July 18, 2017

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Handmade Paper Frame

Handmade Paper FramesAdd a personal touch to any photograph or piece of artwork. Paper can be used to cover an inexpensive frame or to make a custom matting.


How to Make Crystallized Marbles - drain water and enjoy the crystallized marbles

How to Make Crystallized MarblesCracked glass marbles can be used as decorations with all sorts of craft projects. This is a page about how to make crystallized marbles.


mixing ingredients in bowl

Black Bean Veggie Burger RecipeBeans make a perfect based to create these healthy and mouth watering veggie burgers. This page contains black bean veggie burger recipe.


glass of wine

Wine Jelly RecipeWine jelly can make a mouthwatering addition to eat with cheese and crackers. This page contains wine jelly recipe.


Applying craft sealer to a vase.

Making Homemade Craft Sealer?Make your own decoupage sealer at home. This is a page about making homemade craft sealer.


Water Faucet Dripping

Air in Well Lines?If you have air in the water lines from your well, it may be necessary to call a plumber to fix the problem. This is a page about air in well lines.


Spray Paint Can

Removing Spray Paint from Formica?Spray paint can be difficult to remove from many types of surfaces. Formica is smooth enough that some solvents clean it off. This is a page about removing spray paint from Formica.


An older leather couch.

Fixing a Squeaky CouchRusty springs and loos attachments can make a couch squeaky when you sit down in it. This is a page about fixing a squeaky couch.


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How to Make a Driver's License Cake TopperA wonderful idea for a 16 year olds cake topper is to make it a drivers license. This is a page about how to make a driver's license cake topper.


Christmastime Homemade Christmas CardChristmas cards are a perfect homemade craft that doubles as a gift. This is a page about Christmastime homemade Christmas card.


Use Hangers to Store Embroidery Hoops - hoops hung on a hanger with paper clips

Use Hangers to Store Embroidery HoopsFinding places to store craft items can be a challenge. Save some space in your crafting area by hanging you embroidery hoops. This is a page about use hangers to store embroidery hoops.


A Pomeranian peeing on a neighbor's lawn.

Is It Rude for My Dog to Pee on Neighbors' Lawns?Urine can kill grass and other landscape plants, so it is best to not allow your pet to pee on your neighbors' property. This is a page about, "Is it rude for my dog to pee on neighbors' lawns?".


Glass Block

Decorating Glass Blocks for Easter?Glass blocks can be used to create decorations for many holidays including Easter. This is a page about decorating glass blocks for Easter.


Cleaning Cigarette Tar Off an Oil Painting

Cleaning Cigarette Tar Off an Oil Painting?Cigarette tar can be nearly impossible to clean from an oil painting yourself. It may require professional cleaning. This is a page about cleaning cigarette tar off an oil painting.


baked Blueberry Muffins in muffin tin

One-Bowl Blueberry MuffinsMaking delectable blueberry muffins doesn't require dirtying many dishes. This is a page about one-bowl blueberry muffins.


Loaded Baked Potato Mini Muffins

Loaded Baked Potato Mini Muffins RecipeBaked potato makes perfect base for some mouthwatering little muffins. This page contains loaded baked potato mini muffins recipe.


Tasty pan fried salmon patty.

Recipes Using Salmon PattiesSalmon patties can easily be cooked up to accompany just about any side dish for a quick and healthy meal. This page contains recipes using salmon patties.


Air Plant Trolls - trolls with plants added

How to Make Air Plant TrollsAdd an airplane to your troll doll in place of its original hair to give it a little more personality. This is a page about how to make air plant trolls.


Shoveling cow manure

Using Cow Manure in Your GardenManure is a nearly perfect natural fertilizer that can be used throughout your garden. This is a page about using cow manure in your garden.


Boots made from an old pair of sandals and a sweater.

How to Make Boots from Old Sandals and a SweaterOld clothing can often be repurposed to make crafts or even other articles of clothing. This is a page about how to make boots from old sandals and a sweater.


A picture frame made from a heart shaped candy box.

Recycled Candy Box Picture FrameA heart shaped chocolates box can be made into a perfect picture frame for loved one. This is a page about recycled candy box picture frame.


How to Mod Podge Cardstock to Canvas - ready to hang or sit on mantle or shelf

How to Mod Podge Cardstock Prints to CanvasDecoupaging paper prints to a canvas is a great way to make some cute decor items for you home. This is a page about how to mod podge cardstock prints to canvas.


A spoonful of frothed milk being added to coffee.

Frothed Milk in a JarMilk can be frothed by shaking it in a jar but this will not steam the milk. This is a page about frothed milk in a jar.


Fresh Cilantro

Cilantro Salad Dressing RecipeA fresh cilantro dressing is a great way to liven up any salad. This is a page about cilantro salad dressing recipe.


Garage Door

Garage Door Safety TipsYour garage door is the the largest entrance to your home. Keeping it secure and safe can be a challenge. This is a page about garage door safety tips.


