December 4, 2017

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woman trimming a puppy's nails

Trimming Your Pet's NailsThis is a page about trimming your pet's nails. It can save you a lot of time and money if you can trim your pet's nails at home. Here are some helpful tips, if you want to give it a try.


LED lights remote

Finding a Controller for a Pre-lit LED Christmas Tree?This is a page about finding a controller for a pre-lit led Christmas tree. Pre-lit LED Christmas trees typically come with a remote that allows you to adjust certain features, such as the color. Without the remote, you likely can't make any of these changes. If you are in need of a new remote for your tree, here are a few suggestions on where to find a new one.


A piece of chocolate cream pie.

Simple Chocolate Cream PieA yummy, easy dessert that will satisfy a chocolate lover. This page contains a simple chocolate cream pie.


Rubber Boot Planter - planted ladybug boots

How to Make a Rubber Boot PlanterThis is a page about rubber boot planter. Do you have a pair of rubber boots that your child has outgrown? Turning them into a planter is a fun project that your child can help with and it lets you repurpose them.


A bowl of soft brown sugar.

How to Soften Brown SugarHard brown sugar can be softened with a piece of apple in the closed container or by heating it in the microwave. This is a page about softening brown sugar.


Bug Swatter

Getting Rid of Gnats in Your HouseThis page is about getting rid of gnats in your house. Making an apple cider vinegar and dish soap trap is a very common solution to a gnat infestation. Here are some other solutions to try too.


man holding gift in red box with white ribbon outdoors, close-up

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 20th BirthdayThis page contains gift ideas for a boyfriend's 20th birthday. If you are lacking in gift ideas for your boyfriend, maybe some of these suggestions will be helpful.


Aluminum Pop Tabs

Buying Bulk Aluminum Pop TabsThis is a page about buying bulk aluminum pop tabs. Crafting with pop tabs may require you to obtain pop tabs from multiple sources, especially if you haven't been saving them yourself. Here are some suggestions on where to find bulk pop tabs.


Shoemaker fixing shoes.

Solutions for Slippery ShoesThis page contains solutions for shoes that slip. Whether the soles of your shoes are wearing out or they never had good traction, here are some ways to keep them from being slippery.


Row of cut Poplar Trees

Selling Poplar Trees for Lumber?This is a page about selling poplar trees for lumber. If you have poplar trees on your property that you are looking to sell, here is some helpful information about how to do that.


package of Fels Naptha soap

Fels Naptha Alternatives?This is a page about Fels Naptha alternatives. Fels Naptha is used for treating clothing stains and is a common ingredient in homemade laundry soaps.


Woman holding dirty stinky shoes

My Husband Has Smelly FeetThis is a page about remedies for your husband's smelly feet. Does your husband have smelly feet and you are in desperate need of a remedy for it? Here are some suggestions to get rid of the smell!


Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese Dressing RecipesBlue cheese dressing can be easy to make and will go well on just about main dish. Learn how to make your own blue cheese dressing.


Tomato Paste

Is Canned Tomato Sauce or Paste Gluten Free?If you are trying to avoid gluten in your diet, then you know that gluten can turn up in unsuspecting places. Here is some information if you are worried about it being canned tomato sauce and paste. This is a page about whether canned tomato sauce or paste is gluten free.


A red lawn mower being using to mow a lawn.

Saving Money With Good Mowing PracticesTaking good care of your lawn doesn't have to break the bank. This page is about saving money with good mowing practices.


Baked Pears with Honey

Recipes Using HoneyHoney makes a fantastic all-natural sweetener that can be used in just about any dish. Try these delectable recipes using honey.


Recycling a Motorhome

Recycling a Motorhome?This is a page about recycling motorhome. If you have an old motorhome that you want to get rid of, you can make some money by scrapping it. Give your local salvage yard a call, for more information.


Artichoke Spread on bread

Artichoke Spread RecipeMake you own delicious artichoke spread to put on toast or whatever else strikes your fancy. Here is a fantastic artichoke spread recipe that your whole family will love.


Happy man holding flowers and gift.

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 22nd BirthdayThis page contains gift ideas for a boyfriend's 22nd birthday. If your boyfriend is hard to shop for or you are just lacking in gift ideas, here are some suggestions.


Man in a wheelchair on the top of home access ramp

Assistance for Building a Wheelchair Ramp for Low Income Homeowner?This is a page about getting assistance for building a wheelchair ramp for low income homeowner. If you or a loved one are low income and in need of a wheelchair ramp, here are some places to contact for assistance.


10th Birthday Candle

Inexpensive 10th Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about inexpensive 10th birthday party ideas. Throwing a birthday party that is both entertaining and inexpensive can be difficult. Here are some ideas to consider.


Teenage boy with birthday hat holding a blue balloon.

