. This is a page about freezing bananas in the peel.


An electric can opener being cleaned with vinegar.

Disinfecting a Can OpenerAny kitchen tool that comes in contact with food should be cleaned prior to using it again. This is a page about disinfecting a can opener with vinegar.


Sweet and Sour Meatballs in pot

Easy Sweet and Sour Meatballs RecipeSweet and sour meatballs are a mouthwatering dish that makes a great main dish or appetizer. This page contains easy sweet and sour meatballs.


Multiple rolls of roofing felt.

Cutting Roll RoofingRolled roofing can be difficult to cut. This page contains a tip to make cutting roll roofing easier.


aggressive dog

Does Neutering a Dog Reduce Aggression?Many pet owners look to neutering their dog as a way to reduce aggression. It may help to some extent, but it is not a cure for aggressive behavior. This is a page about, "Does neutering a dog reduce aggression?".


Red Velvet

Restoring the Nap on VelvetAs long as it isn't too damaged, it is possible to somewhat restore the nap on velvet. This is a page about restoring the nap on velvet.


Jealous Dog

Dealing With a Jealous DogPerceived jealously in dogs can actually result from a number of things, such as their establishing dominance or illness. Determining the cause can help change the behavior. This is a page about dealing with a jealous dog.


Bent Silverware Bracelet

Bending Silverware for Crafts?Silverware can be used for all sorts of creative craft ideas. This is a page about bending silverware for crafts.


Lentil and Ham Soup

Lentil and Ham SoupHam and lentils go very well together in this classic soup. This page contains lentil and ham soup.


Burgundy Carpet

Curtain Color Advice for Burgundy Carpet?When installing new curtains in a room with burgundy carpet, it is important to match the color well. to tie the room together. This is a page about curtain color for burgundy carpet.


Simple Beach Centerpiece - wide shallow dish with shell collection

Beach Themed CenterpiecesWhether for a party or to enhance your decor, a beach themed centerpiece is fun to make and can incorporate collected shells and other items. This is a page about beach themed centerpieces.


A sheet pan with caramel covered nuts.

Caramel Pecans or Walnuts RecipeTry this delectable dessert next time want some caramel nutty goodness. This page contains caramel pecans or walnuts recipe.


Computer Desk

How to Make a Temporary Computer DeskIf you are not ready for a permanent solution for your computer workspace, finding a workable temporary option is best. This is a page about How to make a temporary computer desk.


Truck heater vent.

Ford F-150 Heater Not Working?If your Ford F-150 truck heater isn't working you will want to get it fixed before cold weather sets in. This is a page about Ford F-150 heater not working.


Cardboard Box

Making Raised Garden Beds Using Cardboard BoxesRaised beds are usually made from wood, concrete or stone. You can use something as simple as a large cardboard box however, it will last likely only last one season. This is a page about making raised beds using cardboard boxes.


Decorated Napkin Rings

Decorated Recycled Napkin RingsNapkin rings are a perfect thing to make from a recycled items. This is a page about decorated napkin rings.


Lighting a fire with waterproof matches.

Homemade Waterproof MatchesWaterproof matches can be a handy thing to have, especially if you are out campaign or hiking. This is a page about homemade waterproof matches.


Standard poodle.

Dealing With an Aggressive Poodle?No matter the breed, if you have an aggressive dog, it can be difficult for you and your family. This is a page about aggressive poodle.


A cupcake made with bananas and chocolate chips.

Banana Cupcake RecipesBanana cupcakes are a delicious way treat you can enjoy any time. This page contains banana cupcake recipes.


A silicone kitchen mitt on a hand.

Using Silicone Kitchen MittsSilicon oven mitts are a great way to protect your hands from the heat of the oven and other hot item in your kitchen. This is a page about silicone kitchen mitt.


Mud Pie

Mud Pie RecipesMud Pie is an easy to make dessert that will get devoured in no time. This page contains mud pie recipes.


A pitcher and glass of lemonade on a table outside.

Lemonade Syrup RecipeMake your own lemonade concentrate to freeze and enjoy well after the fruit harvest. This page contains lemonade syrup recipe.


Coupon and scissors.

How Can I Get More Coupons?Having more coupons to use will definitely give you more opportunity to save money when you shop. This is a page about how can i get more coupons?.


A piece of embroidery thread being inserted into a knot.

Using Thread to Untie KnotsThread can be used to loosen knots in rope or larger twine. This is a page about using thread to untie knots.


A man using a tablet to shop.

Bill Me Later, Same as Cash, and Payment Plan SitesSome websites have payment plans for purchasing large ticket items. This is a page about looking for bill me later, same as cash and payment plan sites.