Men's wrist watch.

Making a Watch Battery Last LongerStopping a watch when you are not using it is a great way to ensure the battery lasts as long as possible. This is a page about making a watch battery last longer.


Black mushrooms painted on a wall to disguise water damage.

Disguising Water Damage on WallsWith some cleanup and paint, you can mask water damage on areas of a wall that might show easily. This is a page about disguising water damage on walls.


A piece of gum that is being removed from a child's hair.

Using Coca-Cola for Removing Bubble Gum in HairCoca-Cola can be used for many cleaning tasks around the home, even removing gum from hair. This is a page about using Coca-Cola for removing bubble gum in hair.


A candle in a tin can.

Makeshift Candle IdeasCandles can be molded from just about any container. This is a page about makeshift candle ideas.


Pair of leather boots with brass buckles.

Quieting Brass Buckles on Shoes?Brass buckles on shoes can sometimes click or squeak while walking. This is a page about quieting brass buckles on shoes.


Grilled Chicken and Macaroni

Grilled Chicken and Macaroni RecipeMacaroni is a perfect base for many dishes, especially grilled chicken. This page contains grilled chicken and macaroni recipe.


Photo of two origami baskets

Making an Origami BasketMaking an origami basket is an essay to make place to store things or even as a gift basket. This is a page about making an origami basket.


A mom and her daughter shopping for toys.

Buying Must Have ToysEvery year there are certain toys that kids just "must have" especially around Christmas time. This is a page about buying must have toys.


Applying nail polish to fingernails.

Nail Magic ReviewsNail Magic is a nail strengthen that you apply like regal nail polish. This is a page about nail magic reviews.


A plate of banana fritters.

Banana Fritters RecipeBanana fritters can be made very easily and are a great treat your family will devour. This page contains banana fritters recipes.


Finished giraffe treat cups.

Giraffe Treat Cup CraftMake these fun paper mache party favors, using recycled materials, for your child's birthday or any occasion. This is a page about giraffe treat cup craft.


Shower supplies stored in a hanging wire fruit basket.

Using a Hanging Fruit Basket as a Shower CaddySmall hanging baskets can be used for a multitude of purposes around the home. This is a page about using a hanging fruit basket as a shower caddy.


Closeup of purse strap.

Repairing Purse Straps?Purse straps are definitely the part of the purse that gets the most stress so are more likely to need repairing. This is a page about repairing purse straps.


Vegan Pineapple Banana Cake on plate

Vegan Pineapple Banana CakeVegan cake is easy to make and adding some fruit flavor with pineapple and banana is delicious and a little healthier. This page contains vegan pineapple banana cake.


A big stack of a cassette tapes.

Finding Information About a Cassette Tape?Cassette tapes often had the track list prints on the and more but sometimes not, making them difficult to identify. This is a page about finding information about a cassette tape.


Handmade Maracas for Children - decorated plastic cup maraca

How to Make Plastic Cup Maracas for ChildrenPlastic cups can easily be taped or glued together with beans or beads inside to make fun maracas for kids to make rhythms with. This is a page about how to make plastic cup maracas for children.


Wicker products at a market.

Buying a Wicker Wishing Well?Baskets and wishing wells are common things to be made from wicker that can be used for decoration. This is a page about buying a wicker wishing well.


Flourless Egg Muffin sitting on countertop

Gluten-Free Egg MuffinsIf you have a gluten intolerance, these delicious egg muffins are a great quick breakfast option. This page contains gluten-free egg muffins.


A man putting change into a small piggy bank.

Small Town Lessons for Big City LifeLiving in a big city has many great conveniences, but there is lots to be learned from small town life. This is a page about small town lessons for big city life.



Kimchi Fried Rice in bowl

Kimchi Fried RiceThis version of fried rice is so much easier to make than traditional fried rice. It has only 4 main ingredients but it is packed with flavour and textures. It's really easy to make, too. I hope you give it a try!


Hand held piece of No-Bake Peanut Butter Caramel Crunch

No-Bake Peanut Butter Caramel CrunchI love the taste of caramel and this stuff is scrumptious! This is the second batch I have made. The first one was just a few days ago and the two of us devoured it. I'm planning to take this batch to a pot luck supper tomorrow night. I hope we can keep our hands out of it. I will have to hide it somewhere.


Sautéed Kale
and Chard Stems

Using Kale and Chard StemsMost people throw the kale and chard stems away but they are really good and tasty! Just chop the stems thinly and sauté with onions and olive oil for a few minutes. Very healthy and delicious to go with any side along with your protein.



Hanging Extra Rods to Interact with Birds - bird on a rod outside the window

Hanging Extra Rods to Interact with BirdsA while ago I put up baskets and wooden cheese boxes to help nest lost baby birds. Since then, the boxes and baskets have become homes to many a bird. I decided to hang some extra rods and broomsticks up so the older ones can hang out, too.