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 17th BirthdayThis page contains birthday gift ideas for a boyfriend's 17th birthday. If your boyfriend is turning 17 this year and you need gift ideas, here are some suggestions.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll in fancy 1890s style pink dress

Identifying a Donna Rubert Porcelain Doll?This is a page about identifying a Donna Rubert porcelain doll. Trying to identify a specific porcelain doll, when all you have is the manufacturer's name can be a difficult task. If you are in a similar hunt for information, here are some tips to get you started.


Cross Stitch

Fixing Mistakes on Counted Cross Stitch Projects?This is a page about fixing mistakes on counted cross stitch projects. For small errors, you might be able to ignore the mistake and keep going. However, larger mistakes may need to be removed and started over.


Cajun Beef and Vegetables

Cajun Beef and Vegetables RecipeThis page contains a Cajun beef and vegetables recipe. If you have left over pot roast, it is perfect for this recipe. Cajun spices make this hearty dish of beef roast and vegetables, flavorful and delicious!


Weeping willow covered in snow in the winter.

Overwintering a Potted Weeping Willow?This is a page about overwintering a potted weeping willow. As with many potted plants, bringing them indoors is the best way to overwinter them in cold climates. Potted plants are particularly vulnerable to freezing weather because they lack the insulation from the soil that plants in the ground have.


Frozen Turkey

What Frozen Turkey Do You Like?Finding the best tasting bird and cooking it right, will help to make your big dinner a success. This page explores what frozen turkey brands that people like.


A homemade stepping stone with glass pieces and rocks placed in the cement.

Inexpensive Stepping StonesThis is a page about making inexpensive stepping stones. Making stepping stones doesn't have to be expensive. Stepping stones are a fun activity to do with your kids and are a great way to decorate your garden. They make wonderful gifts too!


A girl looks at a wrapped present

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 16th Birthday?This page contains gift ideas for a boyfriend's 16th birthday. Here are some suggestions to make your boyfriend's 16th birthday super special.


"Too Much Salt" written in salt on black table.

Fixing a Recipe with Too Much SaltThis is a page about fixing a recipe with too much salt. If your recipe is too salty, you don't necessarily need to throw it out or choke it down. Here are some things you can try to help cut the saltiness.


Metal Bottle Caps

Uses for Metal Bottle CapsThis page contains uses for metal bottle caps. Metal bottle caps can be used as small tools, such as a strawberry huller. They also have countless crafting uses too.


Pieces fudge with nuts

How to Fix Grainy FudgeThis is a page about fixing grainy fudge. Grainy fudge is a common issue. Some recipes are more finicky, while others are more fool proof. Here are some suggestions if your fudge has turned out grainy.


Hand refinishing wood table.

Can Vegetable Oil Be Used to Restore a Wood Table?This is a page about vegetable oil to restore a wooden table. While it may seem like any type of oil could be used to restore wood furniture, that is not entirely true. Vegetable oil can go rancid over time, causing an unpleasant odor, in addition to creating a sticky finish on your furniture. Mineral oil and baby oil are better suggestions, if you don't want to purchase furniture oil.


Recovering or Repairing the Interior Roof of a Van - cracks

Recovering or Repairing a Cracked Van Headliner?This is a page about recovering or repairing a cracked van headliner. Do you have a cracked headliner? Here are some tips for fixing it.


Blue and white decorated bathroom.

Bathroom Curtain Color Advice?This page contains bathroom curtain color advice. Shower curtains can be the focal point in the room or just an accent. If you are looking for advice about what color shower curtain to buy, here is some advice that might be helpful.


Woman hand reaching for a hairdryer

Use a Hair Dryer to Heat Up Cold Body PartsThis is a page about using a hair dryer to heat up cold body parts. If you are prone to cold hands or feet, a blowdryer is perfect for warming them up quickly. It also means you don't need to turn up the heat for the whole house.


Colorful confetti, streamers and gift box on green color

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 18th BirthdayThis page contains gift ideas for a boyfriend's 18th birthday. Here are some suggestions if you are having a hard time finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend's 18th birthday.


Dog eating a sock.

My Dog Eats Socks and BrasThis page contains suggestions for when a dog eats socks and bras. Some dogs find certain items that they prefer to chew up. While most times it is a behavior issue, sometimes it is a medical issue too. The obvious first step is to make sure these items are picked up, but here are some other ideas to try if your dog is eating clothing.



Cranberry Orange Mustard Chicken on plate

Cranberry Orange Mustard ChickenI love this chicken dish because it's so easy to make, yet it bursts with contrasting flavours. The tang from the mustard is nicely rounded off by the sweetness of the dried cranberries and orange. The soft chicken tenderloins soak up all the flavours nicely.


Creamy Celery Apple Soup in bowl

Creamy Celery Apple SoupThis is one of my favourite soups. It is extremely easy to make and is great for those counting calories. The green colour is a beautiful pop for the holidays.