Damaged Mailbox

Preventing Mail TheftMail theft is a federal crime but that doesn't deter some people. Having a secure mailbox is the best way to prevent mail theft. This is a page about preventing mail theft.


Close up of a squirrel.

Natural Repellent for SquirrelsYou may want to keep squirrels out of your garden or bird feeders. This is a page about natural repellent for squirrels.


Confederate Jasmine

Confederate Jasmine Leaves Turning Brown and Falling Off?If the leaves on your confederate jasmine are browning and falling off, that may be a sign your plant stressed. This is a page about confederate jasmine leaves turning brown and falling off.


Several pieces of fudge with walnut pieces.

Chocolate Caramel Walnut FudgeThe delicious addition of walnuts and the flavor of caramel enhance this chocolate fudge recipe. This is a page about chocolate caramel walnut fudge.


Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding for a Large Group?Banana pudding is a great dessert treat to make for large groups. This is a page about banana pudding for 150 people.


A tall glass of tomato juice.

Making Juice With Frozen Tomatoes?Here is a recipe for making juice from some of those frozen tomatoes from your garden. This is a page about making juice with frozen tomatoes.


A slice of coffee cake on a plate.

Bisquick Coffee Cake Recipe?Quick, easy and delicious, a coffeecake made with bisquick is a fantastic treat. This page contains recipe for bisquick coffee cake.


Crockpot Honey Garlic Sesame Chicken

Crockpot Honey Garlic Sesame Chicken RecipeCooking chicken in a crockpot is great way to keep it moist and delicious. This is a page about crockpot honey garlic sesame chicken recipe.


Smothered Chicken

Smothered Chicken RecipesSmothering or cooking meat in a flavorful sauce is a delicious and easy to make meal that requires little prep. This page contains smothered chicken recipes.


Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Cinnamon Coffee Cake RecipeHere is a delectable dessert that is sure to be a hit. This page contains cinnamon coffee cake recipe.


Some freshly cut wheat stalks.

Growing Wheat Under Artificial Light?Wheat can be sprouted and grown under artificial light. This is a page about growing wheat under artificial light.


An instructor and student in a welding class.

Saving Money at Local Technical SchoolsLocal technical schools often offer services at a discounted rate to help train their students. This is a page about help your local tech school and save money.


Greeting Card

Donating Greeting Cards to St. Jude's Recycled Card ProgramUpdate: St. Jude's has discontinued this program due to a lack of demand and the difficulties in running the program. This page is about donating greeting cards to St. Jude's recycled card program.


Flaxseed Muffin in a Mug

Flaxseed Muffin in a Mug RecipeHere's a fast healthy muffin in a mug that you can whip up anytime. This page contains flaxseed muffin in a mug recipe.


Canned frosting being spooned into a bowl.

Thinning Canned Frosting?Canned frosting is convenient, but it may be too thick for the decorating application you desire. Thinning it is an option. This is a page about thinning canned frosting.


Socks and boots on a leg.

Preventing Slouching Socks in BootsIf your socks keep slipping down when you wear boots, it can be annoying and even uncomfortable. This is a page about preventing slouching socks in boots.


Easy Stuffing

Easy Stuffing RecipeStuffing isn't just for Thanksgiving, you can make this easy stuffing anytime of year. This page contains easy stuffing recipe.


Insurance Claim Form

Insurance Claims on a Stolen Vehicle?If your vehicle is stolen, you will need to make a claim with your insurance company to recover the value lost. This is a page about insurance claim and stolen vehicle.


drying shells and bag of crushed shells

Save Eggshells for Planting TomatoesAdding eggshells to your garden and compost is a common all natural way to add key nutrients to the soil. This is a page about save egg shells for planting tomatoes.


Beef Stew in bowl

Ginger Beef Stew RecipeA hearty stew with a spicy ginger kick makes for a delectable meal. This page contains ginger beef stew recipe.



cut piece from loaf of bread

Cinnamon Sugar Walnut RollThis is a super simple way to make a fluffy and delicious cinnamon sugar walnut roll using pre-made frozen pizza dough.


applesauce oat muffin on plate

Healthy Applesauce Oat MuffinsDelicious, healthy, easy to prepare muffins that can freeze well. What more could you want?



Upcycled Easter Bunny Craft - closeup of finished bunny

Upcycled Easter Bunny CraftEaster is around the corner! Here is a cute craft that you and the kids can do together to prepare for the Easter egg hunt. Turn an empty toilet paper roll into an Easter Bunny. The craft is fun and easy enough to keep those little hands busy while waiting for the Easter Bunny to deliver all the Easter eggs.


Easy Snow Globe - finished snow globe

Easy Snow GlobeThis fun project can be made during one of your bonding times with the kids. It is so easy to make, but also make sure to guide and assist them as you do the cutting and take extra care with the small particles of glitter.