Preventing Pain from Blisters with a Pantyliner - stick to the back of the shoe causing the blister

Preventing Pain from Blisters with a PantylinerThis is very common for us ladies especially if we buy a new shoes. The fit is the main problem sometimes. Each time you walk, the back of your foot that keeps rubbing on the inner back part of your shoes makes a blister and that really hurts.


Use Dryer Sheets for Shoe Odor - dryer sheets in a pair of shoes

Use Dryer Sheets for Shoe OdorI used my dryer sheets in my shoes and my kids' shoes. This removed the odor from the shoes. You can also put a dryer sheet in your stored shoes to absorbed odors. This simple tip works well.


Rubbing ice on gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe.

Ice for Removing Bubble Gum on ShoesI always kept getting gum stuck on my shoe and on my kids' shoes. I have a 5 year old daughter who loves chewing gum and she just sticks it or throws it anywhere. So before leaving home or when you're home, before trying to remove gum on your shoes, take a small cube of ice, stick it or wipe it over the bubble gum before you pull it. This will not make a mess, it's easy to pull and neat.


Glue to Make an Oversize Ring Fit - hot glue on band of ring

Glue to Make an Oversize Ring FitI've always been encountering this, especially if someone gives you a ring as a gift. When the ring is too big that won't fit on your finger that would be a problem and sometimes I go to a goldsmith to have it cut it to make fit on my finger. And this will cost you a money, right?


Delightful Jar Teacher's Appreciation Gift - nut filled decorated jar

Delightful Jar Teacher's Appreciation GiftUse an empty glass jar, floral gift wrap, and a few embellishments to make a beautiful yet thrifty teacher's appreciation gift. Fill it with peanuts or sweets and show your child's teacher how much you appreciate her being part of your child's life.


Wet Concrete to Stay Cool - spraying water on patio

Wet Concrete to Stay CoolOur central air conditioning unit broke a while ago, but even when it was working, we didn't use it too much in order to cut costs. One of our favourite things to do to keep cool is spray the backyard concrete with cold water when the sun starts going down and open the back doors.


Papi (Chihuahua) - sleeping dog

Papi (Chihuahua)We got him when he was 4 months old. He loves to fetch, to sit for treats, and to cuddle. He's a very happy puppy and he makes my whole family happy.


Dollar Tree Rinse Aid  - bottle of dishwasher rinse aid

Dollar Tree Rinse AidI found this 8.45 ounce bottle of rinse aid at the Dollar Tree. The same size bottle of Finish brand rinse aid is $3.77 at Target, the lowest price I have found. There has been absolutely no difference in the performance. I don't always see it, so I buy several bottles when they are in stock.


Recycled Leftover Gift Wrap Birthday Cards - wrapping paper collage on front of card

Recycle Leftover Gift Wrap into Birthday CardsDo not throw away leftover pieces of gift wrap! Keep them stacked somewhere, and when you need a quick birthday card, recycle them into a beautiful card. Here's how.



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Using Open Hair Dye?Can I use the Ion hair dye from the tubes after opening it?


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Ideas for Daughter's 12th Birthday?It's my daughter's 12th birthday in December and I need birthday ideas. I have to take into consideration that we invite the cousins who range in age from 1 to 13. There will be boys and girls and that it will be cold.


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Eligibility for Survivor Benefits?My grandson receives survivor benefits. His mother doesn't have a place to live due to being evicted for not paying rent. He is with her grandparents. What can be done about her not using the money to support my grandson?


Name Ideas for an Organizing Business

Name Ideas for an Organizing Business?My last name is Shoop so something fun using a spin off that would be cool. I'm going to be fairly low key and allow people to barter for my help. There is also the option of naming it HERO, have everything righteously (or rightly or ridiculously or ??) organized.


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Removing Ink Stain on Faux Leather Wallet?My sister and I recently went out of town to see my girlfriend. My girl friend gifted me a new wallet. My sister wasn't paying much attention when we were getting ready to leave, so she shoved it carelessly in my bag and somehow got it stained on the bottom with blue pen ink.


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Washing Machine Cycle Completes Too Quickly?My washing machine cycle is going way too fast. The whole washing cycle is ready in under 10 minutes. The pump, drain, and motor are working. Is it a timer problem? Or what?


What Is This Garden Plant? - red  crocosmia flowers

What Is This Garden Plant? (Crocosmia)I would appreciate any help with identifying this plant in a friend's garden. Its flower is a beautiful surprise, she did not plant it, Mother Nature did.


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Uses for Leftover Hamburger Fat?Is there any purpose or use for hamburger grease? I have a nice grease jar full of it. I keep thinking birds would eat it with seed mixed in.


What Is This House Plant?

What Is This House Plant?What is this trailing plant?


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Reusing the Suds in the Washer?Besides vinegar and fabric softener what else can I use to reduce suds in the washing machine?


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