Wiggles (Mix Breed) - grey and white terrier mix

Wiggles (Mix Breed)I volunteer at a non-profit rescue (KC Pet Rescue) in Arkansas. Wiggles was one of 5 puppies that were dumped at 4 weeks old. I fostered the litter and just fell in love with him. So I adopted him for my own baby.


A crocheted headband in the shape of a tiara.

Crochet Tiara HeadbandLet every girl show off her inner princess with this cute crocheted tiara. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Gingerbread House Christmas Collage - finished mini collage

Gingerbread House Christmas CollageLooking for a new idea for your Christmas decorations this year? Here is a great collage that you can make! It features a gingerbread house, surrounded by a snowy landscape. Display the collage on a mini wooden easel on your mantelpiece, and be ready to wow your guests.


Upcycled Light Bulb Penguin - ornament hanging on tree

Upcycled Light Bulb PenguinLight bulbs that burn out make for fantastic crafts. Here, I've painted an old useless light bulb to look like a penguin, then wrapped it in some felt scraps and cotton balls so he's ready for the holidays. A simple piece of yarn glued to the top will make this a great ornament on your tree!


Reggie (German Shepherd/Springer Spaniel) - black dog with a stick in his mouth

Reggie (German Shepherd/Springer Spaniel)Reggie was born on the day of my last chemo treatment in 2012. My elderly Lab had passed away from her own cancer and my oncologist told my husband he had to get me another dog. He said it was very important for my recovery. He was right! Reggie gave me inspiration and purpose. I love him dearly.


Thrifty Holiday Gift Wrapping - wrapped gifts

Thrifty Holiday Gift WrappingI find it's more fun and definitely more cost effective to make my own wrapping paper from household items and scraps rather than to purchase rolls of different wrapping paper and big bows. It's also a nice touch of personalization to make something yourself. Here is how.


Turkey Baster for Watering Houseplants - watering a Christmas cactus

Turkey Baster for Watering HouseplantsI find that using an old turkey baster to water my houseplants keeps the leaves dry (which prevents mold and rot) and keeps me from overwatering smaller plants. I will even use a squirt from some of my fish tanks water occasionally for the fertilizing effect!


Christmas Tree Table Decoration - decorated tree

Christmas Tree Table DecorationNeed a little something to cheer up your Christmas table?  Here is an easy affordable Christmas tree table decoration you and your guests will enjoy.


Gumball Machine Ornament

Gumball Machine OrnamentThis is a really cute ornament for the tree and also make nice stocking stuffers.



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4 Year Old Dog Peeing on Floor?My 4 year old Shihpoo is peeing all over the floor. We let her out regularly and try to keep her busy and exercised. She will pee when we are home and when we are out. I don't know what to do anymore. She get very anxious in a crate.


Age and Value of a New Domestic Treadle Machine S#725846 - treadle sewing machine

Age and Value of a New Domestic Treadle Machine S#725846?I am looking for the year of manufacture. Any information available would be wonderful. I picked it up and the woman's grandmother was the owner. I just want to know more about it and maybe a value.


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Skinny German Shepherd Not Eating Much?I rescued a German Shepherd off the streets. He weighs in at 52.1 and is 4 years old. I have trouble getting him to eat, I mix can food and dry food, and take his medicine even if it's with peanut butter. How can I get him to eat?


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Leaking Frigidaire Water Dispenser?My brand new Frigidaire model #fghf2366pfea leaks from the top rear (where two plastic tubes enter) when water dispenser is depressed.


Value of Vintage Set of Grolier Encyclopedias - cover

Value of Vintage Set of Grolier Encyclopedias?Is a 1949 set worth anything?


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Bathroom Fan Surges On and Off?We installed a new toggle light switch and new ceiling exhaust fan timer switch for the bathroom. Now when we use the hair dryer the exhaust fan surges on and off. Why? What did we do wrong? How do we fix it?


Value of Lou Hodges Glass Top Coffee Table  - oak tables

Value of Lou Hodges Glass Top Coffee Table?I found these three mid century coffee tables in a yard sale. It looks like it's designed by Lou Hodges, but I'm not sure. How do I find out the value of each table?


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Measuring Shortening?Any idea how to measure 1/2# of Crisco shortening? Or also how to measure it when using the shortening sticks?


Value of Cabinet Style Record Player

Value of Cabinet Style Record Player?Does anyone know how much this cabinet record player is worth? It has been in the family for a while now.


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Husqvarna Riding Mower Won't Start?My riding mower won't start. The plugs are good, fuel filter good, and it is getting fuel, but acts like it floods.


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Removing Calcium on Plastic Portable Potty?What do I use to clean the calcium out of a plastic portable potty in my house?


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