The busy Oceanside Pier in California.

Oceanside Pier (CA)Oceanside Pier is one of the longest piers I have visited. This is a nice area to take a stroll, watch the surfers, fishers and enjoy the beach and wildlife. There is plenty of parking, places to sit and rest, and enjoy the view.


Download Store Apps for Discounts

Download Store Apps for DiscountsDo you have a smartphone? If you do, you could actually be saving some money! Check your local stores you shop at and see if they have an app. Chances are if they do, there is usually an incentive like clipping mobile coupons, clipping manufacturing coupons, mobile rewards or some sort of perks/deals!


Statement Pendant Necklace - finished pendant

Statement Pendant NecklaceCollect a pile of colourful plastic lids from food tubs and you can easily make this bold and bright pendant. Make sure the plastic is not brittle. You need the flexible type that can easily be cut with scissors.


A hard boiled egg inside a cup.

Peel Hard Boiled Eggs EasilyMany times we have difficulty peeling hard-boiled eggs. Sure, sometimes they are easy to shell, but for some reason at other times, the shells splinter into a thousand pieces and stick to the white! Just by using a spoon, I have made the process of using a hard boiled egg incredibly easy.


A frisbee being used as a paint palette.

Acrylic Paint Palettes from Children's FrisbeesI found these adorable little Frisbees which were in the Easter basket section of Walmart. They are so adorable and make great paint palettes. I was going to put one in an Easter basket, but changed my mind. They would also make great saucers for potted plants to sit in, as well.


Scotch Magic Tape for Jigsaw Puzzles

Scotch Magic Tape for Jigsaw PuzzlesI like to work jigsaw puzzles while sitting on a bed, with my children. In order to avoid frustration, we use Scotch Magic tape to tape each piece together. This ensures that we will always be able to put it away unfinished and yet start on it again the next time, right where we left off.


A bottle of Truvia Nectar.

Product Review: Truvia NectarThis is a stevia sweetener blended with honey. It is used just like honey, and tastes and pours exactly the same. The big difference is that it is much lower in sugar, carbs and calories.



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House Training an Abused Dog?We just adopted an older, abused dog from the pound. He has only had 2 accidents in the house the last 5 days, but we are beginning to believe he wasn't properly housebroken to begin with. Any suggestions to help us train him?


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Spayed Cat Spraying in House?My female cat was spayed 1 year ago and is now just starting to spray in my house again. She is also lifting her buttocks up in the air when you talk to her and meowing all the time. We have two outside "barn" cats that come on our porch (one is male). They do not mark, just lay about.


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Bleach Cleaner Left Shower Door Cloudy?I recently used Clorox with bleach (spray) on my glass shower door because I was out of the usual cleaner I use. It seems to have clouded it up with streaks that I cannot remove with anything. Is it possible to ruin glass with bleach?


A detached arm on a porcelain doll.

Attaching the Arm on a Porcelain Doll?Can someone please tell me how to attach a tie on arm to a china doll?


What Breed Is My Dog? - yellow puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?We just got Miss Buttercup from the Humane Society about a week ago. There was a litter that was found and dropped off. We are very curious to know her mix and how big she will get? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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Storing Bath Bombs?Do your bath bombs have to be in the freezer till you are ready to use them? I took mine out of the freezer and the next day it deformed.


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15th Birthday Party Theme and Activities?I'm turning 15 and I've always struggled with thinking of themes and entertainment for my birthday parties. There will be both males and females at my party. What kind of thing could I do? By the way, my friends and I all attend an arts school, if that helps at all.


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Microwave Fudge Not Setting Up?My mom taught me the very easiest way to make fudge in the microwave. This last time I did make it in the microwave, but it just won't set. It was even put in the freezer over night!


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Homemade Furniture Polish Recipe?Can I use safflower oil instead of olive oil?


Value of Ceramic Bowls with Asian Motif - two bowls and a jar

Value of Ceramic Bowls with Asian Motif?Can someone please tell me if they're worth anything? They have been in the family for years.


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Storing Leather Coats and Jackets?I have leather coats and leather jackets. How can I prevent them from getting damp and mold on them?


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Repairing a Burn Mark on Jeans?My friend left her hot straightener on my denim jeans and it left a mark, is there anyway I can remove the mark?


Value of Asian Soup Bowls and Spoons -  white china bowls with matching spoons

Value of Asian Soup Bowls and Spoons?I have had these too for I don't know how many years. Can anyone help with a price?


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?My ex son-in-law just passed away (51 yrs old always worked). He left behind three boys (10 yr old twins and an 8 yr old brother plus my daughter his recent ex). She has an upcoming meeting with Social Security. Do you have any idea what she will get per child and does she qualify for benefits? Thank you.


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